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Bottom Identity
Image 1561572688612.jpg (173 KB, 760x995, dc543e6aa3bc1064.jpg)
[ ]yes
Image 1561574142235.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
i fell asleep with my head at an angle and my neck hurts really bad now
and i have a headache too
it's horrible
Image 1561574653393.png (1.7 MB, 1378x2039, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
then there won't be a territory named after you
rip Bluetopia and Koipolis
Image 1561575966862.jpg (655 KB, 656x1000, 75403083_p0.jpg)
Wish I could be creative with more people.
The universe gave me one, though.
So I guess I'm somewhat lucky.
I need more honestly.
Image 1561575997180.jpg (305 KB, 724x1024, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
Creative how?
Image 1561576116575.jpg (2.6 MB, 3508x1973, 73528603_p0.jpg)
Our conversations are like stories with two writers, the way we weave our words together
anyway back to killing my life and the daylight by playing Underlords forever
Image 1561576492401.jpg (36 KB, 520x652, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
dafug is underlords?
Image 1561576493552.png (11 KB, 158x216, images(3).png)
i queued into a game yesterday and it was against sunsfan and a stack of his friends
sunsfan is some dota celebrity
it was p funny, it's on stream somewhere
Image 1561577002664.jpg (810 KB, 1668x2388, 75313453_p0.jpg)
I hope you rocked him
With or without 2 dragons and 6 knights
If I'm not playing this game I watch a stream of it lol
My aim in the headshot video game has suffered cause of this
A good trade
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
parts unknown is great
[email protected]
Yeah, it is a great series.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
did you watch the one where he goes to quebec with that sugar shack and stuff
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
yo quit it with the nazi regalia
are you giving the nazies skull emblem?
that is from wh40k
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
ah yeah so it is
toeing the line i see
Image 1561579283122.png (816 KB, 857x1000, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
you lot and your fear of symbols
that fear itself gives them power
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
lmao get fucked
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561579436785.jpg (294 KB, 732x895, 20190626_160343.jpg)
107 degrees with the heat index

I'm burning up! With passion!
This righteous flame won't be extinguished!
you’re one hot tanale
[email protected]
Is that like a tamale?
[email protected]
Fun fact: Locals from the area where Games Workshop has its headquarters refer to the building as "the nazi building".
Image 1561579544177.png (2.1 MB, 1700x2349, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
How do you like your tamale hot tamale?
Kirara 🍄
hot female
hello yes this is the incel police
Kirara 🍄
is the incel police made of incels or chads
[email protected]
Fuck Kirara asked it already
Image 1561579639761.jpg (250 KB, 900x600, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
Police of incels or police responsible for jailing incels
it’s made of HUMANS
It's their moms
Image 1561579715034.png (1.2 MB, 800x1200, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
the cops are made of humans...
well that is one way to do it
Kirara 🍄
him a bitty baby
the radios on in this cantina and uh isnt it a little late in the meme’s lifespan to try and capitalize on HEYAYAYAYAY
[email protected]
It's never too late
It's a great meme
what's going on?
Kirara 🍄
you're in a cantina?
the name contains cantina so maybe
[email protected]
Also this
Kirara 🍄
haha a cantina is like a bar
[email protected]
Are you meeting Greedo?
Don't forget to shoot first.
i would say this place is partly a bar
Kirara 🍄
maybe a cantina is closer to a tavern than a bar
[email protected]
Will you never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?
Image 1561580189470.jpg (3.1 MB, 2263x3321, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
and then in the court say "he shot first" and the security camera footage somehow shows him shooting first and missing a point blank shot by a mile
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561580187526.jpg (109 KB, 858x1300, IMG_20190625_162901.jpg)
pfft. they don't even have death sticks!
yeah cause LIFE sticks are the big thing now
Image 1561580375450.jpg (87 KB, 500x694, 97483e204a8959b16873dd2da5c77085.jpg)
wow I'm hungry now
I have a solution
they all give their money to me
Then you'll be stressed.
Is there no solution to being disgustingly rich.
what a horrible condition
Just become a neet once you hit those decreasing returns
Image 1561583497672.jpg (551 KB, 1914x3143, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
be a rich hikikomori
Image 1561584959680.jpg (61 KB, 564x1682, ayj.jpg)
if you jump to 6:05:00-ish on this stream
you'll get to the game where i queued into them

just posting it since you said you enjoy watching streams of the game anyway
it's not especially exciting but i managed to cause them a little distress at least
Image 1561585688540.jpg (674 KB, 999x1500, 74364632_p7.jpg)
I'll watch it when I get back from shopping
Image 1561586827585.jpg (62 KB, 640x809, e4995747a9401e8f.jpg)
Image 1561587847066.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720, 1432022709958.jpg)
hello hello
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
good morning rika
How are you Rika?
[email protected]
I was really surprised that I wasn't able to fill up much of the third book case
Only 1.5 shelves out of 4.
So now i have a ton of room to display my anime figures
Image 1561589128256.jpg (429 KB, 1280x720, 1478768895786.jpg)
I'm doing okay. Tired from work.
How have you been?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561589325986.jpg (124 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_20190623_055510.jpg)
i haven't spoken to fish in like a week
Is she not answering your calls?
Kirara 🍄
just can't match our times i guess
Yeah that can be rough.
I've spent a lot of time in the past trying to time up with people on the West Coast and the timezone difference can be a kind of mess.
Like you're usually in bed at around 21:30-22:00, which is barely past suppertime over there.
Your fucking crazy workload recently probably eats up all your day time too.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561589619358.jpg (112 KB, 613x1000, IMG_20190624_180958.jpg)
It's rough.
We've been texting a little bit.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
send her a cute snap or whatever it is kids do these days
Kirara 🍄
i dont have a snap chap
Image 1561589827913.jpg (28 KB, 400x400, 1546565955478.jpg)
wow look how many people are here
good evening all you moes

kannanagi you gotta watch anime with us stop bein a party pooper
[email protected]
I'm so excited t have a desk now.
Hopefully when i finish moving all that other shit back into my room I'll still have room to use it.
Slap chat
[email protected]

Holy Shit

Gintama ended!

Image 1561590219101.png (983 KB, 800x864, 242737a6141312586e0fa7b793d0fa(…).png)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561590740314.jpg (76 KB, 646x876, IMG_20190626_185532.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Oh shit time to re-watch the shit outta it.

Apparently Far From Home is coming out soon too hah hah.
I completely had forgotten the release date for it.

Still haven't seen Homecoming but if Far From Home is supposed to be a kind of epilogue chapter to Endgame I really want to see it.
do you ever look at something like maybe when you posted but thought it was really in that neat sort of way but that later on, like maybe now if you were to go back and review at that time, not feel that way anymore
A lot of the old posts I've wrote that I've seen dredged up again because of archive links have definitely been "Oh ... yeah, I said that".
Kirara 🍄
yeah that's pretty normal
Do you mean like cringing at your old posts because if so then yeah I feel that
no not specifically
Kirara 🍄
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561597234327.jpg (56 KB, 600x600, 1322426623519.jpg)
More like
Kim? O no!
Kim mono
Image 1561597548155.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
honest, objective opinions /moe/
don't sugarcoat anything i need real answers to a very difficult question

cheez-its or goldfish
they're both trash imo but i like goldfish better
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561597633436.jpg (2.3 MB, 2894x4093, 72824299_p0.jpg)
FUCK cheez-its
one fish two fish goy fish jew fish
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
more like
fuck that anime girl
that's a mighty assumption
just cuz theres boobs doesnt mean theres not a pinnis
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
life finds a way
some anime girls have pinnisie you know
Between the basic Goldfish and Cheez-its, Cheez-its all the way.
They've got a bit more salty-cheesy dusting on them that makes eating them more satisfying to me.
they're so dry
goldfish are too
i dunno how people eat snacks like that
why not eat normal snacks
[email protected]
Gold fish
Kirara 🍄
Fish Gold tbh
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
and the hudson is good lookin’
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
>Not Mari Gold
Oh that just ate the whole spoilered word entirely.
Kirara 🍄
my stepmom is marygold already
Oh nevermind it's there when I refresh.
That's a weird interaction.

I like dry snacks when I'm drinking tea.
Cheez-its are also great to eat alongside pea soup because the cheese flavour is a great accompaniment to the pea and subtle pork flavours of the soup.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls

When I typed out the spoiler inside that greentext and closed the post it looked like the spoilered word was just gone entirely from my post.
But it looks like other posters could see it fine and after I refreshed it was there too.

Ah my mistake.
Kirara responded fast enough that I assumed it was there for others.
He probably just opened up /moe/ again or something though.
i also had to refresh
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
yeah it’s a long standing bug w the interaction between greentext and spoilers
it’s a sign of good luck!
Kirara 🍄
i reloaded because I knew what had happened haha
Oh good I need a lot of those.
/moe/ reloaded
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561598372556.jpg (294 KB, 732x895, 20190626_160343.jpg)
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561598477741.jpg (132 KB, 750x744, 1479605976621.jpg)
what's the difference between a magpie
Image 1561598562282.jpg (6.3 MB, 4299x6070, 74865517_p0.jpg)
White Cheddar Cheez-its made me regurgitate once
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i’ve been having weird gut problems
probably should lay off on the flamin hot cheetos
but eh what can ya do
you're not doin that kratom stuff are you
that stuff does all sorts of nasty things to your gi tract
Image 1561598697995.jpg (2.3 MB, 3541x5015, 74033547_p0.jpg)
>flamin hot cheetos
Half your stomach must be made of dye now
Image 1561598773618.gif (2 KB, 500x100, pokey49_3.gif)
oh that's just one frame
Image 1561598929472.png (2 KB, 385x36, All Tellth.PNG)
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oh i didnt know you were a pokey fan too!
Image 1561599265522.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
i was using the yellow5 messageboards since i was 10 years old big boy
i found my shitposting roots early in life
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
but did u kickstart his glorious return
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i am like a bird i want to stick my face in dirt
you can kickstart deez nuts
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
nutcrackers nutcrackers ice cold
Image 1561601029277.png (4.6 MB, 2480x3507, 74940785_p0.png)
They call it the Nutcracker for a reason
Yeah because it cracks nuts.
That isn't exactly a mystery of a naming sense or anything.
how about i MTN DEW® KickStart™ deez nuts
No, don't
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
do the dab
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561601939205.jpg (76 KB, 646x876, IMG_20190626_185532.jpg)


Ki no ko
Wait is the etymology for "kinoko" literally just "tree's child".
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
wow I'm surprised you're awake
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
ki no NUT mono
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
ookii na NUT
Wow Samu what's with all the NUTS tonight.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i got wm you BUTSURU them
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
bechdel test: fail
bechdel test: FAIL
basic 🐝🐝🐝🐝
Image 1561602645462.png (3.3 MB, 1920x1080, brawny.png)
Bra knee
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561602998536.jpg (3.2 MB, 3024x4032, BC101232-EBAE-42F3-AE78-D961C3BE1756.jpeg)
some workers out here making a pride sidewalk
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561603033840.jpg (3.4 MB, 4032x3024, DD94C249-BC20-407E-AAE3-F037D7E060E5.jpeg)
The month's almost over though, isn't it?
Feels a bit late to the party.
Image 1561603153268.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
I'm going to fucking crack your nuts if I lose again
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
ill suck ur dICK
Image 1561603189425.jpg (1.1 MB, 2125x3010, 74549059_p0.jpg)
I still want to crack those two little boys
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
but tenderly
Image 1561603255135.png (587 KB, 667x1000, 75106984_p0.png)
You might get like 10 minutes for a breather after it
But it will continue again
The cracking will continue until morale improves
Image 1561603463003.jpg (438 KB, 1836x3508, IMG_20190627_123417.jpg)
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
speaking of tenderly
gimme dose tendies
Image 1561603742301.jpg (2.7 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20190626_214832.jpg)
w-what's this supposed to mean
Stay away from any tall buildings for a good while!
[email protected]
I have a fortune cookie that basically said I would become archer
It said "What you can picture in your mind you can hold in your hands"
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561603824760.jpg (4.2 MB, 4032x3024, 4D297346-FDFE-4A68-9AF2-2E00F9B3D762.jpeg)
[email protected]
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
ain’t nobody
loves me better
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
is this cursed?
sammy i need you to come with me to kyoto so we can remove the penis
It's actually a pretty snazzy take/mash-up.
/moe/ poll:
how many times a night do you check under your pillow for spiders
- 4 to 8 times
- 8 to 16 times
- 16 to 32 times
- greater than 32 times
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
spiders are broa
but i dont see them anymore in my current place, just random crawlies once in a while
Image 1561606372644.png (1.6 MB, 1240x1754, 8274451.png)
do you ever go around eating spiders to fill up your quota
Image 1561606535122.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
they're not very likely to go into your mouth
there's a lot of vibration and movement going on there and they don't like that stuff
ears are what im afraid of them going into
nurses at the ER pull bugs out of people's ears all the time because it happens a lot

it's easily solved but it's incredibly painful and disruptive to have happen
you could lose your equilibrium and not be able to walk to get to the ER even
Image 1561606716336.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
8-16 times
those motherfucker love drinking up my delicious blood.
fuck spiders.
to my life, they are only harmful
not even worth your pity.
Image 1561606788221.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
i end up getting bitten by them quite a bit!
the bites are a little bit annoying but they really aren't that big of an issue. im sure i dont notice them a lot of times

if they want to bite me while im sleeping, that's fine, but i don't really want them crawling on me
it's really abrasive to the senses to have a spider scuttling on you
it wakes me up then i have to strip down my bed and clean everything before i can go back to sleep
spied her
Image 1561607053953.jpg (3 KB, 125x70, e1i5wxVTzWLRz2rk_WIQow.jpg)
fuck i want a superpower fortune not this ominous sketchy stuff
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
all over the keyboard
Image 1561607156266.jpg (33 KB, 580x517, yes this is cat.jpg)
i got bit by a spider once and my shoulder swelled up really bad and hurt a lot and my joints were hard to move but after a few days it went away
Image 1561607160018.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
fuck all spiders really don't fucking defend them
Image 1561607226055.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
And you're cute so like
giver us youre cuteness bonus
Image 1561607259014.jpg (27 KB, 493x364, seen some shit.jpg)
i thoroughly cleaned my room after i got bitten and found a few brown recluses and killed them i bet it was one of those bastards
insects please vacate the premises i don't want you in my bed
Image 1561607308482.jpg (1.4 MB, 1748x2563, 73730862_p0.jpg)
The babies will bite you.
But it's such a fucking invigorating fact that you cleared the other spiders
that I hope you can cleanse the rest
[email protected]
SSpiders aren't insects, they're arachnids.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
thank you dr tyson
did you know:
camel spiders actually are neither camels nor spiders
[email protected]
did yuo know
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
have you ever felt like
i never felt like
I have never felt officer
[email protected]
Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
The Conduit sucked man
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
you gotta gotta gotta gotta love me baby
Image 1561608368158.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
Going on and on and on across the sea~
moon, you managed to kill w you need
Image 1561608751411.jpg (447 KB, 1169x827, 75225410_p0.jpg)
God, I fucking love that
Image 1561609087366.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
Going on and on and on across the sea
Image 1561609594439.png (1.5 MB, 760x1980, 75194798_p0.png)
Wish I could learn this technique through you
Image 1561610414161.jpg (30 KB, 272x321, excited dipshit.jpg)
>tfw you outperform the bot at a menial repetitive task so hard his code fucking breaks and the bot goes idle
That's the real solution to the robot apocalypse, eh.
Just make them all break themselves on dumb tasks.
Image 1561610562186.png (1.1 MB, 1201x1042, obtain wine.png)
if you are more efficient than the robot the robot will just stop working
[email protected]
Really activates your almonds.
Oh it was just GAH
Image 1561610758957.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
All those A's eh
anime >>706035 →
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
so then i splatted a squid
Wow I can't believe you, you MONSTER.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561620327377.jpg (90 KB, 1000x667, Cotylorhynchus.jpg)
>has science gone too far?
don't feed your dog these 11 foods
Well what if I feed him these TWELVE foods?
>Mods hate him! Find out how to shitpost with one simple trick
Image 1561622140028.jpg (52 KB, 564x812, a6bd3701f7caac37490ec51a845cfb89.jpg)
have you ever really, really wanted something
something you'd do anything to have
but someone else gets it instead and doesn't even appreciate it
at least not to the level it deserves
If they don't appreciate it and it's not some abstract thing that can't be transferred could you try asking them for it
Image 1561622580679.jpg (238 KB, 1316x1633, uAczAuaGPs4.jpg)
it doesn't work that way
it can't
Image 1561623263443.jpg (113 KB, 991x1400, D-CqyX0UEAE-SPV.jpeg)
give me the butter
Image 1561623357515.png (3.9 MB, 2048x3109, 75149476_p0.png)
What do you mean, moon-san?
You can at least get the second level of it.~
Image 1561623451645.jpg (3 KB, 125x70, e1i5wxVTzWLRz2rk_WIQow.jpg)
i dont even know what that's supposed to mean
you won't appreciate the butter
you can't have it
Image 1561623564415.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
Uh go 6 knights?
only way you can win in this meta
I got Sekiro back so
fucking Owl
Image 1561623659220.jpg (154 KB, 1522x1196, IMG_20190627_181902.jpg)
man how hard is it to be home for a delivery
or at the very least answer your phone
Image 1561623718152.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
Rene you have no clue~
what was being delivered
groceries isn't it
don't people order grocery delivery because they can't leave their homes usually
oh yeah I beat that today

Show Owl his iron code sucks ass

Isshin's dead yeah
Nah you can't handle disdick
Image 1561624889119.jpg (809 KB, 1090x1200, 75137185_p9.jpg)
You fucking beat Isshin?

I might have to
suck your dick or something
for fucking beating it before me
you mother
Kirara 🍄
which Isshin
sword saint
the final boss
there's another isshin?
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
y'all i feel like bein productive
Image 1561626189063.jpg (1.0 MB, 800x2162, 72535440_p0.jpg)
fucking make a song or a script or something then
Image 1561626276914.png (3.9 MB, 2048x3109, 75149476_p0.png)
Believe me when I say I can handle yours
yeah there's gay baby isshin and sword saint isshin
if you get the bad ending you fight gay baby isshin and another secret boss
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561626314226.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
watch this movie
it's called Mandy
It's good
you will like it
The movie
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561626329398.jpg (254 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
i'll choose to believe it was my sage yoda wisdom that helped you beat it
Oh cool I got the good ending then
It was kinda brief though. Kuro died
Image 1561626384643.jpg (273 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mayonaka no Occ(…).jpg)
you got one of the two 'good' endings
theres another one that's a better ending but you still fight the same bosses
and a bad ending where you obey the iron code like a bitch baby gaylord
Image 1561626408616.png (2.8 MB, 3386x1957, 73652780_p0.png)
is that what happens in the immortal severance ending?
fuck that then
Watch this movie called Mandy, then you will find real closure
Samu !KW2DbpWwls
wow this looks scaaawy
Kirara 🍄
yeah old isshin is another boss
which is actually harder imo
but sword saint is more fun and hype
Image 1561626489122.jpg (1.9 MB, 2480x3507, 73537823_p0.jpg)
Swear to fucking life if you watch that you will edit /moe/ so that I can enjoy it more
this looks fucking awesome
Image 1561626647938.png (3.1 MB, 2549x1811, 75013950_p0.png)
It IS fucking awesome
It's a slow burner but it hits so good
It reminds me of how I would kill for you all
Image 1561626665772.png (1.6 MB, 927x1263, 75066934_p0.png)
hows about i produce your face with my fist
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561626750948.jpg (728 KB, 1078x1111, Screenshot_20190627-051211_Granblue.jpg)
what a hunk
Sword Saint's a lot of fun when everything lines up and you're perfectly timing everything and styling on him
Kirara 🍄
old isshin has a few more complicated moves but some of them aren't very fun because it's something like "making fire erupt from pretty much every inch of the room" which is too small a room to really go all out in
Image 1561626891323.jpg (463 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
old isshin has a really funny exploit to kill him they use it in pretty much every speedrun
Image 1561626930743.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
Old isshin doesn't exist anymore beauce of an update?
Watch fucking Mandy, both of you idiots.
I swear to fucking God if you don't
I'll kill you both
Image 1561626954844.jpg (260 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
they should let you just kill isshin when you see him
fuck with the whole timeline
fuck i know right
Image 1561627042425.png (1.3 MB, 903x1400, 75133833_p0.png)
Image 1561627051994.png (127 KB, 614x380, osrs f2p quests.png)
kill me then cause i have to go do all these fucking quests
Image 1561627060510.jpg (1008 KB, 984x1416, 75210528_p0.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561627060950.jpg (773 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20190627-051714_Granblue.jpg)
wtf they put my fiance in this
Image 1561627103334.jpg (148 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p11.jpg)
That fucking dialogue
you lucked out
Image 1561627158902.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
FUCK Run Escape
i dont have friends to pull me back into that game so
fuck that shit
Image 1561627206997.jpg (37 KB, 426x471, smug angel.jpg)
bro if you come back ill buy your new acc saradomin armor
Image 1561627384064.jpg (2.3 MB, 2215x2953, 75294801_p0.jpg)
Is that even better armor than Rune
holy fuck im old in that game
anyway if I don't kill Owl 1 in this first try
I am going to slice myself
You're meant to slice owl instead u idiot
Image 1561627496245.jpg (407 KB, 650x900, 75353801_p0_master1200.jpg)
no slicing!
no talking about slicing either
Image 1561627649866.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
fucking kill Owl in this try
I will just think I am trash in this entire game
nothing more
I died to Owl like fifty times it's okay to be bad at video games
Image 1561627753656.png (286 KB, 359x441, 1553724119378.png)
its rune armor except you get a +1 prayer bonus for each piece too
also it looks cooler and people will know you are a boss ass bitch
Image 1561627867732.jpg (4.3 MB, 2578x3568, 74986684_p0.jpg)
Owl fucking slayed me
what the fuck?
how the fuck am I supposed to live my real life now
Kirara 🍄
yeah this
why are they all crying blood
Image 1561627989958.jpg (1.4 MB, 582x919, 61686268_p0.jpg)
shit wrong tab
Image 1561628011894.png (5.2 MB, 5000x2500, 70514869_p0.png)
I am fucking crying blood holy shit
Image 1561628066640.jpg (11 KB, 320x180, hello my name is terrorism.jpg)
It's okay to lose. Calm yourself and steel your mind and get him next time.
Image 1561628095671.jpg (142 KB, 882x1162, IMG_20190627_193439.jpg)
no more tears
no more crying
Image 1561628134966.jpg (447 KB, 1169x827, 75225410_p0.jpg)
No actually I will take more fucking drugs and then come back, I don't know how the fuck all of you did this fight, holy shit
it fucking sickens me
Image 1561628138775.jpg (65 KB, 1024x415, island.jpg)
for the longest time, I thought the No More Tears shampoo meant Tears like crying but it actually means Tears like ripping
Image 1561628165153.jpg (43 KB, 563x724, 47c5ed399de982ea8d34dc88f283a3c7.jpg)
those don't work like that
something is wrong
Image 1561628225271.jpg (309 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
you mean spines
I dunno I just did it.
Focus on him and watch what he does.
Image 1561628200907.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1893, 75278081_p0.jpg)
fuck off FUCK
this is me time
wait really?
Kirara 🍄
but they advertised it as no crying tears to kids even
Image 1561628537262.jpg (248 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
it actually means it doesn't sting your eyes as much
but it's fun to say otherwise
Image 1561628571368.jpg (413 KB, 1449x1000, 74432308_p0.jpg)
Yeah I'm not beating this fucker tonight
might as well
just suffer for my consequences?
die a lot in some headshot video game?
It seems hard at first but it's not when you work out how to punish him
Just stick to his right and occasionally swing. Dodge to the side when he does that big slam attack then counter attack. Then just parry everything else

If all else fails just hold down the block button
Image 1561628604150.jpg (312 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mayonaka no Occ(…).jpg)
You can do it I believe in you.
Don't give up!
Image 1561628675988.jpg (206 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p29.jpg)
I still don't fucking get it
how do you read his -40%hp swipes
how do you read his instant kill swipe
both of you got fucking lucky with RNG I swear
Image 1561628791203.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mayonaka no Occ(…).jpg)
that guy was cool
rika totally didn't even watch the episode i think lol
Image 1561628966618.jpg (150 KB, 1061x861, chiefac.jpg)
Correct me if I'm wrong but Sekiro doesn't have a boss rush or a boss select mode right
Why doesn't it have that
God what a missed opportunity

Just stay to his back or jump backwards whenever he firecrackerswings

Hey sometimes you have to push L2
Image 1561628947644.jpg (291 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mayonaka no Occ(…).jpg)
yeah one of my favorite gods i think
i really liked his attitude
it has a boss rush mode called "holding the circle button"
you don't actually need to buy shit
so killing things is basically a waste of time
Image 1561628987148.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
Yeah fuck all 4 of you
Unless I kill this cunt in the next hour
fuck all of you for real
Image 1561629081409.jpg (294 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsun(…).jpg)
hey don't forget how i got lucky with RNG+ in NG+ and RNG+2 in NG+2
Image 1561629085593.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
he got so distraught when he realized he was inadvertently hurting the dude
so nice
usually the Anothers are kinda cunty if not downright malicious
Image 1561629185106.jpg (393 KB, 636x900, 75181178_p0.jpg)
Yeah, 5th death in a row
so fuck all of you.
die like I did.
back to my headshot game
Image 1561629242657.jpg (412 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] RobiHachi - 02 (…).jpg)
It's alright, you'll get him next time.
yeah though I guess it's not really unusual as far as gods go to act like a huge asshole to men
Image 1561629271909.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1545, 74700610_p0.png)
No, I won't
this fucking RNG doesn't service me.
what a trash game holy shit
5th maybe in my GOTY list
What's the other 4
Image 1561629336909.jpg (779 KB, 1170x850, 74503001_p0.jpg)
Resident Evil 2'
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2
Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight
Kirara 🍄
it's not rng
Image 1561629639071.jpg (1.4 MB, 1748x2563, 73730862_p0.jpg)
It's all RNG lmao
it's how you fucking won your fights, lmao
try not to refute this, it's just the truth
Just learn how to counter and punish his attacks
Kirara 🍄
just git gud
the key to owl is to play conservatively
he has tons of big openings where you can get a charge attack in before backing off
you can bait out his easier to read attacks and avoid his heavy hitting ones
Image 1561629784893.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
Tons of openings and yet he 2-3 hits you anyway
aight I see
you got ucky, both of you
Just look up a youtube video of someone else doing it
Image 1561629829319.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
I'm in a real multiplayer game right now
Kirara 🍄
i no-damaged owl in my NG++
Image 1561629936068.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sarazanmai - 10(…).jpg)
dont get hit in monster hunter
Image 1561629973053.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
I didn't get killed in my 1v3 shooting game
so that just
this fucking sword game
random excuse generator
No it just says that people who are bad at video games attract other people who are bad at video games
Image 1561630163221.jpg (628 KB, 1240x1754, 75251223_p0.jpg)
I'm 3-1 and winning right now so like
RNG game will always stay a RNG game
skill is just a afterthought in that shit
lol make me laugh more
its easier to not get shot by autistic 13 year olds than not get beaten by your daddy
Kirara 🍄
shooting games are easy compared to a game about mental discipline like sekiro
just become samurai mind if you want to win
Man if he likes blaming poor performance on RNG he should really get into mahjong
Image 1561630255622.jpg (401 KB, 1280x720, [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 10 (W(…).jpg)
just use easy mode like those journalists lmao
Image 1561630277137.jpg (148 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p11.jpg)
3 fucking big laughers like
you not even trying and you still make me laugh
Kirara 🍄
you didnt learn. you didnt grow. you cheated the game and yourself
Image 1561630335865.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
fun fact:
alcohol slows your reaction time
Image 1561630339626.jpg (371 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hitoribocchi no(…).jpg)
imagine getting mad cause you died in a video game
i beat sekiro drunk that's a poor excuse
Image 1561630366297.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
Nah I jumped in a window an died, like any other dumb ass.
But imagine hitting ever dodge and you still get one hit by a fucking swipe?
that's the true sign of a dumb ass game lmfao
Kirara 🍄
you just have superhuman gaming skills
You can't even get drunk anymore you've stretched your metaphorical alcohol boipussi out too far
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561630391030.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 1f8f6808a23ed87cf0cfa759ee3b25bb.jpg)
abd gah lines
Kirara 🍄
fucking go to bed ton
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I go to work in like an hour my guy
Kirara 🍄
you didn't even SLEEP
That's no reason to not fucking go to bed.
Image 1561630442741.png (2.8 MB, 3386x1957, 73652780_p0.png)
2 of you need to go to fucking bed and 2 of you need to fuck off to work
Image 1561630464020.jpg (445 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] RobiHachi - 09 (…).jpg)
i don't have to go to bed or work im off tomorrow fuck da polis
Kirara 🍄
oh jan i got pulled over for speeding yesterday i was going like 15 over
no ticket babey
Image 1561630501230.jpg (2.5 MB, 1500x2000, 72155464_p3.jpg)
and you got let off cause you were white
whats new
Kirara 🍄
no, i got let off because i was well dressed and white
Image 1561630514652.jpg (249 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Fruits Basket ((…).jpg)
god bless
how'd you get off
Kirara 🍄
idk i think i just nat 20'd my CHA roll
he came to my window and didnt even ask me why i // why he pulled me over he just goes "i pulled you over because i clocked you going 15 over. we have a no tolerance policy for this area right now." and i was just like "okay"
so i gave me /// him my license and registration and he came back after 10 minutes and said he decided not to give me a ticket for speeding
he gave me a ticket for showing him outdated registration but if i go to the clerk of courts within 30 days and show them my most recent one, they'll drop the ticket completely
Image 1561630542800.png (3.9 MB, 2048x3109, 75149476_p0.png)
oh, big man here with his $300 vlothes
i should bow down to you
Image 1561630555758.jpg (333 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Fruits Basket ((…).jpg)
he saw your suit and was like damn my boi has places to go sorry sir
He got his tie from a dumpster
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
fuck I love sandalphon
Image 1561630651078.jpg (516 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Fruits Basket ((…).jpg)
we have a NO TOLERANCE policy
but eh i'll let you off this time
Kirara 🍄
technically a trash can

anyway i was wearing a button up from the gap and some jeans but i know how to make it look decent

right? lmao

i must have nat 20'd it it's the only way
or maybe he saw how little i even cared that i got pulled over and was like "shit there's something wrong with this dude"
If I was a cop
I would simply be too lazy to write tickets
Image 1561630727280.jpg (218 KB, 1320x1855, IMG_20190627_201633.jpg)
i do have an uncle matt
no you misunderstood
he said a no taller aunts policy
imats is actually a short uncle so he's fine
Kirara 🍄
i wonder if i am an uncle
well you're not an aunt regardless
Image 1561630805075.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1393, 75128354_p0.jpg)
I was an uncle for 10 years
I got fucking spawn peeked in casual
so I'm going to stay on this site complaining about anything I encounter now
fuck you
Kirara 🍄
i could be
>un cool
Nah dude
You're totally cool
Kirara 🍄
kyaa. thank you.
Kirara 🍄
shaak shaak SHAAK
Image 1561630897238.jpg (356 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hitoribocchi no(…).jpg)
he was probably just trying to piss you off so that he could fucking shoot you and get off the hook because cops can kill anyone they want now
rest in peeps
Image 1561630928176.jpg (1.4 MB, 2480x3508, 75303470_p0.jpg)
holy shit fuck the USA with their shoot anytime cops
fucking gross
Kirara 🍄
haha yeah that stand your ground shit
Image 1561631011081.jpg (93 KB, 600x792, IMG_20190626_115124.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561631149550.jpg (352 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
this english voice acting in granblue is weirding me out
they don't have japanese accents or anything
did they actually find some gaijin to play bit parts for a joke
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561631199859.png (339 KB, 700x569, 03b37362d6001b9d2ef2453b143feefe.png)
>everyone wants to strip sandy
Kirara 🍄
me too
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561631266605.jpg (738 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20190627-062718_Granblue.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
oh shit they did it
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561631375169.jpg (86 KB, 900x840, 174587b0e49802e6ddce262d8713777a.jpg)
My wallet is (not) ready
this guy has the face of a small child
you need to stop
Kirara 🍄
he looks like a soundcloud rapper
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yeah I physically couldn't afford something stupid so that was a joke.
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561631445271.jpg (630 KB, 1073x1081, Screenshot_20190627-063026_Granblue.jpg)
are you sure
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561631476457.jpg (105 KB, 704x1000, 944e0e3336f4aa96c57848ecb2349a07.jpg)
The man's beautiful but I have limits
just needs to be whiter
Image 1561631537882.jpg (122 KB, 982x1200, D9lxJiVU0AE1iia.jpg)
needs more face tattoos too
but that's just me
fuck I can't even win on the headshot game on console
me so bad
and I can't even kill Owl 1
Kirara 🍄
that shirtless lucio though
Kirara 🍄
lucio can loosen me up if you know what i mean
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561631651611.jpg (49 KB, 502x700, 504c2098548cc1db37b87f6b6493f719.jpg)
no I don't know what you mean
please elaborate
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561631678934.jpg (290 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
i'd let him relieve my tension
Image 1561631696444.jpg (3.0 MB, 2500x1765, 75117559_p0.jpg)
He wants lucio to fuck him
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561631726696.jpg (1.3 MB, 1353x1537, d8bf59567bcdd00735ed948b9b3ce4c5.jpg)
[dolphin noises]
Kirara 🍄
az makes me kind of uncomfortable haha
it's so weird
whoa theres a character in this runescape quest named mandy and the examine text on her is "She looks like a Horror fan"
Image 1561631918734.png (5.2 MB, 5000x2500, 70514869_p0.png)
since Jan is the one playing that dead af game run
and kirara is here
both of you motherfuckers watch Mandy
thank you both
I fucking swear
Image 1561631946762.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
Image 1561632071288.jpg (4.3 MB, 2578x3568, 74986684_p0.jpg)
I want to watch Mandy again rn I fucking swear
anyway Buck took 10 bullets to his chin so
fuck you all
all of y'all
Kirara 🍄
my name is buck and i like to party
isn't even available anywhere
excep lands of blackflag
Image 1561632172551.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
Maybe it's available in a little blu-ray you can take from your library
weak ass
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
just the fusion or the personality you think?
Kirara 🍄
the fact that it's two people ripped apart and sewn together wearing a dolphin costume is just
i don't know
lol wut
Image 1561632245278.jpg (206 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p29.jpg)
He didn't deny wanting Lucio's 9 Inch pipe in him
Amp it up in my ass
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561632341513.jpg (190 KB, 1080x1580, 403xm6jx2qk21.jpg)
he's freaked out because this
Image 1561632372245.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
Didn't even deny his dick
that's what I want to see
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561632379826.png (216 KB, 960x800, Azrael_and_Israfel_NPC.png)
which used to be this
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561632408227.png (60 KB, 117x184, dolphin.png)
currently looks like this
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561632422386.jpg (352 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
It's weird! I don't dislike it, but it's weird!
Why did they get ripped apart and sewn together and how
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I'm pretty sure it was beelzebub and he made them fight their buddies
Image 1561632527502.jpg (393 KB, 636x900, 75181178_p0.jpg)
All 5 of you fuckers reading this watch Mandy right FUCKING NOW
You will enjoy it immensely
Especially you with the Wife
No fuck you go play the entire Armored Core series you BITCH
Image 1561632615755.jpg (416 KB, 1600x2266, D-DTmB_U0AACZrH.jpeg)
Thinking you can tell me what to do
Image 1561632630452.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
I can only play AC3 and 4?
i bet those aren't even good after the japanese discovered RNG
watch Mandy
Video 1561632748120.webm (14s, 3.0 MB, 800x800, Armored Core 4 (10).webm)
4's pretty good
I don't really like 3 that much but everyone else seems to love it
4 is where they really started to go overboard with the zip zippy zoo go fast and boost everywhere stuff

Tell him to go play Maths Blaster

Bugs Bunnys crazy castle?
More like, Bugs Bunnys shitty asshole!
Kirara 🍄
go play 999 and its sequels
Image 1561632752459.jpg (697 KB, 1703x2368, IMG_20190627_202116.jpg)
go play maths circus 3 you won't regret it
Kirara 🍄
if you haven't played bugs bunny crazy castle 2 on your gameboy, don't even talk to me.
Image 1561632790014.jpg (148 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p11.jpg)
I played that
Imma talk to you full stop from now on
Kirara 🍄
if you didn't play that rocket power game where everyone was getting turned into polka

Image 1561632833714.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
omfg I played that too
Can I just assume you are me from now on?
Kirara 🍄
hmm, checks out
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561632924642.jpg (516 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_10_(…).jpg)
play monsters inc bowling for screams
The Monsters Inc platformer game was pretty great
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561632992031.jpg (457 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_10_(…).jpg)
>archangels can't fly if they get sunburn on their back
If you haven't played Croc 2 then I'm afraid you aren't a real gamer you're not allowed to play video games anymore
Image 1561633028529.jpg (3.3 MB, 2480x4110, 75294829_p0.jpg)
If you haven't played Gex 3 then I'm afraid you are fake as fuck and you aren't worth anything
back to Owl 1 tries
nice bobs
Kirara 🍄
you haven't played tak and the power of juju? wow, weak
If you can't beat Ty the Tasmanian Tiger you get banned from entering Australia
Image 1561633099154.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1545, 74700610_p0.png)
You haven't played Sly Cooper?
I'm afraid you can't do shit in any of my lobbies
If you haven't beaten motherload then you are banned from Church
uh yeah fuck that game though?
Kirara 🍄
if you didn't dedicate a year of your life to chibi robo, take a long look in the mirror
Image 1561633198114.png (4.6 MB, 2480x3507, 74940785_p0.png)
Looked in the mirror
didn't see shit
anyway TY the tasmanian tiger is a fucking classic holy shit
godly game
if I don't kill Owl in my next 3 tries this game is RNG trash
Kirara 🍄
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561633339499.jpg (328 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_10_(…).jpg)
did you try GETTING GOOD
Image 1561633453747.jpg (1.0 MB, 800x2162, 72535440_p0.jpg)
Seems you've grown, if just a little
Image 1561633539679.jpg (1008 KB, 984x1416, 75210528_p0.jpg)
I'm still not past Owl.
I am fucking garbagio holy shit
I wish it was real people making fun of me instead of a fucking bot
Relax it took me like a week
this tweet resonates with me
Kirara 🍄
kokoro pyon pyon machine
Image 1561633641487.jpg (2.3 MB, 2215x2953, 75294801_p0.jpg)
Loli ass tweet more like
fuckin loved that game especially that like 30 minute making of ty movie you unlock when you beat it
Image 1561633807247.jpg (310 KB, 1772x2339, IMG_20190627_122848.jpg)
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561633850854.jpg (98 KB, 507x285, Screenshot_20190627-071021_Granblue.jpg)
thanks for cheering me on gyarucio
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561633951096.jpg (62 KB, 849x208, Screenshot_20190627-071206_Granblue.jpg)
Image 1561633992367.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
No more than a stray dog after all
RNG fucking trash.
back to my headshot game
Image 1561634035282.png (182 KB, 782x216, watch mandy you fuck.png)
seems like they ran afoul some mad doc
Image 1561634051707.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
that's enough to laugh about.
i forgot sandy gets sea and airsick easy
What's with this steam summer sale grandprix thing
Why would you not choose the team in the lead
Image 1561634147879.jpg (809 KB, 1090x1200, 75137185_p9.jpg)
fuck that shit
Isn't it fun to cheer for an underdog though?
i took and damn i am gorgeous
Kirara 🍄
>you will never rub sandal phone's tummy
It is, but it's also fun to win and dominate your opponents
Image 1561634258824.jpg (133 KB, 1053x1019, D9_BLzSUEAA7pdp.jpeg)
Image 1561634311393.jpg (122 KB, 982x1200, D9lxJiVU0AE1iia.jpg)
fuck I wish I saved all my yui pics
but /moe/ is like
waaaaah no more lewd pics stop posting themmmmmmm
by the way
lucio isnt just a lucifer lookalike,
he’s Helel
the fact he just got nommed is uh

i forgot if i actually smashed retweet on this or not
Kirara 🍄
yeah he's obv just not a lookalike
it really was funny
Image 1561634407755.jpg (393 KB, 636x900, 75181178_p0.jpg)
What the FUCK are you talking about that isn't discord meme shit
Image 1561634606613.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 5BF5CB33-7CA3-4691-A263-6297FD2DD22E.png)
marry me you bastard
Image 1561634649771.jpg (659 KB, 917x1002, 75267337_p0.jpg)
There is NOBODY in that frame
it makes me laughhhhhhhh
can any of you help me to make a better build in Dota Underlords
pls ty
why would you marry a bastard?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561634816744.jpg (732 KB, 1066x999, Screenshot_20190627-072449_Granblue.jpg)
he's so cool
Kirara 🍄
this event is stupid in the best kind of way
Image 1561634884460.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
Maria are you still here?
I bet I can kill the fucker if you added this
I thought I already added you on discord but okay
for what purpose
Image 1561634979925.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
yeah and my braindead and hallucinating ass deleted you
“are they eating each other”
Image 1561635076382.png (6.8 MB, 2480x3508, 75131115_p0.png)
For no purpose.
That's just what being blacked out on alcohol does to you
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561635492739.jpg (656 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20190627-073750_Granblue.jpg)
Image 1561635656183.png (3.9 MB, 2048x3109, 75149476_p0.png)
Whatever dumb game you're playing is way more fun than mine
christ with this shit I have to see
it could make me a behavoural therapist like you
Image 1561635903222.jpg (2.3 MB, 3541x5015, 74033547_p0.jpg)
this fucking guy got lucky blowing my brains out
hope one of you can too
it won't be rng when i do it
it'll be pure skill
pure nrg
Image 1561636694306.png (1.5 MB, 760x1980, 75194798_p0.png)
It would be pure skill if you drive that dick into me
im gonna instant kill your ass
just like owl
Image 1561636932259.jpg (3.3 MB, 2480x4110, 75294829_p0.jpg)
You would two-swipe my existence
just like Owl
and I'll feel it

yo cause Daytona USA is N64 shit
just plug in that N64 and there you go, free games
Drive that fucking motivational dick in me and then I could beat this boss
I fucked off to RNG teammates in Siege and they won me a flawless game
I MIGHT try part 10 of this Owl shit, what a fucking bullshit boss
Why the FUCK is there no Daytona USA on steam
Image 1561636979651.jpg (46 KB, 600x405, trust nobody not even ray.jpg)
on the tombstone its gonna say
"fucking rng"
Hello ma’am may i please have my skull crushed by your thighs while you pat my head and have me drink refreshing alchemy juice
Video 1561637074874.webm (15s, 3.0 MB, 800x800, Armored Core Last Raven (2).webm)
Nah Daytona's dreamcast shit
There was a Saturn port but that sucked
Image 1561637137257.jpg (49 KB, 403x494, OK.jpg)
just imagine they're your discord friends and deflect his ass
Image 1561637146428.png (6.8 MB, 2480x3508, 75131115_p0.png)
You gonna be drinking a lot of this juice
you already know how discord works
manipulate it
my spacebar is squeaking every time i fucking hit space and its making me want to stab my eyes out
Image 1561637273243.jpg (628 KB, 1240x1754, 75251223_p0.jpg)
new keyboard time
buy a cheap razer it'll work wonders
oil it
Image 1561637420254.jpg (1.0 MB, 800x2162, 72535440_p0.jpg)
K I got the strat
listen to Strength and Disipline on headphones and read his movements by sight
Image 1561637959090.jpg (725 KB, 822x1227, 75296733_p0.jpg)
I actually can't kill him holy fuck lmao
Image 1561637993647.jpg (91 KB, 615x619, ultra instinct loli.jpg)
yas, that is da wae
hesitation is defeat, sekiro
Image 1561638045348.jpg (713 KB, 943x1364, 75278238_p0.jpg)
I don't hesitate and I still die?
guess I gotta use a statue
well, you gotta hesitate about dying, don't hesitate about winning
Image 1561638292736.jpg (3.0 MB, 2500x1765, 75117559_p0.jpg)
this fucking game makes me want to punch you in the face until you die
I cannot fucking get past this
Image 1561638388832.jpg (77 KB, 777x728, 1514285785031.jpg)
well like half of them are easier than owl tbqh
Image 1561638412226.jpg (447 KB, 1169x827, 75225410_p0.jpg)
But I fucking have to kill Owl a second time with a slightly better arena and he has better abilities?
should I just fucking slice myself now?
like what the fuck
Image 1561638440792.jpg (21 KB, 366x210, dark souls of gay.jpg)
owl 2 is really fucking hard
but also optional so you don't have to kill him
you can't even fight him if you don't do a bunch of obscure bullshit with npcs
Image 1561638506240.png (5.2 MB, 5000x2500, 70514869_p0.png)
You're the dark souls of being gay fr
wow are you calling me easy
wow are you trying to say everyone has played me
wow are you saying i'm a meme
yea you aint wrong
Image 1561638603676.jpg (1008 KB, 984x1416, 75210528_p0.jpg)
Both of you are easy to fuck for real
super easy
since this dumb as fuck game isn't giving me pleasure
imma just keep doing it until I kill him
in like
1 hour
dark souls of being gay - everyone has fucked you, but only few have fucked you good
Image 1561638723412.jpg (404 KB, 1000x1455, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
Huh, Endgame went past Avatar in box office sales
Image 1561638771054.png (564 KB, 1200x1366, 75282864_p0.png)
prob cause it lasted much longer in the box office
I wonder how disney will react to Avatar 2 dropping in 2020 tho
Image 1561638799343.jpg (300 KB, 768x768, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
I hear it is going to be rereleased in theatres again, just because people want to see it still
and I guess to MILk max money out ofit beforethey release it on bd
>We need to BUY this
Oh they already own it
Image 1561638882380.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
Then you realise Disney owns like 80% of all movies coming out
then you don't want to fucking fund those cunts in anything they do
fucking CUNTS
anyway if I don't kill Owl tonight all of you can make me your scapegoat
Image 1561638892165.jpg (526 KB, 690x1000, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
Avatar 2 should anyhow just be
"NUke it from the Orbit the movie"
as humanity does what humanity does best and answers to violence with maximum violence
disney owns everyfuckingthing
even your soul
My ability to be organised is near zero.
Image 1561638991864.png (1.5 MB, 1000x1111, 75322837_p0.png)
same for real
level your disorganisation untill you heat peak
then level it more
and you will reset to max organisation instead
Image 1561639083870.jpg (11 KB, 295x171, 91days.jpg)
will you be my nero vanetti
Image 1561639142643.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
I'll be your anything babe
just tell me where to start and I'll go
Image 1561639228256.jpg (12 KB, 595x585, OWO.JPG)
start by watching 91 days
Image 1561639331780.jpg (3.3 MB, 2480x4110, 75294829_p0.jpg)
What is that?
can it help me in killing this motherfucker
i swear to god i will drive a knife in me if I can't kill him tonight
well by bread knife finally joined my knives proper
and drew blood
Image 1561639390252.png (827 KB, 1401x781, biting.png)
its an anime about gangsters and revenge
Image 1561639400344.jpg (2.3 MB, 2215x2953, 75294801_p0.jpg)
when you slice your own finger w a bread knife
at least you didn't slice your own dick with a bread knife
Image 1561639479665.jpg (355 KB, 2000x1388, 75205644_p0.jpg)
Who would even do that?
must be rum dum.
I could bring my fingers to work it thoroughly
Image 1561639667773.jpg (206 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p29.jpg)
This fucking game is beyond stupid though
i swear
Image 1561639740706.jpg (742 KB, 2230x2990, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).jpg)
can happen when you clean them
besides what good is a knife, that isn't bloodthristy
Image 1561639981147.jpg (75 KB, 782x646, haapi aisu kureem.jpg)
is that why beating it is beyond you?
his 200 iq is too much for it
Image 1561640034562.jpg (4.3 MB, 2578x3568, 74986684_p0.jpg)
I can beat thi s easily if the random number generator fucked with me instead of fucking around with me
Image 1561640048403.jpg (38 KB, 384x428, big baka sulking.jpg)
whoat // whoa thats at least 1.5 rick and morties
Image 1561640130030.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1893, 75278081_p0.jpg)
this guy talks shit even though he never touched the game
lmao and a half
Image 1561640173760.jpg (117 KB, 799x1024, 1561577716018.jpg)
Don't worry I'll talk shit on his behalf
Image 1561640186257.png (210 KB, 640x582, square up.png)
im giving you all my RNGesus energy my child there is nothing more i can do
her titties are way too big
Image 1561640241288.png (2.8 MB, 3386x1957, 73652780_p0.png)
k if I don't beat Owl this try then your energy didn't mean shit
all on me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Image 1561640361358.jpg (368 KB, 2149x2938, IMG_20190627_005157.jpg)
Are you a titty expert

This is just a high level Mithra
Image 1561640372440.jpg (55 KB, 662x522, angeryimouto.jpg)
i am a mithra expert and her titties are way too big im calling the xenoblade police
your titties are way too big
Image 1561640416673.jpg (15 KB, 370x298, sick ojou.jpg)
excuse you i wear a sports bra
Seeing all the deep learning tampering stuff in photos and audio.
I can kinda imagine in the future, there are going to be images with inbuilit crypto like a new image format.
and programs specifically made to detect fake evidence in courts. Given how images and photos are evidence in a lot of cases.
Audio too.
The idea sounds kinda cyberpunky futuristic.
Probably in the future DNA can probably be synthesized and faked
all those solid pieces of evidence will no longer be useful
[email protected]
Image 1561640510714.jpg (142 KB, 745x1200, D92C3jpUIAAw6r6.jpg)
Why the FUCK am I still awake
oh yeah
because of Owl fucking me 10 times in a row
I don't need to prove that i ain't stupid
I am stupid
checkmate rick
just walk away from the screen nigga
they’re MYTHical
Image 1561640675245.jpg (95 KB, 736x670, [HorribleSubs] Imouto sae Ireb(…).jpg)
Go to bed sweetie, you won't be having any epic gamer moments with droopy eyes.
Image 1561640682027.png (816 KB, 857x1000, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
who are you calling a sub-human?
Image 1561640706381.png (80 KB, 536x800, __tanya_degurechaff_youjo_senk(…).png)
now now, dear, you did promise he can stay up tonight
we can't go back on promises, can we?
Image 1561640708721.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
Aint fucking going to sleep.
This cunt is dying soon.
I swear.
on all of your lives
Image 1561640771592.jpg (50 KB, 399x584, nishishishi.jpg)

Ohh, alright, he'll tucker himself out eventually.
well that is a worthless promise, none of us have lives
Image 1561640806664.jpg (2.3 MB, 3541x5015, 74033547_p0.jpg)
Worthless promise is stilla promise lol
and I know your inland ass, this guys texas assm and the UK ass
all of y'all do have lives so like
this contract is waaaaaaaaay more super powerful
Image 1561640927812.jpg (150 KB, 1000x1000, DwUzpoBVYAAQ4My.jpg)
I kinda want a standing desk.
Image 1561640965428.png (112 KB, 258x339, something.png)
I'm sending you my big dick energy now. Don't fucking waste it.
Image 1561640992235.jpg (53 KB, 1024x640, 75293516_p0.jpg)
fucking get a standing desk it's energizing
k if i fuck up here i will be embarassed
Image 1561641072180.jpg (266 KB, 2100x3125, IMG_20190627_230858.jpg)
that is clearly not fish you dumb anime whore
Image 1561641118159.jpg (312 KB, 1528x1800, 0063a59a440ccccc.jpg)
fish is meat and all meat turns into anime/manga meat when cooked
Image 1561641132901.jpg (327 KB, 1480x2071, IMG_20190627_230835.jpg)

i will allow it
Image 1561641164435.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x1819, 70154149_p0.jpg)
Yeah, I wasted it.
fuck this fucking owl boss.
fucking full of shit.
I hate everyone that beat this boss past me
Video 1561641217944.mp4 (♫, 30s, 2.9 MB, 640x360, 60f5a2d6aaac9a6c.mp4)
Image 1561641230238.jpg (1.9 MB, 2480x3507, 73537823_p0.jpg)
Image 1561641239080.png (359 KB, 1080x718, 78346d6e309a6807.png)
that ain't webm is an mp4 you dolt
Image 1561641278070.png (587 KB, 667x1000, 75106984_p0.png)
and like
nobody will watch it
maybe take the hint??????????????
Video 1561641288755.webm (♫, 25s, 5.0 MB, 848x480, Shiro Shiro.webm)
and everyone will watch this
Image 1561641293135.png (62 KB, 1663x500, australiaaa.png)
Image 1561641331259.jpg (338 KB, 919x1616, 1314e61b73f0ab1b.jpg)
you always watch them, mr.nobody so I must keep posting them as you so much want to watch them
Image 1561641351133.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
5,6 and 7 are the realities of life
Image 1561641398997.png (72 KB, 700x2800, 4172e287479a3e80.png)
Image 1561641472226.png (6.3 MB, 2315x4102, 75134874_p0.png)
no way I'm reading that finland/sweden shit
yet you already did
Image 1561641492666.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
nah, I just see those balls
and I'm done
polandball taught me enough
Image 1561641528617.png (1.6 MB, 1600x1200, __eurasian_eagle_owl_and_north(…).png)
Well yeah you wouldn't understand the comedy of them
Image 1561641595393.jpg (393 KB, 636x900, 75181178_p0.jpg)
should I just like
stream how bad I am at this Owl fight
like I streamed the Last of Us and how bad I was at headshot in that game
Image 1561641625396.png (363 KB, 696x678, 6680331765d96381.png)
you might make money out of it
Image 1561641673073.jpg (659 KB, 917x1002, 75267337_p0.jpg)
no way I fucking stream this without 2 (two) of yall watching
Image 1561641839083.jpg (161 KB, 700x560, __alice_alice_madness_returns_(…).jpg)
well no one will atm so
Image 1561641872174.jpg (809 KB, 1090x1200, 75137185_p9.jpg)
I wil just die on my own embarassing terms
Image 1561641980234.jpg (355 KB, 2000x1388, 75205644_p0.jpg)
Why can't you understand your father's will?
for the fucking 40th time
Image 1561642127083.jpg (987 KB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-28-22.jpg)
either whoever hanged this board here was a giant
Image 1561642136188.jpg (899 KB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-28-32.jpg)
or seti hired a manlet
Image 1561642139411.png (340 KB, 521x900, IMG_20190627_232755.png)
Image 1561642198629.jpg (133 KB, 1200x675, D9r4mewUIAA7kJr.jpg)
No more than a stray dog after all
you playing some VR shit pk?
Video 1561642227379.mp4 (♫, 24s, 1.6 MB, 640x440, you cheated.mp4)
3ft man simulator
one of the nurses enxt door or so has one
Hopefully you are insimuating that you'll nick it and send it my way.
Image 1561642500514.jpg (122 KB, 982x1200, D9lxJiVU0AE1iia.jpg)
I doubt I'll be able to beat this single boss alone
fucking RNG game
if I wanted rng I would play dota underlords
I thought for a moment that was ToN and the nurse was a boss.
Image 1561642562183.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
Nurse is a boss in Dead by Daylight
She fucking goes off hard.
maybe look at that for a bit
>Io's so great man she's smart and cute and funny
>Io looked uncomfortable
Image 1561642755083.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-39-05.png)
Moving the dishes to detect AYYLAMOS
Image 1561642885451.png (980 KB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-41-03.png)
Image 1561642888675.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-41-16.png)
Image 1561643359234.jpg (1.4 MB, 582x919, 61686268_p0.jpg)
Yeah, I won't beat this Owl cunt tonight.
I'm so fucking trash, it sickens me.
back to the headshot video game I guess
Image 1561643360012.jpg (671 KB, 632x895, __handa_seishuu_and_kawafuji_t(…).jpg)
damn these olives are good
>serving size: 2
Image 1561643437899.jpg (375 KB, 1452x2048, IMG_20190627_232744.jpg)
gross, olives
Image 1561643512052.jpg (1.3 MB, 2350x2000, __kanzaki_kousuke_kawafuji_tak(…).jpg)
greek olives are great
these are stuffed with garlic and jalapenos
who the heck eats olives
Image 1561644403665.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
when people teleport in an FPS game it makes me want to KILL YOU
wow edgy
Image 1561644537776.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1393, 75128354_p0.jpg)
Super edge lord status
I don't
go 4-0 here
it's back to Owl so he can kill me more
Image 1561644642826.jpg (258 KB, 1200x900, __kokkuri_san_heiwajima_shizuo(…).jpg)
man y'all weird af
Image 1561644685526.png (973 KB, 700x1098, 75244682_p0.png)
Olives can go down like nothing?
Who the fuck doesn't eat them
lol holy shit
Image 1561645141925.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
Can't believe all of you got good RNG for Owl and yet I can't
weird fucking game for real
Image 1561645839800.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1893, 75278081_p0.jpg)
Yeah Sekiro is a badly made game for 2019
feel free to refute this
but it's still trash
Resident Evil 2 will win GOTY over this garbage
Image 1561646172496.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_17-33-53.png)
Lok at this guy drink
dat pinky action
Image 1561646180235.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_17-34-38.png)
Also I think the aliem ism e
mad cuz bad
I love olives
uh wrong Ace Combat 7 is GotY
>the fuck is that noise
>everything reboots
>ingame thunder reset power
tfw you don't mind thunder but ingame thunder in ayylamos games made you go "the fuck"
Image 1561646591324.png (608 KB, 786x900, IMG_20190627_232028.png)
Image 1561647199238.png (27 KB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_17-43-18.png)
I found spave invaders in my laptop
Image 1561647211444.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_17-52-59.png)
and now I am calibrating the antennas
is this signal simulator or fucking maintenance guy simulator?
wrong signal simulator is goty
Kirara 🍄
death stranding comes out this year
Kirara 🍄
goty is going to be walking simulator with dating simulator and crafting simulator mechanics and you all know it
[email protected]
Thanks Kojima
Kirara 🍄
haha that goofy combo attack
holy shit yusuke and ryuji are badass
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561648645962.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_18-17-14.png)
SHit I have a radio
Image 1561649136160.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_18-25-28.png)
Now downloading 1GB of class F Star Porn
Image 1561649542709.jpg (447 KB, 1169x827, 75225410_p0.jpg)
By October 31st I would be playing the Norman Reedus simulator
Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus
Image 1561649723175.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_18-35-16.png)
1,2GB of dwarf star porn for this manlet seti worker
Image 1561649834207.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20181028-012542.jpg)
Hey Moe, ayone enjoying Teamfight Tactics?
Image 1561649892206.jpg (809 KB, 1090x1200, 75137185_p9.jpg)
Servers go down too much.
I just stick with Dota Underlords, that game treated me well
Even if the chinese kill me off every game
>make a cup of coffee
>drink it a day later
this guy is truly me
Image 1561650025807.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_16-48-35.png)
well aside from being a manlet
I ain't tall, but I ain't like...
this short
headbut to turn off lights

hey, im a dota player too.. ) Whqt rank are u
Image 1561650271262.jpg (1.0 MB, 800x2162, 72535440_p0.jpg)
I'm trash in dota so about 4k MMR
buuuut in Underlords I'm smuggler rank
still trash
Image 1561650372236.jpg (989 KB, 1431x1449, Screenshot_20190128-144055_Instagram.jpg)

I'm not to good either in Dota, my rank is Legend V and my highest in Auto Chess was Bishop 5 :D.

i got really bored of Underlords so playing tft right now.
Image 1561650498423.jpg (144 KB, 888x1180, D8I65KEUwAAh_0J.jpg)
What is the aesthetic of TFT? The board looks so plain to me.
Nothing inticing at all.
Image 1561650827891.jpg (181 KB, 1041x730, Screenshot_20190105-183526_Chrome.jpg)

I'm a design and architecture graduate, studied color theory and lots of history of designers/creators and I can't say nothing wrong about tft

Underlords looks very depressing imo

the frozen throne is best thing ever from blizzard
Image 1561651265851.jpg (713 KB, 943x1364, 75278238_p0.jpg)
Doesn't refute the fact that the TFT aesthetic is boring.
Image 1561651315237.jpg (26 KB, 538x224, Screenshot_20181028-212847_Chrome.jpg)
reality is subjective but my opinion is that tft is nice
Image 1561651623363.png (2.8 MB, 3386x1957, 73652780_p0.png)
I'm not a leaguer so I can't stick up for that.
You're still cute though.
Image 1561651819871.jpg (27 KB, 552x345, d6b.jpg)

why would yu say i'm cute? because I prefer TFT?
Image 1561652338991.jpg (465 KB, 842x1013, 73188147_p0.jpg)
because you genuinely are
not cuz of any game lol
Image 1561652499083.png (983 KB, 1920x1080, SignalSimulator_2019-06-27_19-21-25.png)
I found super Earth
that panel below this signal info shows random camera footage fromt he site
and it suddenly shew an ALIEN SPYING ON ME FROM A CORRIDOR
only problem with it, is that I think it spied me from a door, that was closed and locked
I guess the footage relies on players leaving all doors open and not being max paranoid like moi, and locking everything up
Image 1561652697415.png (600 KB, 590x900, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_marota_(…).png)

lol nice titties
Image 1561653236174.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
Are you aware that you're showing me something rare with that 6 tailed Chen~
Image 1561654541096.jpg (107 KB, 472x449, 20190407_122610.jpg)

Yes :o
But what a I showing you that's so rare? 6 tails?
Image 1561655225093.jpg (1.4 MB, 2480x3508, 75303470_p0.jpg)
I only see her with 1 tail so it definitely is rare in my books
chen is a two tailed cat
Image 1561655743879.png (467 KB, 600x700, 1387408475701.png)
Rin canonically is not portrayed in human form with tails, or the tail is just hidden
but in cat form she too has two tails, as do almost all "monster cats" in japanese folklore
Image 1561656563250.jpg (92 KB, 662x1024, IMG_20190627_232729.jpg)
>35C and raining
Who voluntarily lives in California if this is a real weather condition over there
Image 1561657174246.jpg (126 KB, 519x593, 20190522_205900.jpg)

Image 1561657901540.jpg (89 KB, 826x1200, D9d5j9HVUAIPDFq.jpg)
who has big titties
Image 1561658004689.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
Image 1561659024553.png (59 KB, 420x420, aa42ec3b3fbb5ddc3bc772125e18479b.png)



the girls you sre posting
Image 1561659043338.png (1.3 MB, 903x1400, 75133833_p0.png)
I want to tell you something new that you don't want to hear

Image 1561659328612.jpg (650 KB, 849x1200, 75067962_p0_master1200.jpg)
how have you been?

i didn't know you played dota. we should play sometime.
not now though

I am normal Legend V mmr, whwwt ranknyounu

What rank are you?
Image 1561660047556.jpg (60 KB, 564x555, e479c7459f205dfef5c8a6d40909bdcc.jpg)
I am NA Divine 5
i haven't played since march though
iirc i think you were chilean right?
it's hard to climb on south american servers
it's actually changed quite a lot, a few times
from what ive seen in watching friends' games
but i haven't been playing

but "a lot" to me is like having an S class carry move to A class and having two more offlaners in the competitive pool
i guess on the more general level it's been kind of the same for a while

oh maybe
i know creamy was BR
i miss him
Ain't like the meta's changed much since then though.
I thought Chen lived somewhere around me.
Maybe hero choice has changed a bit but the feel of fights is pretty consistent.
I haven't really had to rework how I move through the map and handle fights so to me it hasn't changed much.
Who I'm playing with and against is kind of just aesthetic difference to me.
Image 1561660518399.jpg (163 KB, 642x1000, 75346371_p0_master1200.jpg)
there are a lot of good south american players who get really screwed over because the servers are just so bad
like 40% of the accounts are internet cafe public accounts that have slowly gone through mmr calibration
so people just hop on and play for the very first time ever in a ranked match, then their time card runs out after 20 minutes and they just leave
then like half of the remaining ones are being boosted or are smurfs
it's not surprising they all come to NA servers to play
And then even the good ones are dealing with like 150+ ping and even if they're actually skilled that lag rate really messes with your ability to react.
So it just perpetuates the image of bad South American players.
It's a hard knock life.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i’m finna be a pokemon mastah
Image 1561660804235.png (41 KB, 222x86, Send Help.PNG)
I snipped this the other week when I was playing with Bang and friends hah hah.
Some times my net gets like this and it's like "well I guess I'm not doing anything this game".
I'm Romanian...
Image 1561661177984.jpg (52 KB, 564x812, a6bd3701f7caac37490ec51a845cfb89.jpg)
Oh are you really?
im sorry haha
i got you mixed up with creamy

i am romanian in family blood
but ive never been there
i would like to visit
Ah my bad then it must've been someone else that was living around Toronto.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
take me to the gypsy queen
Image 1561662025726.jpg (767 KB, 1920x1080, chen_orderz_sushi_by_gs_mantis(…).jpg)

It's a nice place, if you ever decide to come and I'm not in Switzerland, I could show you around. My favourite places are the Art Museums.


Oh, you are a lot higher in MMR than me. I'm not that good at games myself, mybe average. I don't think my ping will be fine on NA servers but we can be friends on steam.


But everyone has Ahanim now and Clinkz is pretty powerful. And Drow i s not as good as it used to be.


I am the gipsy queen myself uwu


I really missed you, anon..

Oh, wait, you're not the big titties anon. The way you guys write is too different.

Yes, but Clinkz reminds me of Twitch from League of Legends. You catch someone by themselves in the late game and that can be game changing. That is, if they don't have the whole map covered in sentries. Or a gem. The best way to counter him. I miss playing Spectre.
Yeah I'm not saying nothing has changed.
But the Aghanims update and the various heroes that have gotten tweaks because of that hasn't drastically changed how the game is played.

If anything it's made the game kind of easier to win because everyone is still in the Aghanims experimental phase and in rushing Aghs they forgo having actually good items that win you the early-mid game.
Clinkz feels more powerful but his weaknesses are still the same. Jump on him, lock him down, and he's fucked.
Drow's definitely weaker but it doesn't really overall change how you play her either. It just slows down her farming pace slightly and reduces the way her damage accelerates.

I love the Aghanim's update though; it's given a bunch of heroes cool tweaks and new creative ways to play some of them.
Stuff like that is hella fun,
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Oh hell yes the Electric gym leader from Black/White is one of the most memorable gym fights to me.
Man I want to play Black/White 2 again.
If I can get my hands on a select few trainers I’d be happy I think.
There are three that come to mind.
I dunno if the fight was memoriable, but the gym was for sure
Black and White 1&2 take the top spot for least HISHE friendly gyms
Well I don't think there's really any actual gym fight that's memorable.
Unless you're a kid and you're yeah.
Fighting some of the Gold/Silver gyms which fuck you over because you don't know how to be not stupid about Pokemon.
So when it comes to memories, it's all about the aesthetics and lead-up.
Image 1561662413199.jpg (54 KB, 563x751, 9821592382b22f57d10230b0527c7271.jpg)
i don't mind EU servers. but i haven't really been playing lately anyway.
Yes, I would really love to visit and I like museums a lot.

What are you going to do in Switzerland?
I have dreamed of working in Zurich for a long time at IBM
I am not so fortunate though. It is such a beautiful place.
Image 1561662423938.jpg (93 KB, 445x728, ss (2016-11-20 at 09.23.25).jpg)
>letäs have two giant dragon statues CLASH
>that is safe for sure
never forget whitney
I think Surge is more memoriable
Surge is forgettable because the solution is go to diglett cave
Surge is forgettable because you pick Bulbasaur and that's more than enough to not be worried about anyone on his team.
Clinkz in the late game isn't that scary!
If you're farming well as a core you can usually purge off his Orchid with an item or tank out the fight long enough for your team to come in.
And if you're playing support you'll have the utility items to dispel and get yourself out of the fight.
When there's a Clinkz on the enemy team I'm usually getting a Eul's as a support unless I've got GG boots.

His real power spike is if he's snowballed through the early game and he's running around in the mid-game picking off the enemy team that's desperately split up trying to get recovery farm.
In a fair 5v5 late-game fight he's not actually a great asset to the team.
Image 1561662817293.jpg (238 KB, 1587x2269, __artoria_pendragon_and_saber_(…).jpg)

I want to move there. Maybe settle down there forever. Looks like a lovely place and I would love to enjoy a great paycheck.

What's IBM? Never heard o f it.


Yeah, Clinkz really gets countered by ghosts and Euls, kinda frustrating.


Oooh, I see. Is kinda hard since they first check if any citizens wants the posts before they open it to foreigners...

Image 1561662606473.jpg (25 KB, 563x405, 2526c86c1443a3cc0b71d5092041c77a.jpg)
clinkzes usually get nullifiers nowadays i think
wow, that would be amazing. i hope you get to! then you can send us pictures of the cities and stuff
IBM is the computer hardware company that makes processors
If the Clinkz is farmed well enough in -or has item optimized well enough in the late-game to have a Nullifier and he drops it on me as a support, I'm chalking that up to either my bad positioning or his bad choice of hero to null.
So it's not a huge worry to me.
If he's putting it on my carry in a fight then he's making a usually good choice and I need to respond accordingly.
Image 1561662937656.png (137 KB, 465x996, 1448492634841.png)
Anyways, do you guys watch TV shows? If you guys are into Black Mirror, Love Death and Robots is a great series. Also, Season 2 of Dark is up, which is similar to Stranger Things.

I heard Legion is good but never tried. What TV shows are you into?
Image 1561662898513.jpg (61 KB, 564x1002, e5437201b4cb7318f46b3b84dd0fd7bb.jpg)
yeah. i wanted to do research there but i ended up not finishing my academic work
i study cryptography and stuff
but i haven't found a good job yet.

someone showed me the first episode of love death & robots
it was okay but it seemed kind of silly to me.
the guys thought the action and boobs and gore was really cool haha
i just kind of laughed at it

i don't watch much non-anime stuff. Better Call Saul is one of my favorite things though
im not sure if it is getting another season or not but it is really, really good

oh, the dota underlords thing?
it's like 45 minutes of watching someone else play a game that im in and mention my name a few times
it's really not very exciting, especially if you don't know what's going on in the game
but okay
it was
and the game starts at like 6 hours and 5 minutes into the stream
All the television I watch nowadays is anime, hah hah.
Television is mostly a social thing for me, so it's hard to get into a series unless I've got people I can talk to about it with.
The last live-action thing I watched was the recent Doctor Who series. That was fun.

I should go binge some stuff on Netflix some times.
Moon can you post the stream thing again, I was gonna watch the dota thing you shared but I got distracted/
Awh I wanna see it
Image 1561663280198.jpg (87 KB, 800x1278, 1560066332567.jpg)
Oh, i did watch the first season of True Detective
it had Woody Harrelson in it, and that was pretty cool.

i stopped after the first season though because I realized it would be a different story in the next season
in the same way, I also liked The Killing on Netflix
it's a four-season homicide detective drama

i dont know if you like that kind of stuff but i enjoy those a lot
Image 1561663570350.jpg (374 KB, 702x496, __kiyoshimo_kantai_collection_(…).jpg)

Yes, I loved the first season of True Detective. One of my ex told me about it and gave it a try. I liked the 3rd season, too. Never heard about The Killing. I'm in a lot of genres of TV, besides Horror. I can't enjoy it...


Isn't Doctor Who like 11 seasons? It's very social for me, too. One of the reasons I watch TV is so I can socialize with people about it.


Twin Peaks is very nice, too.
Image 1561663626848.png (349 KB, 500x600, 1559715122478.png)
The Killing is older now. I // it ran from 2011 to 2014.
it is based off of a Danish TV series that was done even longer ago
but the Netflix one came out in 2011 - 2014 and I really like the main actor and actress.

they spend a really, really long time on just a single case. it's a lot more realistic in that respect. the show is pretty realistic altogether in showcasing the grief and hardships that the victim's family experiences, as well as the difficulties of the case and just how long they take and how much work has to be done.

i don't like when TV shows make it seem like a murder case gets solved the same day it happens and it all occurs in one episode
and that court happens the next morning and they're in prison by lunch time
the world doesn't work that way. detectives' jobs are really hard
More like thirty-seven!
Doctor Who's been a thing since like the mid-1900s, but most modern people know it as the reboot starting with the Ninth Doctor, which has run for eleven series now, yeah.
The nice thing is that whenever they do a Doctor reincarnation and bring in a new actor, it's usually a soft reboot and that Doctor's series can be watched in isolation to the broader Doctor Who series.
That's especially the case with this most recent Doctor Who series; they pretty much threw out all the stuff they'd been working with in the past five or six years and went back to tradition a little bit.
It was a fun series.
Image 1561663983365.png (1.6 MB, 1446x2000, 75084946_p0.png)
this is another one of those themes i want to explore in writing future-fi
in the year 12,019 i'm sure we'll be on the 20,037th season of doctor who
there will get to be a point where it takes more effort to stop it from continuing than to just let it keep going
Image 1561664448669.jpg (485 KB, 2031x2583, __chen_and_yakumo_ran_touhou_d(…).jpg)

Oh, sounds like it's very similar to The Detective, then. I'll give it a try myself.


I dunno, I couldn't get into it. Tried a few times.

Anyways, I'm going to hit the sack, been nice talking to you
If you want to play Underlords or Dota Sometimes free fell to add me on steam
Image 1561664088955.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Seitokai_Yakuindom(…).jpg)
I ended u playing seti simulator for 5 hours
kinda addictingly simple and fun game, though very repetitive
2/19 signals I picked up were interesting, rest just trash
I hope the ratio gets better over time...
That's already probably a bit of the case, hah hah.
I think any long-running creative franchise starts to get a bit like that. Between the history of it always being a thing and the insistence from fans that it continue come hell or high water, eventually the path of least resistance is just for the series to keep making more.
Doctor Who is definitely the leading candidate for that to become an irrefutable law of though. Maybe it and The Simpsons will continue onwards into eternity.
Image 1561664338458.jpg (389 KB, 816x1200, 75076647_p0_master1200.jpg)
the simpsons is a bad candidate for that
the show ended a long time ago imo they just keep running in parallel to current events like south park did
i can't really consider that a meaningful source of creative fiction
also it's just objectively trash and has been for decades

yes i am going to add you now
friend request sent!

thanks for stopping by chenny chen
have a good night!
I wouldn't really disagree with any of that but I think The Simpsons has also already achieved a sense of perpetual existence.
Like I can't remember the last time I ever saw anyone saying contemporary Simpsons was good but everyone also just accepts it -is- a thing.
Its continued existence has become the qualifier for its value rather than its value being the qualifier for its existence.
Image 1561664599350.jpg (3 KB, 125x88, STAYkwLc1GNhHrTBIJ0PFg.jpg)
nobody cares about the simpsons though
nobody would notice if it stopped existing i dont think, certainly no one would be upset
doctor who is different though
it's got serious following and discussion and enthusiasm and you'd get backlash for trying to cancel it

the simpsons is just a slot filler at this point
it's watered down trash that people probably don't even realize they're watching unless they happen to catch an old original episode

once your television program starts having focus groups to test audience response and use as feedback to make the most well-received content, it stops really having any fidelity imo
>diablo 3 stash now has search tool
Hawaii is such a gorgeous land, man.
Like the beaches and coast are nice, but not enough attention is giving to the actual land of the islands.
Oh, they're doing another Ghostbusters in 2020, and Paul Rudd and Finn Wolfhard are on board for it.
That might be fun.
yeah apparently it is supposed to be an actual sequel
and it might even ignore gb2
Image 1561667833994.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot127.jpg)
if you hate things enough
your crossbow turns into a gatling gun
Why would you ignore Ghostbusters 2 that movie was definitely on the level of the original.
Image 1561667848656.jpg (193 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Seitokai_Yakuindom(…).jpg)
yeah but it has many of those sequel sins
like why are the ghost busters back in the "nobody zone" and so on
>cause apparently we want to see them do the exact same things as in the first one
why did murray's and whassher name relationship fail
>because we want to see them be awkward and get back together

it isn't even original to ghostbuster so many movies do this
especially with relationships
Because ghostbusting is a niche employment field that probably doesn't consistently pay the bills.
Because Peter was a douchehole and nothing of his character arc in that department was resolved in the first movie, so of course he's going to not necessarily gonna have a successful relationship just because the movie is over now.
Like I get what you're saying but these questions aren't devoid of rational answers.
Even in real life these kinds of histories have a tendency to repeat themselves, especially when it comes to relationships.
Image 1561667910155.jpg (95 KB, 966x1200, 54f2e3b7eeb8c1f342aabebfc6faf364.jpg)
they made a videogame of the 2016 ghostbusters
I think they also did a video game of the classic Ghostbusters around that time too.
If I remember correctly it was hailed as a true Ghostbusters 3 at the time, but I never played it, so I don't really know.
Image 1561668310800.jpg (171 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Seitokai_Yakuindom(…).jpg)
yeah, but it is such a cliche in so many sequels
Image 1561668336938.jpg (148 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Seitokai_Yakuindom(…).jpg)
how is this a taunt you'd throw at an enemy
"I have defeated lesser foes!"
Image 1561669938867.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Seitokai_Yakuindom(…).jpg)
and of course blizzard servers are as TRUSTY as always
jesus fucking christ this is SEASON 19
You'd think by now they'd be prepared for the season start rush, but noooo
ait is not even season launch day
that was 1,5 months ago
[email protected]
I put this on notso's radio server.
fuck blizzard servers suck...
[email protected]
You ever play Torchlight?
no and won't
[email protected]
Image 1561670403438.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720, [UTW]_Seitokai_Yakuindomo_Blee(…).jpg)
>hey you want to start another time sink that consumes way too many hours
and that is sarcasm btw
[email protected]
It's by the diablo 2 devs though
Plus it doesn't take that long to play through
Oh I didn't know that
I just don't have 5000 other people who have told the same exact thing
[email protected]
I was just suggesting a non bluzzard alternative.
Image 1561670483447.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720, [UTW]_Seitokai_Yakuindomo_Blee(…).jpg)
If I want to play non-online one
I would play either D2
or titan quest
I wanted to play D3 right now
but servers keep throwing me out
so what can I do?
except not play the game
Image 1561670689580.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720, [UTW]_Seitokai_Yakuindomo_Blee(…).jpg)
but fuck is it annoying when world denies you shit
Image 1561670960157.png (1.5 MB, 1191x1684, fbf62b5d66ea1d92.png)
and now I really don't even feel like playing
since there's only like 1,5h before rope
not enough time to get sucked into world of sanctuary
Video 1561671095918.mp4 (♫, 29s, 1.7 MB, 1280x720, 35773a1fef10ede9.mp4)
>when moderate range coffee doesn't taste like coffee coffee but cheap coffee does
finnish coffee is weird
moderate price range
Image 1561671596357.jpg (505 KB, 1600x1600, 850577a50f3f8c88.jpg)
on a different note
I guess I will add this to my weird cooking achievements this year, but I managed to pulverize bacon into some bacon dust in the oven in this pot stew
almost as weird when I exploded potatoes into mashed taters while boiling them

there shouldb e almost 500g of bacon here, but nope
is in so small pieces that you do taste 'em, but not really chew em
wonder how did thath appen
Image 1561672380965.png (847 KB, 900x1481, 1450605683870.png)
hello hello
you’re up late, rika
Image 1561672487820.png (2.6 MB, 1238x2000, 75408007_p0.png)
how was your day
Image 1561672586371.png (782 KB, 857x746, 1438934505642.png)
It was okay.
I didn't get a lot done, I'm pretty tired.
Image 1561672711184.jpg (1.6 MB, 1200x1697, 75067343_p0.jpg)
time to take it easy!

super mario maker 2 is out at midnight!
i don't have a switch but i'm gonna check out some streams prolly
Was there stuff that needed to get done?
Image 1561672824039.jpg (96 KB, 692x697, dakedo12.jpg)
There's always stuff that needs to get done.
it is incredible what people made in the first game already
wonder how much crazier things will get in the 2nd
Image 1561673073604.jpg (3 KB, 125x70, e1i5wxVTzWLRz2rk_WIQow.jpg)
it's going to be a light night for anime
do you think there's any chance we'll reclaim Ika for the summer season?

it will be pretty crazy, especially with co-op levels
the skill ceiling has been raised a ton
I'll start asking Ika if he wants to come around again once there's new shows.
That might draw him back in.
Image 1561673805525.jpg (50 KB, 480x595, 9fc9d6e3c35352ac1dbd15f3698aedce.jpg)
need to find my way out of the bone zone
Image 1561673973289.png (134 KB, 373x451, 58EE1CE6-253C-411D-AB53-3F3F5F57A6D4.png)
there is no escape
Image 1561674219118.jpg (447 KB, 1169x827, 75225410_p0.jpg)
I'm dremaing, I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming,
of you caught in a fire
Am I really having another delirious night?
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561674559945.jpg (294 KB, 732x895, 20190626_160343.jpg)
what a busy day
Image 1561674606921.jpg (3.3 MB, 2480x4110, 75294829_p0.jpg)
Good luck!
You are off now?
8 hours in sheesh
welcome home
you managed to remind me of this inadvertantly
Image 1561674695535.jpg (272 KB, 929x1200, 73702803_p0_master1200.jpg)
take it easy with us now that it's over!
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561674808901.jpg (76 KB, 646x876, IMG_20190626_185532.jpg)
today wasn't too bad
just 11-6:30
my shortest day of the week!

did a WISC-V and a BASC on a very cooperative and pleasant 6 year old
worked out the specifics for starting a study to show efficacy of our veterans IOP
planted a seed to get myself a job here while im on Internship
ran a group
worked on dissertation
Image 1561674997115.jpg (228 KB, 1280x1600, ff471731617986f9.jpg)
Did you end up skipping the DSA?
that was yesterday tho
oh kirara since you made the correct choice of joining the sandalclub im (re)posting this

Image 1561675095238.jpg (12 KB, 300x250, 379990eb2886728322bab1e39dba0684.jpg)
can you tell me more about the study sometime?

i have been looking at how i might get into a career of consulting for clinical trial design
it seems really up my alley
Kirara 🍄
went but i sat in the back and browsed twitter the whole and talked shit
it wasn't too bad
Kirara 🍄
study is pretty simple study
baseline testing, monthly testing, looking for clinically significant changes
Kirara 🍄
simple pilot study*
Image 1561675375965.jpg (60 KB, 564x797, c7c308a182da7890025901b9c8480309.jpg)
i think i should finish my medical physics degree and get a stats masters or something
quant analysis is a super easy career and designing clinical trials for pharma is fun
i could do that now but i don't have the paper credentials
it's so unfortunate
Kirara 🍄
i mean, you don't necessarily need the credentials yourself if you can find someone else with them to attach their name to it
Kirara 🍄
oh wait i misread that
Image 1561675633390.jpg (95 KB, 966x1200, 54f2e3b7eeb8c1f342aabebfc6faf364.jpg)
i can do that job competently but so can someone else who does have the credentials so there's no reason to hire me

i met with an access person and they can help me do some stuff i haven't been able to do
like maybe look into disability things or to go back to school
or put me on a waiting list for affordable housing if i don't find something else by march

i don't really get anything out of going back to school but degrees mean something to other people so
doing a math grad program would be really easy, and so would medical school too, but i won't be able to get into a good one really
i already know all that stuff but getting around physical campuses is difficult with my bones
Kirara 🍄
Image 1561676058767.jpg (290 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Bokutachi wa Be(…).jpg)
nice job meeting with them, i hope they can help

maybe you could do an online school
she's got the 10 and 2 down at least
but i don't think she really understands
Kirara 🍄
they asked me if i knew theoretical physics, i told them i have a theoretical degree in physics. they said "you're hired"
Image 1561676535743.jpg (20 KB, 512x422, e8b885761fc4761a5376a8c256f959de.jpg)
the issue is that i dont really have any stability, nobody to support me through it or help me out like driving me if ive been up all night working on stuff and don't have enough sleep to drive

like if i went to medical school i could do the coursework easy because i love that stuff and know a lot of it
but i dont have money to support myself so id have to work in the evenings probably and wouldn't really make enough
since i have student loans out already and a bad track record of credit, there's no way i can get enough in loans to cover med scool -plus- full cost of living
not to mention irs installments and everything else
Finding people to give you support could potentially be resolved by going back to school.
Even in a heavy course like something at medical school you would probably find people you could rely on.
Not actually having that in place before starting is definitely a valid concern though, yeah.
Image 1561676860418.jpg (56 KB, 563x860, 14391e84988cc21176ba29920e973f7f.jpg)
i dont understand what you mean
could you elaborate?
Well stuff like helping you out by giving you a lift somewhere because you're too sleep-deprived to drive.
If you're in a university or college program and make social connections there your chances of finding someone happy to help out with stuff like that is probably pretty reliable.

On a broader level, post-secondary institutions will also have services and departments of the institution which are supposed to figure out how they can accomodate students that have problems like physical or mental health that impede their success.
Once you're a part of the school community, those resources would probably be available to you.
They probably wouldn't be able to help with your monetary issues but if you can find solutions to your other concerns that would be a weight off your shoulders.
Kirara 🍄
you just need a sugar daddy
Image 1561676990799.jpg (305 KB, 750x1000, 57811297_p0.jpg)
Baby take a whiff on me
Image 1561677010550.jpg (94 KB, 768x1024, 9E440838-58D4-4B50-9580-B3B96761D1A3.jpeg)
kirara which waifus are you wanting to roll for in the pokemon gacha
Kirara 🍄
the new pokemon gacha coming soon

Kirara 🍄
i dont play any pokemon gatcha games
Giving the actual name of the app would probably do a better job of informing him Tony.
Image 1561677281654.jpg (1008 KB, 984x1416, 75210528_p0.jpg)
I'm in the right place at the wrong time
That's how I feel everyday
Pokemon Masters
my guy
Kirara 🍄
did it just get announced or something
it feels like you initiated this topic thinking i knew about this thing
it was recently announced
i was prepared for you to not know about it
where do i get one
i need more sugar
Kirara 🍄
i think they come in cube s at the store
Image 1561678063749.jpg (81 KB, 563x798, 9ac75558018d58d595cd31c2e3684486.jpg)
i suppose if i was getting disability, i probably could support myself financially while attending school
i would be really surprised if im able to get that though due to the social security credits thing
Image 1561679717495.jpg (167 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_20190627_232701.jpg)
Image 1561680196058.jpg (52 KB, 459x691, 4da7209ad851aac45d335e70c3114f07.jpg)
her head seems really disproportionately small
Image 1561681259552.jpg (142 KB, 745x1200, D92C3jpUIAAw6r6.jpg)
your head seems disproportionate
what the FUCK /moe/ why doesn't anyone want to talk to me
Image 1561681303289.jpg (514 KB, 657x875, 75422834_p0.jpg)
because they're busy, sleeping, or don't give a fucvk about you.
I care about you though.
thanks friend
you always know just what to say
Image 1561681371525.jpg (872 KB, 2048x1393, 73580535_p2.jpg)
I have to.
I have to comfort you, no matter what you tell me.
Image 1561682938580.jpg (393 KB, 636x900, 75181178_p0.jpg)
Do you want one more friend... ?

maybe because your head seems disproportionate
sammy will get mad
Image 1561685806629.jpg (112 KB, 800x1200, 70970276_p0.jpg)
God I want to fucking hold you throughout the night
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1561685877991.jpg (148 KB, 1500x2000, 67844029_p11.jpg)
Is that your consent~
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
consent to be held at night uh
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Image 1561686467085.gif (2.9 MB, 300x252, 2F7E84F6-1D16-41F1-B90C-159434A4D737.gif)
Image 1561686495666.jpg (141 KB, 1191x1684, IMG_20190628_114753.jpg)
>>706758 →
>>706758 →
>>706758 →
poor sammy