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A ticket to Timbuktu, if your ass ain't grass
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Okay thank you
What's your name?
I keep calling you tsuki_kanji..

I'll stay as Anno then
Image 1566186649502.jpg (43 KB, 251x433, 1566186375140.jpg)
I love Nezuko!
Image 1566186797723.jpg (61 KB, 965x629, ECFr9YoU8AEcUow.jpg)
Here's a pic of her
She's been getting al -a lot of really good fanart done with the anime adaptation.
It's nice to see the good stuff.
Yes it's really good
And she's cute
Image 1566187260599.png (8 KB, 217x55, Screenshot_11.png)
So I have been touching things and found this
ID is a name but what's a Meru?
A social account?
Meru = Meeru = メ-ル
It's the Japanese term for an email address.
If you put something in Meru box it'll turn your name blue and you can click on the name to open up an email to that email address in whatever email software your PC has as its default.
No //
Very few people use it for that actual function these days but it's a good way to slip an email in for people to contact you by if the need arises.
If it all seems kind of weird to you, feel free to ignore it, it does absolutely nothing if you leave it blank.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
Case in point, my name's now blue!
It's a leftover feature from this board's history as a 2ch/4chan imageboard split.
Doesn't hurt to keep around but doesn't add much to most people's experience.
anime >>734193 →
Okay tyvm!

Hi sage

Is this an old 4chan website?
Thank you too!!
Not quite, but a lot of the original users came over from 4chan, and the structure of the messageboard comes from the structure that was popularized by 2ch and later 4chan.
Doushio has features that makes it distinct from 4chan and we don't really have a similar culture to it anymore, but there's some old stuff around that comes from the history of being a ssociated with those imageboards.
I see thanks for the clarification
Are these kinds of question considered off-topic?
I noticed that this was a place to talk about anime
Or I'm wrong
Well most of us are pretty into anime and similar interests like manga or video games, or stuff from Japan in general.
But we talk about a variety of stuff in a sort of laidback social kind of way.
And there aren't too many people around right now so there isn't any current conversation to distract from.

People here like to talk so if you ask interesting questions, odds are someone will respond.
Okay thank you Anno
I will come here more often
You're welcome Anno!
Feel free to swing by whenever you want.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
no problemo señor
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
drinkin a Foster’s and thinking about my actions
What kind of thoughts you thinkin'?
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
i texted someone while drunk
always a bad idea
now it’s like hmm how do i apologise for my rude messages
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
>d r i n k i n g
Well saying "I apologize for my rude messages, I was drunk", may be a place to start.
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
i feel like leaving the “i was drunk” part off is better tbh
no johns?
no johns!*
Yeah, pretty much.
I am an advocate for transparency even in the face of detriment though.
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
it’s a fair cop
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
Get yo strawberries
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls



Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
today i learned
this is probably good
i dont like the excuse. it's good to let someone know if it's the reason sometimes, but it doesn't excuse anything
i think it's important to own up to when im misbehaving or riled up and hope they understand
if not then i probably don't deserve forgiveness

hope it goes well samu
i do think it's important to reach out after a transgression tho if enough digestion time has passed
people deserve as much so they dont think there's still lingering ill will
yeah you're right on that
also i didn't need to say that shit
and it isn't how i actually feel
you probably know because you're a genius or some shit but yeah
i thought i needed to make everyone think i was an asshole to focus on myself for some deluded reason
i don't think i did the right thing but i felt like i was doing something necessary at the time

you don't have to reply to this, deleting it is okay, i just want to know you saw it.
also i never changed my mind about moving. i was and still am just inept at doing anything that isn't strictly necessary. you didn't bother me much and so I never tried.
not your fault there but just another effect of my deranged mindset.
i figured you were just trying to prove to me that you were toxic so i would leave you alone without feeling bad
idk for sure
that one thing was kind of sensitive and if you had those feelings i wish i'd known so i could have cleared up that misunderstanding a long time ago
i wouldn't have ever wanted that interpretation out there on you, but i dont really want to discuss that here
thanks for reaching out it eases my mind a lot

don't worry about the apartment thing, it was just an example of how things get messed up over stretches of time
not something i was still upset about or even blamed you for
family stuff got in the way for both of us a lot of times it's normal
Image 1566198031403.jpg (25 KB, 550x440, hei51.jpg)
the truth is as I told you and I wish you hadn't been the better man and not deleted that shit
it was pretty disgusting
i would have trashed those posts and if i could retroactively delete my own posts i'd have done it weeks ago
i don't want them existing

i'm not really worried about the apartment thing since it's both ancient history by now and I didn't give an effort from myself to do anything
you should have blamed me or at least complained, rather, i wish you did because that kind of shit is much more efficient in getting me to take action
i could still do that kind of thing now
i'd just have to try really hard to get a labor job nearby or get a real cheap car
i'm clean and all
family never got in the way for me i just don't bother unless I have to somehow
i only do what i need to
i can want and wish and dream all day and night but when it comes down to it i'll do whatever i need to keep living and that's it

i don't think i'm normal and i don't think my life is normal and i don't give a shit
i'm fucked up and my life is fucked up and that's alright i still want to live my life
Image 1566198667137.jpg (276 KB, 580x936, 5E50AEBD-4B91-45C4-8E69-DAFA353242BF.jpeg)
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
I'm happy to see you're still kicking at it Jan.
Be well, aight?
Image 1566199149662.jpg (37 KB, 784x214, Screenshot_20190818-221551_Instagram.jpg)
Image 1566199680177.png (283 KB, 799x591, amk.png)
it's deleted now. i didn't want the web crawlers to scan and capture that in the internet archive permanently so i deleted it all after a couple days
i really appreciate your honesty and stuff
it makes me feel a lot better, thanks
kirara told me you're not drinking anymore too. im happy to hear that
hopefully you're finding some fulfillment
take care of yourself
Image 1566200279658.gif (78 KB, 500x350, hei54.gif)
who are you
what's your story
will do chief
just got to take this test i aced the practice exam for
and find a vendor that can get me a cheap quote on a specific engine harness or one i can adapt to my shitty honda cause the squirrels ate the shit out of my car's innards
then idk
ill probably see if i can get a job at triphase doing drywall and finishing until nema3 has an opening
i know a couple fellas from there but they're in dallas and i gotta get my car fixed up
i appreciate that. you're too good to me, for sure.
i haven't found fulfillment but i have felt my personal growth is more pertinent.
when I don't have anything but myself to think about, i can only try to better myself.
i hope you are okay, be excellent to yourself.
I don't really give a shit, lay it on me. I don't indend to commit it to memory or care. Entertain me if you feel like it.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
Would you like the short version or the long version? Are we talking life story or just "who are you? and how'd you get here?"
One of these nights I do my bedsheets I'll remember to get them back on my bed longer than a short while before I'm winding down for the night.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
Alright, sure.
My whole childhood through high school I was a straight A student, 138 IQ, blah blah blah. My senior year of high school my mom was really abusive to me and I nearly killed myself. I fell into depression afterwards and struggled for years to wanna do anything, got addicted to video games and only left my room to pretend to go to class or work a couple shifts a week at a lame job. In November 2017 I got diagnosed with a genetic disease that left me crippled and in pain every day, no cure. Once I got on the proper meds and the pain was manageable I decided to get my life in order. Went back to school and got my degree, been working a lot more to. Moved out (with another shitposter from a website), lost 38 lbs, etc. Currently looking for a new job and waiting on my degree to get approved. Still in some pain but trying my best every day.
Image 1566201046011.jpg (75 KB, 500x750, IMG_20190816_045058.jpg)
Image 1566201451617.jpg (529 KB, 1273x1750, hei59.jpg)
Your problems make me fucking laugh, though I felt sympathy for the genetic disorder.
I'm impressed you found a way to keep on regardless of the worst things you've known personally, however.
Great job. Keep it up.
You are only as weak as you believe your limits to be.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
why do they make you laugh?
thanks I guess.
forgot to mention I had $22,000 in savings from working and staying at home but lost everything from unemployment and medical expenses.
Yeah, I mean I figured that I can't change the past and so I might as well try my best to make things work, cause otherwise I'll guaranteed be depressed and unhappy. Worth a shot at least, then I can be happy that I tried.
Image 1566201646288.jpg (176 KB, 537x700, hei2.jpg)
Doing any good in siege tonight?
Because I have felt those and even more that very few could say they understood.
That's not an insult to you and I don't want to devalue your struggles, nor glorify mine.
You've done good to yourself to overcome it.
I am still trying to overcome my own trouble.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
ripperoni. sorry to hear friend.
watching the movie Koe no Katachi helped me with my depression and outlook on life a bit. really strong experience, no other media has hit me like that. cried pretty hard several times.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
Change is the hardest thing you can do. It doesn't have to be overnight, every little effort adds up.
Image 1566201870027.jpg (5.4 MB, 3489x2396, c0d23ee4acfc339123a58e2a0ba12681.jpg)
Koe no Katachi is a great movie!
Much better than Kimi no Na Wa, which people love to express god-like reverence upon.
Both are great movies, I think, but I only felt like watching one of them once and the other I've seen a few times.
I felt like it was just not as good as Garden of Words, honestly. That's probably my favorite romantic anime movie.
Still a good show, anyways, but it didn't hit the right spots for me.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
I agree completely. Your Name was beautiful but I think it overshadowed Koe no Katachi because it was a more romance/love focused movie that came out before A Silent Voice.
bad timing...
I'd still go with Kimi no Na wa as my personal better.
There's a certain romance to it that gets my heart aflame that Koe no Kotachi didn't have.

I'm using romance here in the sort of non-romantic term for it.
What I've heard as capital R romance, where as romance as in two people falling in love is lower-case R romance.
Romance in something that inspires an emotional reaction in oneself to an experience or sight.
Something about Kimi no Na wa just nailed that for me and I really enjoy that experience.
It's akin to wanderlust and that desire to go Do Things.

Shinkai's such a great director though. His stuff is consistently enjoyable as a bare minimum.
garden of birds
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
Have you seen Love, Simon? It's a romcom but it's got a really powerful message behind it and some moments that pull on your heart strings.
Image 1566202213817.jpg (114 KB, 630x890, hei10.jpg)
I don't really know what you mean by "non-romantic" romance.
But I can say I actually cried when the scene where the main character in Garden of Words rushed out of the apartment in the rain to confront his teacher, I didn't during Kimi no Na Wa or Koe no Katachi.
Maybe that's a fault of my personal growth or somethingi but // something but it still nigh brings the waterworks upon rewatching the movie and no other anime can.
Could be it just hits me in the same way Kimi no Na Wa hits you, I feel that's most probable.
Wasn't that the Kyoani movie we watched inbetween seasons?
The one about the dream world and birds and stuff. It was pretty great.
I have seen it, was pretty good.

Look, let me engage my fanboy drive.
Darker than Black is the greatest love story ever told.
The OVAs that take place between season 1 and season 2 are the best and most heart wrenching scenes ever committed to digital representations of physical drawings in sequence and nothing will ever top that and I love you moon and also I'm sorry, shit, ok bye.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
ooh what about, "I Want To Eat Your Pancreas"?
It wasn't nearly as good as the other movies that have been mentioned but I think it had it's own merits and was a nice experience, especially the scene at the end in the coffee shop.
Liz and the Blue Bird.
It was gorgeous.

Oh yeah, the guy who wrote Uchouten Kazoku and The Tatami Galaxy has another one of his novels that got a movie adaptation recently, Penguin Highway..
I think there's finally a hard copy rip available.
We should watch that some time I bet it'll be fun.
i fell asleep on liz and the blue bird if i remember right
i was so tired that night
Shinkai also put out a new movie recently too, Weathering With You.
I want to see that but it's only just come out in Japanese theatres recently so it'll probably be a while until it's somewhere I can watch it.
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
I've been learning how to play Lit from Koe no Katachi on Piano. is a nice song.
also Again from Your Lie in April
I can play it kind of
adapted to guitar
can't really practice on the piano much cause it could wake people up
guitar is hard compared to piano or keyboard for me
watch Cat Soup and eat some mushrooms or take a couple tabs of acid beforehand okay
i've imparted all my wisdom for tonight i have a 12 hour shift tomorrow again shit fuck bye
Gan burry Jan
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
I've got a keyboard and although my roommate is on the other side of the house I keep the volume low but I could always plug in headphones to it
piano is easy , well easier, for me because of my arthritis. I can't do chords on guitar, hurts too much.
I'd link the vocaroo of me playing piano but it has some of my singing and blech
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
yeah I can't wait to see that one, should be preddy gud.
Image 1566203596516.png (563 KB, 657x1046, 76342900_p0.png)
God Dead by Daylight is so fucking fun at night
God is Dead by Daylight?
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
fuck that game I'm such a pussy I hate/love it
Image 1566203647894.jpg (994 KB, 2101x1176, 76339467_p0.jpg)
It's fucking horrifying when a good Spirit or Hag comes after you and tunnels for like 3 minutes
And then there's the cunts like Leatherface. Fuck leatherface.
But Ghostface is my husbando for real.
i only have ever had a stand up piano
it has no digital output it only makes a loud noise regardless
i liked playing the killer in that game for a little while but forgot about it after i got the messenger and then bloodstained finally coalesced
bloodstained is the best castlevania game ever made tbqhfam

playing survivor in dbd feels shit
stand up or upright w/e you call it it's a piano that has all of its components encased in a small area about a foot long in front of the keyboard and is smaller than an average piano
Nezi !K1ygiTeO4E
upright piano?
I learned to play on a K. Kawai grand piano, sounded beautiful
Oh I was gonna ask you if you'd played Bloodstained and if so how'd you found it.
Good to hear it's a well-made game, I'll pick it up next time I see it on sale.
Image 1566204548059.png (6.6 MB, 1764x2508, 76221805_p0.png)
It feels shit because you're shit, bitch.
Image 1566204588798.jpg (128 KB, 1000x1390, hei36.jpg)
yeah i am shit, faggot, what of it?
i don't think it's fun to play survivor and it's easier for me to win as survivor
fight me irl hit me as hard as you can cunt
Image 1566204651864.jpg (1.2 MB, 1116x1116, 69854367_p0.jpg)
I could make you chase me the entire game while all of my boiz get the gens within 3 minutes slut.
Image 1566204697249.jpg (398 KB, 637x900, hei31.jpg)
yea probs I literally just said i could win easier as survivor than killer you fucking brain damaged orangutang.
i'm not very good at killer and idk what's the best way but it's still more fun my guy
Image 1566204801918.jpg (647 KB, 719x1024, 76337809_p0.jpg)
I find running away from some psychotic violent cunt to be faily enjoyable for me.
Reminds me of my internet interactions.
Image 1566204808635.jpg (22 KB, 600x337, 1401289303156.jpg)
i was going to bed but then i got hungry and now i eat spaghetti
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
midnight snacks are AGAINST the RURRUS
everybody’s gonna get MAD
But what about early-morning snacks?
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
just eat one big meal a day and drink water the rest dammit
Image 1566204893544.jpg (267 KB, 553x792, hei3.jpg)
wtf u gonna do m8
literally fight me in sm5sh i will destroy you again
actually maybe not i haven't touched the game in a while after i reached the top mmr with chrom at the time
you might could fuck me up now
i dunno about that internet interactions quip but i do enjoy being a predator exploiting weaknesses in the enemy's defense in games
back in THE DAY i would play Left 4 Dead Versus for the sole purpose of getting to be the Hunter and targetting weak links does so vivify me
what if i just take one big drink right now
i could
this bottle's been here a minute and a month
what if i take one big drink and eat the rest of the day
Image 1566205126756.png (382 KB, 1070x1600, B2.png)
maybe not the best of ideas
Image 1566205211193.jpg (78 KB, 500x763, hei19.jpg)
that's for sure
i've avoided it for a bit now and i gotta work in like 6 hours
maybe tomorrow my guy
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
you’re on
lemme play this last splatty toon and then im set
No Samu let the man SLEEP.
i haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep a day in about 2 months though so don't worry i will be J U S T F I N E
It's been so hard to wake myself up recently.
I feel kind of bad complaining about it but it's like, I really wish I could get my body to remember there are much better things to be doing than getting a couple hours of sleep more than what I actually need.
its tough to wake up for me too
usually when i really need to i just do something physical
try rolling out of bed into the floor
or punch yourself in the face
or do some pushups instead of hitting snooze
the time is already gone so you gotta wake up do somefing
Yeah, the problem is clawing through my sleep-fogged brain to get actions like those actually running.
i put my phone far enough away from me i cant hit it from in my bed that helps me
maybe you could do something like that
eventually i got to get up and shut the alarm off
Yeah I'll give that a shot tonight.
In the past I've just slept through the sound like the lump I am but precedence is dumb shit anyway.
Samu 🗽 !KW2DbpWwls
aw rip okie
Image 1566205793198.jpg (782 KB, 1605x1420, hei60.jpg)
bruh just hit me up w/e ok lol?
blocks everyone from contacting
disappears for another month
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
you got it
i'll find ya later
with my rusty marth sword
Canned Granion
Marsh shitposting on the go via Telephone
I got my ass kicked again in boxing
To be fair
This guy was a NSW state champion
Marsh shitposting on the go via Telephone
It actually played out like a shoen battle manga

>I'm going all out and this guy is only using 20%
>is this what true power is
Kirara 🍄
Image 1566207205994.png (206 KB, 800x818, IMG_20190809_065430.png)
good morning kirara
Kirara 🍄
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ohayo gozaimorning