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Not synched.

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hi! i dont know tilde's whereabouts
how are you this evening
im sure he'll show up but i'll go looking for him
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speaking of weird planets
they found a weird planet that's leaking metal into space
just leaving a whole river of iron in a trail behind it

tilde is online but not responding
i think maybe he just got home
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wow that's a cool planet
i wonder what would make it do that
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it's really big, bigger than jupiter
but it's close to its parent star like mercury is
so close that it's kind of oblong from the tidal forces

what do you wanna do? i havent heard back from tilde
we have old stuff we could toss on, i dont know what's new today
im ok just waiting too or whatever
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Generally I just wait for tilde when that happens.

I guess the gravity from a star explains the losing iron.
I guses the iron is going into the star.
it's pretty close to the roche limit, yeah
it's really hot and really big and under a lot of force, so it might just break apart completely into a ring system
or it might eject enough mass to find a stable orbit.

im fine waiting thats fine
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maybe he'll show up here in a minute but it's already late
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i guess not
maybe we can get a makeup day over the weekend
maybe not

i think im heading to bed though
good night!
Well shit.
what happened
I laid down for a brief moment because I was kind of full and just tired of sitting
And then next thing I know it's like two and a half hours later.
This isn't the first time something like this has happened but it definitely has been a good while since ;_;

This has been a particularly difficult week for anime.
it's okay
we'll recover