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I wouldn't say I feel lost on mecha but I also don't have that passion for it that mecha otaku have.
It's fun to see in a series that uses them in a fun way all the same though.
we should have an otaku type chart for /moe/
Well there's a lot of overlap amongst /moe/s there.
And ones that kind of dip their toes into a bunch of genres without really going otaku-hard on any in particular.
i really like that cloak thing
it's cute
Well that was pretty cool.
I guess her mecha's got an artillery mode and battle mode.

Oh she even shed the cloak she was wearing.
That's real cool.
this one's a little batty

Just a bit.
She's really hooked on vengeance.
the lavender one is cute
i like her
Her mecha's one of the most SD-poi of the lot of them.
It just looks really cutesy.
i think my issue with mecha shows is the constant scene jumping throws me off
my visual attention is so bad
For a girl who joined this fight kind of on a whim and is rather mild-mannered she's getting REALLY hot-blooded in this fight.
yeah she's loosing it
That went to pretty fucking crazy awfully fast.
that girl looks way too young to be a mom
Her family seems to have some weird problems with bodies maturing though.
Nene is the oldest of her sisters but she looks like she's the yuongest.
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title drop!
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it's fun watching the mild-mannered ones lose their shit
This lady that sings the ED's voice kind of reminds me of Rie Fu, who did some really nice anisong back in the early 00s.
I think one she's really well known for is Life Is A Boat, one of the really early Bleach EDs.
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lets start!
This was a real cliffhanger last week.
banana no osprey
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i really like some of these characters
some aren't that interesting though
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Oh the tall Chinese girl's visuals have changed up in the OP.
I like attention to details like that.
senator spelled backwards is TREASON
AHKSHULLY it's rotanes.

Ulgar's plot is kind of reminscent of that GUN kid from Saramanzai last season.
I'm pretty sure they even have the same seiyuu.
i miss sarazanmai
It turned out real nice.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Hopefully Luca hates his dad as much as Ulgar does and they can BOND even harder over plots to bring him down.
waaaaaaah nobody understands me
I wonder if Luca's a girl.
If the Esposito family passes heritance down to guys.

Okay yeah.
oh ok he's a double trap i guess
oh he's intersex
Oh that's interesting.
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you don't see true intersex often in anime
There was one in last week's Caroel & Tuesday too but they did give a kind of weird reason as to why.
But they don't seem to be giving any weird explanations for Luca.
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no need for explanations
it's self-explanatory
Yeah I agree.
The explanation in Carole & Tuesday was one of the only real drags in the episode.
That and they were able to see Earth like it was the Moon from Mars' surface in one scene.
title wave!!
Trouble in paradise!
that's not a tsunami you doof
Tsunami are pretty normal after-effects of earthquakes, aren't they.
What makes this not one.
Hah hah he got Luca fed up with his "I have no friends!" nonsense.
this fuckin dude
yeah that probably hurt like fug
He's all ACTION and no brains.
>It's okay bro I LIFT
It's kind of funny how Luca tucking a bit of hair behind the ear really accents femininity.
yeah it's a nice touch
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hey Yuu you watchin tonight or you spaced out? haha
Image 1565244161507.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Araburu Kisetsu(…).jpg)
i think those two are gonna end up friends now
that's a pretty neat and productive episode

haha he made a girly gasp
good on Luca for callin him out on that angst
Yeah and Luca's kind of embracing both the girly and boyish sides he's got too.
It's cute.
I can't hear "Scandalous" at all without my nostalgia tripping all the way back to Recess and the Ashleys.
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one of them is lying!
or more likely she's lying about having an eidetic memory because that's a MYTH

yeah it's nice
i got worried for a minute is was gonna turn out just a one-dimensional trap character

it's nice they're exploring it with more depth and complexity
it's dumb how simplified anime has made those types of characters in the past
I mean it would still make it technically a lie but if she does actually remember all the faces of people she meets and just happens to incorrectly call it an eidetic memory, I don't know if I'd say she's lying.
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yeah my internet is having problems
oh well
that whole post got eaten

let start
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haha this image
Frutis Basketis

Have you tried telling it to behave itself.
Image 1565244652271.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
it's totally possible to have that good of memory and stuff but it's not anything different
it's the same type of memory just trained for those purposes

there are supplements and things that give people really intensely sharp memory for a little while, some of the stuff they're testing for alzheimer's and stuff
good choline intake too
I know, but the pop knowledge idea of photographic memory of any kind is the eidetic memory.
So I can totally see someone who does have an excellent memory like that saying they've got an eidetic memory.
And while it's incorrect I don't think it's a lie.
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cutie kittie
Yeah I was wondering when some of the other Soumas would show up.
I seemed to remember the Tiger showing up faster but maybe it's just been too long.
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oh no is this a bullying episode
This particular OST track is really, really reminscent to me of the classic KEY VN music.
Like something smack out of CLANNAD or AIR.
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i don't want to watch a bullying episode
i might dip for a bit and come back in 20
Well if you're around I'll let you know when the episode's up.
yeah i'll just be making food or something
Because the Tiger and Sheep get paired a lot I thought they'd show up at the same time but I guess I've forgotten enough of the manga.
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hi im back
lets start
Welcome back to the thread, Rika.
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anmd this is ep 4
We should be watching episode five.
There was only a two-episode backlog, episodes five and six.
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ah okay
im on 5 now

nah no need
Guess it's LEG DAY
legs are my best part!
i have strong legs
What's so good about having a nice body for winter.
you gotta find someone to huddle up next to for warmth!
Oh no.
oh no
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wardrobe malfunctions are the worst.
What do reflexes have to do with having -with being a good runner.
Hammu string
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i can run pretty fast but not for very long!
my endurance is trash
except for biking! i can bike for days
I've got a kind of good endurance for biking.
But I need to stretch before getting on or else my knees start pulsating in ways that makes me feel the muscle's gonna stretch.
And I also need to not stop for too long in the middle of a bike or else they get too tense by the time I get back on.
Hah hah they fumbled the baton.
What an unfortunate turn of events.
That's such a dumb technicality why are they caring about something like that for a high school athletics day.
i can't wait for the golumpa drop of this episode
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i really love the sauna
i dont get to use one often though
Image 1565247305209.jpg (97 KB, 692x719, [Doki] New Game!! - 01 (1280x7(…).jpg)
I've never really been in one.
Image 1565247330309.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tejina-senpai -(…).jpg)
really? that's surprising since you swim a lot
they're nice you should try it
I think I've only been in two, a small one my grandpa made at the cottage he and my grandma used to own, and one at ... some kind of travel resort.
Might've been a ski resort I don't remember too well.
sensei's rockin it
She's too cold-hearted inside for a sauna to effect her.
girl you're rich you can buy one
you can buy the gym and have all of them
She probably would consider that dishonorable or in poor taste.
I think the final girl of the main cast will show up in the next episode, judging from what I've seen on /a/.
Showing up six episodes in is a pretty late appearance for a single-cour show.
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oh okay
that's the white-haired girl?

neat! and we have that episode ready for us whenever

thanks for anime! good night yall
She's at least half-Russian or something.
Maybe full don't really know.
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I wonder why the protagonist is so brown.
We never see her tanning.
Maybe she's the world's first genetically gyaru.
Doesn't even need to go tanning to pick up that signature tanned look.
Image 1565247857026.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanata no Astra(…).jpg)
she's not that far off from quitterie
i don't think hibiki would fit in the skin-tight spacesuit though but that's okay