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First Koi Thread of 2019

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since regular consumption or last consumption? i specifically don't count days because i dont want to give it that much invasiveness over my thoughts
ive had an occasional pint every month or so but not anything in excess or repeatedly
october 27th was when i started up meds again so that was prolly when i'd count stopping
i know i had some bourbon over new years, not because party but because fireworks trigger me
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
probably st patgties
the day that ireland becomes united and independent
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
irish free state part 2 never
irish wristwatch
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah i dig
im happy for you that you're doing good with it
nobody's really said that yet
it kind of helps out
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
wait what the fuck
did you ever see the movie with liam neeson about the ira
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
taken 4 ira edition
nope it's just a biopic about michael collins
>like your forebears crawled out of the ocean and built cabins and made fires and designed intuitive inventory systems in first person shooters that let you pick up the railgun AND hold on to the candy bar

>and look at u. u lost to a stick
it's good yeah
are people reading 17776
i miss that
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i have been thinkin about rereading it
maybe with fish
cod bless benzodiazepines for letting me eternally be able to re-read and re-watch things
haha all you suckers can only enjoy things once and then it's left as a stupid worthless memory
I read it again like last year
Still just as good as I remember
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
oh shit modest mouse is gonna play in Florida in November
they're opening for some band i don't care about though
oh i remember now
i couldn't finish reading it before when i started because my shit-ass SATELLITE INTERNET couldn't even load the video pages
and even the text pages with images would take so long to read that i'd have to wait
i was capped at like 5 gigs lmao
I can't even enjoy something on drugs then again sober honestly
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I saw them live once it was pretty meh.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703205530.jpg (67 KB, 564x797, 20190307_102925.jpg)
i wanna see modest mouse real bad
they're like my favorite band
i really hope they end their set with Florida honestly
well they're not quite my favorite band but seeing the Strokes just isn't the same unless Julian is blitzed and he's like recovering and abstaining from drugs and alcohol and shit now
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703247544.jpg (144 KB, 800x1130, IMG_20190227_072534.jpg)
let's have a buddy modest mouse concert deito
the black keys or that other band I see on the website
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
black keys i literally don't care about them
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
I think ive heard a few of their songs
there's one about a submarine and one about gold on the ceiling
i feel like there's another one i know
something about size? like a song about something that's big or something that's small? i can't remember
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
oh they're playin in denver in september
let's go crash with rook and get fucked up and listen to modest mouse
Image 1552703636628.jpg (184 KB, 1411x2698, IMG_20190315_001913.jpg)
I wonder if there's any bands I like touring in aus
they okayish but pretty meh
lonely boy and the gold ceiling one were their hits
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703795203.jpg (93 KB, 800x1131, 1552301068320.jpg)
i can probably deal with them if modest mouse is first
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
they probably aren't
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
modest mouse is opening for them
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Assuming Modest Mouse is the headliner
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah it seems like a weird set up
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Are you gonna leave after they're done?
At this point in time I think the black keys are more popular.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
lol maybe i dunno
im probably gonna see if jan and rook wanna go to one of the concerts
there's some other band too
shannon and the clams or something
Mod this mouse
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
also one called repeat repeat
never heard of either
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
One of my absolute favorite bands is playing at pitchfork this year and I'm kind of pissed that they aren't a headliner
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i have actually never been to a concert
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
but its their first US concert in like 15 years so I'm still stoked
hell it might even be their first concert in 15 years
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
They can be pretty fun.
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when has p4k ever had good taste
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
like 8 or more years ago
the line up is getting worse and worse every year
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah I wanna try it out
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I think this might be the weakest pitchfork line up ever this year
although I thought that last year
and the year before
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
also I didn't know this about them until today but apparently they're kind of marxist and a lot of the french lyrics in their songs are very political
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reminder that korn still plays live venues
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I bet they play county fairs
I remember they made an album wiht skrillexs
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
first blood of 2019
*grabs knife*
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i wonder if my dissertation chair would understand if i discussed my epistemological concerns and how they make writing difficult

no stop
How can we write about knowing things if we don't even know what knowing MEANS
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552705632298.jpg (471 KB, 2894x2894, IMG_20190315_103808.jpg)
in normal conversation and stuff i can act like i know things because general knowledge is basically just something we use functionally and whether it's actually knowable or not doesn't really matter

but like if im writing academically, i don't want to be making sweeping statements about things based on studies with methodological flaws about things we can't actually know to be true

it's like trying /// i dunno
i cant actually know that so many of the finding are true or not because they aren't generalizable even though modern academia says they are

especially with psychology where virtually nothing should be generalizable except for basic foundational models

if im going to write something academically, i want to write about things i can actually know with certainty
I want to write about the things i can experience or observe

i want to write phenomenologically

what im writing now is stuff i can't actually know and even if my results are significant, they won't actually mean anything
they can be used functionally but that's not good enough for me
Image 1552705711035.jpg (263 KB, 750x900, 69186035_p7.jpg)
are you trying to start a fight
with WORDS
Image 1552705788373.jpg (53 KB, 564x745, 3d379854d95bc0546c6f9e68320cb3d5.jpg)
studies are useful in their ability to assemble a model
when writing academically you have to speak about the application of that model or the interpretation of that model and leave it simply within the framework of that model
you don't have to, and can't, speak about actualities
that's what ive learned anyway. having that in the academic body is still useful -- id argue it's the only thing that's useful
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
when i tried to write in a way that avoided making assumptions of certainty where i couldn't logically make them, my dissertation chair told me i need to make sure my study never leaves room for my readers to think because if they think, they will have ideas which is apparently bad

so instead of being able to write and say this stuff suggests whatever, i basically have to say here is information, this is exactly what it means
but there's no real foundation on which to say it with certainty
That's a really cynical view of writing something wow.
I will defend words to the end with my DYING BREATH
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
it's difficult to deal with
i think it's better than // that readers think
i want to lead them to my conclusions without forcing them into my conclusions
Image 1552706344163.jpg (246 KB, 862x1200, 1511381927172.jpg)
i feel like the only thing we can know with certainty is the mechanical application of a model, without drawing any conclusions
that might be the archivist and information thing in me but i feel it's just raw work investment
ability to draw conclusion is just unrefined information
and probably obsolete
but i really dont know the field and the scope is probably different
i cant really see any function besides archiving and processing, or model construction i guess

i wanted to say some more stuff but i think at this point i'd probably distract you more than help you at all and you're on a time crunch
also i noticed you had some concerns lately about being cynical or at least perceived as cynical
idk i think im always being a cynical bitch about everything with you guys as my soundboard and that probably doesn't help you out
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552706832384.jpg (85 KB, 896x1400, IMG_20190202_143545.jpg)
i actually stopped workin a little bit ago
you can only write doctoral level shit for so long before you start getting cognitively exhausted and then you're just not effective anymore
im gettin ready for beddo now

i don't think you're cynical as much as you're pessimistic
but i don't think that's a bad thing and it's good for people to be around others with all kinds of different attitudes
Yeah I don't think you're cynical.
I think you're battered, for lack of a more accurate term, and that produces a mental state that creates maybe a similar mentalscape to cynicism or pessimism.
Maybe even that comes off as too pretentious.
Like when you're out on a hot day and the sun's beating down on you for all those hours and you get inside and your skin feels stretched and tired.
That's the kind of feeling I get from hearing your experience.
Wanna watch another Canadian cartoon first
i think im really attuned to recognizing flaws in things
and the thing is, stuff like that intrigues me a lot
im filled with a curiosity that makes me want to share the experience of intrigue, but since im often talking about those flaws in things, i think it really sounds like im whining or complaining or being really negative all the time
but im really just so curious to problems and puzzles that i can't let go of those little things that go against the grain

like today i was doing some geological survey stuff and there was talk around mining diamonds and some process that sounded like "deglowing"
so i head over to google and type in deglowing to check if it's a word or if i can gather any context clues around what it could have been
well it's not a word, so google assumed i meant the next closest thing and searched degloving for me
which i dont suggest googling yourself as it's a // an injury where skin is forcefully pulled off of the body, like by a machine
and google did the kind service of displaying me a few of the top images along with the web search that it automatically changed from deglowing to degloving
it really struck me as confounding because i was doing a fairly innocent search about minerals and got a page full of medical gore
i think that's a pretty blaring issue with google, and i actually thought about coming to /moe/ to post about it when it happened but i realized it's probably burdensome for the only show up to post about something bad happening all the time or to complain about how something's not right
not that i was really bothered by it given my medical learnings but it was just a thing i couldn't stop thinking about all day during work
that could really affect some people
and all these forceful wallotexts nobody asked for
just an archivist digging through heaps of information all day like rummaging through an antique store and wanting to share all these odd finds
i gotta realize not everyone is as obsessive about the mundane as me and that people have real lives and stuff
Image 1552707915511.jpg (2.8 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_234413.jpg)
What's a real life when you get down to it anyway.

I had to step away to fix myself some dinner.
Image 1552707941063.jpg (82 KB, 598x438, dots.JPG)
you never know what you'll find in a wall of text
some days it's the rosetta stone
some days it's tragic google searches
i can't even tell if something is offputting anymore
i think the brainworms are getting deeper
i guess i watch this weird cartoon alone
Oh the National Film Board.
I'm familiar with their work.

Is Robert Munsch at all known down there? I read a metric fucktonne of his books when I was a kid.
what is that
all I can make out is shallots
A rice bowl of ginger pork topped with yeah, shallots.
There's rice somewhere down there.
The ginger pork is hella tasty despite being like five days old.
Oh now I guess I see it
sounds tasty
Image 1552708416690.jpg (88 KB, 748x1069, ebisu0.jpg)
oooh i just got it
cuz the rosetta stone is a literal wall of text
nice one
is that the hog in the bog or whatever it was?
Image 1552708471777.jpg (112 KB, 1020x877, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_(…).jpg)
i did my best
DAMNIT BLUE this is my CHILDHOOD you're digging through
the rosetta stone was pretty cool
I remember learning about that in school
Image 1552708556778.jpg (871 KB, 1846x2996, Dy23MQYUYAAfbQa.jpg)
your childhood FUCKED ME UP
Image 1552708611852.jpg (212 KB, 1200x1400, DyuisJyVAAApIhU.jpg)
it really was a pretty effective tool
at turning people less of a fool
Hm, not off the top of my head.
Maybe it's sitting somewhere deep in there though.

This animation is nice but a Robert Munsch book isn't quite a proper story when it's not told by Robert Munsch himself.
He's such a great storyteller.
This was my introduction to Canadian ideas.
We had this show called O' Canada and it would air super early in the morning.
and it would fill my head with this craziness
980 Yonge Street isn't a house any more though.
As like most things in this city, it's become condos.
There is a subway station pretty close by though.
Mortimer's got to be the quintessential Munsch book though.
Hearing him tell it is a thing of brilliance.

Ah I see now.
Rather than an adaptation of a Munsch book this seems like an original work.
Avant-garde stuff like this I probably never really had a chance to see as a kid.
This has got to be one of the most fucked cartoons I've ever seen haha
I need to get me one of these guilt erasing teleportation machines
Munsch could at time write some extremely sentimental and heartfelt stuff too.
This guy is a national treasure.
Last one but this is another one of his absolute classics.
I fucking love this guy.
Image 1552710866105.jpg (448 KB, 1190x1684, IMG_20190316_152547.jpg)
Image 1552711296635.jpg (207 KB, 1600x1600, Dw37UigUUAEjMyX.jpg)
I mean it probably aired late-night on somewhere like Teletoon and we only got that channel for maybe five or six years before the cable company realized they'd been accidentally given us a better package than what we were paying for and told my parents to either downgrade or start paying the proper fees and my parents, being the ... hm, not quite spendthrift or stingy and not really a matter of pragmatism or sensibility either, but regardless, chose to downgrade.
And this was all long before I would have been allowed to watch late-night stuff.
Also 17776 was a very enjoyable read and brilliant execution of the multimedia capabilities of digital publishing.
>when you're about to win the game but Liberty DIES
Image 1552713134958.jpg (406 KB, 1451x2048, IMG_20190316_152710.jpg)
why do I keep running into obnoxiously loud people today
Image 1552719307597.jpg (470 KB, 1510x2048, IMG_20190316_175448.jpg)
Image 1552722587742.jpg (384 KB, 1447x2047, 33202.jpg)
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Kirara, the Baseball Mom
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