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Image 1567867416803.jpg (226 KB, 850x1342, dad8d545a6cc6e8c.jpg)
A new thread
[email protected]
A new thread
[email protected]
A little early though.
take your fat thread agenda back to tano
[email protected]
eat their innards and turn them into skeletons
Image 1567869141318.jpg (1.9 MB, 3024x4032, A3682ACB-2102-44B3-8203-E1D52992CFA7.jpeg)
yee haw
[email protected]
Post that in the thread.
[email protected]
What color is ger underwear?
I know you're gonna look.
Image 1567869258130.gif (2.8 MB, 300x214, 9e03a0a38b908844.gif)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
uh ok let me confirm
fortunately you can't tell as her legs are carefully too close together
Image 1567869509876.png (343 KB, 479x900, 9921edfc8fe250a6fe65f75daba8e2(…).png)
it's an amiibo. they're not designed for that
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567869580106.jpg (342 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
>official nintendo merch
>"check the panties"
[email protected]
It's an obvious thing to do with a new figurine when you take it out of the box.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567869632189.jpg (61 KB, 412x579, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
>official nintendo merch
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
maybe if you're a degenerate
Kirara 🍄
99 degrees out? better check to see if it snowed outside
[email protected]
I don't do it because I leave my figures in box.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567871620538.jpg (455 KB, 2626x2848, 73e2700be315947c1dd5841c1399182a.jpg)
you can't really use an amiibo in the box
[email protected]
Wait, didn't they change the boxes so that you could?
I remember people taljing about this.
Maybe it was a rumor.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567872060974.jpg (401 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I don't understand the idea of leaving stuff in the box.
I know leaving it in the box increases the value, but if you're getting it because you love it, why does value to others matter at all?
[email protected]
I can sill look at it in the box.
And part of it is that I don't really have a good plave to put any of them.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567872604290.jpg (289 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
mfw roast beef and provolone
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
hell yeah
Image 1567873294882.jpg (214 KB, 848x1200, 76556069.jpg)
what is a line
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567873333007.jpg (2.3 MB, 1447x2046, 19cd1af425d0ba9d3f2114bd1bc94309.jpg)
well you see there are many definitions of a line

there's like
a chat app
a straight marking from one location to another
any sort of marking really I guess
a queue of people waiting for a good or service
Image 1567873650159.jpg (168 KB, 1114x1400, 76562425 - 06.jpg)
give me those glasses you dork
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
only if you give me the sunglasses accessory I missed
Image 1567873809806.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1420, 75278718.png)
miss this
*uninstalls zipper*
Kirara 🍄
welcome to
Kirara 🍄
> [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaiba - 23 [720p].mkv
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
whistles nervously
Kirara 🍄
that's four extra damage you know
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567875492898.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Just because the shogun saved you once doesn't mean he will again.
Image 1567875569186.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Kagaku no(…).jpg)
if you get too behind he might even punish you himself
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567875595586.png (52 KB, 300x275, 1541954871715.png)
do you have a ToN-isn't-watching-kimetsu-conversation sensor

can I come by and drop off the 3ds for you
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
>trophy unlocked: Oiled-Up Mister Universe
Image 1567875698514.jpg (107 KB, 690x1050, c21abe86eda85b4a559d0e51101606(…).jpg)
nice game you got there
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567875763061.png (312 KB, 379x601, M-MASAKA.png)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567875755582.jpg (26 KB, 229x494, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
i can't believe you got scammed into playing FEH again but you won't do something that's actually good, like watch kimetsu

or worse
maybe the senpai sue loves so much will punish her
Image 1567875799222.jpg (122 KB, 943x809, aaf459054393e17bdaa056df3e74f0(…).jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567875917183.png (129 KB, 550x641, 017ed0d0e5215c4e0354241847878ae2.png)
I just remembered when PAN used to punch me randomly in middle school.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567875951703.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
we're bringin it back
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
no way
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567875977011.jpg (301 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
every time you see him pan will punch you in the nose once for each episode you're behind
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567876370330.jpg (411 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
my perfect husband is so cute
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567876494167.jpg (21 KB, 411x290, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567877803520.jpg (62 KB, 420x364, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
[email protected]
Image 1567878422669.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190907_134150.jpg)
Saw this kickass mural in Atlanta.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567879128631.jpg (357 KB, 1373x2030, IMG_20190812_082448.jpg)
Image 1567879201820.jpg (129 KB, 700x953, IMG_20190906_141824.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567879609882.jpg (71 KB, 600x1200, IMG_20190907_082511.jpg)
okay google
fastest way to get married
Image 1567879690865.jpg (240 KB, 1700x1400, 6a8ecf59073bac2fca44cc5892a7ea(…).jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567879786822.jpg (54 KB, 300x300, 20190829_055155.jpg)
Oh yeah, there are lots of cute girls on the strip giving out their cards.
Good idea.
Image 1567879796917.png (384 KB, 807x554, f76c00288782b8b4e93afdd368d5d7(…).png)
how do i draw
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
ok from context I've learned that to Stan someone means to support them but like can I get more detail
Kirara 🍄
haha it stands for stalker fan
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
that's weird
Image 1567879838230.jpg (377 KB, 1191x991, 5b9c99617214345017bf986d17b5c3(…).jpg)
It's based on the song Stan from Eminem about the incredibly obsessed fan who in the end puts his wife in his trunk and they both end up in a car accident because he's trying to deliver fan letters to him.
Kirara 🍄
listen to stan by eminem
[email protected]
It comes from this music video
[email protected]
Thanks for spoiling it for him.
Image 1567879932324.png (418 KB, 444x652, c72c3b5a95a4ae938b1e04761761cd(…).png)
it's like a decade old.
[email protected]
Closer to two
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567879962539.png (129 KB, 550x641, 017ed0d0e5215c4e0354241847878ae2.png)
wow yeah blue
thanks for spoiling a music video I wasn't going to watch
[email protected]
Image 1567879980348.jpg (406 KB, 744x1104, 5deafb48d750f385ed2f6fa52b733a(…).jpg)
i mean you should still listen to the song at least
Well, if you're not interested it's whatever
but that's the jist. welcome to music/meme history
i'm going to drown myself in cute until it hurts me again
[email protected]
yeah blue pretty fucked up you'd spoil a 4 minute music video
Image 1567880038625.png (407 KB, 600x686, 05c3de2228a38086352410c32e4668(…).png)
my cream of tomato's gone cold, i'm wondering why
[email protected]
Eight minute
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
don't get taken to the unconscious
Image 1567880096565.jpg (543 KB, 983x700, 5bd7f7215e65a7952d28f6fbe18b50(…).jpg)
It won't leave my mind.
It's like, he merged the collective unconscious with morphogenetic fields
How dare they
I'm completely fucked up on this right now
[email protected]
I think my friend covered morphogenetic fields in a religious class he was forced t take in college.
*to take
wow, Free The Soul infiltrating the schools
Image 1567880550662.jpg (146 KB, 864x1202, 1b568af867d0691e415c4750b20cf3(…).jpg)
Kirara 🍄
>Viper Tobi-Kadachi
[email protected]
You like Chikfilet?
Kirara 🍄
chick fill it
Image 1567880838348.jpg (181 KB, 1382x1670, d1fe4089e09664a911512cc0788025(…).jpg)
it was alright
don't eat there any more
Image 1567881298281.jpg (234 KB, 768x1024, 19df46a5b7aa088a544968eb973256(…).jpg)
i don't know
Kirara 🍄
chic fil a is honestly pretty low tier
if you're getting fast food chicken it's Hardee's or Popeye's
Image 1567882330944.jpg (160 KB, 650x642, mand.JPG)
people talk a lot about CFA's chicken sandwiches but it was really their nuggets and waffle fries that made me keep going there when I was back in school.

And it's really hard for me to choose fast food chicken while caribbean restaurants are open.
I only get Popeyes when the rest of the options are fast food anyway.
Kirara 🍄
now i want Popeye's
Image 1567882659937.jpg (127 KB, 600x800, 4f918f4433c3699eede5e22941fd96(…).jpg)
wow, I was about to say something extra spicy
Kirara 🍄
say it
Image 1567882918329.png (933 KB, 1754x1240, 4a16b35a352973de5408541439a748(…).png)
I saw >>743086 in my folder and my brain immediately said
>I got your thighs right here.
[email protected]
I really like their fries
And their nuggets
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
3 dmg
Kirara 🍄
oh no
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
[email protected]
Kirara 🍄
[email protected]
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567885796611.jpg (176 KB, 1247x1557, IMG_20190907_140857.jpg)
>a ton of reskinned monsters that were already in MHW
i guess ill fight this pukey with a pressure cleaner tail that can cut you in half
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
Don't like!
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
damn autocorrect mn
even if i turn it off it's still generating suggestions
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567886818477.jpg (221 KB, 1316x1760, IMG_20190907_140343.jpg)
when was the last time you puked /moe/
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I'm not sure
Kirara 🍄
2016 for me
Kirara 🍄
probably October 2016
it was no wait
December 2016
i puked in a bag and threw it out the window while coming home from the grand canyon
well not home but the hotel
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567887271526.jpg (926 KB, 1600x1652, 6db45599740f7f1e25f8d47cf01d71be.jpg)
I'm caught up so please don't bully sue
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567887291869.jpg (45 KB, 203x284, 20190906_152434.jpg)
rate the hashiras
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567887396681.jpg (195 KB, 1164x1164, 0073478a1700f36fda629d3762e391ed.jpg)
They're all loud or angry unless they're cute.
The ones that talk the least are good
Kirara 🍄
yeah but RATE them
which ones do you like the most
which ones do you want to see die
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567887455787.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 1f8f6808a23ed87cf0cfa759ee3b25bb.jpg)
uh ok
high: tapioca, shinobu, aichan
middle: big man of rocks, linhardt
low: the rest

maybe put your flame boy and flamboy in the middle because snek and big angry wind man are kinda garbo
I'm sure windman probably has a reason for being a dick.
Kirara 🍄
nah wind is just a dick
he's just a psycho

your ratings are solid but i put flame in high because ive read the manga
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567887593943.jpg (1.2 MB, 1240x1748, 9ec6aa270b097b82712d835b18220c65.jpg)
no redeemable qualities huh
that's a shame

I see why you like ai-ai-ai a lot though.
Kirara 🍄
i mean, wind goes hard and is cool in a fight
but personality wise, not a single redeeming quality
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567887651842.jpg (81 KB, 914x1200, 62f7ed230c494ab878af9244f62c211e.jpg)
yeah but like everyone goes hard and is cool in a fight
Kirara 🍄
he's like berserker cool though
breath of beast is based on breath of wind
Kirara 🍄
flower and insect and mist are based on water
i forget what snake is based on
love is based on flame
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
burning passion
Kirara 🍄
she's the only one that can use love breathing though
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
she does seem to love just about everything
Kirara 🍄
also her muscles at 8x denser than normal without being big so she's as physically strong as an ox without losing any flexibility
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
that's uh

>no desire to draw the scam gacha in granblue but check the rates anyway
>out of all the possible SSRs it could pull
>there are two I don't have
Kirara 🍄
she became a demon slayer to meet strong boys to date
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kirara 🍄
i understand her deeply
i too am so strong that i cannot get married
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
does a jalapeno pepperoni and cheddar pizza sound good to you
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I'm not getting that as much as I've eaten that and liked it and want your thoughts
Kirara 🍄
i dont like jalapeno very much so not that appetizing but it's probably fine
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567888516097.jpg (302 KB, 1794x2048, f5a1782d1a882927b73252e83a3deb52.jpg)
I thought I wouldn't like it but I actually really liked it.
the whole thing had regular mozzarella though, but the opposite side was pepperoni with provolone.
it was also ncie
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
proving grounds has started kirara if you want to test your might

though uhhhhhh if your water isn't up to snuff you will feel it
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567889027904.jpg (138 KB, 867x1227, IMG_20190907_140522.jpg)
I'll try it eventually.
Obviously i can't clear the entire thing
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yeah proud and proud+ are monstrous
even maniac would probably wall you with units if not a grid, since one of the enemies is immune to regular atk/def down
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567890283973.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720, [ANE] MM! - Ep05 [BDRip 720p x(…).jpg)
Million dollar idea:

A 12kg phone case so you do a bicep curl every time you look at your phone.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567890342545.jpg (495 KB, 1078x1278, Screenshot_20190907-170333_Chrome.jpg)
I'm going to have a stroke
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567890415525.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 1f8f6808a23ed87cf0cfa759ee3b25bb.jpg)
did they uh
just compare taking antidepressants to taking narcotics?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
there's a bit to unpack there huh
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
and wait hang on like uh
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567890524889.jpg (45 KB, 203x284, 20190906_152434.jpg)

Absolute fucking clown shit
Kirara 🍄
Are you okay
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567892078097.jpg (62 KB, 420x364, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Firefox is recommending me articles about getting over a breakup.
How. I only said anything about it on /moe/.
Image 1567893133622.jpg (849 KB, 2440x4096, IMG_20190908_075140.jpg)
it seems irresp they // irresponsible to publish an article like this
thanks phone I totally wanted to dictate while typing there
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567893599966.jpg (29 KB, 194x260, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Extremely irresp!
Oh so that's how Sam funds the server hosting
Image 1567894394479.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1600, IMG_20190907_222550.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567894538983.png (449 KB, 589x608, Screenshot - 8_27_2019 , 6_37_56 AM.png)
Image 1567894948537.png (87 KB, 240x240, yagiyui-1b.png)
>why yes Kirara I'm perfectly fine with you discussing your anarchist insurrection on /moe/
>where did you see it will take place again? What time?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567895057275.jpg (446 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
aw man getting arrested by the fbi would be so awkward
all my old fbi colleagues would probably come make fun of me
Just tell them you're a double agent and it's part of a greater plan on behalf of the government
the fbi are trying to assign you a girlfriend
they're going to bring you in for one last big case
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567895765025.jpg (114 KB, 708x717, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Yeah, I could probably get myself out of it.
I'm the kind of guy that avoids getting his hands dirty in major ways, I'm just a schemer.
But even so, it'd be pretty awkward, haha.
My FBI buddy in Wyoming would never let me live it down.

oh no
Image 1567896403571.jpg (141 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20190908_103605.jpg)
>coming this summer
>"I'm putting the team back together Kirara"
>"we've got one last job"
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567896576844.jpg (532 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
an fbi agent is the one who taught me to shoot
i'll make you proud paul-san
let's go!!
Video 1567896647990.webm (6s, 393 KB, 688x600, 1567398121569.webm)
wouldn't it be the most absolute kino thing if you fought him at the end and shot him
And he'd say something like
>"heh... guess I trained you a little too well"
Before coughing up blood and dying
Wouldn't it just be a great setup
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567896728743.jpg (522 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Ohhh. Yeah, that would be totally perfect!
And then I fall to my knees and I shout his name.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567896859161.jpg (302 KB, 1794x2048, f5a1782d1a882927b73252e83a3deb52.jpg)
y'all are nerds!
Image 1567897083229.png (95 KB, 240x240, mikamichiori-3b.png)
Then he gives you his fbi badge and tells you to take his place.

I'm gonna cry

Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897046476.jpg (108 KB, 449x689, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
>Kouhai... I couldn't do things the right way... Now it's up to you to do what I couldn't... Protect... everyone...

I'm gonna punch you in the face
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
>you unlocked new music
ok coo-
>better items will appear outside the gazebo!
uh well awesome tha-
>you can now travel to the holy tomb
you wot
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
>you now have access to the Sothis Shield
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
thanks tiki
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897397774.jpg (67 KB, 418x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Don't you need the crest of Sothis for that?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
don't ask me my dude
Image 1567897461606.jpg (46 KB, 640x960, IMG_20190908_110401.jpg)
wtf does you will pass mean
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897513490.jpg (64 KB, 404x394, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I wonder.
Maybe it's a trans thing? That's the only thing I can think of.
Kirara 🍄
Unless it means school.
I think it's just referring to girls in general though
Like it's a facebook mum thing

Why the capslock though
Maybe it's like, she will pass on something
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
also I got a speed ring and a hexlock shield and I'm in chapter 3
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897645854.jpg (483 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
It also has FIND in caps, though.
It's just random caps like a crazy person.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
so Kirara are item crests like items and use a slot or can I just slap multiple of these things on a person
My favourite rule is 4
What is she on
Kirara 🍄
They don't need to be equipped.

I like 7.
"I am forever."
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
do they also stack
Kirara 🍄
Effects do not stack but multiple of the same effect means multiple chances to proc.
>I am inevitable
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
this is fine
[email protected]
This wedding has jack shit when it comes to soft drinks, there's lemonade (which they're almost out of), brown mystery drink, and other brown mystery drink and water.
How the fuck do they have a bar but no coke?
try the brown mystery drinks
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897893872.jpg (385 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
rum and brown

>Dread it. Run from it. Mother arrives all the same.
[email protected]
No it's probably iced tea or something incredibly awful.
them fighting words, ice tea is good
[email protected]
I never said iced tea is incredibly awful, its just bad.
Sweet tea is incredibly awful.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567897977594.jpg (379 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Jan almost died from ice tea once.
Or rather, he loved it so much that he almost died for it.
[email protected]
I remember this.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567898035727.jpg (502 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
The good old days!
I wish I had recorded his face when I poured water over his head.
A whole gallon.
He looked like he was melting with pleasure.
It was hilarious.
shouldn't he have drunk it instead of having it poured over his face and thus the ground
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567898226116.jpg (86 KB, 385x570, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
No, he was getting heat stroke, so the important thing was for me to cool down his head as quickly as possible.
His hands had gone numb and then his face was going numb, so I knew I had to do something ASAP.
I pulled over and grabbed a gallon out of the back and I poured it over his head and then we sat in the shade for a bit to make sure he was okay.
He had a really bad headache after that, but he was okay.

You gotta do what you gotta do.
Drinking it wouldn't have cooled him down fast enough. Of course, I made sure he drank a lot of water after that.
ah yes, some good food
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567898872364.jpg (288 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I'm getting ads for dating services now...
Image 1567899106442.png (88 KB, 240x240, mikamichiori-4.png)
what a wonderful future we live in
we need to trick the al gore rhythms
just start adding random things to your posts like "gee I sure wish someone would help me with my taxes" or "I wish someone would help me with my website to get my small business off the ground"
Kirara 🍄
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
you know, my crew member was right.

femleth's boobs are fucking huge
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567899386199.jpg (275 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
They're not that big.
I don't think.

Good idea.

I have a structured settlement, and I need cash now.

Are they?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
they're not like grossly large
but they're big
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
let me just roll some comparisons while I wander around real quick
they don't seem that big
Image 1567899691965.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tejina-senpai -(…).jpg)
But how are you going to find a structured settlement lawyer in Monroe, Texas?
That sounds too good to be true!
Maybe there's one that exists "in your area"
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I think Manuela is occupied so that check is out but like I th ink even if they aren't super big by themselves she's beating like every other girl in the game at least proportionally.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
oh no wait she's by the pond let me just
ok like Manuela is about the same but she's a christmas cake
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567899819342.jpg (304 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Manuela is beyond a Christmas cake. She's like 45.
She's pretty old for an unmarried lady.
Byleth is thousands of years old
I haven't finished golden deer so idk but that's what I think.

If only I had one weird trick that doctors hate... Then my structured settlement would burn 80% of its fat overnight.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Byleth is like early 20's
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567899945590.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Araburu Kisetsu(…).jpg)
Maybe you can sell some of your spare gold for cash as a kind of payday loan to get money quick
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567900001027.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Maybe, but I'm a little worried. If only I knew about the new law that Florida drivers need to know about.
Image 1567900025714.png (788 KB, 638x1560, 083a8a284d98cf5a.png)
this lemon lime bitters kombucha is really good
I should get around to trying out brewing
yes you should
Image 1567900707836.png (82 KB, 748x512, screenshot-talktotransformer.c(…).png)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567900975435.jpg (377 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] DanMachi S2 - 0(…).jpg)
[email protected]
Who is this fluid druid?
Kirara 🍄
[email protected]
[email protected]
Also is there a rule that weddings are required to play nostly bad music?
Because every wedding I've been to except for one had mostly bad music.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901417018.jpg (113 KB, 618x720, [HorribleSubs] Okaa-san Online(…).jpg)
only people with bad taste in music manage to get married
[email protected]
Image 1567901434512.png (8 KB, 112x112, rlly_mks_u_tnk.png)
[email protected]
That was more of a tano post.
Well, LV isn't on right now
So it wouldn't generate the kind lf discussion
*kind of
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901459749.jpg (420 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Okaa-san Online(…).jpg)
you can tell it's true because i can't get married
Image 1567901519638.jpg (1.3 MB, 2081x2440, __koshimizu_sachiko_idolmaster(…).jpg)
name />>743213
this might be true
[email protected]
I think if that were true I wouldn't be alive.
or rather, people with good taste in music can't get married would be my take
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901592296.jpg (345 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bem - 02 [720p](…).jpg)
Maybe it works if you get married and then get good taste in music later.
[email protected]
Who is this semen demon?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901641825.jpg (391 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bem - 02 [720p](…).jpg)
she's a scary monster
[email protected]
Ah but does she hang out with super freaks?
i like bem
especially the last episode was good
[email protected]
Wait no
[email protected]
Super Creeps
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901740985.jpg (528 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 10 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
what if your taste of music is sacrificed when you get married?
well you do comprise a few things in relationships like having to listen to matchbox twenty
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901878718.jpg (475 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 10 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
Music at the wedding would be good then.
Because you pick the music before you're actually married.
And it can't be when you get engaged because I've been engaged twice and my taste in music is still perfect.
naw i mean literally
like a goat
the hidden bachelor/ette party where you sacrifice things to the marriage altar
naw that is how it will work
even if you pick goid music, kt will somehow end up bad during the actual ceremony
[email protected]
If I knew someone liked matchbox twenty they'd have to be pretty attractive (physically and personality wise) for me to consider dating them.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567901981107.jpg (367 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 10 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
Some things you don't compromise on.

Maybe it's timey wimey? Once you tie the knot, it affects your music choice in the past.
[email protected]
Also you can get better taste
but they did Smooth!!
[email protected]
>Love shack starts playing
I'm pretty sick kf this song
I'm looking forward to hearing it live next weekend.
Kirara 🍄
[email protected]
Image 1567902179453.png (91 KB, 650x966, 15.png)
oh wew
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
kirara help
Image 1567903278138.jpg (54 KB, 750x755, ED1Mu0DU4AAXDRx.jpeg)
nigga stop being in the closet already
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kirara 🍄
fuckin hell
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567903412608.png (370 KB, 1024x1024, Skorpion_costume1.png)
Time to study every track on the Kimetsu ost so I can use them in 2.5
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567903443781.png (339 KB, 700x569, 03b37362d6001b9d2ef2453b143feefe.png)
what a coincidence
I've been studying music for use in 3.0

The folks who made those nice tracks I liked to use for Gandora have other nice stuff.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567903463374.jpg (168 KB, 320x1521, Screenshot_20190830-071423_Chrome.jpg)
oh yeah since you've met the Hashira now maybe you will understand my kimetsu sorter results
although you haven't met daki

Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
ah yes
shinobu and
smaller shinobu
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567903571011.jpg (246 KB, 1095x1297, IMG_20190907_063543.jpg)
kanao is the secret second best girl
i hope tanjirou marries her

Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I had an idea for 3.0 and now I can't wait to force you to fight Maddie except when they're on the bone planet
Kirara 🍄
hell yeah
finally maddie gets her time to shine
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Just a fucking planet of nothing but graves to use for necromancy
Kirara 🍄
was the planet a living thing that died
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
it's the place everyone sends their dead because they'd run out of space on their own planets.
bone planet? wwwwww
does that need to be spoiliered oops
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
however now that you've said that
Kirara 🍄
unicron but made of bones
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
bone golem except you'll actually enjoy fighting it
Kirara 🍄
Kirara 🍄
like cybertron vs unicron
Kirara 🍄
except with a ton of blood
Kirara 🍄
well, digestive enzymes
Apparently the thing that was keeping my email from syncing with my phone was also messing up its ability to check for updates for my installed apps.
So now I've got like ~50 apps eager to get updated.
Image 1567905326938.jpg (361 KB, 1649x2048, IMG_20190908_084751.jpg)
hey moon, what dosage do you recommend for valerian root
I've lost the container for these things
Image 1567905811169.jpg (13 KB, 320x272, EDvScZaXkAARGg6.jpeg)
Image 1567906181291.jpg (106 KB, 800x800, IMG_20190908_112911.jpg)
Image 1567907615559.jpg (54 KB, 750x755, ED1Mu0DU4AAXDRx.jpeg)
ah yes I see the spring
pollens have kicked in
Haru kita
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
[email protected]
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
what drugs should i do for RenFaire
Black Plague
Image 1567909860653.jpg (176 KB, 600x839, 0d241ac7f7e49f705fddbac2b4b89148.jpg)
4/5 doctors recommend the plague
[email protected]
Literally the worst tweet I've seen all day
Image 1567910942468.png (75 KB, 312x217, Game.PNG)
Man what a miserable game.
cry me a river
@rei not you tilde
what game is that even?
It's the MahjongSoul app that Moon, Maria, and I play on.
That game was just a long series of me getting rotten luck and then losing by attrition.
>billion dollars
>9999 units
what kind of bitcoin do they use
[email protected]
Looks kind of like artificial academy but aside from that I don't know
no I was sarcastically telling you to cry me a river over the use of literally
but because one post doesn't show on the front page I didn't
[email protected]
It was the fact that they used by instead of my that made think it was the worst tweet I'd seen all day
didn't see tildes post so I
was correcting that
fuck this connection

Image 1567914251508.jpg (174 KB, 785x732, akagiwithagun.jpg)
>not getting a double yakuman on the very last draw of the game to turn it around
you need to master the flow
>Our Kojima
Er Keanu
Too many names that start with K in one post.
Image 1567918150703.png (214 KB, 466x446, mpc-hc64_2019-09-08_07-48-53.png)
what are some good yakuza anime
Hinamatsuri is ... well, tangentially related to the Yakuza but is also really good.
Spinning my brain I'm having a hard time thinking of any actually Yakuza-themed anime in the first place, actually.
Like I can think of anime with Mafia from various parts of the world but the Yakuza don't seem to get a lot of representation as focal characters.
im doing my mandatory annual akagi rewatch and it just got me thinking
it's got some yakuza settings in it but id like to see them more fleshed out

kind of like how kaiji has teiai and then there was the tonegawa spinoff
but the actual yakuza instead
have you watched akagi, tilde?
I haven't actually watched any of the classic Fukumoto adaptations.
Tonegawa was my first real encounter with his style of work.
Image 1567922088994.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Cop Craft - 01 (…).jpg)
oh you poor thing
would you like to
i rewatch them all the time i'll join you
Hm, I've never really been inclined to watch them, but I also don't want to not watch them.
It's just something I've never really thought to myself "Okay I'll go and watch this now".
I'll make sure to send you an invite when I get around to acquiring them though.
Image 1567922203860.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Araburu Kisetsu(…).jpg)
well im not really doin shit tonight besides probably deranking AGAIN in mahjong this exact game
down to adept

i was starting to watch tetsuya but it's really not very interesting
it doesn't really have anything to actually do with mahjong besides as plot
if you aint doin much
Image 1567922855094.jpg (78 KB, 680x481, 1567851455049.jpg)
I'm feeling kind of sluggish tonight, I think I'm just gonna slug around and take it easy.
I'll look into finding a good version of at least one of them tomorrow.
Image 1567925117370.jpg (81 KB, 540x900, D0-obHdU4AE3Gsz.jpg)
Image 1567925800735.png (1.2 MB, 1110x880, 76631336_p0.png)
can I just say that I want you to dick me down
Image 1567925847195.jpg (54 KB, 750x755, ED1Mu0DU4AAXDRx.jpeg)
Image 1567926609319.jpg (13 KB, 320x272, EDvScZaXkAARGg6.jpeg)
dick down or nah?
Sorry, I refrain from having sexual liasons with people I don't know.
Image 1567926704389.jpg (810 KB, 900x1200, 76441150_p0.jpg)
Not you, silly ass. Like anyone would want your dick.
And it's probably that attitude which is why people prefer to just ignore you.
Image 1567926786479.png (479 KB, 1500x1500, 76644527_p0.png)
No shit? I know when I come here people get fucked up. I love it really. It's sort of like... a Micheal Myers thing.
fucking hell, I washed another usb drive
luckily these things are pretty robust
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567929521455.gif (488 KB, 225x203, 1544980979968.gif)
Exactly the same thing
it doesn't work.
'Cause he gets lucky?
game's rigged son
Image 1567931594972.jpg (680 KB, 765x1000, 76640369_p0.jpg)
Just letting you know Brandon awakened this inside of me~
He's so fucking hot. God
everybody's gotta burn sometime
>>743322 →
Hey Kirara you were involved in a somewhat edgy dream I had last night wanna hear about it
Hey hey Maria
Kirara 🍄
you know i do
Image 1567934724944.jpg (48 KB, 741x417, D5ib3bcXoAA2s2S.jpg)
>>743322 →
who are YOU
Image 1567934958908.png (99 KB, 240x240, xenia-2.png)
Okay so for some reason we're in the middle east in some sort of militia. Anyway I'm not sure who we were fighting against but it was something along the lines of ISIS. Anyway we went into combat and there was all this dust everywhere and stuff so you couldn't see well. Then you got shot and died. But you see the thing is, it turned out it was a friendly fire accident and ISIS wasn't even in the same area as us. When I woke up I just thought, "lmao that's such a Kirara way to go"

Somehow I'm really excited for the SEED movie even though SEED isn't actually very good.
Even if it sucks ass it'll still be entertaining. And if it's good then it's good.
It's surprising news though since they haven't talked about the SEED movie in ages and we all thought it got cancelled.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567935317265.jpg (36 KB, 320x336, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
That question has no answer which can be expressed in words! I merely am! There is no who!

Wow, hidoi.

My luck is so bad that I'll never die, though.
Image 1567935602229.jpg (59 KB, 850x1200, ED17TuqVUAAIYAI.jpg)
Yeah dream you should be counting himself lucky that he got to die instead of getting paralyzed from the waist down or something like that
For what it's worth I actually was pretty worried until I woke up
I had another dream like that once where I murdered someone and went to prison. Waking up and realising I wasn't in prison was awesome

Wow there's nothing gay about holding your pal in your arms while he's bleeding to death

>nice kanata
lmao who said that
what a dork
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
bro that's pretty gay
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567935576371.jpg (390 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
>Maria, I got shot... I need you to suck out the bullet

Last night I had a dream that I was fighting monsters with a superior japanese katana and one of my party members said "nice kanata" and then later they called a kimono a kemono and i woke up laughing
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567935708644.jpg (56 KB, 467x584, 1543816399148.jpg)
sometimes I don't remember which shitposts I typed out and posted and which shitposts were just dreams.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567935734319.jpg (67 KB, 418x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
What's the difference?
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
The dream ones are usually NSFW.
Image 1567936232235.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567936402717.jpg (19 KB, 210x240, 3243565.jpg)
>phone vibrates
>new message
>get excited
>it's the low battery alert
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567936481954.jpg (111 KB, 651x710, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
bzzrt bzzrt bzzrt
Image 1567936534957.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Arifureta Shoku(…).jpg)
phone batteries are so trash
i should make a better one
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567936702861.jpg (41 KB, 312x349, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
[Welcome! You have been enrolled in Brotip of the Day! To unsubscribe at any time reply UNSUBSCRIBE.]
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567936790977.jpg (45 KB, 720x720, 1478228749474.jpg)
Oh boy, a message!
maybe one of my friends wants to do something with me
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567937119562.png (65 KB, 270x311, 1543435195808.png)
Nah. I'll stay subscribed.
I could use some brotips.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567937138007.jpg (502 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
[Brotip #1! Wiping your ass is gay! Never do it.]
I liked something from the Joker movie account and now I'm subscribed to Joker movie updates apparently
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567937254897.jpg (422 KB, 459x640, 1543970409493.jpg)
yeah I already knew that one.
that's why me and my bro do it for each other
that way you don't touch your own and it's not gay.

If all you send me is common sense shit maybe I will unsubscribe.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567937348807.jpg (466 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
[Brotip #2! If you watch anime, you are gay!]
Kirara 🍄
another scorcher
It's supposed to get up to the 80f range here soon
I'm gonna hate the heat
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567937548574.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720, screenshot0016.jpg)
oh shit.
I didn't know that one.
I thought it just turned you into a degenerate manchild.
how unfortunate
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567937695487.jpg (26 KB, 206x344, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
80F isn't too bad!
Even with high humidity, it's livable.
I hope it gets down to 70 here soon. But that's not going to be until November, probably.

[Brotip #3: If you watch too much anime, you'll become a girl!]
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567937816480.jpg (40 KB, 755x701, 1542439652289.jpg)
I've changed my mind. Your brotips are shite.

Kirara 🍄
[Brotip #Special: If you replied UNSUBSCRIBE to this text message, it is because you are a little girly man who can't handle BROTEIN]
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567937932042.png (622 KB, 1040x1744, 1545216442425.png)
how can anime turn you gay if it also turns you into a girl?

does that mean it turns you into a girl who likes other girls
Kirara 🍄
maybe it's progressive
first you like guys and then you become a girl who likes guys
but if you keep watching anime maybe you'll be a gay girl
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567938023375.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720, 1545335859753.jpg)
Looks like the only way out of this pit is to keep digging.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567938101387.jpg (21 KB, 411x290, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
all that death can do is set you free
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
A decent Brotip
This is what I signed up for.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567938270557.jpg (482 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Image 1567938446576.jpg (650 KB, 1071x3000, ED3fn8sU0AAiPoY.jpg)
Fellas, is it gay to recieve a brotip
You're basically getting a tip from your man
what is she speeling // spelling out lmfao
Image 1567938510897.jpg (67 KB, 1024x1563, the_widow_by_qtori_da2o2vk-fullview.jpg)
death is not an escape.
Image 1567938547716.jpg (165 KB, 900x787, 1567901610530.jpg)
Fellas is it gay to have a job
You're basically in a dom sub relationship with your boss
Fellas is it gay to say you're someone skitty and you want to drink their cummies all night
Kirara 🍄
holy shit
Mayu suki, I believe.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567938686173.jpg (241 KB, 2000x1500, IMG_20190907_075719.jpg)
Image 1567939104109.jpg (35 KB, 163x214, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
back to valerian root for a few days until my kratom arrives
i have to do cash on delivery now
what's that last character look like I quite tell
I think it's just supposed to be a heart, hah hah
er the one before the dash haha
The dash is a part of the
the "Ki" character.

oh yeah I'm idiot I literally retweeted it and it has the characters right there
thanks anyway though
the ki character isn't really easy to make out
how do you like your valerian
is the tea any good?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567939511912.jpg (334 KB, 1696x1303, IMG_20190906_080330.jpg)
[email protected]
[email protected]
What the hell is that thing on the right?
Image 1567939903063.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
i like the tea with honey
or some other tea and adding the valerian to it
but that's too much trouble sometimes so i usually just take the capsules

most people don't like the tea because the odor is strong though and they consider it unpleasant
but i like it
[email protected]
Also, why are people up so early on a Sunday?
because theyre all turnin up
on a Tuesday
Kirara 🍄
the thing they see statues of a lot
Kirara 🍄
I get up between 5-5:30 every day.
Image 1567940774521.jpg (417 KB, 738x1200, mkl.jpg)
i'm always up
i go down for short naps
thanks youtube for showing this viral video I've never seen out of nowhere to me
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567943521161.jpg (52 KB, 564x716, kst.jpg)

some sort of nuke eating fungi
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
It's a Cut.
Cut eats bullets.
Image 1567946093671.jpg (703 KB, 1000x1400, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_ci(…).jpg)

DJ Krush - Duality has always been my favorite track of his.
Image 1567946660418.jpg (76 KB, 625x882, __original_drawn_by_caidychen_(…).jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
[email protected]
Did you see the picture of the youkai I psted yesterday?
[email protected]
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
I don't know. Did I?
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567949125875.png (65 KB, 270x311, 1543435195808.png)
I've been sparing again with Big Jake recently
Taken quite a few shots to the head.

But on the plus side, my Downloads folder is always full of fun little surprises
stuff I don't even remember looking at.
Image 1567949390308.jpg (49 KB, 564x624, vas.jpg)
the who what?
big jake?
[email protected]
Image 1567949443544.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190907_134150.jpg)
[email protected]
What have you been sparing?
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Big Jake's children.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Some of them.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Things look pretty Wild.
Image 1567950893361.jpg (178 KB, 1000x1600, EDpLxBZU4AEjhm9.jpg)
how big is big jake
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Big enough.
Image 1567952409458.jpg (2.5 MB, 2500x1213, me.jpg)
how's your weekend goin /moe/
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567952583971.jpg (176 KB, 1247x1557, IMG_20190907_140857.jpg)
Good! I just finished Sunday morning sitting.
Now I'm gonna go home and play more MonHun.
I'm feeling lonely but overall I feel fine.
Image 1567952632005.jpg (418 KB, 849x1200, 74072172_p0_master1200.jpg)
oh shid give me the ice bone baby
will you stream
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567952698185.jpg (221 KB, 1316x1760, IMG_20190907_140343.jpg)
fo sho
Image 1567952758392.jpg (152 KB, 850x1203, fc2.jpg)
i bought an xxxtra large smirnoff ice oh no
im out of bone powder so i gotta drink the fag juice
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
that's unfortunate
t-thanks you too
how's your weekend ton
it is pretty solid
i have some things to attend to today after which i can resume femblen
Kirara 🍄
fem blem
Image 1567954455032.jpg (282 KB, 1120x1088, ab1.jpg)
nevermind the fag juice is giving my heartburn within only a few sips
guess i'll ditch that plan
Kirara 🍄
[email protected]
Back in Chicago
ah, i love being in kino
Image 1567962497173.jpg (1.2 MB, 2160x2160, 20190908_130757.jpg)
guess whats about to be MINE
which /moe/ has the best-maintained fingernails
not me
i only recently found out ive been trimming them too short which is why ive been having problems lately
doesn't the nail bed keep you from trimming them too short?
do you like forcefully separate it from the nail bed that seems painful
[email protected]
Kirara 🍄
ton out here ripping his nails off weekly for 26 years
Image 1567963899942.png (313 KB, 500x743, PRM.png)
i used to keep mine shaped for the classical guitar since you don't use a pick for that
you make them into an angled shape
but now with my typing job i gotta keep them trimmed alllll the way down or they hurt from the typing

do they serve any purpose besides scratching an itch
i wish we could remove them
i got the classic nail torture device in my basement
have you ever tried to use your nails to peel an egg and have it slide into the nail bed
the shell pieces
Kirara 🍄
can you believe than ton was 26 years old when he learned that you have to peel a boiled egg before eating it
are you trying to prank him into peeling eggs and looking weird
nobody does that
Kirara 🍄
nah blue already got him when they met in NYC
im not gonna lie ive eaten them with the shell on before in front of other people just because
it's not very good but it's not terrible
blue warned him before he put it in his mouth, i was going to let it happen
i want a /moe/ potluck
200 dollarydoos
on books.
im dying yet alive.
Kirara 🍄
me too
water you gonna bring
potato medley
turnip cakes
avocado mousse
thai fried fish
Kirara 🍄
i'll bring mushrooms
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567968797977.png (449 KB, 589x608, Screenshot - 8_27_2019 , 6_37_56 AM.png)
yo i do that whenever i get booked
fuck moosh he aint shit
Kirara 🍄
fuck YOU
YOU aint shit
Kirara 🍄
talk shit one more time and you're gonna get gribble grabbled
they’re gonna gribble grabble me anyway
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969308405.jpg (483 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
you want them to gribble grabble you
Image 1567969366839.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
i only got two spoonies of kratom left until my next batch arrives
that's not enough to get me through
hopefully i can at least get through one work session tonight

i could go buy some from the place that SKIMMED MY CARD but hell no
i dont wanna do that
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969440781.jpg (537 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
i have this client who uses kratom and i was asking about his usage like what type he uses and he's like "uhh, the uplifting stuff"
so i said "white?" and he was like "i dunno, i get it from nature's market"

these fuckers don't even know what they takin
how do you even get so bad at drugs
shake my head
Image 1567969521417.jpg (260 KB, 2000x1414, hgy.jpg)
at the PHP setting the psych was talking to me
i mentioned that i take kratom and stuff and she's like
"well we dont really know how it works so you shouldnt use it. you dont really know if it's going to be stimulating or sedating, it can change"
ok lady
fuckin i know my body and my herbs get outta here you goon

i mean i have a hard time if i go off of it right now but that's probably because i dont have any of my meds
i have to use it to replace those medications i need that they wont give me
but to them i bet they'd look at it like "oh it's that kratom stuff doing this to him"
yall fuckers didn't see what i was like before any treatment, how bad my anxiety and seizures were
don't talk shit
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969595655.jpg (398 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
everyone at my PHP setting is scared of kratom because it's "so addictive"
you know im really tornz
i wanted to make a kind of grossly lewd joke but i feel like itd be too much
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969661192.jpg (424 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
do NOT lewd a gribble you fucking weirdo

Image 1567969799177.jpg (2.2 MB, 3024x4032, E9F1232F-53C6-427D-B6D0-6A86C3C74DF8.jpeg)
look at this kitty
maybe later my upload-never mind
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969764532.jpg (508 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
we have a new therapist at work
i don't trust him
he has a lot of good contacts and he'll be good for him but something about him gives me a bad eel
i think he's secretly shady
i hope he's not dangerous
he has a toxic-masculine-creep aura
he's like 50 and he's got one of those thumb shaped heads and he's got like methed out looking teeth
why does it look like that
i imagine it was born that way
it's cute

>one of those thumb-shaped heads
i have no idea what you're talking about

im surprised at how tolerable kratom is tbh
when you suggested it originally i was thinking like "uhhh i think i'll just stick to valerian root that stuff sounds spooky"
but i can tolerate like 30 grams in a day if i want to without any issues besides a little dehydration which i can fix
but like if i take TWO 400mg valerian root capsules instead of one i feel bad muscle cramps and shit

uggo people are usually pretty cool
i guess they can also be bad people though
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567969924716.jpg (427 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
like, his head is the same width as his neck and he just lacks a distinct facial bone structure
he's super uggo

i hope they do good research on kratom so people get less paranoid about it
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567970122887.jpg (18 KB, 180x236, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
yeah but he's super sketchy to me
idk what it is
he just gives me a bad eel
i trust my gut when it comes to stuff like this because i work hard to find positives about people usually

i don't think he cares about clients
he's like a businessman
he has a business where he like, does networking for people or something? i don't know much about it yet but he seems sketchy
sometimes i wish i were uglier so i would come across less intimidating to people
is that how that works
yeah my personality and appearance are at conflict
im really shy and reserved but people see me with the assumption that im a really confident person, so my quietness and lack of eye contact and stuff makes me seem really condescending and mean when im actually just scared
Image 1567970298015.jpg (242 KB, 1000x1552, F98EFAC3-0A50-4750-AB20-9A49D2C87369.jpeg)
isnt it possible that someone unattractive could have the same effect?
i dont feel that way so i can't relate

i also have facial recognition disorder though so i dont really get the whole face thing so much
i like people who have a lot of character to their face which seems to correlate with what people say is ugly for some reason
i think it's really cool though
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567970749917.jpg (425 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Everyone is telling me this Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance show on Netflix is really good.
But everything is a really creepy puppet.
It's freaky.
much like that thumbman at work?
Kirara 🍄
oh no
Image 1567971288050.jpg (78 KB, 680x481, 1567851455049.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567971647741.jpg (21 KB, 411x290, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
how does this image make you feel
calm nezuko
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567971709478.jpg (36 KB, 320x336, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
how does it make YOU feel
it nakes me feel upset because she just got stabbed three times and treated like a dog and there will be like no repercussions because he’s like their assistant manager
just goes to show you that hierachy is all sorts of fucked up and we should burn society down
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567971746273.jpg (19 KB, 325x356, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
wow that escalated
while the second part is mostly a joke that first part is legitimate
where your black boxes at m80
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567972000331.jpg (537 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
wind is a dick

his little brother is so cool! it's genya, the angry guy from the final selection
genya EATS demons and has a SHOTGUN
from what little ive seen of mister genya he needs to chill but ill take you word that he’s a cool dude
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567972105798.jpg (424 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
he does need to chill but he's cool
I need Zenitsu to do more things, youve made me grow attached to my loser son
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567972274558.jpg (518 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
zenitsu is actually pretty cool
real spoiler
recently in the manga he got mindbroken and it made him cool and serious and he even created a new thunder breath form and killed an upper kizuki!! although it was upper 6 and he was weaker than he should have been because he was new
I’m going to avoid reading that for reasons but I look forward to knowing what youre talking about.
its a lie hes lying zenitsu is trash retard idiot boy
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567972471943.jpg (342 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
it would prob be s3 if they keep animated

our precious trash retard idiot boy
did you see the newest episode yet, pan
no sadly gotta wait until after work
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567972708122.jpg (576 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
i hope ufotable produces dorohedoro
i dont see it happening but it'd be nice
idk who else could even do it honestly
its not my fault my internet is slower than inosukesbthought process
Kirara 🍄
toei would be better because it'd be more likely to actually animate the entire thing
ufotable would never do all of it

yes it is
Image 1567973575803.jpg (88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190908_161219.jpg)
[email protected]
I just got a pair of chinos.
Kirara 🍄
chino on blacked
i literally cant get better smfh
Kirara 🍄
i thought you live like 15 minutes from ton
i live in a cdp outside the city
most of the cdp does have access to the standard 100 Mbps or w/e isps flaunt today, but my area doesnt
Kirara 🍄
just go download it at ton's house
then id have to be near him ew
Kirara 🍄
just do it outside his house and then go home
you won't even have to see him
but i have a tower pc id have to plug iit in somewhere
Kirara 🍄
torrent it via phone and then move it to your PC at home
at that point i might as well use my data
Kirara 🍄
do it bitch what's more important than kimetsu? nothing
Image 1567975609855.jpg (164 KB, 1280x720, 1347676527628.jpg)
and yes Kimetsu is super good
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567975653297.jpg (29 KB, 194x260, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Hello, Rika-chan.
How are you doing?
Image 1567975697171.png (240 KB, 453x660, 1468886388859.png)
I'm doing okay. Counting down the time to next week, which is going to be a busy sucky week.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567975721182.jpg (64 KB, 404x394, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
What's going on next week?

Have you heard my news?
Image 1567975748825.jpg (849 KB, 826x1200, 1447723113544.jpg)
Just an extremely busy work week.

What's you news?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567975760539.jpg (67 KB, 418x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Long like a lot you have to do, or long line working 60 hours?

I'm single
Image 1567975785300.jpg (75 KB, 530x511, 1444369215973.jpg)
Yeah, I have a ton to do.

ah, that sucks. I was hoping you wouldn't become single!
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567975824856.jpg (304 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I hope you can get through it without too much trouble. Is it just that time of year or is it because of an event or something?

Yeah, I was also hoping I wouldn't be single.
But Fish didn't respond so it's over. I feel okay, though. Although it's very sad, it's not overwhelming and I'm still stable.
It's the most
Time of the year
good point
hihi yuu
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567976103513.jpg (301 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
How's your work's wifi? Download it to your phone at work.
my work doesn't have wifi
we have one of those "talk to eachother like its 94" signs
Kirara 🍄
its pretty pathetic tbh
Kirara 🍄
as if not having wifi is going to stop people from using their phones
Image 1567976400253.jpg (270 KB, 2208x1242, 1467709327329.jpg)
Just a busy time at work. I guess this time is always busy becasuse people get lazy around hte holidays, so the time before the holidays is super active.

She didn't respond? Has she not been responding to your messages?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567976451484.jpg (385 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Work is getting a little less busy for me lately. I have a subordinate now that I can delegate stuff too. I'm still training them, but I think it'll lessen my workload.

She rarely texts me back and doesn't typically return my calls.
Last week, I left her a message saying that this isn't fair to me, and I want to make things work but it feels really one-sided. I said that I know it can be hard for her to talk about things, but if she just texts me to let me know she wants to work it out, that'll be fine. But a week later, still nothing. I told her if she didn't reply, I was going to assume things just weren't working out between us.
I still love her, but I can't really keep doing this. I'm not going to torture myself with her, you know? But what really cinched it was that she didn't communicate with me at all during the hurricane. A category 5 hurricane was barreling towards me after removing 55% of homes in the Bahamas, and she didn't call to check on me or encourage me to evacuate or anything.

Time to rebrand as the Kimetsu Kafe
Breath of Pancakes!!
this place is a total gong show anyway
weve got the worst wait staff weve had in 9 years, nearly all the kithen staff is ready to quit, nothing ever comes in on food truck and we end up having to buy shit from like walmart
its really fallen apart the last three months
me and a coworker have been joking about making our own place and calling it Kyler's
Kirara 🍄
is your coworker named kyle
id eat there
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567976941563.jpg (502 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
i know a guy selling a food truck
doing food truck sound terrible honestly
id prefer to get out of food
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567977006399.jpg (495 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
work under the table for me, traumatizing people
to increase my client load
im in, let me start finding a place
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567977160880.jpg (86 KB, 385x570, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
the sober house at work is $600 per month
incredibly cheap
but then i have to be sober!
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567977227301.jpg (335 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
a small price to pay to have a job traumatizing people
Image 1567977288126.jpg (160 KB, 871x1500, IMG_20190908_055823.jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
fair point, im already pretty sober
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567977469018.jpg (195 KB, 1164x1164, 0073478a1700f36fda629d3762e391ed.jpg)
>about to ask PAN something
>realize that's like 50 implications in both what I'm asking and how I could ask it
oh no
Kirara 🍄
there is nothing as sobering as just fucking up another human being's life forever
that's not sober, its intoxicating!
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567977513113.jpg (86 KB, 900x840, 174587b0e49802e6ddce262d8713777a.jpg)
less gay more 'does this count as ntr'
i am talking tp my dad please dont have shit fetishes
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567977563825.jpg (289 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
even better
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1567977574982.jpg (135 KB, 939x1334, 1fe8105bd69eddf7fdad32de74803049.jpg)
but I don't even like NTR
coulda fooled me
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
that anime was shit
but then im not sober!
Kirara 🍄
but who will know
they'll see iy in
my face!
Kirara 🍄
but your drug test will come back negative so it'll be fine
oh yeah true
Kirara 🍄
see? easy
we got this on lock
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567978168842.jpg (482 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
i can even work something else as a cover up
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
does forehead become a recurring character
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567978508263.jpg (36 KB, 320x336, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Aoi is always there to help Tanjirou and company from now on when they become too broken to fight.
The Butterfly Estate is a wonderful place.
The next three episodes will probably have a lot of Aoi.
She's a good girl.

I'll set you up with my guy at the docks
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
this is good
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567978604114.jpg (532 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
The rehabilitation arc is starting!

Which means we won't get to see Rengoku burning brilliantly until S2.
dock work sounds p solid
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567979274837.jpg (371 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Yeah, Cape Canaveral has big docks. The harbor has ships coming and going all the time. Cruise ships, the casino ship, fishing ships. I hear you can get really good work there.
i can think of worse
and burn he does
[email protected]
Pan, I have a friend who worked at a restaurant with a shitty owner and one day him, all the cooks and all the wait staff all quit.
During the lunch rush
Kirara 🍄
[email protected]
Yeah they quit because the owner ordered something on the menu that they didn't have the ingredients for
Something that wasn't on the menu, that they didn't have ingredients for and then fired the waitress who told him the couldn't make it for him.
[email protected]
they tried that here once
it didnt work
[email protected]
[email protected]
So the Japanese girl that was stsying with me mentioned that she might sell her highschool uniform.
She said since she went to a good highschool that its worth a lot. One of her friends sold one and told her "I had enough money to live off of for two months without working" from selling it.
I wonder if she knows what people do with those uniforms.
probably just parents
whose kids go to the same school
[email protected]
You're joking right?
If your kids go to the sams school just buy a used uniform
[email protected]
[email protected]
If your kids go to the school you can order them from a uniform store for like $300, this girl probably sold hers for like $800 or more.
definitely going to some "nice guy"
[email protected]
Japanese porn companies like having legit school uniforns from a variety of schools
So do soaplands
Or creepy old men who like to wear them while masturbating
or this
Kirara 🍄
i'm with maria on this
a wholesome thing is faaaaaaar more likely than porn
[email protected]
Well, it's not neccesarily going to be used in porn, but its *it could be used for fetish stuff
Or like, go to some OL who likes cosplaying as a JK
>OL who likes cosplaying
See, wholesome stuff
Kirara 🍄
yeah this is wholesome
b-but in m japanese hentai its always acreepy old man *pushes up glasses*
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567985945724.jpg (353 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
>Intern-chan texts me that she scheduled an appointment for a time she's not available and wants to know if I'll do that appointment for her
No. Reschedule it.
You're here so I don't have to do those appointments.
[email protected]
Oh no
wew, the guts on ner to try push her work upwards
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567986253347.jpg (87 KB, 529x599, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Haha, right? That's not how this works at all.
Plus, I'm still training her.
If I do that appointment for her, it means she's not being trained.
Honestly, I don't think she realizes that I'm training her because I want to see her succeed. I don't have to take time out of my busy schedule to train her.
You should have better work ethic than that at age 23.
time to trach teach her the pecking order
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567986425178.jpg (174 KB, 1079x993, Screenshot_20190908-194640_Signal.jpg)
just the way she says "are you willing to take that one"
Lady, that's not how this works lmao
Image 1567986688903.jpg (1.3 MB, 2081x2440, __koshimizu_sachiko_idolmaster(…).jpg)
also you'd think at 20+ and working, you'd know your own schedule ir atleast always doublecheck to not doublebook yourself
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567986758557.jpg (54 KB, 300x300, 20190829_055155.jpg)
Accidents happen, but she has shown a pattern of incompetence.
I don't expect anything from her clinically because she has no experience, but her work ethic is like that of a teenager.
inb4 fired
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567986879049.jpg (176 KB, 1247x1557, IMG_20190907_140857.jpg)
I will just have to mentor her so she will not get fired.
She's almost got her master's degree.
She should be better than this.

Just goes to show that anyone can make it through school.
These people have no idea what the real world looks like.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567987009282.jpg (71 KB, 600x1200, IMG_20190907_082511.jpg)
I don't even mind doing that work if there's a legitimate reason to ask me to.
Incompetence isn't one of them.
kinda undrrvalues degrees, especially in usa/etc where they cost an arm and a leg
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567987086100.jpg (271 KB, 1300x1682, IMG_20190821_110212.jpg)
They're worthless sheets of paper.
My colleagues at school have similar work ethic. They don't care about their jobs, or their clients. They care about themselves.
They don't care about their co-workers, either.
Almost all of the young people today are completely incompetent when it comes to this stuff.
Kirara 🍄
Honestly, I probably wouldn't be so competent if I hadn't grown up in such an awful environment.
All of these people from idyllic childhoods have been mollycoddled to the point that they can't do anything.
Image 1567987295548.png (91 KB, 240x240, nikaidoumiki-12.png)
wtf I love childhood trauma now
Case in point right here!
Image 1567987678169.jpg (117 KB, 1020x1436, IMG_20190909_082607.jpg)
beat success into your kids
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567987800625.jpg (116 KB, 740x1075, IMG_20190908_051454.jpg)
mfw Barioth
this thing jumps around so weird
i can't predict its movements at all
it faces the same direction no matter which direction it's gonna jump in
Have you fought a Tigrex yet?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567987903872.jpg (138 KB, 867x1227, IMG_20190907_140522.jpg)
Ice fish, antler dragon, viper tobi, coral pukey, and Sleepytime Paolumu are all the new things I've fought so far.
There is also a new Anja running around but I haven't fought it yet.
That's kind of interesting, considering the development of monsters.
The Barioth is kind of like a themed brother to the Tigrex that came around after the Tigrex first appeared.
They have pretty similar fights.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567987995597.jpg (161 KB, 1237x1245, IMG_20190819_055542.jpg)
I think I'll save Barioth for later.
Because yikes.
must be weird for some parents
"huh, how will I force hardship into my kids' lives so they won't turn into deadbeat spoiled brats"
There's a few monsters in the MonHun roster that move kind of like that.
A lot of them are kind of low-to-the-ground Wyverns that move around on four legs.
They have a focus on kind of super aggressive, agile attacks that can make learning them a bit of a challenge off the bat.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567988350122.jpg (221 KB, 1316x1760, IMG_20190907_140343.jpg)

Yeah, I'll need more time to really learn the moves.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567989333014.gif (488 KB, 225x203, 1544980979968.gif)
RNG fucks me again
Image 1567989612412.jpg (152 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20190909_123021.jpg)
shhhh just buy the quartz
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1567989798223.jpg (126 KB, 894x1271, IMG_20190909_082543.jpg)
Dew it Anakin
Buy the quartz and together you and your waifu will be one
Image 1567989828878.jpg (117 KB, 345x346, [Kyouju] GA Geijutsuka Art Des(…).jpg)
Have you ever heard of Darth Quartz the greedy?
did I ever tell you the tale of darth whale the unwise
I thought so, it isn't a tale the big companies would tell you
Kirara 🍄
Image 1567989941089.jpg (54 KB, 750x755, 1567903278138.jpg)
it's not rng
he could save the bank accounts of mobage companies... but not his own
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
kirara help
I finally have Hilda
but I don't want to change the characters I'm using.
Video 1567990392828.webm (3s, 773 KB, 450x450, __maribel_hearn_and_usami_renk(…).webm)
Image 1567991123367.png (86 KB, 500x430, 8df1c739c977bba3.png)
Image 1567996582082.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, ak.png)
Image 1567998345524.png (147 KB, 935x481, Eh.PNG)
Image 1567998450000.jpg (282 KB, 1120x1088, ab1.jpg)
i feel like we havent touched joshikousei in a while have we?
it felt like something's been missing
Yeah we haven't watched it in a while.
There's like three or four episodes of it built up./
Just three.
I get the count for it and Lord El-Melloi mixed up.
Image 1567998568288.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Joshikousei no (…).jpg)
the yamato episode was really pretty cute
i liked how she was crushing on the tomboy
what's her name again
Image 1567998580624.jpg (63 KB, 720x480, (EEE)_Girls_High_Textless_Clos(…).jpg)
I can't remember if it's Baka's nickname for her or her actual name but she gets called Majime a lot.
Maybe her actual name is Hajime? She gets called Majime because she's a very serious (Maji) girl.
Oh no her actual name's just Kanade.
Image 1568001098917.jpg (35 KB, 163x214, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
looks like a budget dinner for me tonight
maybe wheat spaghets and ginger butternut soup

i got some ham i could do a ham omelette but without cheese that would just make me sad
i love eggs but i need da cheese

i got some cucumber and peaches but i can't eat just fruit
oh maybe i'll do eggplant in the spaghetti soup that sounds good
Wet spa GET
anime >>743633 →
Image 1568003768989.png (106 KB, 380x336, firefox_2019-09-09_05-33-31.png)
It's impressive how much sound variety you can get from just a variety of stones.
Image 1568006417432.jpg (2.9 MB, 1447x2047, 75820325_p0.jpg)
Image 1568007419950.png (31 KB, 174x232, firefox_2019-09-09_05-32-19.png)
Anyone present who has watched doctor who?
I've watched some of it.
seen the day of the doctor special or zygon inversion?
I watched The Day Of The Doctor, yeah.
Not familiar with the other one.
Image 1568007562163.png (23 KB, 167x135, firefox_2019-09-09_05-31-22.png)
there is the doctor fangirl
with the scarf remember her?
well anyhow she and her zygon compatriot, both keep her form
and work as embassdors between the humans and the zygon now sharing planet earth post day of...
so I was wondering
what are the odds of her NOT having fucked herself?
also I gotta say I dislike the result of day of the doctor
"I couldn't imagine doctor doing it" said the showriter
I just don't like it
they never did anything with gallifrey having survived in the future episodes really
and it rewrites 7 seasons of stuff
I would have liked it more if doctor had done it
though the biggest fault of doctor who post russel t davies is the walking plotpoint/writer mouthpiece Clara
for example

HOW DID just daleks destroying gallifrey really end the time war?
it ended a moment of the time war
not the time war
the time war was still ongoing
still being rewritten constantly by one or both of the sides for the benefit of their side
billions of people dying, rewritten to be alive just to die in a different way
as they said in the end of time special
and all the paradoxical horrors of it

and how did the time war now end in canon?
gallifrey went Poof
and daleks blew up

it just so normal
Image 1568008045839.png (17 KB, 110x165, 2019-09-09_05-32-45.png)
just doesn't workf
Moffat was never that good a showrunner
and I doubt his successor was any better
go on tano and try summoning Retro
Image 1568008130700.png (45 KB, 186x227, firefox_2019-09-09_05-05-44.png)
I'm sure it's better to spare them this long-winded bitching.
Image 1568008172297.png (34 KB, 164x169, firefox_2019-09-09_05-12-35.png)
Bitching yes
for a damn good reason
a show I liked has gone down the drain
if anyone has enough Doctor Who autism to discuss this it's him
Image 1568008203188.png (107 KB, 364x290, firefox_2019-09-09_05-14-04.png)
What hasn't actually gone down the drain, when you think about it
in terms of entertainment?
I recently read there is a new bill&ted movie soon

creativity is dead
just remake the old
I'm probably going to regret this remark, but.

Just because they're producing sequels and remakes isn't indicative of creativity being dead or anything.
When a creative universe has been sitting idle for a long while, there has been a long time for people to look at what has already been established in it and how that can be expanded on or reinterpreted into the modern world.
there is also a new rambo movie
Image 1568008406700.png (26 KB, 125x189, firefox_2019-09-09_05-19-37.png)
Yeah I am going to this soon have to go back on myself
I recently went to go see a movie, a low budget almosti ndy movie
Ready or Not
it was a horror comedy and DAMN solid at that
sure it used some common elements of a horror story of its kind, but damn was it fresh, funny and good
oh it wasn't "horror" but it was a flashback for me to moives like Host and Severance

So it isn't like creativity is dead altogether, but these sequels of movies from 20-50 years or EVEN MORE back in time just is...
"let's make this to cash in on nostalgia"
and really
name a single remake/sequel/etc of an old franchise that has truly worked
in recent years, not something from 10+ years ago like say Doctor Who, because yeah
it had almost a 20 year break between the new-who and old-who
>-XINCGC -XMX[number of ram in MB]M
>or reinterpreted into the modern world.
I think windows10 has some issues with copy pasting

that aside, some movies of their times jsut don't work in other eras
for example
a cold war era scare movie, doesn't work in non-cold war era
because there isn't the cold-war era scare
even if you do want to reinterpret and think you can do it, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it?
will people want it
and does it actually work

for example V for vendetta worked because it was released during the Terrorism years
the war on terror was a living not that much criticized thing at the time
so reworking the cold-war era of nuclear threat into "virus bombing terrorism" worked

but does that workf or everything?
but it was more of a successor movie than a sequel in a way
but I give you that anyway
Image 1568010691913.png (365 KB, 806x486, firefox_2019-09-09_05-07-25.png)
wonder why torchwood never had a doctor who episode?
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
this must be some kind of algorithmically generated nonsense
i can feel my brain cells dying off, isolated, alone, one by one, as they bathe in recycled dopamine
what in ye gods is this fuckery
is actually funny how, atleast the rtd era, is so HUMANITY FUCK YEAH
>end of the universe
>humanity is still clinging alone
>cybermen the biggest threat to universe
>a human invention

time lords, daleks, etc
all geniuses and big fishes
but in the end
they die befoer humans
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568020465371.jpg (169 KB, 800x1130, IMG_20190909_050959.jpg)
Image 1568020570488.jpg (100 KB, 696x960, 1568002236387.jpg)
Just grab the phone and tell HR that your coworker was taking photos of your cleavage
Image 1568020589081.png (35 KB, 192x204, firefox_2019-09-09_12-14-04.png)
what if your coworker lights the flames?
this is a stupid one
from any kind of ethic view, the reasonable thing to do is nothing
>from any kind of ethic view the reasonable thing to do is nothing
if any of the previous people have pulled a lever, which might be the case,
also sorry "pull the lever"
to make just one person die
Image 1568020766046.png (69 KB, 275x390, firefox_2019-09-09_12-10-38.png)
also actually no
I will keep to my original decision
"do nothing"

you will thuis save yourself from commiting murder
and you will save all the other people from commiting either manslaughter or murder, as at their point, their actually are faced with devil's forks
but you can choose between 3 to 8 to even more dead
Doing nothing
is the right choice
you will avoid future tragedies in terms of forcing others to do the same choice as you
and you will not actually commit murder
Nah fuck that I'm a gambling man
minimum amount of dead is 4
maximum is 8
absolute minimum is 6
as in you don't do it and next one decides to pull it
*absolute minimal travel
5 is actually second best result in terms of minimal death
so doing nothing already results in second least amount of casualties and add to that just one person suffering, as in you, from the quilty conscience of pulling/not pulling the lever
therefore, minimal suffering comes from you doing nothing
if every person in the equation on the levers knows the whole puzzle
then they know what the best solution is by default
so it is a rigged decision, unless there is one psychopath involved
Suffering from death > irrational guilty conscience
The ideal situation is one in which everyone pulls. The only issue is whether or not anyone else is going to be so selfish as to not pull the lever or not be willing to take the gamble
Image 1568022414469.png (67 KB, 169x318, firefox_2019-09-09_05-02-13.png)
So you wouldn't sacrifice yourself for inaction, that can't be punished really before any court
to avoid possibly more victims than 5 and tormented minds of whoever might pull the switch?
I don't really care about the minds. It's irrational in the first place, and the deaths outweigh them anyway. The only thing that would give me pause is whether or not someone like you is next on the lever
Image 1568022479512.png (19 KB, 127x144, firefox_2019-09-09_05-08-18.png)
you pull the switch
it is quaranteed 5
you don't pull the switch
it is 5 /4 to 8
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568022516074.jpg (502 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
What's interesting, is that being in a trolley problem is considered equal to killing someone, according to the way that's written.
and if you do pull the switch
what about the guy
down the line
who pulls the switch
they will always produce MORE victims
than is the maximum possible

imagine their mental health post

imagine their criminal case
>Criminal case
They'd be much more interested in the guy who tied people to the tracks than they would be in me

Is there any legal precedent for trolly problems.

Well let's say that you're second on the line. I pull the lever. What do you do now
Image 1568022585857.png (40 KB, 213x219, firefox_2019-09-09_05-32-55.png)
So if I was one of the five, you'd not do it
or if I was the last one on the inaction line
you'd not do it?
Image 1568022632391.png (28 KB, 147x144, firefox_2019-09-09_11-54-44.png)
If you pull the lever it is manslaughter
Kirara 🍄
no it's not
not here at least
or even murder I think

inaction who knows
Image 1568022688257.png (53 KB, 226x210, firefox_2019-09-09_12-11-54.png)
>Is there any legal precedent for trolly problems.
obcviously not
which is why I would let it run over the five people
to not commit possible "manslaughter" to even murder
and also have "I volunteered to be the one to decide, the only one to decide along the line"
Image 1568022815607.jpg (90 KB, 1440x810, 1567616933385.jpg)
I would assume that the whole situation has been engineered by an outside actor

Wow you're responsible for the deaths of way more people than necessary
Oh so you would pull the lever
Okay I see it now
Yes if you were the second puller then I would pull it
If I am second on the line, and I know I am second on the line
I wouldn't do anything
here is the problem
if the people down the line know their role they can just stick to it
Pull the lever
I keep getting this confused if you didn't already realise
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568022840570.png (35 KB, 192x204, firefox_2019-09-09_12-14-04.png)
I always go for the LEAST amount of dead
if you havn't realised this

but for example
if the people manning the lvers know who are there
then it isn't the same
if I knew that say my personal friends are manning it
and they know what kind of shit they are in
I would KNOW that thel east amount of dead is to pull it
because I can trust tehm to do the same
or suffer the consequences of not

but if it is 100% randomized
and especially if the 1st person down the line is the ONLY one who knows they are part of a long track
then I would 100% let it run over 5 people
>84 percent of the participants who took part in the real-life test elected to press the button, sparing the five mice by consciously choosing to zap the other mouse
Okay so we have an %84 chance of the next person pulling the lever (yeah I know >mice), what's the expected value for the first person pulling the lever
Kirara 🍄
you know, those small rodents that eat cheese in the cartoons
Image 1568023012431.png (38 KB, 137x239, firefox_2019-09-09_12-12-15.png)
I have killed like 30 of them in my life
one with a bb gun
and two I have fed to a snake
around 20 were half dead or alive due to cat
and the rest are just mallet
also the "alive due to cat" are also "mallet"
and I guess I also used some form of blunt instrument, not mallet, to kill the half-dead mice too
also this list doesn't include birds, rats, moles, rabbits and so on
so why would I or any other human symphatise with mice the sameway they wouldw ith people?
Image 1568023270778.jpg (193 KB, 1287x1800, IMG_20190909_162032.jpg)
You aren't killing the mice you're just delivering an electric shock. Killing a pest is whatever but I don't take you for someone who engages in pointless cruelty for its own sake
that still leaves about 60% chance //40% chance that the last person PULLS the lever
too big
I will not pull it
*that the last person doesn't pull it
the mouse population strategy is to anticipate most of the litter will die so i don't particularly value a mouse life that highly
the ecosystem depends on them dying. it's good for the mice that mice die
if all mice survive then it's bad for the species overall
Image 1568023311675.png (22 KB, 100x207, firefox_2019-09-09_12-46-03.png)
The mouse i shot to near dead with my bb gun was then kicked to even deader, hanged (while alive) then set aflame while hanging from a tree
Image 1568023360226.jpg (1.1 MB, 2644x1732, IMG_20190909_143329.jpg)
sasuga sadist

hey in my defense I just shot it and kicked it
and then cut it down and fed it to our cat
I didn't hang it or light it on fire
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568023414982.jpg (274 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
People have different levels of empathy, so it can't be helped.
Some people have too much, most people have too little.
Image 1568023467213.png (147 KB, 453x298, firefox_2019-09-09_04-50-42.png)
what is the difference between empathy and sympathy?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1568023484823.jpg (202 KB, 560x640, 05703b66e22dc50fad25487474d79571.jpg)
being able to feel the same way through experience versus feeling sorry for someone if I'm recalling right
it's a matter of situation I think
here's a good example i find myself in often
i have empathy for a self-defeating alcoholic who promotes their own suffering, i know how that feels and ive done it
i do not have sympathy for them precisely because ive been in that position before too

so i know how they feel, but i dont feel sorry for their situation
sure, i want to see them in a better situation but it's not my place to put them there
Kirara 🍄
and i have sympathy for a single mother who's struggling to provide for her kids
but i dont have any empathy for it because i have no idea what that's like
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568023721631.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
You don't need to have been in that position to have empathy for it.
In fact, most of the time, you don't.
Human beings are capable of empathy towards trillions of circumstances they've never experienced.

Of course, not everyone develops empathy the same way and lots of people never develop empathetic abilities, but most people do.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568023798262.jpg (45 KB, 720x720, 1487923186984.jpg)
what has two thumbs and got his ass beat at sparring practice again
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
>he has two thumbs
Marsh I'm so jealous!
i understand that but i wanted to make an easy to understand example of the difference for pk
those subtles i think would get lost in translation probably
at least by me
Kirara 🍄
proud of you
Kirara 🍄
gee marsh why does mom let you have TWO thumbs
Image 1568023895526.png (32 KB, 190x197, firefox_2019-09-09_13-10-14.png)
I don't think I really get either
Image 1568023951089.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Cop Craft - 06 (…).jpg)
how about if you were a soldier and you had to take out an opposing soldier?
you most likely would empathize with them since you're both in the same situation
but you can't afford to sympathize with them or you'd die
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568023956912.png (774 KB, 931x1024, 1543685018365.png)
yeah man it was pretty awesome.
I took a hook right to the liver and actually fell over.
and what separates either from pity?
Kirara 🍄
sympathy and pity are related

when teacup died, i think you empathized with me
you probably could imagine how horrible it felt rather than just saying "that sucks, i feel for you, sorry to hear that"
I'd shoot them because they are the enemy
right but i mean you can understand those two different feelings
you understand how they feel, you're the same
but you dont want to help him because it's against you
im still trying to describe the difference between the two, not ask what you'd do
i dont think im doing a very good job though
i'll leave it to kirara
I might empathize with the enemy later, but Iw ouldn't do it on the spot
or in the field
that is what I was thaught afterall
hmm so I am capable of empathy

sorry if this seems so basic "humaning" to you all, but I sometimes question myself am I capable of this stuff
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568024120173.jpg (304 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I think you are at some level, although it seems like it might be hard for you.
It might take really big things for you to empathize with, like Teacup dying.
Whereas you probably don't feel any empathy towards Marsh for getting beaten up at boxing.
but I don't think I can do sympathy on any level.
he chose to box
he didnt choose to lose
that is not a choice that is a matter of ability
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568024198774.jpg (319 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Empathy is more than just that, though.
Empathy can be feeling the excitement he has about boxing, the way getting beaten up drives him to do better. If you just feel bad for him because he got beat up, that'd be sympathy.
best I could say is "next time you can do better"
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568024239649.jpg (40 KB, 720x540, Arigatou.The.Twelve.Kingdoms.E(…).jpg)
I am also kind of happy about getting the shit beaten out of me because it was fun and I'm learning.
Wouldn't a very basic sense of empathy tie into social skills
Like when other people laugh at something and then you also feel like laughing
I can copy empathy
I don't feel it
it's pretty fun

how about when someone has something exciting for them
do you feel excitement too
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568024296694.jpg (356 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Yeah, empathy is one of the most important parts of human communication.
Well, typically.
People who live in less emotional places like, maybe Japan or Finland, wouldn't need a strong sense of empathy to get by socially because there's less emphasis on emotional expression and communication.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568024329548.png (1.6 MB, 2355x2850, 1562367030115.png)
>trying to teach a Finn about human emotions

You guys are fighting a losing battle.
I would say depends
if I am very close to this person then yes
and if not then i just react in "expected way"
even amongst finns I am a finn
Image 1568024389462.jpg (151 KB, 920x989, 75543923_p0.jpg)
i think im so empathetic that it becomes difficult to function
i have to limit my exposure to people or else the emotions become too volatile for me to stay me
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
The Finnest Finn of all.
Image 1568024429894.png (45 KB, 175x258, firefox_2019-09-09_12-12-40.png)
Oh well
I just think this was a recent well not recent, but something i finally acknowledged about myself sometime recently

just like how I learnt I see light differently due to eye condition, I think sometimes, especially online in text based communication, I guess slight people due to just not having the basic empathy/sympathy skills.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568024445486.jpg (281 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I'm probably one of the closest things you can get to the concept of an empath.
I feel what others do very strongly, but I'm good at compartmentalizing it and just using it as reference data for the interaction, unless I need to show empathy.
It makes me very adept at social interaction because it's incredibly easy for me to match anyone's pace and share experience with them. Without judgment.
It's part of what makes me a good therapist, too. Clients struggle when their therapist can't match their pace, but I match everyone's pace while keeping my own pace.

Of course, most people with too much empathy end up struggling, like, becoming loser hippies and stuff. Of course, a lot of that is fake empathy that they've fooled themselves into thinking is real.
It's an extremely egocentric kind of empathy, where the struggles of others revolves around the person's empathetic experience of it, rather than revolving around the struggling person's struggle.
People like that bother me a lot, haha. They hurt other people so much and never realize it because they shut that out.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
>yeah, man, i know how you feel but you just gotta, like, let it go man. you can't let life get you down like that
like that kind of thing?
for me reacting with strangers or new people etc
anything unfamiliar is always the largest issue, not because it at face value makes me uncomfrotable, but more like
someone brings up something I don't know how to pre-react to
I don't freeze if anyone says soemthing uncomfrotable like the typical
"my parents died that way" joke
but in actuallity
but it is morel ike I don't know how to react to it "normally"
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568024845016.jpg (26 KB, 229x494, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Nah, it's more like people seeing someone else suffering, and deciding they can feel that person's suffering, and that's more important than the suffering.

For example, the massage therapist at work has poor boundaries and once grabbed a client unexpectedly and started doing some weird massage thing and said "I can feel your trauma" and for the massage therapist, her experience of the other person's struggle was more important than the other person's struggle.
Most people who do this don't realize it, and it's usually an internal behavior, where they're concerned about the other person not because the other person is suffering but because the other person suffering is causing them to suffer. It's very selfish and harmful to others.
lmao what
wow wut
with the massauger
I sometimes end up massaging other people and whenver they do like "OUCH" I just sop
because why would I continue at that point if it actually is TRULY painful there
that is when I ask where it hurts and how

I sometimes wish I had become a massager
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568025068280.jpg (275 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
Egocentric empathy is even more harmful than no empathy, I think.

Kirara 🍄
It's not too late to become a masseuse, is it?
hmm but do male massagers have a job?
i like massages as well
yeah of course
a lot of men prefer males too

it depends on why they're getting a massage i guess
like athletes and stuff that needs massages a lot, the male massage therapists just have a little more power for those deeper massages
Kirara 🍄
Yeah, there are a lot of them.
Especially at day spas and gyms.
A lot of women prefer males.
maybe I will consider this
I am asexual enough for thej ob anyhow
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568025184573.jpg (98 KB, 960x540, hot showers.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568025208391.jpg (86 KB, 385x570, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
That would be pretty cool.

Image 1568025215933.png (40 KB, 213x219, firefox_2019-09-09_05-32-55.png)
if I had to rather ag uess, because of pure ARM STRENGHT
men can press a good amount harder than women, without actually using that much strenght
if you're bashful about getting a massage, then you'd probably want a gentle woman to do it
but if you need to get massages and you get them regularly, i dont think you care as much about that as having them be a good massage therapist
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568025250199.jpg (93 KB, 419x568, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
I'm probably gonna get a massage soon.
From the lady at work.

Oh! I was laughing with one of my clients about how my neighbor thinks the government creates hurricanes and apparently the massage therapist also believes that.
Image 1568025274865.png (35 KB, 364x177, firefox_2019-09-09_13-24-29.png)
would you get a massage from moi?
if you're good at it sure why not
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1568025290296.jpg (75 KB, 685x561, 1533940717919.jpg)
you've sent me back down the MMD rabbit hole
I am good at shoulder and general back ones
Kirara 🍄
>lying on the bed, getting a massage
>everything is relaxing, comfy
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
you're welcome
have you had acupuncture /moe/?
i have a couple times
it feels really good
i dont think there's a lot of medicinal value in it besides it just being relieving though
slightly forced
but I needed this laugh
I have laid on a spike mat if that counts?
Kirara 🍄
We do it at work, but I haven't had it done.
We have these small needle patches that we can put in people's ears somewhere, and pressing it helps with anxiety or something. I don't know much about it but clients tell me it works. Might work through grounding, idk
I think I recall reading that there is a point to it medically, but the acupuncture points have no science behind them

something like quickening the blood pressure and so on
the traditional science of acupuncture is around chi flow and stuff, and connecting pressure points to various ailments
regardless of that, the practitioners of that science give really good acupuncture that's just an amazing experience
im sure it has medical implications in other ways but not the way that it's taught

oh yeah those spike mats are really nice
but for example lying with my lower back on an acupuncture spike mat, eased a lot of the tension I had had built there that a chiropractirewhatever had ordered for my cousin's husband
so it isn't 100% bogus
the thing just is that
you should rather a DOCTOR than some other solution
Image 1568025594984.png (48 KB, 195x257, firefox_2019-09-09_04-49-52.png)
Anyhow returning back to why I started this chain
was just weird self-reflection and mostly confusion resulting from that
"why am I so unattached to stuff while being so say rage-prone as I am" etc
how is someone emotional but completely unemotional at the same time basically
Kirara 🍄
you can become detached from specific emotions
a lot of people transform emotions
e.g. transforming sadness or anxiety into anger is a pretty common one
so they dont feel sadness or anxiety at all, only anger
ofc you can also turn happiness into anger but that's less common
can also turn things into anxiety or whatever else
Image 1568025755623.png (68 KB, 230x331, firefox_2019-09-09_13-42-02.png)
None of that applies to me tho
ain't like I don't feel stuff, is just
mostly about my own shit and that is it

sometimes aside from the people I am close to, I feel really hard to connecting to emotionally
and even amongst my close circles, there are some that I just can't really phatise with in any way
so at times it makes me feel defective
depending on my own mental mood ofc
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568025936894.jpg (144 KB, 800x1223, 1536102668799.jpg)
Yeah, I bet
It's hard to not be able to connect when you see everyone else making connections
Shoganai na
Image 1568026001234.png (132 KB, 367x423, firefox_2019-09-09_13-46-06.png)
Well I have lived more than a quarter of a century
I can copy "people" by now
so it isn't a big problem

but I kinda just for once wanted to talk about it
and if anyone else had same issues or anything

well thanks for having me
Image 1568026002888.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
im a big ball of emotions
i feel everything so intensely and it gets overwhelming sometimes but i like it too

i dont think my words express a lot of my emotions here other than when im frustrated or disappointed, and i do have a lot of sadness
but i think im a really happy person in general
i experience a lot of joy and humor and excitement, both for myself and others
Kirara 🍄
at least you're not delusional like this person
Kirara 🍄
maybe it's dissociation
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568026055795.jpg (54 KB, 300x300, 20190829_055155.jpg)
I don't think it's uncommon
Image 1568026099456.jpg (116 KB, 682x980, EDmm-5OWsAE-GOK.jpg)
But what if she's right

Wake up sheeple
While you were going to work, I attained mastery over the timeline shifts
I think theb iggest thing is just "am I a socio/psychopath"
Kirara 🍄

possibly, but that's not necessarily a bad thing
just a thing I'd like to know without it being in any record anyone can access
Kirara 🍄
well if you ever find yourself in the US, we can do some testing under the table
but I do think I am a sociopatht o some degree
psychopath, naw
a lot of people say or think they are sociopaths but arent
im not sure why exactly
probably just because we hear those words all the time in society and people misuse it a lot
or they're looking for explanations for why they have trouble with things when everybody pretends like they dont have those problems
they look for EXCUSES not explanations
I don't look for excuses I just look for titles or clarifications
or to clear my own mind
society shames a lot of behaviors and thoughts to the point that people act like it doesn't apply to them, but a lot of it applies to everyone
everyone tries to hide the things that we all deal with
oh, for sure. i think there's purpose behind it, but that still causes other issues
like people thinking there's stuff wrong with them when there isnt

Image 1568026300429.png (64 KB, 212x283, firefox_2019-09-09_13-41-49.png)
You might disagree with me, but societal shame has a point
and in my opinion is necessary

but there ofc are things the society needs to be educated with to not shame.
and seriously if you look at, doom me for this opinion, modern pride parades...
the fuck
Kirara 🍄
shame is a powerful method of social control
Image 1568026454396.png (58 KB, 238x286, firefox_2019-09-09_13-24-20.png)
it is a double edged sword at that
either it can be too repressive
or it can be too loose

a sword of damocles truly at that
i was shamed into thinking jealousy is a really, really bad character trait so i shut out all those feelings of jealousy in my first relationship to the point that they eventually wanted to break up because they thought i didn't care enough
there are times when it's an appropriate feeling and then there are times when it isn't
someone who's jealous all the time is overbearing, and someone who's not jealous about anything at all can be cold and distant
i didn't value it at all because i thought it was always bad

i was really young though. i understand emotions and people a lot better now
jealousy is a bad trait if you ask me, but the solution isn't shutting it down but somehow addressing it
just like with most emotions of any kind
Image 1568026618661.png (32 KB, 190x197, firefox_2019-09-09_13-10-14.png)
I would say group it with say rage or anger
which both I have issues with
there is nothing bad with having them
you can be angered and enraged for a DAMN good reason, but you still have to know how to deal with them
instead of just blindly exploding
Negativity leads to negativity if you ask me so a jealous outburst or passive aggressiveness is not good for any sort of relationship, instead some kind of sitting down or whatever or maybe even an OUTBURST in a controlled environment is better
than just letting it fester.

So I subscribe to a sort of stoicism untill it is appropriate
ofc I have no sense of appropriate really, so that means "never" usually
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568026949154.png (57 KB, 258x299, firefox_2019-09-09_13-45-45.png)
btw what do you think of this grill I have been posting
it's hard to tell from outside appearance alone
i gotta see her on the inside to know if she's cute
but i like the character design
Kirara 🍄
v cute
Image 1568027146221.png (669 KB, 891x1280, 46.png)
this is her
Image 1568027150923.png (571 KB, 891x1280, 48.png)
eating poison
Image 1568027172614.png (93 KB, 249x308, firefox_2019-09-09_05-09-20.png)
and this is her injecting snakes
i always wanted to join those monks that eat the poison tree sap until they die in a preserved state in a clay mound
i always thought that would be nice
Image 1568027209709.png (47 KB, 310x225, firefox_2019-09-09_05-09-27.png)
basically soili
Kirara 🍄
who is she
Kirara 🍄
what's the chinese comic
Kirara 🍄
ariga tomato

Image 1568027277187.png (278 KB, 407x588, firefox_2019-09-09_05-16-10.png)
she is so damn cute
basically what soili would be without necromancy
Image 1568027315872.png (39 KB, 249x196, firefox_2019-09-09_05-32-41.png)
I wish despite her unpopular ascenscion into concepthood
νεκ ρο λό(ζό) γία(φια) μαν υα
Image 1568027330876.png (283 KB, 799x591, amk.png)
almost time to work
makes another appearance
Image 1568028105664.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, ak.png)
i want to finish mahoutsukai no yoru before i die
i need to
Image 1568028215200.png (493 KB, 891x1280, 35.png)
shouldn't that be quite easy, unless you count the various extensions to the original vn/ln?
Image 1568028282117.jpg (282 KB, 1120x1088, ab1.jpg)
it's been five years since any progress has been made on the translation

should ask around here
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568028483416.jpg (133 KB, 539x403, Screenshot_20190909-072703_Chrome.jpg)
That's just Commie's translation.
There are other partial translations being worked on.
The issue is that Commie refused to release their unfinished script because part of it had an awful translation, so people are re-translating a lot.

Maybe we should crowdfund a translation, though.
There are plenty of translators around that would be open to it, I'm sure.
I bet Blue knows people.
Image 1568028547578.png (557 KB, 891x1280, 44.png)
Image 1568028552383.png (528 KB, 891x1280, 45.png)
Image 1568028612601.png (134 KB, 331x366, firefox_2019-09-09_14-27-11.png)
Image 1568028693892.jpg (260 KB, 2000x1414, hgy.jpg)
im thinking about just going off the japanese and translating it myself as i go
it would be incredibly slow though
ive always wanted to get into translating though

did you know i was originally going to join the army as a translator
but a firefighter position opened up and i changed my mind at the last moment
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568028800746.jpg (323 KB, 722x763, Screenshot_20190909-073258_Chrome.jpg)
She's cute
Image 1568028844802.png (49 KB, 215x236, firefox_2019-09-09_11-54-18.png)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568028921084.jpg (334 KB, 1696x1303, IMG_20190906_080330.jpg)
I think I remember you saying that.
It's amazing how one choice can affect your whole life.
Image 1568028950547.png (262 KB, 400x400, fhx.png)
i dont think that choice affected very much at all
i mean, happenstance of maybe going at a different time and not getting pneumonia or something but that's not attributable
i'd probably be in roughly the same spot
just ask blue to get his whatever to do it im sure thatll work
Image 1568028986576.png (432 KB, 802x635, firefox_2019-09-09_05-31-15.png)
you go at things quite zoomed in
cutie spotted
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568029055699.jpg (71 KB, 477x249, Screenshot_20190909-073709_Chrome.jpg)
The artist is really good at portraying emotions
their paneling is the best imo
you rarely see so good usage of paneling to tell slight character relations
Image 1568029145279.png (1.5 MB, 894x1280, x10.png)
favourite example
Kirara 🍄
Yeah, I noticed that. They have a really good understanding of space.
btw what do you think of the soili comparison?
i really appreciate good space usage
i would never be able to do that myself
Kirara 🍄
Personality-wise, I can see it for the most part, but she seems more concerned with the well-being of others than Soili was, haha
Image 1568029313565.png (126 KB, 433x353, firefox_2019-09-09_14-41-38.png)
I did say earlier
"Soili without necromancy"
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568029402788.jpg (167 KB, 748x1344, 213672_p0.jpg)
There's a certain charm to the idea of living where you work.
Like how she lives there, or how monks live at a monestary.
Just a nice simple life, no hustle and bustle of going from place to place.
Work, eat, sleep, play, all of that.

When I stayed at the temple for that meditation retreat, it was really nice.
Cleaning the place where I lived with others felt very genuine.
Image 1568029487920.png (20 KB, 122x149, firefox_2019-09-09_14-44-32.png)
>living where you work
>enslaved unless you have a permission to leave
well tehy do atleast GET wages and they are way better you'd get outside
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568029522389.jpg (68 KB, 1241x693, IMG_20190819_054434.jpg)
I have a neighbor who always uses his computer in the bathroom. He has speakers in there, I think.
I always hear the windows system sounds so loudly that they sound like they're in my apartment. Our bathrooms are next to each other.
But weirdly enough, that's all I ever hear.
Why is it so loud if all you play are system sounds?
How funny.

Image 1568029567927.png (27 KB, 189x147, firefox_2019-09-09_14-13-33.png)
ate their neighbours
and then the neigbouring quests ate the people persimmons
and became immortal
you need a dried persimmon and a fresh persimmon and then you give them to the rice girl
the chinese system is a weird thing anyhow
just like the japanese
system was

we say "feudal" to both but both are unique to their region in their workings, but at the same time can be simplified enough to be categorised into the "feudalism" we know of
Kirara 🍄
Yeah, it's kind of a shame we oversimplify it, though.
Kind of in the same way we simplify South American "empires"
it isn't really "oversimplifying"
it is just making it easier to tell people about it

since especially japan's feudal era coincideds quite well with ours, untill of course they "lag behind"
conversations about it are pretty feudal tbh
Kirara 🍄
that was pretty good
if only tilde were here
you are feudal
I think ton should roll not to vomit
Kirara 🍄
we should weaponize the vomit
that is ton's character special thing
vomit abilities
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568029971764.jpg (61 KB, 257x464, Screenshot_20190909-075226_Chrome.jpg)
an interrupt that lowers /// that forces an enemy to reroll an attack and use the lower result
she vomits, distracting the enemy
and in the end
tsue becomes a vomit god
that vomits everything that titania eats
a white hole to titania's black hole

and balance is settled
that’s kind of gross
i cant wait to spend my command points like a madman now that i know i can
Kirara 🍄
alright ive decided
you get >>743985 as an encounter interrupt but you can only trigger it by rolling a low CON roll
Kirara 🍄
actually let's make it a daily
low con roll, whose inverse is larger than the enemy's PD
Kirara 🍄
the legend of vomit kid
basically 2 being 18 etc
Kirara 🍄
what about enemies with PD higher than 20?
also MD would make more sense
+ modifiers being still the same
Image 1568030158326.png (3.4 MB, 1630x2238, 71120600.png)
ahhhhh the end is approaching and I just can't handle it.
say tsue rolls 2
she still has say -1 + lvl
so say 6
that actually means 24
MD is mental attack
this is purely GROSS OUT physical
Kirara 🍄
hmm, i see what you're saying
i'll have to play with that to see which one works better
Kirara 🍄
i cant wait until endgame when everyone has tons of meme powers that i grant randomly as i am amused
what if I just kick someone out of the universe?
Kirara 🍄
that sounds pretty rude
but if I do?
Kirara 🍄
i dunno
depends on how amusing it is i guess
Image 1568030465974.jpg (1.3 MB, 2160x2160, 20190909_080036.jpg)
so powerful
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568030645307.jpg (79 KB, 330x296, Screenshot_20190909-073927_Chrome.jpg)
The artist has good design sense, too.
They draw some pretty elaborate hairstyles while making them feel simple.
Yet they don't feel impossible.
cause it is based pretty much fully on "non existing" china
Kirara 🍄
Image 1568030732818.jpg (260 KB, 530x781, Screenshot_20190909-080508_Chrome.jpg)
Also good consistency in reproducing it.

Image 1568030786644.png (34 KB, 141x205, firefox_2019-09-09_15-05-55.png)
btw check discord
>penn and teller ad comes on
>teller starts talking
this hurts so much.
they're so good.
he can talk?
Image 1568032415987.jpg (112 KB, 678x1000, EEBbxh4UEAAC5l4.jpg)
Image 1568032416813.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaib(…).jpg)
noto qhwn // when he accepts the real meme power
Image 1568032438766.png (27 KB, 134x191, firefox_2019-09-09_15-10-37.png)
What if the real meme power is kicking people into unreality?
Kirara 🍄
oh no, is noto depressed after getting brutally cut in half with a beautiful sword
crippling depression?
Kirara 🍄
the ultimate superpower
Image 1568032802430.jpg (885 KB, 2918x4096, ED9MQBLU4AAVbVt.jpg)
moshi moshi anon desu
[email protected]
Image 1568033905012.jpg (239 KB, 1417x2000, ED8eU9OUwAAsx8W.jpg)
[email protected]
Nothing much, soup with you?
Image 1568034417116.jpg (568 KB, 2894x4093, EEBA3qhUYAEHRPR.jpg)
buying clothes at the soup store
Image 1568034607792.jpg (112 KB, 1020x877, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_(…).jpg)
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro is done and it's good and i'm so happy.
Image 1568034680056.png (61 KB, 234x246, firefox_2019-09-09_04-52-19.png)
shall I kick you into unreality?
I already am
Image 1568034744728.png (18 KB, 106x175, firefox_2019-09-09_05-01-21.png)
I don't see you here
of course you can't
>>744032 →
>>744032 →
>>744032 →
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