Not synched.

Image 1545085979078.jpg (81 KB, 566x800)
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what now my thread
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my middleschool was kinda odd one
it had just previously been middle+high school
so even after the high school was defuncted, the curriculum in it was much closer to a high school one in many parts, in terms of organisation
than a traditional middle school.
and high school in the capital region was very different from any other high school in finland, and amusingly my generation were the "pioneers" or "guinea pigs" for that sytem
in generation meaning basically people born same year as me, one before me and one after me
like uhh
in high school every student formed their own curriculum
by choosing which lessons to attend which semester
so forexample, during one of my last semesters, I made a curriculum, where I only had one lesson on thursdays
and on mondays my days' started at 12
and on friday's ended at 12
all done on interwebs
the system back then did have one fatal error, as in say 50 people wanted to attend course X, but course X could only hold 30 people
and course X was required course to pass high school
at worst it ment that the 20 unlucky, would have to wait for NEXT YEAR to take that course
so at times it lead to people say
attending advanced chemistry, before attending basic chemistry
an example, that never happened actually but
similiar shit happened way too many times, but I think they have fixed that by now
being able to either 1) accomodate at all times all willing to take the course or 2) being able to create additional courses

same problem was and still is in university world, though
but then again that uses an entirely different system
Image 1545176291313.jpg (289 KB, 640x3272)

Image 1545027935882.png (313 KB, 500x743)

「containment thread」

guess im trying this again
to keep the other threads free of it
i guess im reaching out or whatever
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Image 1545103986726.jpg (78 KB, 552x704)
i really have lost everyone
the warmth and emotion drifting slowly away like the conversation of friends echoing along the breezeway as they depart
dimmer and less intelligible until it's indistinguishable from the background
i want to shout
hey, wait
but i hesitate, and my voice fails
i can't deliver this message
i'll never be able to be heard
im really scared moe
i need help really bad
Image 1545106496820.jpg (1.0 MB, 1300x900)
I'm trying to help you
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
don’t be scared
this will pass
this isn't the way to do it
Image 1545126745671.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)

Image 1545111622721.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
Yuu   Expand
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They all have ulterior motives for it, huh.

I don't get why they're buying new uniforms when their old ones are still fine.
Image 1545118852940.jpg (109 KB, 854x698)
thanks for anime!
Mhm, thanks.
Image 1545118891240.jpg (431 KB, 1280x720)
oh no yagate?
well thanks for cartoon
Too late in the night I guess.
The proper adults have things they have to do.

Image 1545110334329.jpg (415 KB, 1080x881)
Anno   Expand
fuck anime
i was hoping you guys would use this as the main anime thread
oh my bad I thought you were just some random shitposter
I mean that second part is true

Image 1544889477590.jpg (245 KB, 1155x1506)
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baby it's cold outside
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Kirara, the Cat
just chilling
wee woo my shift got cancelled guess I m gonna sleep in
no you can't sit with us
[email protected]
Kirara, the Cat

Image 1544733847709.jpg (418 KB, 1795x1010)
!C0.PerkELE   Expand Last 100
Lift off
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do you know a lot of sheep shearers
Image 1544887480348.jpg (132 KB, 1654x1269)
this is a real man
Kirara, the Cat
Image 1544887637563.jpg (379 KB, 1280x720)

Image 1545025486835.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
Yuu   Expand
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I kind of expected Sophie to be freaking out a little more.
Oh well more along these lines yeah.

Yeah, Sophie was born in a time when getting a cold was pretty close to being a death sentence.
It makes sense for her to panic over it.
Vampires sure are eccentric.
I kind of expected there to be some kind of animated doll defense squad in her room when they talked about sneaking into it.
Image 1545033331224.jpg (152 KB, 851x709)
that episode went by fast
thanks for anime!
Yup, thanks.
Good luck with your week.

Image 1544938680632.png (125 KB, 529x471)
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Let's Access FURASHU
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jojo's bizarre scavenger hunt
To be fair it's been a scavenger hunt in the past.
Part three's "Where In The World Is DIO" was effectively a scavenger hunt for DIO himself.
Well that was fun.
Hopefully we can get Rika for the finale for Gridman next week.
It might even be best to wait until she's around for it.
I think it'll be fun.
i'd be cool with saving it if you want and she isn't capable of doing it today
i know she likes it a lot at least.

i'm really fond of this part and they did a good job adapting it so far
can't wait for the requiem bullshit to be animated
I've heard a lot of contrary stuff about this part from peeking in on others discussing it; some people seem to really enjoy it and others can't.
It's been fun for me so far though; the further we get in the parts the more elaborate and creative Araki gets with Stands and plot writing.
So that's a treat.

Image 1544853647396.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)
Yuu   Expand
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Image 1544860364448.jpg (126 KB, 609x565)
Looks like she's going to take the hit.
She's a pretty good person despite her sexual perversions.
Though her perversions are -really- out there and shouldn't really be dismissed.
Image 1544860436081.jpg (786 KB, 1200x1200)
well she's not entirely self-serving.

thanks for anime!
Yup, thanks.

Image 1544766150915.jpg (169 KB, 700x988)
Yuu   Expand Last 100
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Image 1544773331482.jpg (60 KB, 341x567)
Necroducer is inspiring in his own shitty way.
Looks like Sakura's too deep in the trench of depression to be saved by his words.
It's easy for me to relat

This fucker.
>I've got this big and impressive ... THING
I bet you do Necroducer.
Image 1544773509625.jpg (80 KB, 633x495)
I wonder if she'll get all her memories back next ep.
What does it even mean to live?
Oh I forgot my arrow.
But yeah, good question Sakura.