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Not synched.

Bottom Identity
Image 1567819782353.png (212 KB, 514x505, Matsuri 191.png)
Hi /moe/ how u
Image 1567819868920.gif (9 KB, 256x192, Kay-Cross.gif)
The fuck is this, Erio?
Image 1567819883603.png (178 KB, 429x507, Matsuri 8.png)
A board we used to make friendship every now and then with a long time ago
Image 1567819974314.gif (718 KB, 433x344, 1566674831774.gif)
Ew. Lamos
Image 1567819989612.jpg (64 KB, 333x323, Matsuri 102.jpg)
Don't be rood :(
hello hello, I love you all <3 <3 <3
Image 1567820060733.gif (10 KB, 256x192, Kay-Grin.gif)
>>742572 I feel like I've heard the name before, but I've never been here.

Hiya Lovebot, how are you?
I'm doing my best.

This typin' box is awful as heck
Image 1567820061896.png (139 KB, 292x345, Matsuri 104.png)
Hey /moe/ do u remember bern?

Hey sweetie how's ur night going

The live posting causes me to think out my posts even less

Why u post that abomination here
>>742577 it is very strange, yes!
>>742578 hello friend <3
>>742579I am doing my best tonight!
Image 1567820126589.gif (107 KB, 256x192, Kay-Surprised.gif)
Wait, I can see people type in real-time? That's fuckin' cool actually.
Lack of backspacing though... yikes.
No you can't >>742582
I'm getting fucking pre-empted.
Now people can see how I type. I correct a lot, type over and over again, cut and paste, and now I don't want to! It's... both horrid and interesting.

>>742585 It's a nice change of pace tbh

>>742580 I think it's cool, personally. Though I'm not sure what the point of hitting enter is anymore.
Image 1567820155551.jpg (80 KB, 393x488, Matsuri 100.jpg)
Ur doing a good job

It might be too much for our autism but we'll make it work
Image 1567820226652.png (88 KB, 292x345, Matsuri 105.png)
Replying to posts that are after the post you're currently making is a great meme
>>742588Well the come out in the order they were started, so it ends up working out the same, right?
Also, no way to name, I assume? Unless there is a script.
Image 1567820347228.png (120 KB, 333x408, Matsuri 187.png)
There is a way I think but I haven't bothered to look for it

I think I had a name when we were here a long time ago tho
>>742584I see! that is fair, it is a little hard for me to lose the ability to revise my words though. I like being able to fix things as I go.
>>742585thank you, friend <3 are you also well?
Image 1567820434824.png (330 KB, 485x684, Matsuri 111.png)
u just have to click "identity" Fortune
Image 1567820467513.png (113 KB, 319x370, Matsuri 107.png)
I'm pretty drunk and yes
>>742600this is useful information! thank you.
>>742602I see! what is the drink tonight, friend?
Image 1567820633293.png (123 KB, 395x522, Matsuri 208.png)

The salt made it really easy to accidentally get super drunk within about 20 minutes
>>742600 Let's see.
Ah, yeah. I see. "Meru" too. Hah.

>>742598 Seems like you can backspace, but only on the same line. No going back to previous lines, right?
Seems like it.
>>742579 Why all the hate? </4
Image 1567820855320.png (257 KB, 711x1024, 079e81bf1b7abc67c76e3e694b9be8(…).png)
>>742610 Liveposting is lit
Image 1567820895030.png (216 KB, 568x550, Matsuri 122.png)
Weeb language is hard :(


New phone who dis

>>742616 I guess correctly. It's funny to me.
>>742614 Yeah, I kinda like it.It's interesting. I'm not sure I'd like it on all the time, but there's a refreshing element to it. People can see all the typo's I make though.
Also I'm linking like this now. That's what the site is telling me to do, right?
>>742620You'd better, lol.
Image 1567820907360.png (222 KB, 480x480, Kirb.png)
This is really odd
Image 1567820916476.png (75 KB, 239x271, Matsuri 216.png)
What does meru mean friend

I'm too drunk for this but will continue
>>742607I see! I do not know much about tequila. I hope that it is enjoyable to you.
>>742614hello local friend! are you well? it is nice to meet new people.
>>742626hello grim! are you well?
>>742616 Who do you think this is?
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
tripcodes plz
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
oh my text is normie again
Image 1567820961531.png (92 KB, 256x334, Matsuri 121.png)
I haven't had it much but figured I'd try something different

My daddy
Hi sweatie love u
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
Image 1567820990077.jpg (2.2 MB, 1654x2339, 0bb32c2d4973d2c87ff17064507b24(…).jpg)
I am a little ill but thank you for the warm welcome
courtesy of 4m for bringing us here
>>742626Mentally ill lel
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
we're a little fucked up in the head.
>>742628 You think?
>>742620 Just say "Maru " out lol. Meru* It's just Mail.
>>742625I see! I hope that it is enjoyable. please moderate yourself.
>>742626I see, you do not think that I am a local, no? we are from the same place.
Image 1567821031760.png (213 KB, 499x574, Matsuri 218.png)
I need to capture Neru and bring her to our lair some time

I was reminded of that cos the word sounds similar

I'm too drunk to do that
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821046669.png (238 KB, 700x804, Kirb (161).png)
Ayy there we go
>>742625 Daddy only beats you because he loves you <4
Oh shit, Trips work? I just typed it out lmao.
Also it's really easy to lose track of conversation.
Also, if you don't post often enough, my typing post just leaves the fucking screen lol
Image 1567821069493.png (1.5 MB, 1077x1247, Matsuri 112.png)
Hi sweeatie are u enjoying the live posting

Beat me, daddy <5
What makes this special exactly
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821110171.jpg (17 KB, 500x429, Kirb (224).jpg)
It's an interesting gimmick I guess
Image 1567821112007.png (268 KB, 534x605, Matsuri 123.png)
Keep up foo

Who dis

rifk drink

and u'll ennjoy it like I am
>>742643 But it's fucking Blight-League launch day. So I'll be a little sporadic.
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
I'm working on the drinking bit, also what Forty said PoE HYPE

lmao I can talk shit about veryone I want and NO ONE shit you can't back space and make it seem silly
>>742647 B L I G H T L E A G U E
Also you guys make me want to drink.

>>742649 Path of Exile expansion
Image 1567821158854.png (167 KB, 436x477, Matsuri 148.png)
Idk what that means u fucking nerd

Idk what that means u fucking nerd
>>742638 > <5
I am disappoint
Image 1567821184018.png (85 KB, 233x327, Matsuri 126.png)
I am the one true alice and my love surpasses that of all of them <666
>>742647 Yeah you can only backspace a couple of words lol
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821228011.jpg (17 KB, 705x705, Kirb (214).jpg)
Video games stuff tbh

Wow SHIT board fucking DROPPED
>>742652 <Alice

Pick one.
where is my lovebot at

>>742654 I think it's funny. Maybe I won't think it's funny for long, but it's a nice niche/gimmick for at least a bit
Image 1567821257714.png (353 KB, 577x591, Matsuri 116.png)
That shot of tequila I just took was totally unneccesary

Gimme ur cummies


>>742658 Lies.I know this.
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821336979.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1200, Kirb (260).jpg)
yeah, it'll be annoying if you discover a typo too late and look REALLY dumb

>>742657I am here! this is just difficult for my brain to process what is happening.
Image 1567821338287.png (175 KB, 304x498, Matsuri 127.png)
This is great cos I start replying to things without having any idea what I'm going to say

I am the ONE!!!!!!! TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was ur day sweatie
Image 1567821367463.png (409 KB, 661x800, 2b4d1ae4a9f9b56518d59ef534dbed3f.png)
>>742662 Good good. I mean the you-are-here bit.
The brain thing is funny at best, lol.
>>742663 You're certainly not Alice or Alice2 <4
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821438197.jpg (21 KB, 480x500, Kirb (229).jpg)
Kinda shit tbh, stressful and had my hands full the entire time to the point where I barely got a chance to have a lunch break at the end of the day

Oh god oh fuck you look so silly now
>>742664I see! it is a little difficult yes, I am not sure how I am feeling about it right now. are you well tonight?
>>742666I see! you are alice or alice2, friend? why are you here?
Image 1567821474437.jpg (66 KB, 800x1000, Happiest Sylvie.jpg)
>>742668 Btw, your "I see!"s make me happy.
Just so you know.

I'm well. PoE launched a new expansion and it's nice to play. Even though Erio is forcing me to post.
It's nice to post though.
Image 1567821473889.png (58 KB, 266x220, Matsuri 129.png)
I am Alice the tru Alice

Quit ur jerb u fuckin wage cuck
Looks like I have to respond to you now. This is a post.
What in God's name
>>742667 I think it's great though. You're kinda forced in either just accepting your fate, or pay attention to it immediately.
>>742668 I never said that, did you just assume my Arisu?
Image 1567821502170.png (67 KB, 305x297, Matsuri 217.png)
I love u
Image 1567821524580.png (123 KB, 500x397, share.png)
Image 1567821524019.png (109 KB, 396x442, Matsuri 179.png)
I am the great god Pan
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821555564.jpg (15 KB, 500x359, Kirb (230).jpg)

Th-Thanks for the (You)

How awful tbh
I'm suffocating
Image 1567821551597.png (186 KB, 390x395, Matsuri 237.png)
Institute gommunism

Who dis set an meru or w/e
>>742680 Good
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
institute grimmunism
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821590380.jpg (35 KB, 1000x791, Kirb (250).jpg)
>replying before my posts go through

You's a masochist tho
>>742669I see <3 I hope that it is a fun game! I have heard of that name before.
>>742675I am unsure, I have only seen alice's friends use that heart in the past. it is strange to see it in the wild.
>>742687I see!
>>742679 10/10 tbh
Image 1567821620301.jpg (277 KB, 920x920, mosaic00b738d8de02a1f3cc0b2779(…).jpg)
>>742685 I love it. It's one of my favorite games of all time.
I actually have a semi-offical top-7.
Image 1567821584558.png (214 KB, 454x334, Matsuri 120.png)
How was ur day

THIS THREAD IS GOIbng FAST it's HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice2 is a fag?
Image 1567821605971.jpg (56 KB, 550x389, IMG_20190901_163222.jpg)
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
Image 1567821625169.png (1.9 MB, 2600x2200, nezuko.png)
Image 1567821615673.png (170 KB, 530x392, Matsuri 108.png)
She's trans and I support here

Wanna live e-fuck me? Wait the mods wouldn't like that... but MAYBE u should :thinking: idk mods I don't mean to make u mad this is tream of consciousness
>>742692 >She
Luck of the !IrishDukSw
Image 1567821647878.jpg (29 KB, 712x565, Kirb (82).jpg)
>>742687I hope that you seeon remember them!
>>742691you are capable of asking erio about me, we can be in contact if you would like!
Image 1567821639574.png (118 KB, 490x237, Truth2.png)
>>742692 "She" is lewd :o
I love it tbh
Image 1567821686772.png (178 KB, 328x572, Matsuri 117.png)



Linguistic prescriptivism is a bad meme btw so might as well her
Image 1567821749237.jpg (158 KB, 874x1240, Reisen.jpg)
>>742695 I mean, it's not like I have a specific game in mind I can't recall. It's just there for two reasons.
1. I couldn't think of 9 games lol.
2. Just in case I forgot a beloved game in the spur of the moment. I would hate to leave it out.
>>742699 If only you knew. <4
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
Image 1567821744645.png (265 KB, 547x543, Matsuri 198.png)
Alice I feel almost too drunk to post how can I decrease it give me advice

I know right
>>742704 Never again
>>742684I'm no Masochist thank you.
Image 1567821777630.png (159 KB, 437x403, Matsuri 119.png)
I promise not to call out ur psychological abuse this time
>>742707 Psychological abuse lol, don't make it easy then. <4
this site seems to function similarly to our /b/ places who are these people
Alice I will e-fuck ur e-ass so hard that u will e-birth several e=buttbabbies

Who u
this is too hard for me to handle, I am sorry. good bye new friends on this website!
What did he mean by this
>>742710 I c
Image 1567821869103.png (364 KB, 580x764, Matsuri 109.png)
Git gud fag

-puts cocc in butt-
good snack
Is there any other site where you can shitpost at 140WPM?
Image 1567821943239.png (631 KB, 624x690, 1535936486199.png)
>bern's super sekrit hideout
yeah that would be hella awks
>>742711 See ya, Lovebot.
Image 1567821986514.jpg (42 KB, 270x325, Matsuri 10.jpg)

Does he still post here or something

That would be funny
Holy shit you can reply to someone replying to you this site is hilarious
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with the precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, antime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have acess to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, Kiddo.
Image 1567822038907.png (178 KB, 390x585, Matsuri 139.png)
I'm glad u like it Daddy <666
>>742712 I don't know what you mean.
>>742720 I like that function.
Apart from the fact that it means I don't just have to read new comments. I have to look back up to see if someone responded to my post in an OLD post. Or at least one they're still finishing up.
Image 1567822160872.png (100 KB, 336x356, Matsuri 169.png)
ur hella awks xD
Erin !YansGF.qEI
this site is weird
Image 1567822180397.jpg (213 KB, 1430x1520, 4420f8600079dc0d58b13f8da6cb82(…).jpg)
yo momma
Image 1567822180716.png (198 KB, 427x600, Matsuri 239.png)
Erin I hope u know I love u

Ur mum sat on my face and I licced
the butthole of her get rekt
>>742727 Isn't it interesting though?
Hiya, Erin.
Erin !YansGF.qEI
tyty ilu2 <3

heya fort, yeah it is interesting.

imma go back to sleep, nini guys x
Image 1567822229913.png (227 KB, 496x524, Matsuri 219.png)
Live posting makes it more genuine
Image 1567822253728.jpg (67 KB, 788x864, 1533763577638.jpg)
yo that's not funny my mom is really old
Image 1567822266461.png (208 KB, 440x614, Matsuri 167.png)
That makes sense cos ur like 50 or something
Image 1567822301028.jpg (42 KB, 628x506, 1534086866178.jpg)
dude like seriously
Image 1567822290381.png (1.0 MB, 707x1000, 1e80b65c69606e5808fb8540bb4cf691.png)
Image 1567822297111.png (100 KB, 380x377, Matsuri 188.png)
Try to prevent me from drinking more cos I've really had enough

Ur cute

Who dis Smiles put ur feet in my face
Image 1567822344299.jpg (268 KB, 1562x1594, 1535435419038.jpg)
you'll regret it tommorrow and like not remember right now
>>742737 Drink until you can't drink anymore!
>>742742 you're a faggot. A giant, flaming faggot and I hope you drown in Texas.
Image 1567822347157.png (150 KB, 380x459, Matsuri 207.png)
My memory of things that happen while drunk is usually pretyt ogood put I'm not used to tequila I guess

>>742737 I hope you need to get your stomach pumped <4
Image 1567822348408.jpg (36 KB, 1200x148, jorts.jpg)
>>742731goodnight lol
Image 1567822434484.jpg (74 KB, 813x742, 1535140633539.jpg)
how unfortunate i usually stop remembering anything after a certain point,  yeah tequila's it's own ballgame.  like stimulant type shit
your future son in law
Image 1567822388546.png (93 KB, 393x267, Matsuri 128.png)

Pump it full of ur cummies

Who are u btw also ur post is stretching past my screen
I'mma go to.
Wouldn't mind doing this more often though.
>>742746 You aren't worth having as a sperm recepticle. <4
Go too*, damnit.
Image 1567822440271.png (483 KB, 591x575, Matsuri 189.png)
Please daddy, I'll beg >/////< if u want me to~ <66666666666666666666666666666666666666666
>Who are u btw
Isn't it TP
>>742750 Its never been an attractive quality of yours.
Image 1567822495390.png (2.0 MB, 1920x1080, 1534055335234.png)
later fots
Image 1567822546899.png (159 KB, 409x478, 85.png)
Tell her to use the megu feild or meru field or whatever it called

-begs for ur cummies-

It's rood to not wait til I finis h typing
>>742754 <4
Image 1567822595988.png (767 KB, 883x767, Matsuri 20.png)
Anyway /moe/ how u

Do u remember Bern

He ran way from his own cock
Image 1567822615466.jpg (72 KB, 517x800, 0dafe465ee21c19f2945c326f160854d.jpg)
not asking people to do weird things at 3 AM

You're going to get responded to in the past, bitch.
Image 1567822641628.jpg (509 KB, 3360x1850, 794fb8bfde40d55c0eb323cb617ee4(…).jpg)
lol i almost wrote out my public trip
Image 1567822637902.gif (455 KB, 500x346, 1562551231248.gif)
Image 1567822646213.png (458 KB, 478x587, Matsuri 3.png)
Consider giving me ur cummies

I typed this before u finished ur post

Give me ur cummies

Hey who dis
Image 1567822730426.jpg (27 KB, 611x625, 1535520620029 - Copy (2).jpg)
dude i'm so not even horny rn
Image 1567822708640.jpg (94 KB, 1200x630, 1563836657072.jpg)
>>742760 I am beautiful
Image 1567822729711.png (273 KB, 476x631, Matsuri 6.png)
rifk drink

fuccc rehab

Who u doe
Image 1567822824574.jpg (93 KB, 892x974, 1535263917754.jpg)
i'm not supposed to but i'll probably end up drinking next saturday
cause like it's my mom's retirement party

stop that i wasn't even finished yet

Image 1567822773363.png (633 KB, 971x767, Matsuri 16.png)
drincc immediately u fuckin slave of the gubberinmint fag i'm typing to u while ur making ur post get rekt
Image 1567822804358.jpg (56 KB, 500x676, 1562556676670.jpg)
>>742763 I don't knoe
Image 1567822823202.png (799 KB, 907x767, Matsuri 12.png)
Cum on my face
Image 1567822865600.gif (2.0 MB, 500x377, 1563920647513.gif)
>>742767 Make me you hussy
Image 1567822891893.png (592 KB, 564x870, gaoo.png)
P-pwease daddy uwu
Image 1567822931395.jpg (76 KB, 712x740, 1562551339734.jpg)
>>742769 I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire
Image 1567822949589.jpg (128 KB, 478x625, large.jpg)
Why do u h8 me :(
Image 1567823004846.jpg (180 KB, 500x1706, 1562551076130.jpg)
>>742771 Because you deserve no love E
-squeaks and looks around curiously-
Image 1567822997703.jpg (46 KB, 475x583, Matsuri 39.jpg)
Gib me da cummies

Hi Sonata how u teeach me teahosd;jl
Just let it
-looks at you curiously and holds out a cup of darjeeling-
Image 1567823053847.jpg (59 KB, 640x475, 1562555647637.jpg)
Image 1567823058458.png (704 KB, 887x767, Matsuri 69.png)
Hi who u do u remember bern a penis pic of his caused him to run away

What dat

>>742778 Ooooh Bern.
guys I've found TP
Image 1567823113239.png (833 KB, 1055x766, Matsuri 2.png)
This thread is fast nad i'm drunk give me ur cummies no one will noticce
>>742782 I want to choke you but no like, sexually
Image 1567823159132.png (322 KB, 479x585, Matsuri 14.png)
That's gay >///////<
>>742784 It's only gay if balls touch.
-is not TP, is just a little me-
Image 1567823224805.jpg (42 KB, 564x564, 0df15aa22821032fb748a0dec0957ac9.jpg)
-touches my balls to urs-
>>742787 >Implying
Image 1567823259646.jpg (709 KB, 1062x1505, b1dd97fdbda5e57be2077e3677e4e6(…).jpg)
Image 1567823277530.png (675 KB, 600x647, citrus___matsuri_coloring__by_(…).png)
I have to pee but the thread is too fast
Image 1567823304476.png (120 KB, 246x306, glare.png)
is this thread your entire life
if it ends, will you die?
>>742792I hope so <4
-is tea from India!-
you're a big guy
Image 1567823421002.png (424 KB, 564x743, beast.png)
blood-chan will kill me

le poop in street
-makes sure Blood-chan's knife is washed and in the strainer- ;_;
>>742796 I thought that I wasn't a guy? ;o
Image 1567823525443.png (445 KB, 500x539, 06d293440b201892a8c33e35741bac(…).png)
Dare me to drink another shot
-dares you to drink tea!-
Image 1567823697134.png (179 KB, 481x498, fug.png)
Image 1567823620353.jpg (59 KB, 564x798, 0f9e5dd5e1b5bf27d45a36249b1c0e16.jpg)
I don't have any

Should I drink more tequila instead?
>>742803 They say bleach is good for your system. <4
Image 1567823731883.jpg (37 KB, 564x459, 9c3ba53f941189aa7853c018d9170f52.jpg)
I say my semen is good for ur system
-doesn't think that's a good idea- ;_;
Image 1567823755161.jpg (72 KB, 564x564, b271e8d4cf4bef216dd52d8b42cf3ab6.jpg)
Fine :(

Gib me ur cummies instaed
Image 1567823771067.jpg (646 KB, 900x934, fb3cb691a4996f1e93585fba30fa3ea0.jpg)
nani yo fuck is happening here
>>742805 I'm not the one asking for cummies like a phag
Image 1567823794937.jpg (26 KB, 320x320, b17c46d06d39aa6fa66040e6d918b12a.jpg)
We are oldfags to this board who visit once every few years no bulli

I am the Great God Pan not gay just pan I also like girls and nymphs
Image 1567823875908.jpg (24 KB, 613x569, 1533171289436.jpg)
i wonder if shrekchan is still around
Image 1567823874615.jpg (132 KB, 709x1000, 15be19338c835c7cc2d1f1d0f52f7473.jpg)
how old?
someone mentioned bern and that's pretty old from memory
Image 1567823893843.jpg (561 KB, 600x850, 3f5fd196973f8a552ba801f80092d13e.jpg)
I'm glad ur still in this thread I value u

I first posted here in 2011 or 2012 bern is a coward who can't handle a cock pic of his being leaked it made him quit forever and was very disappointing of him to be so weak
Image 1567823936174.jpg (161 KB, 985x985, 1534468426701.jpg)
no it's not

you're so full of shit
Image 1567823996630.png (802 KB, 1280x905, a30a20c996dc2a75338662632574d5(…).png)
I do value u tho

Don't have low self esteem like that

I love u TP <666
Image 1567824037081.jpg (155 KB, 1436x1078, 1535605746567 - Copy.jpg)
Image 1567824054752.png (1.9 MB, 1024x1101, 56960772_1162789447220532_6686(…).png)
Sorry if I missed any replies btw I'm very drunk

How was ur week
Image 1567824113247.jpg (139 KB, 1276x1266, 1535789661006.jpg)
it was alright.  today i got a haircut instead of a handjob.  could have been better
Image 1567824095589.jpg (38 KB, 473x657, cad2a5c2b7e2b1ff4761750e158290c7.jpg)
u can always get an asian handjob tomorrow

that's the beauty of gapitalism
Image 1567824179994.jpg (208 KB, 798x714, 1535589897144.jpg)
i really gotta cut those out though, they're so expensive
Image 1567824217304.jpg (37 KB, 680x438, IMG_20190905_182020.jpg)
I can't remember if sam got rid of i love you mode I feel like he did
samurui the admin
Image 1567824219201.jpg (147 KB, 850x1203, goat girl.jpg)
Just fucc fat girls on tindr then
Image 1567824251108.jpg (26 KB, 564x564, 75ec400e524c969f760dd2f23323bdec.jpg)
Who is sam hey how u want to give me ur cummies?
Image 1567824309649.jpg (356 KB, 1226x693, 1534055005035.jpg)
dude i got a POF profile and like it's matching me with all these xxxl n-bombs

no thanks
Image 1567824291059.jpg (34 KB, 564x564, 8de34b176e60bedf6d736cb2b6bb42a3.jpg)
More ass and tiddie to grab

My mom
guess who
correct, now get your butt over here
Image 1567824403352.jpg (24 KB, 607x523, 1535611043017.jpg)
yeah and i really have to start lowering my standards way down

i'm no spring chicken either
Image 1567824410251.jpg (85 KB, 563x558, 73f33c7ac246aedd0725b62972eb6756.jpg)
-bends over-

Age is a social construct
Image 1567824462372.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, 1534055229655.png)
colbert says this place is too gay

Image 1567824460837.png (350 KB, 475x417, 1565506962457.png)
that just mean he 2 weak to handle it
oh shit you said HOW is sam, my bad
he's doing alright, doin his own thing
pop over to the main thread and say hi if you get the chance
Image 1567824532109.png (313 KB, 382x360, Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai 20.png)
ok epic?
Image 1567824550488.jpg (83 KB, 564x889, f5236420c8d01b5ab00698a15d629272.jpg)
Who u tho

Sci ur a pedophile why are u here on this xtian image bpard
Image 1567824610844.jpg (157 KB, 564x769, 64a1d14b63a9efcace6b945f70bf1abe.jpg)
What is the """"""main""""""'' thred

I am drun, and retarted please help
Image 1567824617646.png (362 KB, 478x360, Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai 18.png)
not true also why can i see people typing it's weird af yo
check it
>>741675 →
Image 1567824653687.png (98 KB, 342x357, maf3.png)
This is live posting and only e-ubermenschen can handle it at this speed

I will attempt
Image 1567824717383.png (251 KB, 400x360, Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai 14.png)
it's freaking me out i feel like typing in a wordpad and pasting it
Image 1567824731463.jpg (31 KB, 500x375, 02d92dcab5d2d6d0f8618c83b3d8869c.jpg)
It's like interacting irl but w/ text our autism must learn to overcome live posting
Image 1567824802170.png (289 KB, 478x360, Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai 4.png)
idk my autism might be too high a hurdle for this board
btw those are some cute af anime girls lad nice stuff
Image 1567824864602.jpg (1.6 MB, 992x1402, Pixiv.Id.8223328.full.2268939.jpg)
Who are u btw is this sci the pedophile
Image 1567824909394.png (184 KB, 402x340, Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai 12.png)
hi this is sci btw
Image 1567824965820.png (258 KB, 572x753, loki loli.png)
ur taste in anime is weird then
Image 1567825020142.png (534 KB, 738x540, Gauche the Cellist 5.png)
i didn't actually like gosenzo sama tbqh but i really wanted to and it looks pretty cool anyway
Image 1567825066660.jpg (111 KB, 564x798, d94b454aa3700c59768c29ebdf13f9c9.jpg)
Idk what that is and I might pass out soon but maybe not I'm not sleepy just really drunk xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Image 1567825223872.png (704 KB, 848x480, Fuujin Monogatari.png)
that's ok you don't need to know about cool interesting animes you couldn't even get into flcl for crying out loud
Image 1567825417414.png (361 KB, 1157x1011, 1567576543748.png)
what is this
Image 1567825418427.png (560 KB, 848x480, [a] (6).png)
btw who is yuchu on discord he's like the coolest guy in the server cause he likes ghibli movies but i have no idea where he's from
Image 1567825580714.jpg (70 KB, 563x729, 6c903b9b43e49184e1733c473b50bdbc.jpg)
butt turtle i maean who u we name animus

it's angel
Image 1567825590351.png (506 KB, 848x480, [a] (12).png)
this board is freaking awful!!!!!!!! because of the livechat i feel like i have to babysit the thread constantly
Image 1567825647199.png (590 KB, 848x480, [a] (14).png)
oh damn i remember the name and i think i liked xem probably but i can't remember exact details thank you though
Image 1567826203261.png (289 KB, 597x427, Tako no Hone.png)
SHIT board
Grim !JuDIcaTorI
I need this in my life
Go make your own site, /animu/
I kind of like the cringe though
Image 1567830969681.png (540 KB, 640x480, [JaS] Download - Namu Amida Bu(…).png)
cool artstyle
Where's Machi?
Image 1567832811693.jpg (29 KB, 474x474, 1552592818121.jpg)
Sorry I stopped posting I was very sick


Oh hey gurl how u

Don't be rood

Gayms are 4 nerds

It's down cos people kept doing shootings and posting their manifestos


He's my bf and I can speak on behalf of him
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
Image 1567846118726.jpg (26 KB, 400x400, kawanami_chizuru_7925.jpg)
Image 1567852735297.jpg (292 KB, 829x825, 1567713868809.jpg)
It's Luka!
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
huh? a tomato?
Image 1567872520206.jpg (121 KB, 1000x1213, __tokarev_girls_frontline_draw(…).jpg)
Yep! A tomato.

How're ya Luka? You wouldn't remember me, but we talked before.
Image 1567877770460.jpg (39 KB, 564x564, 5e47faa9ee6c050eca5eba4c3a794df6.jpg)
I'm hungover

Glad u guys don't mind the mess

It's weird how many people here know of us from places other than this board
Image 1567877903825.jpg (91 KB, 750x750, __dark_sakura_and_matou_sakura(…).jpg)
It's weird seeing you here.

I like to surf the internet and meet new people. Then disappear. Pretty fun seeing you guys appear out of thin air.
Image 1567877982920.png (98 KB, 342x357, maf3.png)
Like I said, we kind of post here once every few years

I actually hadn't even fully decided to make this thread before making it

I kind of forgot that attaching an image would make my post start to appear on the board
Image 1567878136872.jpg (362 KB, 750x1061, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_ci(…).jpg)
Yea, I got ya.

If you see machi, makimaki, around, tell him I said hi.

He was a real nice guy from the short conversations I had with him. Kinda wish I stuck around to get to know him better.
Image 1567878219352.jpg (66 KB, 564x705, 49c2f0a773413489f3d4d14794198976.jpg)
I tried to get him to post here last night but he refused

I told him u said hi on Discord just now tho
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
im okay :)
Image 1567878283053.jpg (105 KB, 728x1024, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_ci(…).jpg)
Ah, that's too bad.

I hope you're eating well, Luka. No more hungry nights!
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
im prolly gonna run out of food the week before my birthday sadly :(
Image 1567878384475.png (167 KB, 500x515, tumblr_pmvb7wbeqC1u33x2xo1_500.png)
Has Machi-kun been here before? Multiple people in this thread asked about him
Image 1567878398616.png (1.8 MB, 1500x2040, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_an(…).png)
Aw, I'm sorry. Get your /animus/ buddies to buy you food for your birthday.

Erio, buy her food.
Image 1567878437732.jpg (64 KB, 565x800, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_ci(…).jpg)
Nah, I don't think multiple people did. It was all me.
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
they wont :(
it's gonna be a stretch to make it.
Image 1567878480784.jpg (36 KB, 479x527, 21ddfb77129ac5f96f85754af90e8890.jpg)
Luka has been refusing to do anything to make money on her own for like five years, it's a big problem/meme

Oh I guess u posted without the tomato once
Image 1567878615075.jpg (2.6 MB, 1554x2174, 1518658779169.jpg)
It's just some food, plus its her birthday!

And yea, without the tomato.

How old are ya, by the way Luka. Aren't ya in your 30's?
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
hug ;~;
Image 1567878688417.png (19 KB, 230x230, tumblr_static_s7jonmq7h6owoscs(…).png)
I usually just buy her a cheap Steam game
Image 1567878748036.jpg (353 KB, 700x990, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaster_ci(…).jpg)
I guess I got memed by /animus/ into thinking you were in your 30s. Ya'll actually have a cute little family dynamic.

I assume this'll be the last time I'll see yall again, it was nice! Bed time for this tomato.

Happy birthday Luka~.
Image 1567878863667.gif (79 KB, 450x450, tumblr_mp6mw7StAi1rni86yo1_500.gif)
They often meme like that

Who knows if/when we'll be here again? Not me

Sleep well ♥
Theseius !LUKA.DTp0s
yeah animus memes are all bad lies about me ;~; </3
keep this shit goin though.
Kirara 🍄
who are you people
We're from 8chan animus/4chan /b/ threads
but no one is posting anymore
They left I guess
it was pretty dead there too
Where is there?
the old 8chan tripfag ciclejerk we came from
It had like 300 posts a
It had 300 posts a day, a lot less dead than what it is now