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「Programming discussion」

If you are a programmer, what are you working on?
Which cool technology have you learned recently?
What are your thoughts on specific programming languages, libraries, interfaces or platforms?
What are your thoughts about future of programming?
I've been learning Python and playing around with various public API
Also been learning Angular.
It's a shame that for a such widespread language that is Python there isn't today an implementation that compiles it directly to native code.
I learnt you can run a whole linux kernel in userspace next to your original kernel. Cool but useless thing for the simple user
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I know about as much C, Python, and MATLAB to // as needed to get through undergrad
past that I can't really say I find it intuitive enough to be interested.

I like encoding and algorithms, but functional programming isn't something I'm so experienced with
assembly languages are pretty neat
I like physical stuff like microprocessors, breadboard computing, and information routing though
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very difficult due to python’s dynanism
maybe something like V8 could be done ala PyPy JIT but meh and it wouldn’t play nice w CPython extensions anyway unless you still had the GIL
Samu 🎸 !KW2DbpWwls
anyway i think rust is the bee’s knees and i’m hopeful for new metaphors in programming in VR
I'm gonna try bee's knees.
yep I'm too tired.
I meant rust.

I've heard about it but never thought to try it.
also svelte looks interesting
Samu 🎸 !KW2DbpWwls
good luck!