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bang's turn to make a thread
wee hoo ha ha hee hee
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you can
Wow I sure look foolish now thanks Moon
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
oh hello niceguy
how are you today
Loving the new eva discourse
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
You mean liking, right
no eva tweet deserves my likes
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
why does it KEEP HAPPENING
i blame zuck
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A nice painkiller-induced nap
Image 1561170783511.jpg (71 KB, 1280x722, step.JPG)
it's actually not heresy
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
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what the actual FUCK
Image 1561170836711.jpg (45 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Sewayaki Kitsune n(…).jpg)
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back massages are one of the best things
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how do you massage someone with your back
Image 1561171253862.png (243 KB, 688x941, 50ae407bf7808da1accab0a89fa4461c.png)
>they don't know how to massage with their back
You sound like the kind of person who needs it
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
is it where you just press your backs together
I got it
I understand why it's so funny looking
It reminds me of one of those things you put on the hotel door
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
why did you say that here though
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because I'm gonna post it
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
don do any majik
sammy play dota with us sometime
me you bang tilde and, uh, someone else
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i dont know how to play mobassss
wait, and ika
i forgot about ika, he plays
ok then play mahjong with me kannagi/tilde and maria
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Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
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heart emoji
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
welcome to the new age
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what's with this traditional get up
the note on her face specifically
Image 1561171813027.png (189 KB, 603x606, 75034109 - 02.png)
it's a talisman
How was it spelled
Jiangshi, I think.
it's like a chinese zombie vampire
oh that's cool
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yeah there we go.
I keep forgetting yoshika's name
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kyouko is way more forgettable though
that's false though.
Kyouko is one of the best girls in that game
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i bet i could tweet this guy with some dumb caption and make it a trending meme
not that i would want to
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yeah it was bait
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another gas station selling floppy disks
WHO are these people buying FLOPPY DISCS
Maybe they're just leftover stock they didn't bother to clean out
maybe the diesel trucks store their logs on floppy disk or something
it's low information content so maybe it's handy for storing the log of each manifest
yeah that's what I figure but you'd think they check their inventory in at least a decade
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
somewhere a fox shouts,
”I don’t need you!
I don’t need anyone!”
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was sarazanmai on your radar this season?
idk if you still watch stuff
you want to check that one out though you'll like it
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
what’s that about?
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People loading into my games play this shit on fucking floppy disks that's for sure
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
it’s crazy going back to hard drives
It's Ikuhara
you really liked penguindrum didn't you
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Yakushimaru Etsuko is a great vocalist, man
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Any of y'all try that Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlords ish? How would a complete and utter embarassing noob fare at those geimus
Image 1561176315907.jpg (127 KB, 649x950, 69377733_p0.jpg)
what is dota underlords? im not familiar with that
when are you gonna play dota with us solly
me you and tilde can play
It's Valve's official autochess game.
Image 1561176346445.jpg (413 KB, 1449x1000, 74432308_p0.jpg)
Already getting spammed w/ this...
Actually gonna install it rn fuck it
I never jumped on the Autochess bandwagon so I dunno, never played any form of it.
Some people seem to like Valve's official mode and others seem to prefer the standalone the people who made the DotA custom came out with.

Others also seem to like League's autochess mode.
Image 1561176425595.jpg (389 KB, 816x1200, 75076647_p0_master1200.jpg)
really? auto chess was designed around mahjong concepts
it's chinese afterall
i played it for a while but ultimately just went to riichi mahjong

i think you're better off having learned mahjong though
it's a more gratifying experience
[email protected]
The fuck is auto chess?
Yeah I'm still not particularly inspired to go checkout Valve's official autochess.
When I saw the custom game being played once or twice it looks more like to me kind of like a versus mode towerdefense game without the route pathing that's iconic of them.
Image 1561176638611.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1893, 75278081_p0.jpg)
When I figure out how to make a good Lina build probably
Lina/Io offlane and just attackspeed down the poor souls that don't see it coming.
Or just go mid and build Eul's -> Kaya -> Aghs
the pool of units is limited per type, and it's global so you can control most of a certain type of unit so others cant
kind of like holding on to tiles you think others want so they can't get three of a kind with them
you go through rounds of fighting the opponents but that's just seeing the results of the choices
none of the game happens there
it's about good econ, good unit investment, good reading of the opponents, and good decisions

but the balance is poorer than mahjong so it's ultimately a less gratifying, but easier, experience
Okay, when you put it into that perspective I can see where the influences come from.
I never really tried particularly to get informed on it; I think I just had someone, probably Purge, playing a game or two of it playing on the side while I was doing something with the rest of my mental space.
it's more tilting too because there's items for the units which are pure RNG
you get neutral creep rounds where they have a chance to drop items
and sometimes you don't get any items, sometimes you get only useless items, sometimes you get amazing items

there's a winstreak/loss streak mechanic that gives you more gold based on your streak either way, win or loss
so there's econ rounds for some players where they'll plan to lose for the next 5-7 rounds for the extra gold if they had a bad start
but basically if someone gets a lucky item early on, they can secure a win streak off the start and have a huge advantage
just because they had a vanguard on their frontliner
Image 1561179425742.jpg (38 KB, 601x1100, IMG_20190621_174951.jpg)
i played dota autochess one time and i would honestly rather play battle of mirkwood a thousand times instead it was bad
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
wtf is an auto chess
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oic it’s soft turn based dota on a chess grid?
It's not really DotA aside from some general RTS mechanics that DotA's inherited.
It uses the DotA assets because it originated as a custom game for DotA 2 but the mechanics are fairly original.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i didnt know dota 2 had modding capabilities that’s cool
Yeah they introduced it ... maybe three or so years ago?
It's definitely a really neat component, especially considering DotA itself originated as a custom game for Warcraft III.
So it's kind of a full circle.

When it first came out people were joking they could just recreate the Warcraft III campaign in DotA to make it a real full circle.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
i’m enjoying the overwatch mods i guess everyone is adding scripting now
There's a lot of game lifetime extension to be found in giving it scripting functionality.
A couple people in the DotA community I've seen talk about it explain it like, if more people who have never considered playing DotA get interested in playing autochess and download the DotA 2 client to try it out, then they have everything they need to start playing actual DotA. All they need to do is just press that button to start the queue.
The same can go for any custom game for any game with standard game modes.

It does open a can of worms in that it can make bugs and compatibility issues that would never become apparent with the hardcoded mechanics of the standard games rise to the surface.
But if your game's dev team can squash those bugs you end up with a more perfect game, so even that
that's a positive.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
one does not simply start playing dota 2
No, but you're all the closer if you've already downloaded the client for autochess!
Though I believe Valve's official autochess game is its own standalone client so this is all kind of moot now, hah hah.
But there'll always be another custom game that gets super popular, especially now that the success story of autochess is out there.
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
guess ill have to git gud at
speed chess
so i cam have a game w my coworker before he leaves fOREVER
Maybe you should git gud at SPEED SHOGI instead!
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Wise men say, only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Samu 🏔 !KW2DbpWwls
oh no
Oregon's gonna become the first State in hundreds of years to leave the Union!
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Hello from Organ
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1561184097648.jpg (139 KB, 1280x720, screenshot0014.jpg)
>it's another Yuuri has a nervous breakdown after Chito smokes the last cigarette episode
good times
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
She took one hit of a blunt and crashed Tesla stock
The whole apocalypse was caused after Yuuri invested too hard in Tesla and Elon made his hyperloop dream a reality
fucking bullshit
fucking bullshit
FUCKING bullshit
holy shit a fucker
oh mother fucker goddman fucker holy shit
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
what's up
Image 1561185791185.png (564 KB, 1200x1366, 75282864_p0.png)
How did you get rocked tonight mate
Image 1561186504519.jpg (766 KB, 1058x1689, 72780262_p0.jpg)
This guy wants to debate ME now
I should have shut the fuck up
It's safest to just never say anything at all.
Image 1561186718646.jpg (122 KB, 982x1200, D9lxJiVU0AE1iia.jpg)
I never have the energy to debate randos online
Maybe I have the energy to debate people I know, but that might not be such a good reccomendation for somene as stubborn as moi
Yeah I'm in the same boat.
It's easier for me to not care about what -about when people are convinced of themselves when I don't know them in the slightest.
But I get way more agitated when the person's someone I care about in some shape or form.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1561187145426.jpg (41 KB, 848x480, [HorribleSubs] Denki-gai no Ho(…).jpg)
Yeah for sure.
A lot of effort for nothing worthwhile gained.
Image 1561187169060.jpg (769 KB, 2501x3551, IMG_20190622_170534.jpg)
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1561187269615.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720, [Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_07_[1(…).jpg)
Tonight should be pretty good.
Got the whole house to myself.
Gonna play some weeb games for a few hours then cook up a Thai curry.
Image 1561187315093.jpg (1.4 MB, 582x919, 61686268_p0.jpg)
Dance around naked to loud music
Image 1561187496850.jpg (153 KB, 1078x1107, IMG_20190622_171127.jpg)
Debate me on this one:
Debating is a worthwhile use of one's time
>>703855 →
>>703855 →
>>703855 →
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1561187553413.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720, [ANE] MM! - Ep05 [BDRip 720p x(…).jpg)
am I pro or con?
Image 1561187761904.jpg (255 KB, 1003x1417, IMG_20190621_153654.jpg)
con I'd say
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1561187841120.png (144 KB, 512x512, 1546432657099.png)
Nah. That's lame.
Trying to construct an argument for a view that everyone around you (including yourself) already holds is pretty much just asking to have a massive circlejerk
I agree