Not synched.

Image 1566207803268.jpg (583 KB, 2355x2279)
Kirara 🍄   Expand
i'm a cute little bug
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Kirara 🍄
Image 1566208716473.jpg (161 KB, 1237x1245)
today is a very special day
is it the day i die
Kirara 🍄
Image 1566208763920.jpg (221 KB, 1200x1600)
Every day we die and are born again
i dont want to be born again
the first time was bad enough
nice song
here's my contribution

Image 1566060960622.jpg (1.3 MB, 1650x1040)
!C0.PerkELE   Expand Last 100
A ticket to Timbuktu, if your ass ain't grass
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Marsh shitposting on the go via Telephone
I got my ass kicked again in boxing
To be fair
This guy was a NSW state champion
Marsh shitposting on the go via Telephone
It actually played out like a shoen battle manga

>I'm going all out and this guy is only using 20%
>is this what true power is
Kirara 🍄
Image 1566207205994.png (206 KB, 800x818)
good morning kirara
Kirara 🍄
ohayo gozaimorning

Image 1566187911586.jpg (85 KB, 629x616)
Yuu   Expand Last 100
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Hah hah
He's totally immune to these plot swerves by now.
Nothing really fazes him anymore.
Image 1566196965088.jpg (271 KB, 587x782)
yeah, thanks for anime!
ganbare your bests
night night
Image 1566196966785.jpg (88 KB, 581x660)
A strange show

but yeah it probably inflicts trauma on him since it's his mom

thanks for anime!
Mhm, arigato yo

Image 1565917537407.jpg (143 KB, 593x314)
Kirara 🍄   Expand Last 100
this here's a thread all about how my main man claude crit upside down
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china numbah wan
Image 1566055111448.jpg (61 KB, 564x1002)
god it tastes so awful
ive missed this
kroatian atom
oh shit, cannon busters is out
almost forgot this was a thing

Image 1566015488111.jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
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Image 1566022518335.jpg (67 KB, 612x573)
Yeah this does seem like final arc stuff
Have you heard from your friend yet Rika?

Do you two think we have time for, if not a full show, a half-episode of Tejina?
Image 1566022543898.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
Nope, slept all night I think.

I think that's all for me!
See you guys, thanks for anime.
Ah, all right.
Get your rest
You too Moon.
Image 1566022579478.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720)
see you!
have a nice weekend
thanks for the friday anime

Image 1565929895673.jpg (140 KB, 700x593)
Yuu   Expand
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Image 1565934779843.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
i guess not
maybe we can get a makeup day over the weekend
maybe not

i think im heading to bed though
good night!
Well shit.
what happened
I laid down for a brief moment because I was kind of full and just tired of sitting
And then next thing I know it's like two and a half hours later.
This isn't the first time something like this has happened but it definitely has been a good while since ;_;

This has been a particularly difficult week for anime.
it's okay
we'll recover

Image 1565689009704.jpg (170 KB, 1437x1442)
Kirara 🍄   Expand Last 100
let's grow this thread
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Kirara 🍄
meanwhile she's actually just like 💅💅💅💅
Hilda is very relatable.
The biggest difference is that she's like insanely competent despite her insecurity
Kirara 🍄
Image 1565915877536.jpg (138 KB, 800x1200)
hilda reminds me of rika

/moe/ 3h student roster when
Kirara 🍄
Image 1565916694262.jpg (102 KB, 834x603)
what if you gave flayn a silenced pistol
Kirara 🍄

Image 1565847127020.jpg (63 KB, 600x984)
Yuu   Expand
time slipped by on me, it's so late without me realizing
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Image 1565852082352.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
this is all i can do tonight sorry

feel free to watch dumbbell though!
i'll catch it in the morning
Image 1565852165493.png (606 KB, 1000x1500)
It's okay, it's late! I think we should cut it off here too.
Sorry for being so late.
Make sure you're on time tomorrow!
no worries!
i was late too dealing with some stuff tonight
i even told tilde to tell you to start without me because id be late

Image 1565757957184.jpg (415 KB, 1131x1600)
Yuu   Expand Last 100
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yeah a little cuddle pile with cushions and blankets
oh i didnt notice that
i had to rewind
Image 1565766196497.jpg (112 KB, 1039x1039)
thanks for anime!
thanks for anime!
good night
Mhm, thanks
Night night

Image 1565087045847.jpg (22 KB, 225x320)
VegeGarden   Expand
If this isn't one fo your favorite animes I don't think theres any hope for you.
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
I still have hope for you, lost soul!
There is hope for me!
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1565740991740.png (65 KB, 270x311)
the more stupid the premise
the better the anime.