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anime too
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He's kind of a dweeb.
For how emotionally human they make these NPCs that's a pretty morbid quest to come up with.
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There's totally going to be a twist that they're acutally humans and this is an isekai world
There's probably a hook somewhere along the way like hat.
That, even.
Unlike Itai Iya this show doesn't really have much grounding in its MMO world.
This dweeb and the monotone girl are totally dating or siblings.
Or both.
If Maria was here he'd be in apolectic shock.
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Wow, giant robots.
This has some of everything
So you've got to have a loose grip on reality to be a Maiden Master like the MC eh.
Wow yeah that's pretty macabre for this series.
It's had a tinge of seriousness to it but not like "We're so evil we raised the dead kids we ate".
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The bad guys really enjoyed killing the npcs in the first episode.
I think that kind of thing will show up here and there.
Koyasu again, eh.
He's got a good voice for villains like this though.
Oh a suitably BIG monster for the mecha to fight.
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hey there how are we tonight
I'm okay.
Feeling really tired for some reason.
So I guess I'm anticipating the sleep I'll be getting later tonight.
You good?
We got like three minutes left in Dendrogram by the way
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a lot of hospital appointments and stuff... one in like five hours and another tomorrow morning
my days are all getting eaten up
I guess I didn't see that coming.
Guess this mecha player is like the MC and also is sufficiently delusional about the reality of this MMO.

Are things at least going positively.
I guess you don't have much you can do about the situations so it feels like that's the only recourse.
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hello moon!

This shoes doesn't seem to know what it's doing
it just does whatever
I've poked my head into some of the threads on /a/ to see the chatter and it looks like it's a pretty disappointing adaptation.
They throw out a lot of the worldbuilding and character establishing stuff, which is probably why a lot of these characters feel pretty flat at times.
And it doesn't even come at the exchange of engaging action scenes so I dunno.
It's still a show, at least.
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i wouldn't characterize it one way or the other
things are just going as they are
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I can see that
explains the really disjointed storytelling

lets start!
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Petto bottoru
Well I hope things take a turn for the better but at least hope they keep level.
Try not to get too underwater with all it.
This show has really leaned heavily into the pet analogies.
The first two episodes didn't really talk abou it at all but as soon as this black-haired guy showed his true colours they've been on full throttle.
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I expected this show to be crappy but it really hasn't been bad
The premise I read before the season start certainly didn't leave me with a particularly favourable hunch.
That first episode was kinda so-so up 'till the end where the mind magic started happening and things got weird.
And then the second episode was just so outright weird any previous opinions I'd been forming about the show just got completely wiped hah hah.
She's decently cute really.
But also feels like she knows how to use that to her advantage.
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this is one of those shows that i can't really follow along too well without some kind of medication

i still enjoy watching it but a lot of it's kinda what
Well don't fret too much about it.
Even though I generally feel like I know what's going I'm still pretty consistently what about it too.
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This show just doesn't make a lot of sense.
I think it's pretty internally consistent.
There's a lot of weird stuff because it doesn't really inform the viewer on what's going on but it makes sense with in the setting.
The way this pet of his goes half fish is definitely one of the weirder things.
Not because it doesn't make sense but because it's just fucking weird to look at a fishman.
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happy valentines day
Another pretty decent endcard.
This show flips fairly crazily between weird endcards and decent ones.
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murenase 6
we're on ep 4

ep 4

lets start!
Hey now we've only watched the first three episodes of the show.
Shouldn't we do episode four?
oh okay i need to get 4
it's been a while since we've watched this

this dumb dog though
why can't she be normal
When are dogs ever normal.
it reminds me of that gif/webm of that girl who runs on all fours
it's horrifying
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I don't have that but I do have this.
id go find it but seeing as i plan on trying to sleep for a bit, i wont
Sloth-chan getting a startling amount of dialogue.
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Not kemono friends
>Twenty degrees below zero
Yeah sounds about right.
Blimey, that is a big woman.
It's not good to lie.
She REALLY is a big wolf gosh.
I mean in a real wolf pack they're already all family so that last detail is kind of unnecessary.
they'll pick up unrelated loners
they're not too picky
>I wondered what kind of male you'd be
But all the males in this series are normal animals.
So if - Well okay kinda-normal animals.
It's the female animals that look human-ish.
So this isn't a male hyena it's a female one.

I guess we'll be getting a pseudopenis reference soon enough.
male hyenas are tiny and wimpy
they really have it rough
being a male hyena is probably one of the worst existences you can have
Oh he called her out on it hah hah
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For a guy that HAET AMINAL so much he's pretty well-studied in animal facts.
Image 1581578028902.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dro(…).jpg)
He kinda needs to be given his surroundings.
oh no
not these
Wow gosh.
These hyena males have pretty cute faces.
A considerable departure from how they normally look.
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The animal kingdom is really full of weird creatures.
Image 1581578314461.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
she doesn't have much to gain from being a male hyena anyway

the MC sure has a lot of weird girls stuck to him
Image 1581578344406.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Asobi Asobase -(…).jpg)
It should be pretty obvious since the animals in this look
the men look like animals
and the girls look like girls

little freudian slip there
Yeah I'm pretty sure hyena packs operate on a matriarchal structure anyway.
So there's literally no downside to being a female hyena.

Wow I won't stand for this disingenuous insertion.
sounds about right
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ep 6

I forgot

sorry moon
bad bookkeeping on my part tonight
lets start
Again, are you sure you wouldn't rather watch Itai Iya.
okay...... let me get that then
okay ready
it's fine i wasn't looking forward to rikei anyway
this is a much better show
she's gotten too sucked in
She's really become a problem case.
I wonder if that's going to become a more prevalent thing as VR becomes more and more commonplace.
People already go on day-long gaming binges.
Imagine how that'll mess with people once your visual sensory experience is as high fidelity as with games like this.
as with anything, you get used to it
you get used to the VR environment, but you also get used to switching between them
the more you do it the less severe it gets
i want to buy a house
A VR MMO house would be super cozy too.
Monster Hunter World has a crazy sub-mechanic that involves acquiring design stylesa -styles and various pets you catch to decorate your bunk and then apartment and then house.
Being able to deep dive into a housemaking mechanic like that in a VR game sounds absolutely delightful.
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yeah a mmo in vr is like the holy grail of gaming
Image 1581579221189.jpg (7 KB, 193x200, nove.jpg)
are you keeping your eye out for something like that?
Wow what a vain way of naming your guild hah hah
It's a cute name though.
Just funny that it derives from her player name.
That was kind of a smooth transition into the battle theme.
Oh dodging attacks to build up attack damage sounds like my kind of jam.
I love active mechanics like that.
Image 1581579417552.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] 3D Kanojo Real (…).jpg)
I guess these guys are gonna be recurring party members now.

I'd love to play something like that.
I think a fully realized MMO environment for a VR system is still a fairly long way off.
Maybe with the engine that Half-Life Alyx is supposed to be flagshipping, we might see some more complex game environments for VR.
But there's a LOT of layers of complexity that would go into a full-fledged VR MMO.
Image 1581579478543.png (313 KB, 500x743, PRM.png)
im trying to buy my mom a VR headset

she's gonna be bed-bound for most of this year and the lack of stimulation is gonna drive her crazy
i think VR would probably help.
Yeah I could see that helping a lot.

I'm still pretty heavily tentative on VR though.
There's not a lot it can do currently which I'm happy to use a regular gaming set up for instead.
>cafe radish
oh these girls are cute
We did see them briefly earlier in the series.
They seem to be the kouhai to Maple and Sally.
Also maxing STR seems pretty fun.
Probably not my stat of choice to max out on but I can see why it would be a lot of fun to play with.
Image 1581579765408.jpg (418 KB, 849x1200, 74072172_p0_master1200.jpg)
i think i would, in a world like this, just go open a VR cafe/boutique and sell cute things

im sure custom modelling would be supported so you can make and trade things like that
It would be neat if they used voxel engines to make it so you could take digital matter apart in the game world and shape it by hand.
Like imagine being able to make your own pottery and selling that.
Image 1581579905764.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Asobi Asobase -(…).jpg)
nice shadow clones
Yeah Sally's build seems closer to what I'd enjoy in a game like this.
I like moving FAST and getting up in baddies faces sounds fun.
the problem with recruiting newbies is they just never sign in again
Well it's at least their second time logging into the game.
So maybe they're more reliable than a total newbie.
Image 1581580068033.jpg (9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)
well i hope we get a cool VR world soon
im pretty tired of this one
Image 1581580108786.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dro(…).jpg)
tanking is fun
so is healing
If a game is action-oriented I like being able to move around a lot while playing.
I think that's kind of in part what always turns me off a lot of MMOs.
No matter how they try to spin it there's always so much time spent standing in one place while fighting.
Maybe some time move out of an occasional dodgeable AoE attack.
There's a lot about MMOs that makes me allergic to them but that's a consistent turn-off for me.
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mmos these days are bad

thanks for anime
Mhm, thanks.
See you two tomorrow.
Or well maybe not I guess it might be a toss-up day.
Image 1581580344617.jpg (152 KB, 566x1000, 67874621_p0_master1200.jpg)
thanks, see you
i'll probably be here but maybe not
we'll see
Wait no I'm being tired-dumb.
Clocks don't work that way.