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Bottom Identity
Image 1561686437752.png (1.5 MB, 2355x1325, __alice_margatroid_touhou_draw(…).png)
black coffee...
sit your black arses down
let's open the black curtains so the black sun gets to shine in and welcome a böack morning to us all
Image 1561686597383.jpg (528 KB, 881x1000, d91071cedc13d4f9.jpg)
bork bork bork
Image 1561686791163.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
darkest coffee
[email protected]
A new thread
Image 1561687329765.png (587 KB, 667x1000, 75106984_p0.png)
think of me when you're lonely at night then, tone~
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561687476775.jpg (303 KB, 850x1133, 1296975457588.jpg)
ok I will think of anime babes when I'm lonely at night
Image 1561687611638.png (1.5 MB, 760x1980, 75194798_p0.png)
I got counted out
makes sense, I still am on my 34th Owl try
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561687729503.jpg (266 KB, 870x900, 1345807298521.jpg)
oh I'm sorry I thought you were an anime babe
Image 1561687765544.jpg (120 KB, 576x342, 1561677276233.jpg)
Oh nice, BokuBen is getting a season two in October.
How fun.
Image 1561687776674.png (1.7 MB, 1200x1984, 73782846_p0.png)
Everybody thinks that.
Can't you like
give me energy to kill this cunt that you got good RNG on?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561687812055.jpg (651 KB, 666x1000, 0bafb4048f3413eefa557d092cda5dd8.jpg)
jokes on you I didn't unlock Owl 2
But do your best
Not with that attitude I won't.
Image 1561688087120.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
swear to god I won't kill this guy unless you give me your energy tilde-san
My energy wouldn't do you any good unless you improve your attitude towards the challenge.
Image 1561688263048.png (2.6 MB, 1238x2000, 75408007_p0.png)
october is going to be really exciting
we got lots of stuff to look forward to there
dorohedoro too right?
chiafajita i think
psycho pass? well i dont have an opinion on that one
i never saw psycho pass
some sherlock thing that IG is working on
Image 1561688273393.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
So tomorrow then
that's when I can sober up and bring a decent attitude to the situation
fuck this then
gonna play my headshot game
If you want some advice though, look to see if there's a particular attack of his that's catching you up.
Then stop and think about what the best route to saving yourself against that is.
Some fights in
in Sekiro are a lot easier if you just bail on the fight for a hot second to back off and dodge a set of attacks entirely.
Image 1561688383801.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1545, 74700610_p0.png)
couldn't even get him in phase 2 for these past 30 tries
so dumb
Hero Academia season four; I know you haven't been watching it with us but it's a really fun series.
Beastars might be interesting by you. It gets a little close to being furry but the characters are really neat, it's like a Japanese Zootopia.
Did you get into Chihayafuru? It's getting a third season in Fall too.
Also Kono Oto Tomare! is also getting a second season ... and Fairy Gone, hah hah.
Black Fox is an original work that I'm looking forward too, it's got some cool style to it.

So yeah lots of fun stuff in the fall season.
Image 1561688694807.jpg (87 KB, 800x1278, 1560066332567.jpg)
chihayafuru is what i meant by chia fajita yes
Oh I see, hah hah.
I didn't quite piece that together.

I should go watch the first two seasons of that some time.
Image 1561688785561.jpg (81 KB, 563x798, 9ac75558018d58d595cd31c2e3684486.jpg)
i haven't seen it
ive had people telling me to for a long time though
Yeah, I've never heard any one give it a bad rap
I started it once but I dunno, maybe
maybe I wasn't in a shoujo-poi mood at the time. It happens.
Image 1561688847994.jpg (50 KB, 668x1200, IMG_20190628_122607.jpg)
There was some leftover ginger pork and man I forget this stuff gets even better when it's had a night or two to get to know itself.
Image 1561689614330.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mayonaka no Occ(…).jpg)
There's going to be a few OVAs for Mayonaka in Fall too.
Some unaired episodes and one OVA bundled with a manga or LN release.
Image 1561690042306.jpg (1.4 MB, 1748x2563, 73730862_p0.jpg)
I need Jan's big dick rn
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
how do you know his dick is big
Image 1561690131826.png (1.3 MB, 1050x1400, 75211360_p0.png)
He told me himself?????
you know what they say about girls who have big dicks
Image 1561690369431.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
what, that;s your only type?
Image 1561690432103.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
i dont have a type
Image 1561690630091.jpg (2.3 MB, 2215x2953, 75294801_p0.jpg)
You must be juking me for real
both of you
all three 9of you
My type is Cambria.
[email protected]
This is cute.
Image 1561691198358.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
God when I hear this song ib // in my headshot video game
it makes me think about you
and how I want to protect you from harm
my heart is so strained for real
Image 1561691596668.jpg (1.4 MB, 582x919, 61686268_p0.jpg)
Image 1561691700687.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x3000, D9-lqtrVUAAJw1I.jpg)
destop twitter is very unpleasent to use
Image 1561691719605.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
hi whoakun
welcome back
Image 1561691730730.jpg (53 KB, 1024x640, 75293516_p0.jpg)
you're a desktop twitter
and hey whoa, your YT link wasn't badddddd
for real
Woahlcome back
i got tomorrow off cause theres a fest :)
i bought a ticket just so i dont have to go to work im not even gonna go to the fest
Image 1561691883071.jpg (659 KB, 917x1002, 75267337_p0.jpg)
Will you still party out even though you won't go there~
every days a party
Image 1561692011626.png (1.3 MB, 1050x1400, 75211360_p0.png)
And every day you still party?
an inspiration really
i like nino chan can you post her next
Image 1561692082775.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
when do you go to japan
ill arrive sometime around september 20th
im taking a month of leave starting august 20th
Image 1561692243341.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
do i get to come
Image 1561692252964.jpg (4.3 MB, 2578x3568, 74986684_p0.jpg)
good luck in those seas~
it must be such a event to figure out what your operations are.
the dude i need to ask has been on leave and ive been a lil busy the past couple weeks
next time i see him ill ask

i also got a big overseas brief on july 18th i can ask them too
Image 1561692497930.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
i might get to be in japan with whoa kun d-d-d-d-dooooushiooo
davey's gonna be teaching there as of march
he landed the job

i drove him to chicago for the interview and he had his first chicago hot dog
ketchup only?
haha i dunno what he got
it was really good though
[email protected]
It's against the rurus to do that!
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oh ho ho
hello samurai
welcome to /moe/
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
thank you wise friendo
Image 1561692722557.png (3.1 MB, 2549x1811, 75013950_p0.png)
FUCK kethcup holy shit
you don't even like spice in your hotdog
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
yea ketchup is nasty (except on fries)
Image 1561692758138.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
the only thing i put on my hotdogs is milk
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
mann milk
Image 1561692798296.jpg (909 KB, 1920x1080, 73783820_p0.jpg)
your own milk by the looks of it
i used to call these muscle milk protein drinks man milk
and a bunch of people would laugh at me
Image 1561692959156.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
ive had those muscle milks
i always thought it was kind of a bad name. when i hear muscle milk i think of the lactic acid buildup that occurs in the muscles when you've overworked
Image 1561693376782.png (4.6 MB, 2252x4501, 75148714_p0.png)
God this song makes me want to love you all more
i love you too :)
can u post music here
entity too large
Image 1561693439869.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1545, 74700610_p0.png)
uh maybe a youtube link unless its super big
but this song~
imma keep it exclusive to myself~
Image 1561693546582.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
Image 1561693780982.jpg (809 KB, 1090x1200, 75137185_p9.jpg)
Post your song anyway~
give it to me
Image 1561693970756.png (498 KB, 630x870, D-ELCtoUYAI9mpO.png)
Image 1561694081175.jpg (142 KB, 745x1200, D92C3jpUIAAw6r6.jpg)
Your lips are all I need~
Image 1561694274469.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
Hold me sweetly and hold me tight.
This could be our last night.
Image 1561696306914.jpg (2 KB, 123x125, 1l1iRnjVleEobszt+nRMlQ.jpg)
I can juuuust read that
Damn it Moon
anime >>706843 →
Image 1561696933894.jpg (83 KB, 699x1024, 1561693796791m.jpg)
Roll for your next reincarnation /moe/
tokyo and fukushima are cutest
That's not Hokkaido and Osaka
#D9 (7)
Long dress, I like it

It is but it's doable
Just don't panic. It's always tempting to do something like trying to run away to heal or haphazardly dodge, but if you just stay calm and time your parries you'll get through
#d9 (7)
sekiro is hard
Yeah but it's FUN
Image 1561698616187.jpg (72 KB, 800x1131, D9qkFBSUEAA65mK.jpg)
#d9 (8)
i'll take it
i have slain gyoubu
Gyoubu job
Video 1561701671553.webm (6s, 1.2 MB, 720x585, __akashi_ashigara_choukai_erro(…).webm)
Mega Neigh
It's Maria, man.
Seriously it's right there on your post why are you getting all confused.
Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Image 1561711522453.jpg (155 KB, 1236x1802, IMG_20190628_184148.jpg)
#d9 (3)
looking spiffy
Image 1561713295031.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, 39210_20190628041121_1.png)
can't say i'm surprised
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561714414012.jpg (147 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_20190627_211300.jpg)
Image 1561715022445.jpg (150 KB, 1000x1000, DwUzpoBVYAAQ4My.jpg)
boop bop beep
Image 1561715236147.jpg (156 KB, 1103x1676, IMG_20190628_183248.jpg)
hey kirara
hey kannagi
Image 1561715286812.jpg (77 KB, 760x842, DwZ5pW1WsAABDRq.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561715661236.jpg (718 KB, 2699x4096, IMG_20190627_182519.jpg)
Ohayo minna
Image 1561716803672.jpg (195 KB, 1379x2048, IMG_20190628_200557.jpg)
fridey night
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
who is minna?
Kirara 🍄
the skys
the wind
the ground beneath our feet
the stars above our head
they are all
my precious friends
Image 1561717512946.jpg (1.9 MB, 3840x2160, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn(…).jpg)
the feeling is one sided
Maybe the real cosmos was the friends we made along the seven days
Image 1561717993686.jpg (12 KB, 397x264, D-EQ7wrXUAAGefb.jpg)
it prefers kosm
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561718273189.jpg (382 KB, 1280x720, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 12 (W(…).jpg)
yfw the sky and the cosmos are one
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561718309528.jpg (202 KB, 560x640, 05703b66e22dc50fad25487474d79571.jpg)
If you fly through the sky, you fly through the cosmos
Image 1561718658159.png (657 KB, 900x909, 50f90921083c73e4.png)
hug the sky for eyes
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561719020745.jpg (401 KB, 1280x720, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 01 (W(…).jpg)
C&T fucks me up every week
i sure wish it was easier to slam anime on this phone
i could stream it but ew
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561719439345.jpg (35 KB, 280x160, 4B22ECA2-A262-4CA6-A2C9-8A17AED906EA.jpeg)
dear kirara
leaks are a bitch
Kirara 🍄
is that a real leak
both that and a hal/mal one have two arts for the ssr icon and theres a full hal/mal one so proba ly
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561719508738.jpg (419 KB, 1280x720, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 01 (W(…).jpg)
i'll get them all
i have like 20k gems
im empty
due to bait

but this could bode well in that they covered a summer unit id want but not enough to spill my own blood

if summer orchid shows up in august though
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561719577918.jpg (444 KB, 1280x720, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 04 (W(…).jpg)
hal and mal are really cute
mega cuties
and sandal phone is cool
i've been workin on my water teamu
maybe i can replace yuel with him
or altair
also summer yggdrasil summon
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561719798694.jpg (63 KB, 351x702, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 04 (W(…).jpg)
are the pics in /vg/ or something
i wanna see
they were datamined in house by crew so let me nust
Kirara 🍄
wow sugoi
Image 1561720037531.jpg (157 KB, 640x667, 53EE83C9-BE80-41AA-8500-1D2DDD39B0A8.jpeg)
Image 1561720061423.png (477 KB, 470x636, areyoupreparedtobattlesheerdespair.PNG)
Are you prepared
Kirara 🍄

what about hal and mal
Image 1561720272616.jpg (191 KB, 640x940, 06AC640B-309E-47D2-9E68-4B473B1C99F8.jpeg)
i was in transit
no sandy second art
(full i mean)
Kirara 🍄
Kirara 🍄
they're such good friends
just like yuel and socie
and anne and grea
Kirara 🍄
exactly. best friends
Kirara 🍄
maybe eventually there will be a sandal phone/lucio duo
Kirara 🍄
ton/pan duo

Image 1561720904961.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 923C86E4-35EA-45CE-B67C-E705E5E0ADEE.jpeg)
does it put you in good spirits when your shuffle decides to throw one of your favorite songs at you
i got a half a pot of black coffee on my night stand
what if rng has one song play 4 times in a row out of thousands?
play the lottery
i do
at times
i never win
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561721051699.jpg (718 KB, 2699x4096, IMG_20190627_182519.jpg)
does it put you in good spirits when you get an easy week next week after a month of 50 hour work weeks
when ai plays with ai
especially if no pay deduction involved
Kirara 🍄
haha i don't get paid so that one's easy to clear
i think it did yeah
>theres a translation for that song but it leaves off the last little bit after the chorus repeats
oh this is awful
#5d50 (6, 36, 19, 50, 41 = 152) #2d10 (3, 6 = 9)
Image 1561722999719.jpg (189 KB, 839x1200, IMG_20190628_215620.jpg)
what a klitz
Image 1561724229049.jpg (94 KB, 1104x1428, 01f78ab1731962b3.jpg)
here is a fun pool for boredom reading


so... ever wondered how many times you can ress a cup of coffee before it stops being coffee?
Image 1561724494720.png (3.3 MB, 1920x1080, ffxiv_06282019_072110_072.png)
i have become the warrior of darkness
time for bed
Image 1561724920034.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
But do you have a warrior soul?
the item that lets you be the warrior class is called Soul of the Warrior so yeah i guess i do
Image 1561726265848.jpg (1.7 MB, 1205x805, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
is a damn good song too
Image 1561726930525.png (134 KB, 373x451, EE62BFED-3CAE-4012-B9C1-836EA0669B03.png)
if only the song i liked was on the youtubes
Image 1561726956910.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, [Cleo]Panty_&_Stocking_with_Ga(…).png)
I forgot how to read for a second there
[email protected]
upload it somewhere
Image 1561728290849.png (16 KB, 72x125, IINimofQuESEni3K7g.png)
Image 1561728326695.jpg (52 KB, 564x812, a6bd3701f7caac37490ec51a845cfb89.jpg)
i knew you were hiding!
Image 1561728710652.jpg (248 KB, 650x923, __itsumi_erika_and_takebe_saor(…).jpg)
Image 1561728715425.jpg (345 KB, 650x973, __anchovy_and_kadotani_anzu_gi(…).jpg)
Image 1561728719066.jpg (236 KB, 650x968, __kadotani_anzu_girls_und_panz(…).jpg)
apparently coffee can be lazarused atleast 5 times and it still tastes like coffee coffee
Image 1561728786693.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Non Non Biyori (…).png)
this has good energy
are we talkin instant coffee or the good stuff
Image 1561728962790.jpg (1.6 MB, 1215x1532, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
I ran out
of chapters
I made this pot (2l) yesterday evening
and been ressurrecting bits of it ever since
the last one I ressed to drink while reading, but I fell asleep
so then I ressed it a while ago, but forgot into them icrowave oven
that final cupfull (4dl) had been byt hat time ressed 4 times and then final 5 in microwave
Image 1561728972399.jpg (215 KB, 1083x1469, D-JdYdYVUAExEd1.jpg)
not that I mind either as long as it isn't too burnt or bitter
Image 1561729125869.jpg (131 KB, 650x919, __akiyama_yukari_itsumi_erika_(…).jpg)
But if you are a gup fan i'd really recommend reading
it not only does retell the story quite amusingly, but it makes use of lot of the other spinoff manga material in terms of characterisation
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561729203392.jpg (571 KB, 1079x1624, Screenshot_20190627-072609_Granblue.jpg)
Image 1561729268968.jpg (8.3 MB, 4211x4956, cebdf8fdfd34e33f.jpg)
last boss of some lovecraftian campaign
Image 1561729324859.jpg (436 KB, 2376x1652, D-EMTJrXoAESGwO.jpg)
how did ton even get you back into gbf
Image 1561729379988.png (774 KB, 651x1330, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
bribes and blackmail
Kirara 🍄
fucking code Geass collab
fully voiced story with Lelouch, kallen, suzaku, cc, jerimah, and nunnally
[email protected]
Very carefully.
Image 1561729393432.png (338 KB, 625x900, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
or as rei said it, but hey I like to speak non-politician
[email protected]
I prefer Spinzaku.
Kirara 🍄
he did spin in the story
[email protected]
Image 1561729454588.jpg (442 KB, 1000x707, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
spin to win
we should make a spin to win homebrew for 13th
i am still surprised i got kirara vack
soldier boy up in this hoe
why would you take a kirara vaccination?
Kirara 🍄
honestly it probably helps that i have developed patience
Image 1561729573437.jpg (253 KB, 1061x1500, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
and a gambling addiction?
Kirara 🍄
through zazen i have become liberated in the grind
wah me crank that wah me wo
Image 1561729661119.jpg (526 KB, 690x1000, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
turns out buddhism et al were actually designed for japanese games
such foresight
much zazen
Kirara 🍄
you planned this too?! buddha?!!!
oh yeah you have to be patient
t. man who was losing his shit rushing Nier
Image 1561729837977.jpg (180 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
He was actually a materialist capitalist
Image 1561729861115.jpg (128 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
speaking of patience I should go maintain satellites and search for alien life again
best game
Image 1561729980823.gif (480 KB, 500x274, d270a850cd32f17ff94e8ba98489e85d.gif)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561730091271.jpg (98 KB, 507x285, Screenshot_20190627-071021_Granblue.jpg)
Image 1561730349478.jpg (139 KB, 800x1000, 511D28B1-5E34-4021-9EC9-F1CF373A3AD7.jpeg)
kirara we have to find who made her cry and make them cry
it was me
>Myst movie in the works
oh boy I can't wait for two hours
Video 1561731137378.mp4 (♫, 8s, 325 KB, 460x258, 9ae50186d27cff9e.mp4)
of some guy just flicking levers
this end of the house has the worst reception
Image 1561731201895.png (291 KB, 679x960, __original_drawn_by_peach_momo(…).png)
>whole movie is just that piano puzzle to fly that ship
Image 1561731343864.jpg (146 KB, 1435x1781, IMG_20190628_235113.jpg)
well I guess they did have a bunch of lore and backstory behind those puzzles
that might make for a story at least
Image 1561731289519.jpg (236 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Myst series was never even that popular, I maen it is well known, but not that many have actually played it
Image 1561731357966.jpg (194 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 1(…).jpg)
I have no doubt that it will completely miss any point Myst had, in terms of lore and story
and no one will really like it
not series fans
not casual viewers
Image 1561731484427.jpg (177 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Name a video game movei that actually was well made and faithful to the origin.
I can only think of maybe tomb raider movies, since the early tomb raiders didn't raelly have that complicated points. Hell even the remakes are kinda action movie scripts turned into games
good to hear
Image 1561731486964.jpg (20 KB, 512x422, e8b885761fc4761a5376a8c256f959de.jpg)
finally some work came through
same-day stuff so some bonus pay with it
this medication has me so tired though that i don't feel like working at all
im just sleepy all the time
Image 1561731557695.jpg (272 KB, 929x1200, 73702803_p0_master1200.jpg)
the street fighter movie isn't faithful to the origin but it is well made
well it did give us "the day Bizon grazed your village was the most important day of your life, to me it was tuesday" or however it went
Image 1561731632177.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Non Non Biyori (…).png)
that's good
how long have you had these new meds?
like a couple of weeks?
Image 1561731908623.jpg (163 KB, 642x1000, 75346371_p0_master1200.jpg)
about three weeks yeah
two weeks since they upped the dose
i wanted them to up the dose once more to 150mg but they discharged me with a prescription for 75mg and ignored my request

it is helping me a lot in managing my mental health but it's making my productivity worse
i think i'll end up gaining weight if i keep taking it, which i dont want to do
Image 1561732325234.jpg (187 KB, 1240x1754, IMG_20190628_200153.jpg)
oh, what happened with your contract btw?
Image 1561732456018.jpg (81 KB, 563x798, 9ac75558018d58d595cd31c2e3684486.jpg)
it's fine
i just don't have a high priority on the work list since im less reliable at the moment
there's potential that i could go weeks without work at any time from this contract
if there's lots coming through i'll get stuff somewhat regularly though

i certainly won't be getting 8 hours a day of work out of it though like i used to
i might on some days
Image 1561733732658.jpg (58 KB, 450x1000, IMG_20190629_005517.jpg)
that's a bit of a relief I suppose
nice panties fam
it's a swimsuit
Image 1561734720035.jpg (3.5 MB, 2415x3467, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by(…).jpg)
what if we just go no?
she looks like just has one eye
i mean of you’re going to just post FILTH I can help
How about we don't do any of that.
Image 1561736517403.png (3.6 MB, 2352x1752, __hong_meiling_and_izayoi_saku(…).png)
>optimizing the people
Image 1561737485738.jpg (171 KB, 1000x1250, IMG_20190629_013603.jpg)
while I usually would join in on the debauchery I have to wake up in four or so hours
Image 1561742073465.jpg (142 KB, 745x1200, D92C3jpUIAAw6r6.jpg)
God I just want to feel your skin against mine
Ita hot
Atsui na
Image 1561744552688.jpg (206 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p29.jpg)
Song aint bad, reminds me of the reggeaton I hear blasting in my neighbourhood lol
especially with the broken english
One of you hold me, I got fucked in a game that I first played when I was 17
I couldn't keep up that match really, makes me saaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddd
Image 1561746661009.png (67 KB, 372x115, Diablo_III64_2019-06-28_21-30-42.png)
well this is a first time...
Image 1561746744974.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
lol back in 2013 that happened all the time
your first time?
guess european servers were a lot better
or I didn't play it in 2013, having gotten bored of it in12 already
Smells like rain is coming.
Image 1561748202896.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot129.jpg)
Image 1561748882237.jpg (163 KB, 2048x1858, D8TR4jKXoAAyPr1.jpg)
Image 1561748925152.jpg (1.9 MB, 2480x3507, 73537823_p0.jpg)
looks like the european servers got worse with time lol
Image 1561749220351.jpg (321 KB, 800x600, __hong_meiling_and_kazami_yuuk(…).jpg)
More like feels they took a chunk of their servers down on purpose
Maybe shave off all that WOOL then
Image 1561751169900.jpg (4.3 MB, 2578x3568, 74986684_p0.jpg)
God I just want to hold you unti you melt in my arms
I'm 50 hours in drinking and I maybe got like 1 hour of sleep in that time?
fuck lol
and I can't kill Owl for the 60th time
>going outside
This is a mistake
Image 1561752176754.jpg (25 KB, 563x405, 2526c86c1443a3cc0b71d5092041c77a.jpg)
i warned you about that
years ago
you shoulda listened
coffee and ice cream
try it out
as in using the coffee like a sauce
Image 1561753283896.jpg (155 KB, 1300x1053, IMG_20190629_013607.jpg)
ears are fucking up once again
can't hear SHIT
My people need me. But I dont want to be needed in this season.
Image 1561754506940.png (5.2 MB, 5000x2500, 70514869_p0.png)
Crab season too much for you?
We're thriving rn
Image 1561755126947.png (682 KB, 672x900, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn(…).png)
crab dance battle
okay take 7 on this quest, let's see if gods of blizzard servers are finally kind
fucking hell
Image 1561755613180.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
White boys are cute and all but I miss kissing actual lips
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561756184404.jpg (182 KB, 1417x2048, IMG_20190628_155246.jpg)
Another wonderful day under my belt
Nyanderful day
[email protected]
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561757140468.jpg (294 KB, 732x895, 20190626_160343.jpg)
i was super productive today
Image 1561757268025.jpg (779 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot130.jpg)
this annoys me about diablo 3
you can always LOWER the difficulty
but beyond I think raising from normal to expert etc
you can't raise it at all without restarting
wonder why

also dat ass
Image 1561757300912.jpg (886 KB, 975x1200, 02.jpg)
hello hello
Weekend kita
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561757505103.jpg (198 KB, 738x738, 20190623_111220.jpg)
Hello, Rika-chan!
Image 1561758065518.jpg (160 KB, 1210x1000, IMG_20190629_013613.jpg)
Image 1561758122455.jpg (466 KB, 1000x1197, 1404262107865.jpg)
Hello, how are we today?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561758316724.jpg (170 KB, 1334x2048, IMG_20190628_155219.jpg)
I'm wonderful. How are you?
I got so much done today!
Image 1561758408464.jpg (228 KB, 1250x1000, IMG_20190629_013610.jpg)
Image 1561758445530.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1414, 1061931ジャージ北上様turu-ko.jpg)
I'm doing okay!
Taking it easy right now.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561758510553.jpg (147 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_20190627_211300.jpg)
Good stuff!
Whatcha doing to take it easy?
I'm chopping an onion right now.
Image 1561758579477.png (183 KB, 386x406, que.png)
Is chopping stuff up taking it easy?

Right now I'm trying to get mods to install on a game and not having a lot of success.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561758621500.jpg (718 KB, 2699x4096, IMG_20190627_182519.jpg)
Of course it is. Taking is easy is a frame of mind! I'm enjoying myself! I'm preparing dinner.

What game?
Cooking prep can be pretty meditative.
Put some good music on and it's really relaxing.
Image 1561758982027.jpg (42 KB, 321x460, 1472124245757.jpg)
It's called Ark, it's a very time consuming game that some friends have been playing so I've been messing around with it a little bit.
I don't plan on playing seriously though.
I couldn't get the mods installed for the server they're playing on so I gave up for now.
Image 1561759055383.jpg (238 KB, 1316x1633, uAczAuaGPs4.jpg)
modding stuff seems like it's more effort than the enjoyment you get from it
my ADD isn't patient enough for that stuff
Image 1561759103641.jpg (180 KB, 849x1200, 1549234521523.jpg)
It's just a couple of basic ones that the server is running. There seems to be some kind of version problem, it usually just works.
I'll try again later and it probably will just work.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561759118419.jpg (62 KB, 529x900, IMG_20190623_055517.jpg)
Just about anything can be meditative!

Isn't that that dinosaur game?
Image 1561759163521.jpg (51 KB, 1280x720, 1426860089070.jpg)
Yeah, it's that dinosaur game.
It's really bot that bad if you play it as a pve game, but the pvp servers are terrible and full of chinese people that will kill you in the middle of the night.

Catching dinosaurs is fun if you play on a server where everything is sped up though.
Hah hah, Ark's always seemed cool in principle to me but all the actual information I hear about it makes it sound pretty terrible.
The devs are also rather negligent and irresponsible about their game development, putting out DLC for Ark when it was still in early access and just dropping development for Ark to start on their new game despite Ark being riddled with bugs.
Image 1561759288690.jpg (1.6 MB, 1200x1697, 75067343_p0.jpg)
is that the one everyone got upset about?

there was some dino game that I thought looked cool and wanted to check out
but people told me absolutely not to support it because it was supporting evil devs who screwed people over.
good evening rika and pals
Could be. If it's a contemporary dinosaur game the only ones I'd guess at would be Ark or the Jurassic Park park simulator game.
And between those two I'd wager on Ark.
Kirara 🍄
Yeah, Ark's devs stole a bunch of work from another dev and then fucked the victims over legally, if I remember right.
Image 1561759384266.jpg (50 KB, 480x595, 9fc9d6e3c35352ac1dbd15f3698aedce.jpg)
no it's just about regular dinosaurs, not contemporary dinosaurs
Moon please.
If I wasn't out getting food I'd have an image here.
Image 1561759552709.jpg (3 KB, 125x70, e1i5wxVTzWLRz2rk_WIQow.jpg)
yeah, that's the one. i thought it looked really fun but i opted not to support it since i wouldn't have anyone to play it with anyway
good evening ton
Kirara 🍄
always be prepared
Image 1561759835630.jpg (52 KB, 459x691, 4da7209ad851aac45d335e70c3114f07.jpg)
i have a lot of work lined up for the weekend
i'll be making some good money that's gonna immediately get taken by the government's greed
moon phase
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561760348537.jpg (146 KB, 900x1282, IMG_20190622_175015.jpg)
jarritos is the best
is that the name of jan’s mexican food truck you giys talked about
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561760457437.jpg (2.2 MB, 2256x4032, 20190628_182045.jpg)
no but we'll serve it at our food truck
Image 1561760495604.png (1.6 MB, 927x1263, 75066934_p0.png)
you guys are going to have a food truck??
can you make me a quesadilla
a bunch of quesadillas
and then serve me to people
Kirara 🍄
one case of dilla comin right up
>not even making moon pies out of moon
come on now
Kirara 🍄
are you suggesting jan and i murder moon and serve him to our customers as food?
moon just said to make moon into a bunch of quesadillas
i like grapefruit
i know jarritos so i bet that's really good
I just dunno what I was doing
prolly listening tot his podcast
salvaged the GOOD weapons I had on me and replaced them with shit weapons
and then went like "uuh wut" and then I salvaged the weapons I was equipped with anyhow
and now I have 2 shit weapons to run with

what the hell brain
make him a sandwich
>we heard your cries
>but wont be doing anything about it. please look forward to our other games
Image 1561762358878.jpg (76 KB, 580x936, DB189983-9042-4599-82C6-7075C5287495.jpeg)
at least i didnt buy lets go
that would be a travesty
Kirara 🍄
lets go was fun
i wouldnt have liked it
im still getting sword though
i need my fix
I'm probably getting Sword/Shield.
But it's no longer a certain get and I'm gonna be watching for some more details running up to and maybe even a bit after its release.
Game Freak really botched my hype for it.
Kirara 🍄
i probably won't get it for a while but that's because of death stranding
not every pokeman doesn't really matter much to me
Kirara 🍄
i generally have low expectations of pokeman games though
they're not something im passionate about
It's kind of disappointing to me.
I've always found the thought of completing the National Dex romantic but I've never been able to stick with a game long enough to finish one.
So to be automatically deprived of that in Sword/Shield before I even have a chance to try is a shame.
as you guys know i am pretty passionate about pokemon
I played stuff my cousins owned before it but a gameboy color with Red was the first video game stuff i owned

speajing of completing the national dex, owl completed it at minimum up to fifth gen if not further.
he doesnt own a switch though
im too lazy to do the national myself but i want to see all my favorites and be able to get them
as opposed to regional dexes
like hoenn dex, kanto dex
Kirara 🍄
wait what's national dex
isn't that easy
National Dex is the complete list of Pokemon from all games combined.
As opposed to a regional Pokedex which is the specific Pokedex to a game.

Honestly the Pokemon world lore isn't developed enough to have a concrete answer on that one, hah hah.
It might be that the entire Pokemon world is one united nation.
Kirara 🍄
why is it called national
aren't all the regions different nations
national is what they called in in gen 3 so iunno
Something I read somewhere had a nice little poetic take on the cut Pokemon in Sword/Shield.
Every Pokemon is somebody's favourite Pokemon.
While probably not literally true, the odds of some Pokemon fan getting their favourite Pokemon cut from Sword/Shield for no real good reason is not really a respectable choice.

Not to mention Masuda's statement to the Pokemon fans is still not answering the question of if a National Dex will ever return in a future Pokemon game.
The writing on the walls are that they don't want to put in the effort to have one anymore, so there's a chance they might just rotate in and out old Pokemon in future games.
Kirara 🍄
i mean, it's a lot of effort
and money
it's not a passion project
it's a corporate franchise
It's a lot of effort that's already DONE though.
Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon had all the 3D models for all the Pokemon made up to that date in its game data.
They even all had entirely unused walking animations.

They're not remaking new textures, that's the thing.
The Pokemon looked like shit in Ultra Sun/Moon because the 3DS was a weak-ass piece of hardware that couldn't handle the models the games used.

Kirara 🍄
but they still have to make all the new textures and shit
all the Pokemon looked like shit in sun and moon
I would be willing to wait longer if it meant we had national dex
Like I get Pokemon is not technically a first-party Nintendo product and as such it's not inherently obligated to their standards of quality.
But when you have them going up against games like Animal Crossing which outright says "We're delaying this game to a release date next year because we don't want to overwork our employees" and things like Metroid Prime 4 going back to square one on development because they didn't find the quality of product sufficient.
And the Switch has already set a high bar for open-world first/second-party products like Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade.

Of course this all doesn't matter because most people either don't care or don't pay a critical eye to games and their development.
But it's why I'm so frustrated with how its turned out. It COULD be a much better game. But their reasons for why it's not are so half-baked it just sucks for me.
Even if they do it just makes it feel like they dont care as much.
*referring to pokemon, of course
It feels nice to have solidarity with you tilde, feeling the same way on a level that isnt just “this is dumb” but instead “this is why this is dumb”
well yeah
I don't think you can complete national dex, aside from trading, in any pkmn game aside well the first ones, obviously
You couldn't even complete the National Dex in Red/Blue/Green without trading.

Well trading has been a consistent cornerstone of the Pokemon experience since Gen I, it makes sense you'd have to take advantage of it to complete a National Dex.
and I don't mean version specific even here, but just that some just don't appear in some games
thats what version specific means though?
Image 1561763955144.jpg (48 KB, 496x702, 19fc169c10751a7f.jpg)
And good luck getting a mew or something
Mews are small time.
The real drag on finishing a National Dex are all the dumb event Pokemon.
just use missingno my guy
Like who the fuck aside from a real Pokemon nut knows what a Shaymin is off the top of their head.
Even I had to go look up what its name is.
i do because my sisters are Pokemon fanatics
i do-oh
it's a bushdog looking thing that is legendary but maybe not
mew is an event pkmn
Yeah that makes you a Pokemon nut by osmosis.
i can't not listen to them talk about that junk!
it would be rude and they'd get mad
Image 1561764178241.jpg (76 KB, 580x936, 60FB1A57-D004-473E-8C2F-DAB2982F66D8.jpeg)
you should do the favoritr pokemon chart thing
It gets given away in some events, yes, but it also has means of obtaining it without cheating that don't involve events.
But there are some Pokemon that are pretty much impossible to get without trading, cheating in, or obtaining in an event.
Image 1561764359347.png (34 KB, 861x459, Shaymin.PNG)
Oak's letter is an event item so even in its original get chance it was literally impossible to acquire without cheating in the item if you couldn't get it from an event.
Image 1561764451426.png (50 KB, 589x876, firefox_2019-06-29_02-27-17.png)
yeah many ways to get it
Just gotta transfer 999 Pokemon to Pokemon Ranch.
Grindy, but not really hard.
amusingly there was no event during BW era
Events in Pokemon kind of sucked for me pre-Black/White 2.
The WiFI at my house wasn't cooperative with the DS's receiver so even for events that could be accessed just by connecting your DS to the Internet, I couldn't actually take part in unless I found somewhere with a WiFi signal that my DS could work with.
But I got a 3DS around the time Black/White 2 came out and that was a lot more accessible.

Somebody on /vp/ had a special server set up that you could connect to and get a random mystery gift event Pokemon from so on one of my Black/White 2 carts I've got like a bunch of assorted Legendaries and shinies sitting around doing nothing.
I was thinking of setting up the Pokemon Bank service and getting them all on to Sword/Shield but now it kind of just feels moot.
Maybe if some of the event Pokemon I've got are what I need to finish the Galar Dex, but I doubt that'll be relevant.
Image 1561764928439.jpg (25 KB, 563x405, 2526c86c1443a3cc0b71d5092041c77a.jpg)
i want to shake things upt
things get kind of set in stone after a while and it's hard to change stuff that should be changed
like first impressions or uncomfortable vibes
Or something that's just assumed should happen because it's always happened.
What I'm saying here Moon is, let's go blow up the sun so we're no longer plagued by its incessant repetitive rising.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561765204880.jpg (384 KB, 1366x768, favorites.jpg)
Well Sword/Shield won't even have the coding to support Mega-Evolutions and Z-Moves, so your Fairy favourite is already right out.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
just mawile is fine
I also wouldn't be surprised if all the Ultra Beasts are not gonna make it into the games either.
Kirara 🍄
all of rhe anime netflix has made is so badly animated
every single time
the stuff they license is good but the stuff they have made is always flash-tier animation
Image 1561766100157.jpg (87 KB, 650x899, 73811953_p0.jpg)
i don't like netflix!
they should choke on a bag of dix!
this is old but still
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561768015496.jpg (241 KB, 2000x1985, IMG_20190628_154338.jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yeah that
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561769389207.jpg (30 KB, 194x180, 20190628_204850.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561769546766.jpg (587 KB, 1047x1080, yilan - 北上.jpg)
I like M16, she reminds me of a boat. Kind of like a mix between Kitakami and Umikaze.
[email protected]
Image 1561769617253.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190628_194945.jpg)
Found this at the record store.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yeah you see this
this is what pokemon masters will bring
fun and art of good girls
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561769757678.jpg (182 KB, 1417x2048, IMG_20190628_155246.jpg)
Hmm, do you think so?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561769855843.jpg (32 KB, 590x590, 448118a9a204e8259237f977f75ee317.jpg)
m16 is cool
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561770022745.jpg (587 KB, 1344x2048, IMG_20190628_204728.jpg)
Next week is going to be a little laid back for me. I get July 4th off.
I might go in if I have work to do, though.
Black/White 2's female protagonist was super adorable.
Black/White's was good too.
i like the girl from black/white she is anime thicc
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561770342284.jpg (170 KB, 1334x2048, IMG_20190628_155219.jpg)
I had to explain to a client that her IQ is 73 today.
It went well, though.
She believes God made her broken and she hates herself, she has, I don't know how to spell it, but tubero sclurosis? That causes her to grow tumors all over from time to time and she's had a few brain tumors removed.

I told her that her IQ was below average like she expected, but then I told her that she's pretty smart despite that according to the testing, and although it takes her longer than other people, she's such a hard worker that she can pretty much do anything other people can.

I wasn't lying or misleading her when I said that. She's incredibly high functioning for 73 IQ.

But it was a weird situation, to have to spin a 73 IQ as not necessarily a bad thing.

Yeah, that.
tuberous sclerosis
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561770435187.jpg (230 KB, 713x1000, 5eb80dfa79ab34eefae10b4926b8e5b7.jpg)
toblerone colossos
tuberous sclerosis is the thing
Image 1561770656813.jpg (20 KB, 400x400, 1ab963805567d48420a3e7e28cb8bc74.jpg)
i don't know what 73iq is like so i don't want to say something dumb and ignorant, but iq really is such a bad indicator for success
i bet she's functional in a lot of ways i would envy

there gets to be a point with high iqs where you can't really function in ways society needs you to also
im sure she has plenty of reason to be wary and displeased with her lot in life i dont want to downplay that
but high iq people have a hard time too
Kirara 🍄
it's a bad indicator of success but they're good indicators of various cognitive abilities
she's way less functional than you though based on what i know

high iq isn't really a difficult thing unless it's accompanied by other problems generally though
higher iq correlates with higher job satisfaction and some other things
i mean everyone has problems, i just mean high iq doesn't really have special problems in itself
high iq is usually associated with neurodivergent "disorders" and the "disorders" are the cause of the problems
ironically the neurodivergent disorders are the same in high and low IQ though lol

she's been really successful in our IOP though
she's opened up a lot and has more positive affect
we're discharging her successfully in a week
my concern is that she can't live on her own right now but her parents are inadvertently abusive and contribute to her poor self-esteem considerably

but she's not my client, i just see her in group sometimes
Image 1561771120782.jpg (238 KB, 1316x1633, uAczAuaGPs4.jpg)
i definitely don't have any job satisfaction and i have a lot of emotional and relationship struggles
but im making something that wasn't about me into something that is right now so i'll stop that
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561771361701.jpg (147 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_20190627_211300.jpg)
everyone is different

i really love my job
i wouldn't mind staying in florida to work here
ill have to leave for my internship in a year though
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561771386516.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 1f8f6808a23ed87cf0cfa759ee3b25bb.jpg)
I want to do things but I want to sleep
Kirara 🍄
that's what im gonna do
Image 1561771451970.png (2.6 MB, 1238x2000, 75408007_p0.png)
i really want to do work with systems
crypto is fine or physician scientist would be fine

without my ADD meds and other meds to slow my brain down, that's the only stuff i can think about
it's so fully immersive with my core self
but i can't function in the other things i need to do to maintain my emotional and social wellbeing, or work other jobs to support myself until i got there, unless im medicated

the best option would be for me just to not need to do those things so i can do stuff that matters and be my real self
since they don't want to fill the meds i need in order to function as a normie, i think im just going to stop trying
im gonna stop taking my meds altogether and just go back to being my normal self

funnily enough the full scale psych eval i took after being prescribed wellbutrin and ritalin had me scoring a 139 on my IQ test which was a 24 point drop
but i function a lot better in day-to-day life with it
i just can't do all the stuff i care about
it makes me so distressed
Image 1561771744722.jpg (176 KB, 1200x859, IMG_20190629_112830.jpg)
i too hate my job
Image 1561772468671.jpg (58 KB, 507x1199, 1724ede17d107ee1e53012eca149bdef.jpg)
i just wanna live a normal life
but i dont wanna be a normie
Image 1561772623392.jpg (129 KB, 955x1351, IMG_20190629_134316.jpg)
for tony
i just want to live my life but that would make me a psycho
You want to live YOUR normal life!
Image 1561773159005.jpg (87 KB, 800x1278, 1560066332567.jpg)
i was let down pretty hard by the system designed for the masses
public education is meant to prepare normal folks for normal things
i never even had a say in it

they urged my parents to have me in a special school which would have been completely free because they wanted me to go there
but i was just a kid and my parents didn't care about stuff like that
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
you ever play shoot the cookie
Don't believe so, no.
i think i did that with biscuits instead of cookies
err, maybe
what do you shoot the cookie with
you used scones?
you can use whatever toppings you want I think
although I think it's saos we use here
but you can use cookies biscuits or whatever
what do you shoot them with
what's the shooting part
Image 1561777882011.jpg (142 KB, 745x1200, D92C3jpUIAAw6r6.jpg)
some good games today
I never won but eh, not always about winning.
Image 1561777914841.jpg (95 KB, 966x1200, 54f2e3b7eeb8c1f342aabebfc6faf364.jpg)
i got two of the brawny +50 hp buffs from the neutral rounds
so every kill on juggernaut gave +100 hp
he ended up having almost 8K hp by the time the game ended, and beastmaster had like 4K

even though i had no other hunters, beastmaster 3-star was doing about 7K damage per round, while juggernaut with battlefury would barely eke out 1000 damage, maybe
don't underestimate that boy. he tears through everything
throw down some CC like a tidehunter and disruptor/kunkka on the front line with your beastmaster and then have a cleanup crew like hunters or assassins and you've got a stronger endgame than any knight cheese
come on july 4th
i dont plan on it
you're not gonna climax?
why would i
The rain has come.
My cat's weird and would rather hide out under a bench than come inside where it's dry but a fan's whirring in the living room.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
im gonna stab myself with a pen
then i will become more than just flesh and bones
Don't stab
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
but what if... stab?
stabbing yourself with a penis a bad idea
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
what was it rika used to say?
it’s not interesting unless someone gets poked
Why do things have to be interesting?
Why can't they just be BORING.
Image 1561780148145.jpg (1.6 MB, 1302x1842, 75067962_p0.jpg)
you should find somebody else to poke
poking yourself won't work out too well
The human body isn't even supposed to bend like that.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
we work miracles out here
Mere ankles
Image 1561780538697.jpg (127 KB, 649x950, 69377733_p0.jpg)
well you shouldn't have to struggle alone
let me know if you need any help!
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oh no im bleeding
who saw this coming
i dont get what you're doing, but be careful!
i have reached the endgame of runescape
afk farming gp while watching youtube
this actually gets you banned very quickly these days
it's too consistent

high alching isn't a great way to profit anymore either since the economy is fairly linked to the alch potential and nature rune price it doesn't go much lower than high alch gp for the items you'd alch anymore
i just think those jank setups are funny as hell
i remember one for some FPS game, probably halo or something, that sets your controller up to do perfect donuts with your character and it had like 12 rubber bands all warped around the back of the controller
it's just so goofy
yeah it is pretty funny
i watched a goldeneye speedrun video where the guy used two controllers and taped the second one to his leg
that shit was hilarious

i got banned for high alching manually back in 2012
they called me a bot because i high alched 30,000 rune platelegs over like 9 hours using mousekeys to click with the 5 key on the numpad haha
oh wait he actually had both taped to his leg
you can see it at like 2:40 haha
You gotta use every resource available to you to cut those seconds off your PB.
goldeneye is kind of a weird speedgame
they measure the times in whole seconds as recorded by the mission complete screen so there's a lot of levels that have like tens or hundreds of tied world records
some levels have possible time saves of several seconds that are just too difficult for people to perform by hand and haven't been recorded successfully after getting discovered years ago too
Image 1561782423675.jpg (26 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)
check out rwhitegoose's speedrun lore for goldeneye
he's a great storyteller and they're legitimately warm and fun stories
i've seen most of his videos haha
i really like him though, even if some of them are kind of long he's a good orator
his videos unrelated to goldeneye are great too
did you see his darklight storytime vid yet?
Summoning Salt and Oddheader are a couple other channels i like to watch kind of in the background
they've both got nice voices and are good at storytelling i think
no i haven't
i asked him why he has a goose with anal beads as his profile image and he hasn't responded so im boycotting watching any of his stuff until he does
not that i don't like it
it's just an interesting design choice
he probably thought you were just fucking with him or something
not that i don't understand cause i wondered what was up with the logo a bit myself
the balls kind of make it look like that tennis shoe with the balls in the sole to me
Image 1561782823594.jpg (52 KB, 564x812, a6bd3701f7caac37490ec51a845cfb89.jpg)
they're definitely anal beads
im sure he would have replied if he saw it
it probably just got buried in the comments
oh yeah you can't message people directly on youtube anymore can you?
if it was a comment he probably never saw it
i don't even get comments on my youtube but like once a month or something and still don't get notifications for it half the time
Maybe try messaging him on the Tweeter.
Image 1561783178768.jpg (61 KB, 564x1002, e5437201b4cb7318f46b3b84dd0fd7bb.jpg)
i have a really good track record for getting my comments pinned or favorited by the creator
usually not having the most likes though because people are dumb and like the dumbest normie meme comments

there's an animal crossing person i // whose videos i really like and she favorited my comment and it's the top comment and has been for a while
youtube lets you edit comments so i kind of had the idea that, in the top spot and favorited by her, i could edit it to say something really uncomfortable and it'd look like she and a bunch of other people are really onboard with the idea
like suggesting that she make an egg-laying ASMR video or something weird like that

but i like her so i don't want to bully her
Image 1561783511997.jpg (46 KB, 650x357, reebok atv.jpg)
there we go i found those damn shoes
seen these in the store a few times and wondered why they're built like this
yeah that would be kinda mean
they could just remove your comment anyways
probably quickly notice it if it's the top comment it'd get a lot of votes up or down and trigger notifications

i've never actually played animal crossing but i like that phone game i play it occasionally
it's not a new video though so i don't think anyone would notice really quickly

i end up making really trolly comments on space narrator videos like astrum and stuff too
but they all have really good senses of humor so they usually love it

but yeah just being able to edit the comments seems really untowards
i wonder whether they get notified when a comment they've favorited gets edited

holy fug that shoe is ugly
i have made like maybe 10 or 15 comments on youtube total in 10 years haha
no idea if any of them got a lot of upvotes
like 8 of them are on 10lettername's videos too

i don't usually feel like shouting into the void so public comment sections are just something i browse through
though back in the day i sent a few messages to people directly and got to talk to a few accounts i liked

you don't get notifications about comments getting edited though, the edited version just shows up in notifications going forward without context unless you click through to view the comment and see it's been edited

that's probably the least ugly version of the shoe the other colors available are horrendously gaudy
I'm too anxious about being out in the absolute wilderness of the public Internet to make comments on YouTube videoes.
It's rare I have anything I feel driven to share anyway.
that reminds me, i used to message people a ton on youtube
and it reminds me of this old ass video
this dude was awesome
i have no idea why this video has like 600 dislikes though
it's 12 fucking years old

im a nervous wreck but i comment all the time
i mean i grew up on the internet
it's probs the only place i feel comfortable
I don't really want to be known.
Having a relatively permanent history of things I've said that are easily accessible to anyone that looks is really not something I want.
Even the places I've been before that I've posted a lot on that someone that wanted to backtrack my name through makes me uncomfortable.
Sure I can go and delete some of that content but some I also can't because the gap of history is so wide that I can't remember the details I need to access it.

Similar things have happened in the past in other places I used to frequent so forgive me if I'm a little guarded about it happening again.
Sure, not by any of you regulars that I'm well-acquainted with, or really I'm fine with y'all going and looking at it.
But there's always going to be people that can drift in or people who I'm situationally acquainted with that I don't really like or don't really like me that could get under my skin by playing around with that shit.

And this isn't in particular about people close to me, it's definitely more about the broader Internet, which I don't want to be known by. I'm happy being a nobody.
I'm not motivated to get my thoughts and opinions on things out there in the world and if anything, having it out there is an uncomfortable thought.
Image 1561784465675.jpg (4.5 MB, 2344x3125, 75135751_p0.jpg)
im sure nobody here is going to find your animesuki account and read your old posts
Image 1561784812869.jpg (238 KB, 1316x1633, uAczAuaGPs4.jpg)
well when it comes to youtube, you certainly don't have to use a personally revealing account
im sure you are aware of that though

i thoroughly silo most of my internet affairs for personal convenience
i use different accounts for different types of activities so that the connected information works for me instead of against me
the power of information can be scary with the way the internet uses it, but if you're clever you can use it to your advantage
so i have like 11 different youtube accounts.

i also have a bunch of different online personas
not that i pretend to be anyone im not, but it's just functional
everybody has a persona theyre using when streaming or gaming or what have you. you can try to fit your whole person into your online presence but it frankly just doesn't comfortably fit. im perfectly comfortable revealing information for history with any given outward-facing persona so long as i properly silo them

ive been pretty rigorous about it too. everybody knows samefagging on 4chan, but i took it to a pretty different level and would have thoroughly fleshed out personas functioning for different roles
renaldo moon was my carefree, naive persona who would carelessly and curiously ask very fundamental questions without fear of sounding stupid
and i'd process responses to it from a more educated and introspective standpoint without a username. it just made for cleaner threads and helped stimulate discussion in the ways i felt was meaningful, moreso than trying to cram the phrased question and the response into one post in one voice. it's hard to do different things in the same voice for me.

it actually mimics my internal process for how i approach difficult problems. i disregard what i know about a scenario and i ask some very naive questions without giving myself the space to preempt them with expectation or bias, then i treat them seriously in response. if i can't seriously answer naive questions, then i probably dont know the material as well as i
I used to be a little worried about this since my typical username can be googled to retrieve like every account i've ever made on tons of sites
But I guess at some point I figured it doesn't matter too much to me since what I've done I've done and most people wouldn't realize the accounts from all those sites are actually just one person, much less care that it's me, haha.

it's somewhat useful for me rarely, since if I want to remember some site I was registered but can't, I can just google myself and find it eventually
Recently I've been seeing some west asian people on facebook show up when I do it but they're vastly outnumbered by results for my forum accounts and such

I guess it kind of makes me feel more attachment for the name too since I've never found anyone else using it as a handle on the internet and I've had it for so long
So I'd probably still use it even if I did worry people would find my information around the net haha
as i think i do
this guy was pretty good though
shame about the ancient video quality

i always wondered why people dislike youtube videos honestly
never actually done it myself
would sooner just click off the page than bother clicking dislike and then elsewhere
From my point of view, I mean, yeah, I could juggle my accounts and keep myself private because of that.
But that's such a large amount of work and I know from experience that if I try juggling accounts, I'm going to slip up.
Hell I'm aggreived enough by the fact that my MahjongSoul account is the Google account that isn't the one I generally watch stuff on YouTube with and so signing in to MS can mess up YouTube for me.
And why would I go to all this work to protect myself when ... I don't feel driven to be out there talking in the first place?
Like I can just not say anything, do none of the work needed to keep my identity secure, and still feel in a content situation.

I don't think I'm anti-social but I just don't have the motivation to socialize with total strangers.
im not interrupting you im responding to something else
this worked out really heavily in my favor one time
it seems like such a completely arbitraty and over the top thing to do, but it turned out one time that i actually saved myself from being publicly identified this way since i was the asker and the answerer, and only the asker had the name
people assumed that since i was the person who asked the question, it was clearly somebody else who answered it. nobody is crazy enough to talk to themselves on an imageboard right?

trying to explain samefagging to the public would be really awkward
"why don't you?"

yeah that's fair enough
i like leaving a thought trail though personally
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
people ask why ive only got pictures of cats on my insta
what do i tell them
Tell them you like cats, man.
That's a very normal person thing to like.
Image 1561785862177.jpg (36 KB, 530x749, cat.jpg)
can i follow you on instagram sammy
pretty much anything it's not that weird to just post animal pics on insta

you could tell them you have a priv acc for personal photos if you want to make them think you have a social life i guess
i used to use different formatting quirks and writing styles on 4chan too, but it wasn't something i designed purposefully
just reflections of my attitude regarding whatever content i was posting about at the time
even had people think i was two different people arguing the same point because some of my posts were more seriously thought out and some of them were just quick shitposts responding to people i thought were dumb
my mom has an instagram
she complains to me that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posts too much on instagram
Tell them you have a cat fursona they'll stop asking questions fast.
Image 1561786274750.jpg (51 KB, 564x769, f7e5f93e293c8b9da99bbfb441862ebd.jpg)
you overestimate people

it's really good for practicing different voices for writing
especially for fiction
i like writing fiction so it comes very easy to me to write in different voices, and i really enjoy doing it. it helps me escape my own head a little bit when i get too stuck in my own voice and my own cynical way of thinking. it's a very good creative exercise

i also //
sometimes i would try to mimic other people's voice if i could. i would read a thread and find two anons having an argument, and i would get really used to their voice and get a feel for what they'd say and how they'd act
this was how i got so good at identifying moes, probably, when there were a lot more of us and all anon
but yeah, i'd find two anons having an argument, then i'd try to mimic one's voice and i would jump into the argument pretending to be them and usually say something like "okay, that makes sense now. sorry for being a dick, i see your point and i just got a little heated, but now that im calm it makes sense. thanks for helping me understand"

in retrospect that was kind of mean but i really had a lot of fun doing it
usually the person on the other end would be really sympathetic and would say something nice even though they were jut // just having a horrifying argument
and one time specifically i stopped a very very angry argument about something dumb, and the other guy responded in kind and said something nice and that he thought it was really cool of him to be able to calm down and make such a diplomatic post, and even other anons were jumping in to applaud him
and then the guy i pretended to be was like WHAT THE FUCK THAT WASNT ME AND I DONT AGREE YOU PIECE OF SHIT and got double mad and restarted the argument
it was a lot of fun
Even on /moe/ I can usually pick out when you're in a more focused or serious mode and when you're just shooting the breeze.
It's good to have that kind of deliniation of social tones.
Image 1561786730432.png (198 KB, 700x487, IMG_20190628_161623.png)
wait what the heck Mario Maker 2 is out too?
i have too many video games to play and here I am just killing ogress shamans in Runescape
oh wow
the people who win those kind of things are a lot more dedicated than me but I guess I could enter

man Shadowbringers, Mario Maker, and Bloodstained all came out like 3 days apart and I still haven't finished The Messenger
I'll probably buy it and not play it for a bit until I finish the new FFXIV expansion storyline
yeah it just came out yesterday
i wish i could play it ;_;

there's a 10,000 dollar level design contest and i can't even participate
i bet id win too
Serious offer, I want to get the game.
If I get it and submit your design and it wins I'd give you the money minus the cost of the game.
Like I know that sounds crazy but I'm being completely honest with you about this offer.
Yeah I'd absolutely be willing to do the same if you want to enter that badly.
We could set up something through Discord to tell me what to put in the level or you could draw it.
Image 1561787086815.jpg (49 KB, 564x624, vas.jpg)
i would say yes, but there's a lot of playtesting that goes into the design
id have to try stuff out as im going along, adjust the placement of things so it lines up well, and all-in-all it's an immersive process
it's something i'd want to start doing and sink several days into it just really getting completely immersed in the level im designing
i don't think i could do that, nor playtest as i go, without having it here in my hands

kaizo stuff involves a lot of heavy testing. you have to switch between editing and playing (which is very fluid to do) a whole lot
and trying out how different tech interacts with the setup too
not to mention a lot of tech isn't even known yet because the physics isn't fully known since it's still new
i can't construct a level without deconstructing the elements composing the game, if that makes sense
Yeah, playtesting is the biggest issue. I could just video chat on discord with you using my tablet's camera since it's a stable cam, but can't stream anything since I don't have a capture card that's compatible with the switch.

But even then, I'm not sure feedback from me is the best for designing a level geared towards the general public. I mean, right now I'm on like kill #1730 or so of this same enemy I've been killing for literally three days and I think this is fun.

I like unnecessarily difficult platformers too, so I'm not a great gauge of difficulty either.
All right, I understand.
That offer still stands though. If you somehow figure out something that works you better get in contact.
I'm probably gonna try and pick the game up over the weekend or early next week.
Image 1561787592656.jpg (768 KB, 849x1200, qad.jpg)
it's not uncommon for people to spend 80+ hours creating a good kaizo level fyi
and once it's created, you have to be able to complete it in order to upload it. a lot of the big name levels from smm1 took the top players anywhere from 40 to 100 hours of attempts before they cleared it

it would be a really big undertaking if you were to be my proxy
im totally down for doing that stuff personally because i need things that hold my attention
but i dont think i can ask anyone else such a big thing
Well fundamentally it's just game development on a pre-made engine.
Not to make it sound simplistic, hah hah, game development is -for a skill or puzzle oriented game is ridiculously detailed.
But that makes numbers like eighty hours to create a high-grade map more than reasonable.
Playtesting and design refining through that feedback is a core component of polished game design.

I'm a bit distanced through time but I'm no stranger to the concepts of game design.
I just haven't had the passion to really gun for it.

The thought of producing a creative work that can be enjoyed by people is always exciting for me.

Time might alwasy -always be a concern for me especially since I'm looking to find employment soon but especially if I have someone that depends on me my capacity to remain devoted is pretty solid.
That sounds about right to me, I used to frequent an RPG Maker amateur site and they had a few community events around Super Mario Bros X that had submissions from a bunch of users, took me around 30 hours to finish my level for the collab, I'd wager.

I've spent longer on less worthwhile projects before, too. I worked on a game using RPG Maker 2003 for about 9 months for 8 to 10 hours a day and that never even saw release, haha.
I also spent hundreds of hours making a Timesplitters 2 Story Mode custom map for my sisters to play through in co-op and they only played it to completion one time.
Was worth it to watch, though, in my opinion. I never made more Story Mode maps after that because it wasn't replayable and I couldn't play with them however.
Image 1561788145018.jpg (640 KB, 978x1200, zac.jpg)
timesplitters was so amazing
i spent so many hours on that silly thing
i loved it so much.

i had something like the amusement park from SMM1 in mind for my level
but i have a bunch of levels i'd like to create
idk if you guys watch smm1 stuff really

but SMM2 has vertical levels now so i want to use fewer doors and things

i also wanted to remake Getting Over It in super mario maker, so to speak
but that's so outdated now that it wouldn't be good anymore. i wanted to do that at the time Getting Over It was still big
i was going to have high-precision platforming separated with one-way gates and note blocks that would bump you back and cause you to have to start a long ways back if you screwed up
but no death potential unless you time out

i also have a few puzzle levels in mind
one was going to employ basic cryptologic principles and be like a logic puzzle with sequencing
but would be performed through platforming so it's still kind of fun. and it wouldn't be a hard logic puzzle. it would be like anticipatory platforming around obstacles that youd have to position yourself for, which would be really easy if you can identify the patterns and more difficult but still possible if you don't
I never really got into the original Mario Maker since I didn't really have an avenue to do so.
The game really did appeal to me since I loved seeing the stuff like the original Kaizo and creations like the musicbox maps of custom Super Mario World games.
But I was pretty checked out overall on the Wii U content.
Image 1561788325026.jpg (514 KB, 657x875, 75422834_p0.jpg)
Wish I played timesplitters 2
music reminds me of Goldeneye 64 and that fucking game took my childhood
loved it
Man I really need to brush up on my platforming skills if this is the kind of things I'm gonna be encountering in SMM2 hah hah.
A lot of the little tricks used in that stage like the carrying the spring you need to jump off of in mid-air and the tight timing of wall jumps and not-full jumps are gonna be things that throw me off I can already see it.
I'd find it really cool to be able to do logic puzzles and slower designs that require you to think with reason rather than reaction.
Puzzle games are pretty interesting to me.
Image 1561788771596.jpg (36 KB, 564x999, qwa.jpg)
yeah, there's a really satisfying aesthetic to the implementation of logic in mario maker.
there's a lot of things i want to do

but those timings and spring drops and not-full jumps and all those techs are things i cant really just have someone else playtest though, since i wouldnt know what the timings are without trying it
i feel like that's not communicable really. maybe

there's a really high skill ceiling for mario maker though. i know ive been talking about it a lot for a long time and maybe for people who aren't as familiar with it, it might seem like it's not that exciting to want to build mario levels
but looking at the super high skill tech and the sorts of things you can construct from it, it's really captivating
and playing the social hype around your level is really fun too, watching as people you know stream their attempts to beat your level to thousands of people, getting people following you on twitter to keep up with your new creations, even potentially streaming your level creation sessions and getting donations from your supporters if you make good stuff.
it's the kind of thing i could really be sociable on i think

aaaaaaah i want it so bad
Timesplitters 2 is no joke one of my favorite games of all time, though I haven't played it in a couple years and don't get the joy of creating and playing custom maps like I did back in the day.
The story mission variety and level design and branching level objectives based on difficulty and all of it being tuned for both single player and co-op are just amazing.

I've watched a bunch of SMM videos and levels but couldn't really grasp what kind of potential it had without actually having put my hands on the product. It probably has a ton of different tricks I couldn't imagine because I haven't gotten solid experience with the editor yet or anything. Most engines have many advanced tricks you can do that don't make sense if you don't understand the engine, after all.

Vertical levels sound cool, though. I always liked those tower climbing levels in New Super Mario Bros. etc. I think they only really used them for midboss Bowser castles though.
>it might seem like it's not that exciting to want to build mario levels
That's dumb. Classic 2D platformers are one of the most iconic game genres out there, and like I said earlier Super Mario Maker is pretty much just a platformer game engine. Saying it's not exciting to want to build Mario levels is like saying it's not exciting to want to make platforming games.
Nintendo's done something fantastic by creating this creative platform for people that want to experiment and engage in game design but don't necessarily have the resources to get into it from the ground up. The fact that it can produce a community that can and wants to sustain itself around it is undisputably a good thing.

Have fun, people. Be creative. It's one of the purest joys on this world.
Image 1561789307569.jpg (577 KB, 881x1200, awt.jpg)
do both of your sisters still live there with you and the fam?
can i come visit yall sometime and borrow your sisters and play video games with them
that sounds like a fun time
i wanna make levels for them to play. your sisters are really awesome i wish i had good sisters
Image 1561789389650.jpg (52 KB, 563x950, kpl.jpg)
i guess i didn't really know how to phrase it. not that it's stupid or anything, but like just not fully understanding what "i want to make levels in mario maker" meant
i imagine someone who's familiar with mario games and maybe played a 100-man run or two of super mario maker, or seen someone do it, might have an image in their head of some casual levels, or some mildly challenging obstacles made with normal level design principles in mind like giving the player a sizable chance of clearing it and plenty of breath after clearing an obstacle to enjoy their accomplishment, so like a normally-paced level that's fun to play

which, yeah, i do have a lot of ideas for stuff like that too, levels anyone should enjoy playing
but at the deepest core, my strongest drive is from pushing the depths of that skill ceiling as far as i can and making levels that really impact the community
i wouldn't be so passionately declaring my dreams of being a mario maker level designer if i just wanted to make some casual levels. i'd still like to, obviously, but i could cope with not getting the chance to
Image 1561789597092.jpg (254 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
>dad says I can use his computer to play XIV if I want since imouto is still on mine playing it
>sit down and log in to windows
>he has a firefox page open with "top 10 most broken anime abilities"
w h a t

they still live with me, yeah.
I dunno about borrowing them though one of them is hardcore hikkineet and barely even leaves the house
It'd be mean to visit and not hang out with me too

He better not with how much he talks shit about my chinese cartoons

The only anime he's even watched in like 10 years are Parasyte, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and a few episodes of 91 Days anyways
Oh no Jan your dad's a WEEB.
Image 1561789784719.jpg (171 KB, 1000x1250, IMG_20190629_015643.jpg)
ONE TOUCH is never enough!
i bet he only looked up top 10 most broken anime abilities so he could seem cool in being able to talk about anime to his kids
he's going to just walk in one day and be like
"kids i want to see those rooms clean or i am going to use a ka meha meha wave on you!"
"im cool right"
Image 1561789873615.jpg (37 KB, 426x471, smug angel.jpg)
That'd be heartwarming but he's got the same personality as me and doesn't talk about anime because he doesn't care much for it
If he wanted to know something about anime he'd just ask me about it instead
We only exchange maybe ten to fifteen sentences a week because we are both almost always at work when the other one isn't and when we're both home we simply mind our own business
Unless he finds some blacksmithing video that's really cool or I want to show him some music
Image 1561790070172.jpg (46 KB, 480x680, dwa.jpg)
i'm pretty hikkineet too
im sure we'd get along fine
i'll just borrow them while im there then give them back

i wanna see you and your folks
id really like that
i dont really have a family to be around myself and i think it's really special
Image 1561790208527.jpg (512 KB, 790x1200, dfa.jpg)
in fact i wanted to come visit yall years and years ago but my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail or something
Lost in translation.
Image 1561790300693.jpg (195 KB, 1379x2048, IMG_20190628_200557.jpg)
Judie's got a gun
Wait no it's Janie.
Janie's got a GUN
Image 1561790476173.jpg (412 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] RobiHachi - 02 (…).jpg)
I actually asked them if you could visit for a few days and once if you could live with me when you were having residential difficulty few years ago
But the response then was a pretty quick refusal and questioning of whether or not I know my friends well enough to know they aren't crazy and/or murderers

Might be more likely nowadays since I've brought friends from work and my sister's had friends over a few times, though
What If You Had A Gun
Hm, weather's nice tomorrow morning and Best Buy opens at ten.
Guess I can head out and get it and spend Saturday playing it.
Image 1561790639211.jpg (324 KB, 757x1200, cda.jpg)
wow your family doesn't want me
i had thought about the latter specifically because you were mentioning mortgage things and needing to pay a lot to keep the place
im not sure if yall have extra space but i'd totally be willing to give a chunk of my paychecks and stay there, for a number of different reasons

i mean, i got that apartment in memphis when the plan was for me, you, and quarx to all stay there but it never happened
ive still wanted to since then but i know things just got difficult all around
maybe if you weren't befriending druggies then your family wouldn't be suspicious that your timid, afraid-to-leave-the-house, emotionally sensitive theyfriend is dangerous and crazy
It's a shame you can't get up here without being an undocumented.
I was looking at apartments the other day because I'm still planning a move-in with a friend.
And there was a really neat townhouse-y place that was 2400 CAD a month for three bedrooms.
That's outside our consideration if we're splitting the cost two ways but if we had a third to split it evenly 800CAD a month for a place would be a fucking miracle.
At least a place in as convenient a location as that.

Ever since I saw it I've been trying to figure out if I know anyone that might be worth asking about it but that's unfortunately a downside to being pretty introverted
Image 1561790912957.jpg (52 KB, 564x716, kst.jpg)
800 a month is a lot
youve got utilities, internet, et cetera on top of that, and groceries, furniture, renter's insurance, security deposit
you have to have a chunk of change ready upon move-in and you should ideally have 2.5x the income per month as the rent costs

i was making 2k a month at one point but im certainly not now
some months i dont even make 800

yeah, i get minimum wage is different there
but i couldn't get employed there without significant documentation and stuff anyway
not that it's even on the table since i can't go
Well you have to remember minimum wage is fourteen an hour here.
It's a bit exhausting and I probably wouldn't be able to live too luxuriously but I coudl -could fit it in.
I'm also a full-time university student so there's some income I get from the federal and provincial governments, in part loans and in part grants.
Either way I'm looking at probably closer to a thousand a month for rent if I want to move out with one person.
That's approximately 230 CAD a week I'd have to earn to just pay off monthly rent, which for me is a much more valuable number to keep in mind than a monthly rent cost.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
why am i so bad at mario
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oo are you excited
Image 1561791240233.jpg (48 KB, 564x629, jhp.jpg)
you can rent a house in saint louis for 700 a month with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, basement, full kitchen, living room, dining room, back patio
saint louis is really cool
i really wish i didn't have to move away from it

i wanted to bring jan to saint louis and get a place there and have yall come visit and go do cool saint louis things but now im in michigan for some reason and idk what im gonna do in march
i wish i could be adopted as a rika meido but sadly i never got offered it like the others
and jans folks don't want me

im sure i'll figure something out
Image 1561791256390.jpg (82 KB, 573x719, confused cat.jpg)
Well I think I was acting kind of unstable around that time too, so they were probably thinking anyone I was making friends with was unsavory or something
We've worked out a payment method for the property taxes though, so we're gonna be fine as long as we follow the plan and keep paying on time.
Honestly we don't have any extra rooms, my sisters share a room as is, though I wouldn't mind sharing my room and bed if everyone else was alright with it.
It's not a very big room but I have a TV and a little ikea dresser and a twin size bed.
The room barely fits that stuff but I've rearranged it to make more room a few times.
I'm hopeful!
This friend is an old one from high school and our relationship kind of soured and we drifted apart for like seven years.
But we've been talking a bit recently and he seems really driven, almost desperate, to get out of his parents' place.
Renting anywhere in Toronto as a single person without a job paying like twenty an hour is almost impossible though, so it seems he came to the same conclusion I did: find a friend and move out.
I'm still a little cautious around him but I think I can rely on that determination he's got to get away from his parents.

It would be kind of nice to not be around so many people at home though. I'm a bit anxious about having to consistently maintain income to support rent and sustenance; I get that's just a normal element of adult living, but man, I am bad at being a normal human bean.
There's some real positives and moral gains to moving out but it's also a pretty intense experience I don't really have any ... well, experience with.
So my thoughts on it are all over the place, hah hah.
Image 1561791496258.jpg (44 KB, 563x800, mpo.jpg)
i'd be more than happy to share your room
as long as you tone down the drinking a notch and don't be doin any hard drugs around me
that stuff makes me uncomfortable

and even if you have payment arrangements worked out, the extra income couldn't hurt
i could throw down some amount per month and take some burden off of you, make the household finances slightly more comfortable

im just saying this stuff in a daydream sense right now
i know better than to get my hopes up with actual plans
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i see i see i bet it’ll be fun!
what would you know about fun, huh??
Also if I move out I wouldn't get to see my cat as much and that's a depressing thought.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i recently invented fun
all previously seeming instances of amusement are just fever dreams
Image 1561791777526.jpg (227 KB, 1167x1750, IMG_20190629_020328.jpg)
local techbro reinvents fun
Image 1561791801612.jpg (842 KB, 754x1145, aab.jpg)
you'll have to show me this "fun time" sometime then
i'd like to experience it firsthand
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
damn moon you are coming on hard tonight
Image 1561791854513.jpg (181 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dororo - 13 [72(…).jpg)
I'd be more than happy to control myself if anyone actually got on my case for the drinking I bet.
Guess they're just glad I'm not as bad as I used to be or something but I don't get much shit anymore. Or maybe they're just tired and don't want to talk about it anymore.

But what I want isn't what matters most, it's not my house after all. I don't really want to live with my family either, but kind of have to with the current financial burden.

Also, I haven't done any drugs other than alcohol since New Year's.

Dreaming aside we should meet up again sometime. I want to see you again.
Image 1561791950340.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
Not the only one coming hard tonight
Image 1561792070284.png (11 KB, 158x216, images(3).png)
water you gonna do about it

good on you for not touching that stuff since new years
keep it up, im proud of you
You can Dew™ it Jan
Image 1561792364587.jpg (191 KB, 848x1200, IMG_20190629_171154.jpg)
[email protected]

Im back from my first tano meetup.
Hopefully I can hang out with people from /moe/ soon.
who did you meet
[email protected]
Notso and lv
Image 1561792549959.jpg (78 KB, 992x1024, IMG_20190629_011340.jpg)
what did you do
i like those two
i hope yall had fun
Image 1561792649030.jpg (30 KB, 360x360, 51283656_1842219425883747_7830(…).jpg)
thanks though I don't think it really changed much in the end
just means I'm not taking quite as much damage and still doing what I do

what you mean dew it

I'd like to meet LV he seems nice
problem is neither of us can understand each other so there's a lot of WHAT and HUH and COME AGAIN
[email protected]
We were going to go to a concert (literally the reason they came up here), but it sold out and it turbs out that they didn't buy tickets a head of time.
So we wnt to some record stores and then went to an arcade and stayed for like five hours.
We also went out for italian beef.
what did yall play at the arcade
[email protected]
I played deathsmiles, the grid, lucky and wild, area 51, time crisis, some starwars xwing piloting game from like 1990, some basketball thing, some football thing by the same company, metal slug 6, snk versus capcom 2000, snk versus capcom 2001, gauntlet,
We were going to play some relatively recent gradius game but the scond time the credit button was pushed we got an error in Japanese about the coin thing not working
Oh and the three stooges game which was really shitty
And I think that's it
[email protected]
Image 1561794500236.jpg (154 KB, 900x1273, IMG_20190628_235108.jpg)
Image 1561794730565.png (7.8 MB, 2018x2849, 75460166_p0.png)
I needed that picture so much
thank youuuuuuu
Image 1561794814037.png (349 KB, 741x589, Adult1.PNG)
Image 1561794825683.png (233 KB, 743x440, Adult2.PNG)
Image 1561795070372.jpg (327 KB, 1480x2071, IMG_20190627_230835.jpg)
I thought you'd like that
here's the og link
Image 1561795197923.jpg (577 KB, 734x1220, 75393244_p0.jpg)
You already know what I like
Only slightly scary.
Image 1561795588492.jpg (154 KB, 1522x1196, IMG_20190627_181902.jpg)
yeah kind of
I just see things and think of who'd like those things
Image 1561796573029.jpg (416 KB, 650x900, 75353801_p0.jpg)
hello ??
Image 1561796849555.jpg (3 KB, 125x88, STAYkwLc1GNhHrTBIJ0PFg.jpg)
Image 1561797378357.jpg (122 KB, 982x1200, D9lxJiVU0AE1iia.jpg)
I hope you get the help you need tonight.
I'm about to go out and fucking get destroyed
prob play some more final fantasy tactics
game trips me out fr
I remember this shit when I was 12, lmao
Image 1561797434070.jpg (81 KB, 563x798, 9ac75558018d58d595cd31c2e3684486.jpg)
you should slow down
or at least make an effort to
id like to see you stop drinking so we can see your good side more often
Image 1561797455862.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
Tomorrow yeah.
Even drinking is on a schedule for me.
bust busy bee
lol there's bust right here in this pic I posted
Image 1561799583855.png (3 KB, 256x128, IMG_20190629_190116.png)
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
hot hot hottt
Image 1561800979162.jpg (78 KB, 710x1200, D-IGsqeVAAE4kZt.jpg)
Nothing comes, nothing goes.
Nothing arises, nothing subsides.
There are no similarities. There are no differences.
There is no duality. There is no non-duality.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561800987926.jpg (156 KB, 650x1200, IMG_20190628_205955.jpg)
Image 1561801146914.png (2.6 MB, 1238x2000, 75408007_p0.png)
good morning kirara
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561801667307.jpg (720 KB, 2603x4096, IMG_20190629_053304.jpg)
herro mista moon
Image 1561801773544.jpg (416 KB, 650x900, 75353801_p0.jpg)
i dont see any mistas around here
did you bonk your head again
mistah tsukeemoto
Image 1561802145575.jpg (1.6 MB, 1200x1697, 75067343_p0.jpg)
there's not really a good gender neutral title there huh
wikipedia says mx or misc
mx with the x being a wildcard and pronounced mix, but i don't like the connotations of having it pronounced as mix
misc for miscellus, meaning mixed, so same deal
and misc ____ sounds kinda dumb
and then there's "ind" which doesn't even ahve any of the same phonetics

we should come up with a new one
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561802631116.jpg (60 KB, 564x797, c7c308a182da7890025901b9c8480309.jpg)
oh, right. that makes sense.

well, there's mister and mistress, and i know that's different connotations
but what about like mistrum, mistra plural
it's very hard to differentiate the sound from mister there though.

anyway, good morning! gonna have a grapefruit breakfast?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561802885926.jpg (147 KB, 1612x2048, IMG_20190627_211300.jpg)
nothin special for breakfast!
what about you
Image 1561802973454.png (331 KB, 737x573, 1559716986191.png)
just a kratom breakfast for me
i have to slow my brain down so i can do normal people things
Image 1561803142823.jpg (119 KB, 1000x1200, D-NrY9gVUAAQfI3.jpg)
Here's a dumb clip I made just now
Always practise your reaction time /moo/~
Otherwise you'll die pathetically~
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561803291186.jpg (101 KB, 1051x1368, IMG_20190627_211754.jpg)
that's not a breakfast!
yeah, i wish i had a grapefruit
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
good morning kirara and pals
Image 1561803481474.jpg (86 KB, 600x773, D9s3PFyU0AAjcrz.jpg)
1 more dumbass clip that nobody will look at before I peace
I aced this round like a savage
and my aim was still bad lmfao
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561803815269.jpg (490 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] RobiHachi - 09 (…).jpg)
garfield and friends

you should order supermarket delivery and only ask for a single grapefruit
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kirara 🍄
story-wise it kind of makes sense
pokeUK did brexit and everything got fucked up so they just don't have access to most of the things everyone else in the developed world does
Image 1561805195539.png (2 KB, 256x128, IMG_20190629_190111.png)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
removing super training after gen 6 actually does burn me a bit
they took away the thing that made EV training actually enjoyable.
a mini-game that lets you EV-train your pokemon without fighting the same type of pokemon over and over.
Kirara 🍄
what's super training
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
if you're unfamiliar with EV-training, it's for minmaxing pokemon for competitive play.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561805383187.jpg (375 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561805450515.jpg (389 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
oh, ton, did that leak include when the characters are goin up
Image 1561805590476.jpg (187 KB, 1200x993, 75069100_p0.jpg)
it's really hard to view myself objectively when assessing my potential value for something ive been contemplating a lot
i need some external opinion but i don't think i can ask yall and get the honest answers i need
is there some other approach for objectification
Kirara 🍄
people usually go to therapists for stuff like that i think
Image 1561806019086.jpg (95 KB, 966x1200, 54f2e3b7eeb8c1f342aabebfc6faf364.jpg)
a therapist would only know what i tell them
for this something i would need someone who's experienced enough of me to know my flaws well

i know some of my flaws and some of my strengths, but then there are other traits that are going to be situational things
i would need to know whether the things which i am concerned about are actually interpersonal weak points or whether they're insecurities based on the criticisms ive had from my previous relationship
particularly as it relates to a relationship going forward
due to my isolation, i don't quite have the robust social experience to determine for myself

rather, not from my isolation but from my eccentricity
Image 1561806068315.jpg (151 KB, 858x1200, D-NrA6nUYAEYg50.jpg)
Any rejection is just redirection~
its a safe assumption theyre goijg up when legfest happens which if i tecall correctly is tonight
Kirara 🍄
oh sweet
11 pm est specifically i believe
Kirara 🍄
I'm not sure that kind of objectivity is possible
knowing you that well would inevitably come with attachments
which would bias the observer

wow ill be asleep
Image 1561806372075.jpg (87 KB, 800x1278, 1560066332567.jpg)
yes, that's my concern
the best i could get i think is to have someone who's situationally poised to provide their own feelings on the matter

take my financial situation for instance
i think im really disadvantaged in terms of finding a serious relationship given that im extremely unsuccessful by most social standards
i've lost my bank account and my credit, i have unsteady workflow and no savings, i have debt to the IRS
im plagued with a lot of functional issues that prevent me from going back to school

there are certain types of relationships which those things wouldn't interfere with so much, other people in a similar socioeconomic condition for instance and combined resources makes cohabitat more stable. but their reasons for being in the same socioeconomic condition might be different and we might have other incompatibilities, like my high functioning behaviors and ADD and high academic aptitude and the work im doing in mathematics which i don't get paid for, and those things matter to me

there are people who would align with me more on that level but are in higher socioeconomic conditions and have life stability, people who didn't slip through the cracks of public education and child protective services and left unable to function properly
to those people, there might be really good connectivity emotionally and mentally but my financial conditions and some of the downsides of my poor upbringing like malnutrition and fragile bones and stuff makes me into a big pile of red flags that doesn't mesh well with their life goals and objectives, and im not stable enough to be entering into parenthood under their standards as i have a lot of emotional distress and financial instability

i don't know the extent to which those examples, or other analogous examples, are more my own insecurities or are particularly valid for my situations specifically
the best thing i could probably do is, for the latter example, ask someone like rika. she is high functioning an
high functioning and has ADD and has the same requirement i do for high information processing volume, but she's a lot more stable and well equipped for life's goals
so she would have the kind of positioning to understand that perspective and knows me well enough to offer some objective input there

i don't particularly want to pose that question to a friend though because it sounds too much like im suggesting something that im not and it might lead to an uncomfortable situation for either or both parties
so it's very difficult to get the type of feedback im looking for. there's bias if i assess it myself, bias if i ask you guys, compromise if i ask someone in that position, and not enough information to make informed comments if i use a therapist

that was really long sorry
it's just been on my mind a lot, trying to sort my life out
it's why ive been thinking of going back to school, just that it would put me in slightly better social opinion
but i don't think it would actually help me directly at all
liked retweeted shared on discord
what a nerd
Kirara 🍄
yeah i can see what you mean
that's good. at least im able to communicate clearly now.
Image 1561811564767.png (80 KB, 956x830, q.png)
what's with all these cynical titles with rhetorical questions
i can't take it seriously

none of these look any good
Image 1561813337314.jpg (407 KB, 650x900, 75353801_p0_master1200.jpg)
hello ??
they all left
it's all your fault
Image 1561813983292.jpg (66 KB, 702x988, IMG_20190629_231251.jpg)
Some of those sound like tabloid headlines

it doesn't seem very professional to me
maybe im just too anal about that stuff
hematologists are weird
i like blood though
Image 1561814388794.png (2 KB, 256x128, IMG_20190629_190104.png)
Image 1561814658012.jpg (117 KB, 799x1024, 1561577716018.jpg)
Lmaoing at this one
It sounds so outraged
you forgot the comma
that one doesn't even make sense to me
im not sure if the "so what" is supposed to be like
"oh, you have double hit lymphoma? so what? we can treat that easily"
i don't really get what it's supposed to mean
or is it "who cares drama queen"
>you have a deadly blood cancer? haha keep cryin, drama queen
i suppose you want me to do something about it too, huh?
sure, sure, can't handle your own problems so you gotta waste taxpayer money to see a hematologist-oncologist
boooo hooo my blood is mutated waaa come help me doc
well i have things to do too, you know? my kid has a soccer game tonight
why should i help you?
I love that they're all in capslock too
Makes it so much more aggressive
Image 1561815457201.jpg (95 KB, 1334x750, papIN9z.jpg)
Image 1561815534740.png (78 KB, 240x240, 1558818938485.png)
Guys I'm injured
Now how do I get out of jured
turn right, head down the hallway third flight of stairs, go up two floors, head left. there is a balcony
inspect balcony
it is a way out
>>707418 →
>>707418 →
>>707418 →

making a new one a little early
Heyo moe
whatcha upto?
cmooooon you nerd
follow da rurus!