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Oh yeah whoops that's not the sentiment I was trying to get across
I meant when you've got a bunch of clowns talking in front of you
All you really do is enjoy the show
high schooler catcallers
m i d n i g h t f e s t a
that girl behind her is so confused
He's -He almost made a pretty bad mistake there
i'm glad i don't have a fish in my name
But that means you can't have a cool, stylish Kanji name
well since i wasn't born in japan to japanese parents
my name would have been something like
Bang Trouthead
Bang Pikeson
having a fish in your name is kinda lame
Yeah but you don't come from a culture where fishing was a part of survival and deeply ingrained in your culture
To the Japanese having a fish in your name is probably considered respectable.
How dashing
Now they've both saved each other from falling
that's true
he probably would've been pretty gravely injured that one day
Oh no someone spotted them
empty classroom!?!?
i'd kill for a manhattan right now
These illustrations for the ED are pretty nice
I like the colouration for them
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this next show looks pretty interesting


there's another one this season?
i think this next show will be pretty relaxed

oh did it really?
i know nothing past the art style
lets start
whereas this age gap romance is lighthearted and fluffy
i'm kind of expecting the next one to be more melodrama and serious
i haven't seen the PV, i just know the summary i read for hige sounded a little more intense
i don't think it'lkll be drastic, but i do expect it to be at least a little more complicated
This next show is the second age-gap romance I said there was yesterday
They both air for Monday, which is a funny coincidence to me
i like her earrings

oh dang
Image 1617775942425.png (88 KB, 240x240, takanashihinata-8.png)
hi anime
hope you're well
Image 1617775958365.jpg (733 KB, 1200x1600, 1434009766902.jpg)
hi moon
Hey Moon
Hope you're good too
Come join us some time
Being single sure is gloomy around all the happy couples
they're not really happy
I dunno I think that's up to them to decide, not me
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this is _extremely_ similar to a
manga that i've read
It's just like in some of my thin books!
He's kind of a dweeb but he's also a pretty respectable guy
Image 1617776254312.jpg (140 KB, 1274x1419, 1346449650361.jpg)
He's gonna get taken for a ride by this high school girl
wow she has a lot of power in that situation
good on her to be honest
Some times it's good to go for a ride
>Come join us some time
i might sometime. work stuff is pretty insane at the moment but i should get a break for a month next month
are you guys watching/going to watch the d*ta anime
Oh I didn't even think to consider that for anime night hah hah
Plus I dunno if it's easily available on places I know
i guess we could
i haven't seen it yet
Image 1617776394333.jpg (149 KB, 1920x1080, question11.jpg)
there's a dota anime?
yeah i haven't touched it yet either
yeah it's on n*tflix though
wow she's really trying
She's not wrong
Image 1617776430107.jpg (51 KB, 396x416, noukome134.jpg)
yeah why is he calling her tiny
she's pretty busty
I was planning on watching the DotA anime myself when I moved into the place I hopefully'll have in May
Since I can probably just get Netflix and watch it on the TV
Didn't expect Rika to be interested in it and Bang is still kind of a random element for watching anime
im sure it's on irc if not torrents
Image 1617776572009.png (254 KB, 560x610, 1348658383239.png)
She's definitely not doing okay if she's out propositioning random oji-sans
she's lucky she got a pure one
i feel like it's providence they've found each other
you can already tell they could benefit from being around one another
Judging from her tone it's not her first rodeo either
She's probably dealt with less scrupulous guys
But a good opportunity that comes late is always better than a good opportunity that never comes
She's definitely lucky he's helping her out.
>I didn't realize how hard it is to live with a high-school girl
Spoken like a true only sibling
They are nightmares to live with
6 months is a long time
Image 1617776791000.png (507 KB, 724x675, 1346296541320.png)
wow he told his coworker
that's the kinda thing you don't tell anyone
it's very yabai
But I think that one co-worker is sdakfasddksa
She's still toying with him a bit

But yeah I think that one co-worker is more of a close friend than just a co-worker
That said I still think in his situation I'd probably wait more than the day after to tell literally anyone about something like this.
wow no papa allowed
You really shouldn't smoke indoors
Well smoking in general sucks
But if you're going to do it, you really should smoke outside
Cigarette smoke gets into everything
Image 1617776970840.jpg (387 KB, 1064x1500, noukome144.jpg)
so far this is more parenting than age gap relationship
Well there's always time for things

Pft hah hah
Just walking right over him in a skirt
More than anything they should probably improve their living situation
His apartment probably isn't great for two people living in separate beds
Even just a futon still makes things a little cramped
Oh people are gossiping about him
Though in a somewhat incorrect sense he does kind of have one
Closer to a live-in caretaker than a girlfriend though
Image 1617777197937.png (209 KB, 661x720, 1360658894550.png)
Well when a guy shacks up with a high school girl people are going to say something

wow having a wife is improving his game at work
They don't know it's a highschool girl
The only one that does is his friend
Image 1617777255543.jpg (268 KB, 758x1058, 1353660129663.jpg)
Oh I guess it did kinda veer a little toward romance
17 is completely legal in japan though, isn't it?
oh no
i'm old
>When you're too lazy to shave your facial hair, you're old
Oh no I've been old since I was a kid

I don't think they can marry, but he won't get arrested for it
Image 1617777302692.jpg (66 KB, 585x720, pokemon3.jpg)
You guys don't shave your facial hair every day?
if i shaved my facial hair every day
i'd spend more on razors and shaving cream than you spend on cosmetics in a month
Frankly I don't need to
And I don't mean that as "I look good in stubble"
Noticable stubble doesn't show up for me for a couple days, my facial hair doesn't grow that fast.
but i keep myself trimmed when it matters
the last year hasn't exactly mattered though
so i just buzz it every few days
Image 1617777360655.png (14 KB, 245x210, question18.png)
Doesn't a good electric razor take care of it and not need a lot of upkeep?
oh yeah that's what i end up doing
but actually shaving would be hard in my case
my facial hair is on the dense and heavy side

the trimmer doesn't really do a great job though
and i only do it every few days
But I also definitely don't shave nearly as much as I should
I don't like having facial hair, I don't think it suits me past, like a couple milimetres of stubble
But shaving is effort and it's just so hard to care
It's not like I have anyone to look good for and I don't have the kind of vanity that compels me to look good for myself.
So I just shave once it becomes more of a nuisance than the activity of shaving is.
i used to be way more serious about my facial hair
but i also used to go out >.>
sometime around my second shot
i'm going to redo my wardrobe
and get some good hair products
and go to an actual barber instead of doing my own haircut
it's gonna feel so great
Image 1617777602534.jpg (277 KB, 808x987, 1420159912133.jpg)
maybe a different situation but i shave as soon as i notice there's something to shave
i also use the same razors for months
i have _very_ dense hair
i was cursed with sasquatch genes
Well I think you're in the norm there
Plus you're the kind of person that likes being presentable, right?
It's valuable enough to put in the effort to achieve it
i look like that goat dude from the first Narnia movie
i haven't cared about what i looked like since the first time we entered lockdown
i'm looking forward to having a reason to do it though
I've never really cared about it, not seriously
I went from being a dumb high school kid with social autism to being a depressed adult
Depression makes actually wanting to look good feel like a total waste of time.
It's not going to make me feel better about myself, and the fatalism of depression tells me it's not actually going to improve anything
So I've never really tried to look good.
i liked Hige
both Hige and Koi are (thankfully) tackling the subject from a good point of view
i was worried they'd be too closely riding a dangerous line
Image 1617777760187.png (511 KB, 836x964, 1427573856737.png)
My practices regarding my appearance haven't changed much, but I've been back to work for a long time now.
i keep myself presentable enough for my job, but with a hard hat and a mask on all day, that's not saying much
I work in a basement warehouse so not only do I barely see anyone, the people I do see are, well, the people who do manual labour
Any -And they don't really care if I look a bit scruffy
Image 1617777852306.jpg (71 KB, 474x597, noukome71.jpg)
Masks are really annoying
I've been thinking about getting one of those clear space helmet things so people can see my full face.
Image 1617777859038.jpg (231 KB, 1440x1439, oracle film.jpg)
this might be my one chance to brag about my work
since we usually only talk about anime
i did the pattern on these windows
basement warehouse?
like the whole warehouse is underground?
that's kinda cool
I haaaate having to wear a mask
Especially since I can't get my glasses to cooperate with them
I basically just don't wear my glasses anymore which means I'm walking around half-blind, which is just inherently frustrating
More than anything I want this to be over so I can actually SEE things again
i'm so used to it that it doesn't really phase me anymore
to be honest, i'm kind of bad at smiling so it's kinda nice to have my face hidden
yeah the fogginess is really annoying, i wear contacts at all times when i'm working
It's definitely not nearly as cool as it sounds
It's also not a big warehouse
The store I work for is in an old historic building so they can't do a whole lot of building renovation, which means the store's warehouse, which also serves as an initial warehouse for the stock that goes out to the other four or so locations in Canada, is basically crammed into every nook and cranny they can fit stuff.
And most of it gets stored in the basement of the building, so it's not like a big, deep basement space, but rather an old distillery's basement that's been outfitted to cram as much stock into it as possible while still letting people move around it and having some space for desks

I also really don't like it, because there's no windows down there.
And since I'm a dumb fuck and don't properly take my breaks, it's not unusual for me to spend almost all of the eight and a half hours I'm at work cooped up in the basement, with no natural light
i think because people were using them, maybe incorrectly
a bunch of local businesses around here specify "fabric masks" on their shop signs

and also the governor of texas took away the mask mandate but almost all the businesses and cities decided to implement their own
not that i mind
but i thought it was funny
an old distillery?
where do you work?
I work for a shop that sells cameras, filming equipment, microphones, various other AV infrastructure, as well as professional and skilled amateur printing equipment and supplies
Image 1617778283515.jpg (150 KB, 1440x1440, window film work.jpg)
oh i should specify
i didn't design the pattern
i install the film on the windows
dang that sounds kinda cool
i like stuff like that
and learning about all the specifications of different items

but you seem to dislike it a lot
is it a lot of physical work?
Well I'm not really learning anything there
My job is literally to pull things that arrive from manufacturers out of cardboard boxes, and enter them in to the stock tracking program, and put them on shelves.
I'm a warehouse worker, not an actual retail employee after all.

It is almost entirely physical work, aside from the computer work
But not enough to actually be exerting, so it's not like I feel comfortably exhausted
And there's large stretches of it that are incredibly mundane, repetitive, but not enough that I can just auto-pilot and leave my brain to do more entertaining things
Like the store has their own barcodes for things that reference them in the system
And so all new items need stickers with the barcodes on them
So I've got to put hundreds of stickers on things day in and day out
It's so tedious
I never want to see another sticker in my life once I'm done here
Image 1617778428006.jpg (746 KB, 1381x2048, aqua nyaa.jpg)
i did something like that pretty often when i worked at target
it was mostly scanning barcodes and putting boxes on shelves
very tedious
Image 1617778523491.png (203 KB, 523x698, 51c2bff04db4ef385bd12ade468a0a75.png)
oh my
it's getting rather late
this is the part where bang disappears

thanks for anime!
i'll make a big list of what anime is bang anime after i watch all the 01's i missed

>>934899>so it's not like i feel comfortable exhausted
then you must GO FASTER

yeah that sounds kinda lame
but work is work i guess
Work sucks I'd rather be dead
Not actually but I certainly would rather be in a more precarious economic position than have to do this job
Image 1617778693522.jpg (30 KB, 407x384, 1429957397365.jpg)
if you can make your way to texas....
I literally CAN'T the border is closed
Also I've said I don't want to live in Texas!
Image 1617778717428.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hitoribocchi no(…).jpg)
But yeah good night
And good night Rika if you're still around
Thanks for anime
Ericanon !DNap/ivuwU
Did any of you guys watch Super Cub?
The first episode was pretty good!
I haven't, i was put off by the premise of being a Honda ad with extra steps
and Honda doesn't really need to advertise to me, since i'm almost 100% going to buy a Honda motorbike in the next couple years anyways
and if I end up deciding on the KTM Duke 390, watching this anime will not have been the dealbreaker

but if some random person on the internet says it's good, i guess it can't be helped