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Bottom Identity
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He needs a little more of the juice
he still has stone on his face in a bad spot
It kinda looks like it's there in lieu of the normal line "scar" marks revived people have
>He can't contact his friends or anything
I bet Chrome is going to proceed to contact his friends and everything
He definitely has the advantage where they all think he's a dumb Stone Age barbarian when really he's probably smarter than they are
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Which is funny because they all seem to be dumb meatheads.
I could see Tsukasa choosing mostly only people too dumb to want to return to the luxuries of the past
Aside from a few trustable elites
Image 1613712352610.jpg (87 KB, 489x469, kokoro1.jpg)
I think it's sonar guy.
He's going to end up being a friend.
Yeah, same
At the least he's an ally against Tsukasa for whatever reason.
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This guy seems like he's definitely underestimating him as a stone age barbarian.
Yeah, but Chrome is a bit of a doofus
A smart doofus, but a doofus all the same
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Oh I thought he was gonna pee but that works
Hah hah I did too
Maybe he was hesitant to have to boil urine
Or just didn't know urine has high salt content
Kind of a similar situation to where he was before
Up against a cliff beside a waterfall
I wonder if he'll take the leap of faith this time
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This is a clever trick
That probably looked a lot more convincing in the manga
Here in the anime it looks obviously more purple-y than normal blood

Ah oof
Image 1613712904011.png (1.6 MB, 925x1347, 1458618882868.png)
Chrome saved them from falling into a trap with their tank too.
Tsukasa's tribe probably doesn't have the time to set up more traps in a different location now too
They were expecting Senku to barge in against the prison so that's likely where they were spending all their manpower building traps
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making traps is something the others will notice too

more satoko suffering
i hope we see what she's up to
let's start
I'm hoping we hit the climax this episode
I've got a few ideas of how she'll start looping and I'm excited to see if I'm at all correct.
Rika meanwhile has become full ojou celebrity
Satoko's not entirely wrong, that's kind of the problem
Rika might not have lost her affection for Satoko but she's not handling this in a decent manner.
She's trying to have both worlds of her closeness with Satoko and enjoying being an ojou-sama
In doing so she's not really giving Satoko the affection the amount she praises her deserves

Especially if Satoko is actually still terminal with Hinamizawa Syndrome, then this is really all just festering the dangers of that paranoia.
Though well Satoko's definitely not in the right either
They're both kinda fucking up their relationship together.
... Why does an all-girls' private school have a solitary confinement prison cell
Image 1613713732363.jpg (378 KB, 800x597, 1423641754826.jpg)
wow that's a solitary confinement cell
they have a lot of them too
Is it just NORMAL for girls to act out in a manner like this

That one faceless girl totally just completely sent this situation into a critical state though
Satoko now properly thinks Rika threw her under the bus
Image 1613713842252.png (166 KB, 309x350, 1344227124341.png)
They really kept her in solitary for awhile.
I wonder how close we're going to get to Umineko's timeline here
Not that it's likely Umineko and Higurashi happen in the same world
But we're inching awfully close to 1989
College-age Mion!

We'll also get to see late-teen Keiichi and Rena
I'm excited for that.
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This Rika is kinda different than the Rika we saw at the end of the original
It's a different artstyle, but she's still a lot less wispy looking.
This is the oldest she's ever gotten to be!

Keiichi's started dressing like his dad hah hah
Looking like that I could totally see Mion as a Yakuza mob boss
She's got a certain edge to her
Wow seems like Keiichi has really levelled up his game skills
For him to go all this way without losing so far
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K1 and Rena look like a married couple.
Yeah, that's the vibes I've been getting from them too

Oh he tried to run
I wonder where her walking around will take her
There's a few places I can think of.
Hinamizawa is probably on its way to being a ghost town though
I can't imagine most of the kids from 1986 are staying around in it after graduating
And as we've always seen, Hinamizawa is mostly old fogies
Without new kids it's probably just going to fade away
Though she still definitely has aspects of Hanyuu there
But I'm pretty sure that's Featherine's seiyuu not Horie Yui
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Next episode we should be seeing what Satoko is really up to.

yeah it's totally her
That's big danger for everyone.
Image 1613714808200.png (167 KB, 437x480, Fea_defa1.png)
Wait yeah it's been a while since I saw Featherine's character design that's 110% her there not Hanyuu
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hataraku black
lets start!
Thursdays have been such a complete RIDE ever since 2021 started
And these past few weeks have been overdrive

That adrenaline rush is pumping again
Oh yeah this was a pretty bad situation they teased at the end of the last episode
A white blood cell deficiency is really dangerous for your body
Yeah hah hah I was going to say
It's actually perfectly normal for guys to have morning wood
Most guys actually sleep with a partial errection
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wow he has ringworms too
It looks like the entire privates are out of whack

I forgot consistent high-stress can really throw your testosterone out of whack
The entire body does seem to be on a growing steep decline though
Everything that can fail, is failing
They finally get to be sempai but there's only a scant few newbie red blood cells
You probably get RIPPED, carrying boxes of cannisters day in and day out like that.
This one lady Ordinary Cell always flips pretty wildly between being affectionate to the Red Blood Cell and being maniacally venemous
Image 1613715574217.jpg (25 KB, 225x350, miyoko2.jpg)
I wonder if these newbie cells are going to die like all the others.

As long as she's getting what she wants!
Chance of it, but I think with how the MC is coddling them he's more at risk of working himself into the grace
But he is the MC, so.
Image 1613715647374.jpg (37 KB, 719x646, 1334867743981.jpg)
Seems like he's wearing himself down, yeah.
Oh right, the PV from last week's episode had some feet-related diseases in the title for this episode.
Guess we're getting some gross feet diseases
Image 1613715799618.jpg (67 KB, 518x553, 1383886039128.jpg)
She's really overworked too

oh those two white blood cells are still alive at least.
Poor White Blood Cell
Yeah, the red blood cells are cheering her on but that kind of cheering is just as stressful as no cheer at all
We see much more external assistance in combating infections and other body dangers in this series than the regular Hataraku
I mean it fits the bill of the series, with how unhealthy this body is
Image 1613715963600.jpg (96 KB, 692x697, dakedo12.jpg)
Yeah. at least he's good at getting medicine to take care of himself
at least he takes medicine

but all the cells are having a hard time.
And now he's becoming exactly the kind of red blood cell he was afraid of being
It puts the toxic way a lot of cells in this body act into an understandable sympathetic frame
It's good to have friends who can help pull you out of your own head when you're too buried up in there

This was a rare episode where they ended it on a positive note
Though on the other hand, the next episode being
>Ulcers, Friendship, and Loss
Doesn't exactly bode well, hah hah
Image 1613716393711.jpg (54 KB, 334x584, date5.jpg)
He probably shouldn't coddle the new cells too much because they'll have to realize how messed up the body is eventually

lets start
At least the body needs them to work hard too
Even one exceptionally skilled red blood cell probably can't do the same work as himself plus two rookie cells
That might be true for actual human beans in some fields of work, but as far as red blood cells go, you need as many of them racing through your blood vessels as possible!
Oh right, the cliffhanger for this kinda cooled a bit since we didn't get an episode last week
But this was a pretty exciting moment too
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I wonder what Norman is going to be up to.
Hah hah Ray
True to character
I still don't trust that he's out and about freely
But if he got moved to a different House then maybe he was able to escape there on his own accord
But let me emphasize again, I still don't trust it
Hah hah Smee
That was Captain Hook's first mate from Peter Pan
Image 1613716969686.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720, dfrag23.jpg)
I see
that explains why they can't just eat animals
Yeah that's actually a very nice explanation for it
Still way out there in fantasy realms but that's a non-issue
The fact that it fits into the world and explains things sensibly is good.
Oh I guess this is where we get That Line
There's a page from the manga that got everyone in a tizzle
Oh maybe it's not up yet.
But soon, probably.
Though come to think about it, how do those two demons from earlier in this season maintain their humanoid forms then
Even if they were kinda deceving the kids there, they did seem to not eat a lot of human meat.
Image 1613717237350.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720, tanks43.jpg)
Well, there's only two dancers
two answers

the eat humans
or they eat smart demons
Kinda funny that the demons are basically the personification of "you are what you eat"
In the manga there was a page with Emma crying out that line about "I don't want to kill the demons!"
The series kinda got a lot of mockery, at least on 4chan, for that
My assumption was because it might've came out of nowhere and was just the mangaka throwing a drama plot hook into the series
But having watched this build-up to her convictions, it was kind of obvious for a long time that it was coming.
Oh they're covering the matter of those two demons
The gist I think we got was at least the guy of the two have no qualms eating humans though
But it might also be that while he has no qulams -qualms about it, he might've not actually ever ate humans.
Kinda hard to tell at this point.
Ray is a pretty good friend for her
I guess they've been leading the troupe of kids for a while now, they probably emotionally lean on each other a lot.
Image 1613717558326.jpg (321 KB, 1401x788, 1332145883593.jpg)
I wonder if that means all demons eat humans
just they mostly get the dumb ones
We've seen some proper bestial and monstrous demons before
Like earlier before they met up with the two "nice" demons, when they were in the forest, the smart demons sicced two dog-like demons on them.
Ah, that's a bit much

I mean these other humans, it's kind of fair that they've got much more venom for the demons than the Grace Field kids
The Grace Field kids knew love and care and good lives while they were there
But these humans, they were experimented on and abused
Them having much more vicious feelings for demons is almost kind of fair.
Image 1613717723157.gif (867 KB, 480x336, you.gif)
Maybe demons are tasty
By many accounts human meat is supposedly tasty but I still don't ever want to eat it!
Oh hah hah
I guess even the girl demon might not be as gentle as we saw her earlier in the series.
Image 1613717918178.jpg (557 KB, 1200x900, 1301812305801.jpg)
norman didn't seem too happy that she was alive, yeah
That or he's cooking up a story on the spot to keep Emma and Ray from wanting too much to keep some demons alive

But he was able to assume one of the demons they were talking about was a girl without them giving him a gender if that was the case
I mean it would basically be a coinflip for his lie as to if assuming a boy or girl for his lie would work

But I'm just having fun here, he probably knows something about her that Emma and Ray don't.
Image 1613718097252.jpg (28 KB, 400x267, 1392272120413.jpg)
yuru camp
time to get comfy

oh yeah I don't trust norman at all
he's super shady

lets start
All this really is, is that I still don't trust Norman
But I do think by now that he's probably earnestly trying to exterminate demons
He's just trying as hard as he can to not weird the more gentle Emma away from helping him while doing so

But yeah I'm ready for Yuru Camp
As per the usual with Thursdays, while we might watch a bunch of stuff, my head's still in Hinamizawa, hah hah
Higurashi always ends up occupying so much of my brainspace Thursday nights.
>Cape Ohmama
I didn't know Johnny Bravo was involved with naming geographical locations in Japan
Image 1613718525923.jpg (168 KB, 800x600, 1336993647864.jpg)
Yeah, I wanna see next week's episode
I was thinking, Nadeshiko wants to go solo camping but lie to her sister that she's camping with friends
More than anything, when you're camping somewhere solo, you should probably tell someone trustworthy where you're going who can bail you out in case of emergency.
Honestly if you want to practice solo camping you should probably start it during the warmer seasons than the heart of winter like they're in right now.

Hah hah poor Rin
That would've been the perfect time for Nadeshiko to invite her along!
Image 1613718727896.jpg (140 KB, 948x720, 1331198985402.jpg)
Solo camping during winter does seem hard and dangerous
Well at the least Japanese winters are generally more mild than we get in this part of North America
Even if she's going up into the mountains, and in the heart of Japan's main island like where the cast lives, where the temperature is generally colder than it is on the coast.
Ah gosh that seems amazing
I'd love to experience a home-style cafe like that
Yeah, see
For January night temperatures, going as low as 3c is pretty mild
Though maybe those were the day temperatures
Hah hah hah
Nadeshiko can't resist the smell of good food
Kinda mirrors the way Rin couldn't resist that pizza and other hot food when she was solo-camping earlier in the series.
Big tree!
A nature reserve of giant cedars sounds like a great place to explore
This gomoku shigure seems somewhat similar to okonomiyaki
It involves a similar assortment of ingredients and a cooking method

Oh the trivia even references that it is.
Sounds like a great meal honestly.
Nadeshiko's onee-chan still 10/10 as always
Image 1613719527717.jpg (137 KB, 587x750, 1312949316248.jpg)
This show always looks so cold

oh it's over
I think I conked out for a minute
These days I'm always getting quite a bit of sleep in the evening before anime, so it's easy to stay awake
Not that I could fall asleep in this miserable chair, hah hah

Well like the ED's theme goes, spring is next
Though we probably won't get to that by the time this season wraps
Hopefully they can do some comfy spring-time camping in warmer seasons
Image 1613719658842.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720, 1334972988149.jpg)
Yeah I feel like we're stuck in winter
but that's okay
I think yuru camp is best at winter
The aesthetic of the series has definitely been the comfort of thick clothes and establishing comfiness despite the weather so far
But I think even some springtime camping could be plenty comfy.
And it's a long way out by any stretch but autumn-time camping would be absolutely gorgeous in Japan I'd bet.