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Bottom Identity
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First Koi Thread of 2019

Man I'm in an electric mood now.
That was a very enjoyable movie.
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have some electricity
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so what were you all doing
other than n
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
working on my dissertation
On my way home.
Had class earlier and then went to see Captain Marvel.
It's a bit drizzly but weather's still nice enough to walk a stretch of the way home.
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ah sou nanda
Image 1552591900213.jpg (129 KB, 848x1200, 1097821174824759297 - 1.jpg)
wait wasn't rain world that game we tried to multiplayer and we were all so confused
we all kept dying and fucking drowning because the rain was just too fucking powerful and we had no idea what to do
Image 1552591915876.png (313 KB, 500x743, PRM.png)
hey tilde
you have rain world
have you played it?
i saw matthewmatosis uploaded a rain world recommendation and i started to watch it but i decided to stop since it looked like it might be something i want to experience blind
would you have some non-spoiler input
i love blue threads
Yeah I have
Or well, tried like ten minutes of it. It's kind of an obtuse game and didn't quite strike a chord with me.
It's like I had an incomplete or imperfect idea of what I needed to do and the missing information made it hard to engage in.
I don't entirely know if that's on me or the game though.
It has a unique and interesting aesthetic though; I honestly wanted to properly engage with it.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
>chair wants three versions going at once and wants me to combine them even though some have contradictory edits
Image 1552592207293.jpg (110 KB, 781x1200, 1097821174824759297 - 3.jpg)
this is why educated people always seem so broken
The game is kinda difficult to jump into because the "tutorial" does its best to be textless
It tells you how to survive the rain and how to get around but I felt like... once I was aware of the mechanics at play it was hard to explore.
Because I was worried about surviving. I'd like to know what the plateau of enjoyment feels like in that game because it was just running, eating, and hoping for shelter in the beginning
a quick excerpt from mattymatosy's video
>"it took me two restarts and four hours to truly start enjoying rain world. i tell you this partly as a warning, and partly in the hopes it will arouse some morbid curiosity, a trait that would serve you well going into this one. if you're recoiling at the very idea of investing so much effort into something before seeing anything resembling a payoff, then rain world probably isn't for you. but i hope you'll at least hear what i have to say and consider stepping outside your comfort zone for this one."

i really want to check it out
It was pretty cheap on sale on the last seasonal Steam sale, like under 5 USD probably.
I'd bet on it being a similar way next sale if you feel your interest could maintain until then.
i hope it does
i cant buy games for a while though
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
she's making tons of edits to paragraphs i told her i was going to get rid of too
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
also she always capitalizes trans???
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
like Trans
more than meets the eye
Image 1552592533871.jpg (426 KB, 1600x2259, 1101082482521174016 - 2.jpg)
ah. it's that.
I am glad I am not in school anymore.
I had a nice school rant today.
good luck navigating the mysterious Chair
Image 1552592635864.jpg (177 KB, 848x1200, 1097821174824759297 - 2.jpg)
i want to play more Death Mark but I want my friend to see the next chapter with me.
and they haven't had free time in a long time.
spooky game story time was more fun than I thought it would be.
Especially with the ending.
Image 1552593038608.jpg (316 KB, 1240x1754, IMG_20190315_060226.jpg)
I should play a lot of things but at least ive managed to dedicate a good amount of time to fallout 4 to clear it from my backlog
Image 1552593493219.png (655 KB, 900x1250, owl_by_valerei-d3cd8qa.png)
i bought far cry primal a long time ago and still havent played it
my old pc couldn't run it at more than 5 fps lmao
my laptop can run it fine but i haven't installed it
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i want to do metro exodus again but i don't have time it's like a 20 hour game more if you are on a hard difficulty
and sekiro comes out in like two weeks
I don't know what I want
What I really really want
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
then how can you ever tell me what you want
what you really really want
Image 1552593802916.gif (306 KB, 400x225, brg.gif)
with the warmer weather today i feel a lot less weak and sickly and more motivated
i need to get a new keyboard and a new headset though
my shit's all breaking down and it's making my work such a chore
There's a novel I have to read for my class on world literature that opens with a few pages on a very detailed description of the amputation of a six-year-old boy's forearm after it and the hand became horribly mangled by artillery shelling because the novel takes place during the Sri Lankan civil war.
It's done entirely without anesthetic and pretty graphic.
And then shortly afterwards there's several pages on the main character deliberating on where he wants to take a shit.
I get what the book is setting out to do but man.
There's a point where things get a bit much.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
do you use regular keyboards or do you need, like, fancy ergonomic ones?
>My Girlfriend is a Mermaid
lots of interesting games dropping on the Switch
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i use a regular one right now
well, i use my laptop keyboard and i use this aluminum plunger keyboard which is labelled "like" a mechanical keyboard
the actuation on the keys is so heavy though that it really starts to hurt after using it for a long time, and the laptop has no actuation at all because it's just flat keys and it's very clunky to use for actual typing with any speed or duration
i had a mechanical keyboard that worked great up until it didn't work great anymore, but ive been using this plunger keyboard for a year and a half now
it was like 25 bucks which is cool but man having a METAL keyboard in winter sure is a paint
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
>childhood friend Ion
>became a mermaid
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
what class is this for
The class is called The Novel, but like I said it's clear the class' focus is on world literature, e.g
e.g., literature from authors outside the Anglo-Western culture sphere.
I've enjoyed enough the previous novels we've had to read but this one is really seeing off a bit rough.
Koi can't just
the flat girl
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
would an ergonomic keyboard be better or is mechanical generally your favorite?
ive never used an ergonomic keyboard
it might be nice
ive only ever used the last mechanical keyboard i had, which i bought on my first paycheck when i started this job, and this metal keyboard now
prior to that i always used those cheap wireless logitech keyboard/mouse combos that are like 19.99 and last a couple months
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
this one sounds kind of vulgar

yeah i've never used an ergonomic one either
i think i'd be afraid to put in the cost and then hate it
Image 1552594416998.png (798 KB, 900x555, D1m508rUwAEiDRG.png)
All the cool touhou artists are putting out Switch games and making VNs and tactics RPGs
[email protected]
Image 1552594522379.gif (218 KB, 340x324, 654.gif)
one that's truly ergonomic would be nice
but a lot of keyboards listed as ergonomic are awkward and jank
like having the left and right sides of the keyboard split and a big awkward gap in the middle??
no thanks
that certainly doesn't speed anything up
Well yeah but war is vulgar.
Modern civil wars like the one in Sri Lanka are awful things and the ones that suffer the most are civilians
Shelling of civilian camps and hospitals is common enough.
The vulgarities are the physical and psychological realities of being trapped in one.
Like I said, I understand why the novel is like this.
It's just a lot for me to take in at first.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah, those are pretty weird
idk what a n ideal ergonomic keyboard would look like though
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
My comment about vulgarity was more about the several pages of deliberating on where to shit than on the vulgarities of war, haha,
I dunno, spending pages on where to take a shit feels kind of disrespectful to the reader to me
[email protected]
Image 1552594881541.jpg (85 KB, 754x600, akg_datahand_pro.jpg)
Probably my favorite "keyboard" ever.
something with an appropriate incline and the right angle of actuation/amount of pressure for actuation, and also proper spacing between the insert/delete/etc keys and the numpad and the main keys and the F1/F2/etc keys at the top
on my laptop it's all jammed into one grid with no spacing so i can't in any fashion make use of the insert/delete/numpad or F keys as time-saving measures when formatting because it's the same size and same location as f12 and print screen and all that other shit
pressing any of those keys means i need to go manually close the chrome developer tools it opened or reset my clipboard because it has a screenshot on it or use my mouse and go manually select the area of text that needs revision
sounds little but when im normally doing like 200-ish actions per minute, that shit really slows me down
[email protected]
Supposed to be super comfy to use as well.
I was kind of simplifying the writing, hah hah
It felt reading it that it's him struggling with the psychological stress of being a young guy in a warzone, helping with a medical hospital that can't stem the tide of dying people flocking to it.
Like "I could use the outhouse but it's filthy with blood and vomit and I see enough of that, there's the jungle but it's uneven terrain and many other people use it to shit and while I'm normally fine shitting around othet people I just want to be alone with myself right now, so I guess I could go to the beach where there's also water to clean myself but that puts me out in open view where I'm either a target for army gunboats to pick off or rebel insurgents to recruit, so rationally I shouldn't go there but really, what does it matter if I die today or wait around for a few days when I'll inevitably die anyway, so I'll go shit on the beach.
The language is definitely grotesque but I think it does a proper job of showing how fucked up this kid is.
ah yeah the data hand
im familiar with this but ive never used it
i like the idea of more isolated I/O where typing isn't related to posture
like as it is i can't type for fuck if i'm laying down, which i have to do a lot
i dont think the data hand gets it quite right though, ive pondered about how it could be better done with just eight omnidirectional "keys" for the non-thumb fingers but idk i'll never have the money to engineer something myself so why do i bother
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
sounds like it'd have to be custom or super adjustable
i wonder how difficult it is to build a keyboard on your own that could meet /// that could be like that
this is lookin like some cyberpunk supah hacka tool
[email protected]
Hail Satan
all of the day bro.
[email protected]
You could do a chorded keyboard.
i dunno what that is
one simple thing i could see is just // how do i explain it
eh nevermind i have to get back to work
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
ohhh, i getcha
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
this is basically a brief write-up of the widely accepted and widely used definition // understanding of stigma used it the literature
>Goffman (1963) defines stigma as “an attribute that is deeply discrediting.” Stigma, he divides into three groups: physical deformities, attributes of character, and tribal attributes (e,g, race or religion). Attributes of character, he explains, includes attributes such as a weak will, “unnatural passions,” homosexuality, mental disorder, or radical political beliefs. Jones et al. (1984) build off Goffman’s (1963) definition, and describe stigma as a mark that connects the marked individual to undesirable stereotypes. An individual who possesses a stigma, having been discredited by that stigma and associated with a number of additional negative attributes, is more likely to be subjected to discrimination (Link & Phelan, 1999).

my chair is like "i think you need to elaborate more on what trans stigma is"
so i asked her to elaborate on what exactly she thinks i need to add
and she says "like, what's the stigma they feel inside. look at the cass model of gay and lesbian identification."

>The Cass identity model is one of the fundamental theories of gay and lesbian identity development, developed in 1979 by Vivienne Cass.[1] This model was one of the first to treat gay people as "normal" in a heterosexist society and in a climate of homophobia instead of treating homosexuality itself as a problem. Cass described a process of six stages of gay and lesbian identity development. While these stages are sequential, some people might revisit stages at different points in their lives.

Kirara, the Baseball Mom
that paragraph on defining stigma is literally in my dissertation and she just read it several times
imo stigma is inherently unclear
how are you gonna clarify something that has a wide range of manifestations uniquely to everybody, including the stigmer and the stigmee
My parents are going out tonight to see Captain Marvel hah hah
Could have gone along with them and saved my coupon.
Or could have seen Alita earlier today.
Though two feature-length movies in one day might be a bit much for me.
I think the only movies I can do that for are the Lord of the Rings movies.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
all we can really do is use a vague description of how it works
we can talk about stigma as a general phenomenon but to specify "trans stigma" isn't possible
i've read the goffman and jones et al books on stigma, which are the books on stigma, and even they don't deign to try that
and none of the research on stigma defines specific stigmas
we can only show that a stigma exists
i tried to explain that to her but she just told me to "try"
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
but i don't think she wants me to talk about stigma?
so i asked if she wanted me to talk about internalized transphobia, and she said to look at the cass model because the cass model has something about people questioning
but that has nothing to do with stigma
and she can't seem to explain exactly what she wants
i was thinking about trans and gay discrimination a couple of weeks ago
i got kind of irritated by specifics of discrimination, like "in what ways are trans people being discriminated"
like the actual instances and examples of it, career opportunities or voice or other thing
idk you can't really do it like that because there's so many forms of discrimination that listing any specific ones kind of hushes out the others
oh, this example or that example is why it's a problem
the problem isn't the outcome and limitations imposed by discrimination, it's not results-based
it's the presence of discrimination to begin with and the idea that, no matter what you're tryna do in your life, you have to be self-conscious of the fact that you're trans and trying to do this and how others are going to perceive that and judge that for inclusion
the social lability -- or i guess upheaval is better wording -- that one undergoes with transitioning is already so dreadfully isolating
having to rebuild your life under that looming shadow is very restricting

eh idk just procrastination thoughts
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah i'm really feeling those kinds of limitations and it's making me wish i hadn't started this as my project because there's no way i can do it in a way that i'm comfortable with in the context of modern academia
in the end my name's forever gonna be attached to this thing that i don't really like
which is kind of annoying but i'm sure i'll deal with it alright

like in talking about "why" this is an important problem that needs to be addressed i have to talk about the consequences of it about homelessness and joblessness and you know all that stuff
it feels really backwards
Image 1552596685422.jpg (50 KB, 900x506, ARqWVHB.jpg)
if they're at threat to be homeless, why are they wasting time and money worrying about their gender and identity?? shouldn't they just be getting a job??
and if it's such a stigma, why choose to be trans in the first place?? why not choose to be something less stigmatized, you know, like a normal person??
[email protected]
Going out to get my π Day pie.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552600972732.jpg (76 KB, 600x600, 1489914767775.jpg)
It's dumb as hell to put the month before the date
14.03.19 means that the increments of time are increasing from left to right

come @ me Americans
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
any way of arranging the date is equally silly because it's all based on abstract things we arbitrarily gave significance to
time is an illusion
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552601177688.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720, [Asenshi-Mezashite] Hello!! Ki(…).jpg)
but that's the whole point of a written system
that doesn't mean it shouldn't be logical.
it's logical to shorten March Fourteenth to 3/14
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
it's logical to shorten 14th of March to 14/03
i hope you understand how retarded this "discussion" is now
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
14/03/19 isn't necessarily more logical than other ways though
there's logic in other ways
and they're all equally silly
i'm pretty sure the date is 2019/03/14 anyways
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
in reality the date is unknowable
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
a day is longer than a month and a month is longer than a year
why do you need any more logic than that?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
unless you can prove it's more logical than other ways it's just as silly as they are though
and none of those dates are actually the date
where's the logic in the length of a month?
>a day is longer than a month
you what
that's not true just look right next to my name
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
you know what i meant
yeah it just made me lol
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552601707447.jpg (41 KB, 848x480, [HorribleSubs] Denki-gai no Ho(…).jpg)
in order to live in this unknowable world we need to give concrete definitions to abstract concepts.
and you could do that in an infinite number of ways.
But some things have an inherent logic to them.
Big is bigger than small.
The small things go on top of the big.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
we don't need concrete definitions
they do
to control us
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552601847844.jpg (421 KB, 1280x720, [AnimeKaizoku] Clannad - 04 (…).jpg)
oh no
have I been a slave to the calendar this whole time?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
a slave to the clock
it's just another tool for them to control us
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602135766.jpg (442 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tensei Shitara (…).jpg)
when you really think about it, don't we lose more than we gain by enslaving ourselves to the clock?
but who gains more than they lose? the people who benefit from our enslavement to the clock
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552602212509.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720, [BlurayDesuYo] Junketsu no Mar(…).jpg)
it's those motherfuckers over at Rolex
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602297884.jpg (442 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 10 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
it's thanks to the clock that we waste all of our time
time is our most precious thing and our most fleeting resource and yet we give it all away to the clock and the calendar
to things that exist only in our heads
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602475034.jpg (400 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 09 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
there's really no logic in any of it so cares how the date is arranged
it's all silly
Who even cares about dates
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
headin to a museum wish me luck
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602584574.jpg (331 KB, 1280x720, [RH] Hinamatsuri - 08 (WEB Dua(…).jpg)
aren't you timegated from nier until a certain date
i care immensely about dates
[email protected]
How about that bomb cyclone.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602653207.jpg (92 KB, 506x711, [Asenshi] Yuru Camp - 00 (OVA)(…).jpg)
that's because they've conditioned you to!
Image 1552602663615.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Kaguya-sama_wa_(…).jpg)
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552602673166.jpg (406 KB, 1280x720, [AnimeKaizoku] Clannad - 01 (…).jpg)
wow what a loser
i am enslaved by waifus i want nier so dang bad
she’s cute AND god tier
shitting 5 million ougis like it aint no thang
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602706527.jpg (75 KB, 634x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_10_(…).jpg)
Rise up and take the Nier
We must abolish the clock so you can have your waifu

im at 95/200 astras
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552602730949.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720, [BlurayDesuYo] Junketsu no Mar(…).jpg)
you won't dissuade me from my firm conviction that North Americans are doing it wrong.
who this
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602751908.jpg (436 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_10_(…).jpg)
I don't know what that means.

I don't want to. North Americans are absolutely doing it wrong. Just like everyone else.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552602799002.jpg (119 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Gochuumon_wa_Usagi(…).jpg)
but Day Month Year is LESS wrong
translation: i have half the material i need that’s timegated
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602829359.jpg (94 KB, 616x717, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
if we abolish the clock, there will be no time gate

No way. They're all equally wrong.
It's just a bunch of made up numbers! Months aren't real!
[email protected]
Seconds do have a physical meaning though.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602890434.jpg (45 KB, 339x482, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
Yeah, but seconds aren't part of the date.
My argument isn't that time doesn't exist, it's that the clock is fake.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552602906480.jpg (77 KB, 1280x960, [Kira-Fansub] Kidou Tenshi Ang(…).jpg)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552602930018.jpg (385 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
Even if that's true, why should it be that most people suffer from it while a small few benefit?
Image 1552602973475.png (156 KB, 335x344, 1514099006199.png)
If time isn't real, what separates this post >>653729 from this post >>653725
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552603024978.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hand Shakers - (…).jpg)
in an alternative universe
everyone shitposts in reverse
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603046001.jpg (389 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
Nobody said time isn't real.

Those posts are also separated by a lot of things spatially.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603209924.jpg (379 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Urara Meirochou - 08 [65(…).jpg)
are they separated by CURVED SPACETIME?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603259753.jpg (408 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
spacetime is flat, just like the earth
Image 1552603296227.jpg (555 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Urara Meirochou - 08 [65(…).jpg)
No, the earth is flat and just looks curved because we're in CURVED SPACE
Image 1552603308568.jpg (618 KB, 1005x1080, 1347654645481.jpg)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603347960.jpg (476 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_09_(…).jpg)
If spacetime is curved, where's the curvature? Spoiler: you can't see the curvature because there isn't one.

Hello Rika-chan.
How are you.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552603518954.jpg (796 KB, 900x1200, 57843717_p0_master1200.jpg)
heroes never die
good luck searching through sorted account records by date
1st january, 1st february, 1st march, etc
then 2nd of each month
what the heck
Image 1552603576930.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720, 1383786333008.jpg)
hello I'm doing well
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603632308.jpg (91 KB, 595x713, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 08 (…).jpg)
that's great!

i just lost my friday and saturday but i'm feelin okay
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552603802783.jpg (201 KB, 650x650, 73652329_p0.jpg)
okay that's actually a good point
Image 1552603815583.jpg (532 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Urara Meirochou - 12 [74(…).jpg)
The curvature is in space duh.
That's why it looks flat on the earth but when you go to space the earth looks curved.
It's really flat but space is curved.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552603911876.jpg (264 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
how can we go to space if space is curved? we'd slide off
spacetime is only curved around you're mom
Image 1552604037465.jpg (52 KB, 410x529, question6.jpg)
Oh you lost them?
Do you think you'll find them?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552604070017.jpg (44 KB, 320x540, [HorribleSubs]_Yuru_Camp_-_05_(…).jpg)
Probably not.
I think they're gone for good!

also the coworker who is my relief asked if they could touch my hair because it looks fluffy
that was odd
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
did you let them
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552604694742.jpg (494 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Urara Meirochou - 08 [65(…).jpg)
we can only go to space if we make ourselves curved too!
you know how rockets are shaped? They're curved!
astronaut helmets are also curved! it's to keep us safe from the curvature of spacetime!
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552604745704.jpg (481 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 1(…).jpg)
rockets don't even exist
those are only on TV
they're there to fool us
i think i may not have said ok or finished saying ok
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
a skull would make a really bad fruit bowl
that's pretty awesome
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
dressing up the skeletons is awesome but using a skull as a fruit bowl is super lame
yeah i guess
i wouldn't want a skull for a fruit bowl either it's kind of small
if you're gonna use a skull as a receptacle you should drink out of it or eat cheerios or something with it
i have honey nut cheerios at home
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552605034471.jpg (41 KB, 237x504, [Cthune] Rolling Girls - 01v2 (…).jpg)
milk's gonna leak outta the eye sockets
help me all the milk is leaking out
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
it's ok. it's a safe day.
who here still plays feh
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
blue still has it installed i think
yeah he does
Image 1552605447987.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 96FC4EA4-09E6-41A6-837A-15344EC8EC48.png)
would you smooch a dragok
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
not that one
Image 1552605474409.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 5C160B34-82B9-4901-8289-5A23B34551C3.png)
what about this one
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i don't have enough marinara to satisfy her
Image 1552605655638.jpg (1.4 MB, 2048x1536, 34DFE021-0E8F-4366-9FA2-0D22CA1880F2.jpeg)
how about this one
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i may be a few minutes late for game as my laptop started running slow and then i saw its because it wants an update

hmm no
that’s k
pan may or may not exist due to freezer moving
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
is he gonna be in the freezer
if he is he’ll be cold
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
if he's not he can just call in while he moves it and ill move his character for him
it started hailing really hard and now it's flooding
it was warm now it's cold
i winder if pk got my varuous memos about dst
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
if it's 100% complete why does it take 10 more minutes
to finish installation and cleaning up old files (zipped installation data that was downloaded then extracted -> installed etc)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
wtf is wrong with this person

it should indicate that then
yeah it should
usually installers have a state after it reaches 100% that says "finishing installation..." or some such
but windows updates don't because windows is shit and microsoft is gay
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552606844645.png (313 KB, 500x743, PRM.png)
i got auto enrolled in some health stuff by michigan which is cool
i need to figure out how to use it so i can go see a doctor and i wonder if it helps pay for my meds
i would try to figure it out but i would need my meds to figure it out lol
and also im WORKING
all month no work and then 20 something hours of work in the last 30 hours of the pay period
always happens, not that im complaining
snug little sea slug
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552611098170.jpg (961 KB, 1000x1000, 61733882_p0_master1200.jpg)
the fluorescent gene testing? why it's not OP
it is pretty meta rn though
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552615447156.jpg (619 KB, 1920x1080, [RH] Kakegurui - 03 (Dual Audi(…).jpg)
it's engendering a playstyle that's losing the playerbase's attention we need to rebalance
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552615536709.png (365 KB, 707x1000, 0ee944ab8a41ce09d3d3e7a61b5bb265.png)
doot doot
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
There's no SHARK in the bathtub
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552616377290.jpg (745 KB, 1920x1080, [RH] Kakegurui - 04 (Dual Audi(…).jpg)
that dude is the goat
Image 1552616509487.jpg (89 KB, 1242x967, d2ef293965a1c3d3.jpg)
my keyboard just actually factually broke while i got 15 hours left of work to do lmao
guess im using my laptop keyboard
rip my tendons
>why are you here lady
Video 1552617282342.mp4 (♫, 2m20s, 8.1 MB, 640x360, 5acab62aaa4b88bc.mp4)
oh god
Image 1552617355449.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
that is actually quite a good rewind of past internet year
wow it even has the fucking siege guy
Video 1552617438848.mp4 (♫, 1m0s, 4.3 MB, 640x360, d76453fdd5cdc39e.mp4)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552618519328.jpg (985 KB, 1920x1080, [RH] Kakegurui - 08 (Dual Audi(…).jpg)
white supremacist just did a livefeed shooting of a mosque in new zealand
[email protected]
Oh no
[email protected]
He get killed by police yet?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i don't believe so
it's new zealand so they probably won't kill them
Image 1552618613268.jpg (169 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Seems to be multiple, 3, suspects
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
the shooter told people to subscribe to pewdiepie as he was shooting people on the live stream
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
A second shooting happened at a mosque in the Linwood area of the city.

One Friday prayer goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552618839047.jpg (564 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
People are just irresponsibly sharing the video around.
I found out because I looked at a twitter video which turned out to be the shooting.
what the fuck
[email protected]
>automatic rifle
Doubt it
Shit sux though
not to sound like i'm making light of it but imagine having the last words you hear before dying be "subscribe to pewdiepie"
like what a dreaded existence to be memed at
[email protected]
What the fuck?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
it's a white supremacist channer thing

>doubt it
it's on video

yeah seriously
[email protected]
How would sharing it be irresponsible?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
>how would sharing a video of a mass shooting without a warning via social media be irresponsible
[email protected]
You never said anything about warnings.
Image 1552618953111.jpg (183 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
It does start with a footage in the car, where he says the "remember lads subscribe to pwediepie"
>he is using GPS voice navigation to find the church
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
my post very clearly implies that i did not know what the video was before opening it
now you know what irresponsibly sharing means
[email protected]
My bad
I'm like half asleep
Image 1552619058775.jpg (172 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Even liveleak had 2 WARNINGS before allowing you to start viewing it
Image 1552619059404.jpg (81 KB, 950x1350, IMG_20190315_002023.jpg)
[email protected]
At least he used 8chan instead of 4chan
>preussen gloria playing on his car radio
jesus fucking christ all the memes
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552619165461.jpg (459 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
i'm fine with seeing the video but a lot of people who wouldn't be are gonna see those unmarked videos going around and it's gonna be really bad for them
yeah and since the most of its bulk is HIM just driving around
you don't get really warned about what is coming
>all of his guns have some hastag memes written on them
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
he has like "14 words" and stuff painted on them too
if you paint words on your guns you should be shot tbh
dear fucking god this is the peak meme shooter
[email protected]
Live Leak's search is garbage
I can't find the video
uh and just as I said thath e killed 3 people...
you got steam/dsic?
[email protected]
Not on my comp
Just link it on tano
yupå did it
[email protected]
one guy almost tackled him
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552619426828.jpg (476 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
People are going to see this video and still refuse to admit that white supremacy is a serious problem and that far right terrorists are probably the most dangerous people around right now.
>kebab remover written on his gun
they are
the problem is with that you get called far right for just disagreeing with some people, when the actual people are this sort
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
shooter released a white supremacist manifesto too apparently
and he said he basically agrees with oswald mosley and he is a jingpingist
this is about isis level brutal, since the guy just executes people
who and what now ?>>653851
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
he stans china's president, jinping
he thinks china is a fascist wonderland apparently
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
(he calls himself a fascist too)
Image 1552619650077.jpg (180 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Well that is a true fascist if you ask me
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i mean
it's not exactly fascist
but it's certainly close
all fascist takeovers have involved terror, violence and so on afterall
seems liek the guy intended to blow up the church too, judging by the three jerrycans with some kind of devices strapped to them
prolly time-bombs
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
lol in the manifesto he links to wikipedia page for future population projections and claims it means white genocide is real
Image 1552619807415.jpg (194 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 1(…).jpg)
well it is "happening" but rather just as the consequences of multiple individuals livng as they please and other people doing the same
Image 1552619853552.png (22 KB, 100x100, fuuuuuuu.png)
I don't come here often but I just wanted to say that the new Heaven's Feel movie was absolutely fantastic
I really hope any fate fans have the opportunity to enjoy it because they did the visual novel justice
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552619845527.jpg (195 KB, 1164x1164, 0073478a1700f36fda629d3762e391ed.jpg)
I would like to watch it but Owl won't watch a camrip.
who even watches camrips
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552619917912.jpg (481 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Urara Meirochou - 12 [74(…).jpg)
aren't you one of pan's friends?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I tried to expand this image about 5 times.
Image 1552620005537.jpg (87 KB, 684x855, 37176911_712863719059700_81670(…).jpg)
You are correct
I am also a friend of Kirara's

thank you
i'll make note of that
anyhow following sams wishes, I think rest of this topic should be moved to other places if people wish to disquss it
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
wowowowowow west wicky wow wow west
Now who you gonna call? wicky wicky BEES
Now who you gonna call? You don't wanna see my BEES
If you ever wanna see my bumrush, BREAKOUT, before you get BEES
At the WOW WOW
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552621503492.jpg (61 KB, 676x800, IMG_20190315_001832.jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
cute boat
Do I need to play the Souls games in order to enjoy them?
Also actually ///
In sequence, not in order*
Seems like JoJo is getting a new OP soon.
i didnt
matthewmatosis' 6-hour souls video kind of gets the experience down well enough
There's no real chronological continuation between the Souls games.
[email protected]
Two and three absolutely take place afyer on
*after one
[email protected]
Ignore my previous post
It was bait
cool, thanks
I do really enjoy his videos
I'm going to hold off his botw video though until I get a chance to play it
just play bloodborne
anime >>653887 →
Image 1552624951520.jpg (287 KB, 640x2013, IMG_20190315_001946.jpg)
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
nerf brigitte
Maybe they should nerf YOU instead.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552625601303.jpg (177 KB, 1000x1403, 4c4bbe7edb16c28dde599cccb3ddbb60.jpg)
I'm perfectly balanced.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
you know who isn't?
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
who the fuck still plays overwatch
jesus christ i'm so sorry for you
Wow Bang don't be so mean to Mersh.
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552626440004.png (144 KB, 512x512, 1546432657099.png)
tanoshii wa tanoshii dayo
overwatch stopped being tanoshii for me a long, long time ago
before they even released ana
and it only got worse
dota by comparison is still dota
i'd rather play fortnite
id probably unironically enjoy fortnite
fortnite is very boring to me
i dunno why
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
have you considered getting gud
battle royales just generally kinda blow
apex legends is still somewhat fun for me but i'd still rather just actually play titanfall 2
titanfall 2 is very good and very underrated and i love that game
the better i got at the game, the less fun it became
overwatch was at it's best when i didn't know enough about the game to see how bad and unfun its dynamics are
it is balanced to be a competitvely difficult class-based team shooter and it turns out that makes it extremely not-fun to play without a competitive class-based team
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552626982390.jpg (618 KB, 1000x1000, 68750327_p0.jpg)
heroes never die
Image 1552627190292.jpg (165 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
I'd rather play nosgoth
ehhhhh let's see
valuation of competitive investment and reward would beeeeee
mahjong > scrabble > competitive maths > dota
and then like uhhh
rock n' roll racing
r'n'r racing
man that was the game back int he day
i played it with quarx recently
that shit is still fun
there weren't many games that really had progression like that one did at the time, racing games anyway
now you've got like the initial dick cabinets and all the gran turismo and shit that really takes it to the extreme with progression
we used to play it on 1 keyboard with 4 players
how the fuck did you accomplish that even as kids, is beyond me
or Liero
or then the original co-op
>one uses arrows
>other uses ctrl to fire
The weekly D&D stream I tune in for has been HELLA stressful tonight holy fuck.
Who ever knew dice rolls could be so stressful.
Image 1552628826997.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
How so?
The party is fighting an infernal demon probably a bit above their current paygrade alongside a pair of succubus and incubus.
The demon itself deals a hell of damage and the two ~ccubus have been charming various members of the party, including one moment where they got the Wizard to level-four Fireball the rest of the party.
And one really nightmare-inducing charm was their Barbarian who, despite the rest of the party burning lots of attacks on her, resisted the save for the charm for like ten attacks.

So between the infernal demon and the charmed Barbarian the party has had like four or five drops down into unconsciousnes that only some expensive healing and burning lots of their potions kept them from actually dying.
And one really good Nat 20 death save.

It's been a long slog of a fight that's pretty exhausting for people attached to these characters, which includes me.
Image 1552628870156.jpg (194 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 1(…).jpg)
our dd session was pretty much
>me and jan talking about dmc
>ton, mats, pan and jan talking about past campaign
>for some time deciding what to do next
>some actual rping for very brief periods
>we just stahp
mm bacon bread
Image 1552629295616.jpg (198 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 1(…).jpg)
mind control is an abiltiy that can truly fuck the party up
I hope I never get charmed in the game, since judging from my past history with similiar conditions, I will have it forever.
>100 turns of confusion
Really the only reason they didn't TPK or at best escape with one or two still alive is because in the stress of the situation they confused a role of sixteen minus one for the save of sixteen the Barbarian needed to clear the charm.
But they'd been fighting for like a hundred minutes without rest with a lot of consciousness drops so I don't think anyone's gonna hold that against them hah hah.
man ive been trying to look for this railway company in china so i googled chinese railway companies and wikipedia had a convenient list of all chinese railway companies, 21 companies in total
so i spend like ten-ish minutes investigating each one of them to find none of them are the one im looking for
it turns out there's a chinese railway conglomeration named Chinese Railway that has 21 subsidiary companies and i'm looking at just that company's subsidiary railway franchises
Image 1552629723640.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Wonder how state owned that company is?
Image 1552629773008.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
quite a long encounter
It's pretty much been a rolling encounter dungeon the whole night long, hah hah.
They started off fighting the ~ccubuses and some minor fiends and then chased them into the fight with the major demon.
So by the time of that big battle they were already kind of tapped.

And then they do actually get a character death because their rogue shot the last remaining enemy with an exploding arrow when it was right above one of their party members that could only take one more hit before actually dying hah hah.
Good thing they had the materials and spells prepared for reviving ONE (1) person at least hah hah.
all of it
Image 1552630046463.jpg (161 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
Reminds me how I have several times knocked out pan's character with one spell, only for him to use a monk ability to just go "NO I AM NOT DEAD" roll natural 20 and get up with more hp than before I hit him
and a free standard action next turn
Yeah the Wizard that rolled the Nat 20 on his death save got an action too.
He's kind of a disable Wizard for the most part though so he only had a Slow spell.
Image 1552630146827.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
I usually just hit pan if I want to hit justo ne target
the spell has
>if misses hit one target and don't exhaust spell
which is usually my aim
and pan has highest ac of us
In Bang's game I play a Druid and I've been leaning on my attack spells a lot like Moonbeam and Flaming Sphere.
Which are hella fun to use but they're dangerous to party members too hah hah.
On one occasion our Dragonborn was fighting something alongside my fire sphere and just duked it out with the enemy while taking damage from the fire.
Which he shrugged off because he's tanky and has passive fire resistance because Dragonborn hah hah.
Image 1552630286123.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
alchemist is kind of a jack of all trades caster
good debuffs, good buffs, good heals, good dmg
but nothing too exceptional
best is when you hti with one quite low dmg spell and get weakness on every target and also some of the special debuffs
like fire dmg or hampered
most amusing spec is "on 16+ target additional enemies"
it is kind of a good question what it means, since it is "attack one available target" so in theory if you have two enemies, slab on one of them 16+
then slab on the other 16+
can you then attack the first target again?
Man I really need to calm the fuck down now though hah hah.
The stressful engagement is over by my adrenaline's still pumping.
I ought to be winding down to sleep in an hour or so but the tension is still HIGH
Image 1552630528997.jpg (155 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
I think most powerful stuff alchemist has, are basically the + stuff
for example +int modifier to attack rolls
>suddenly have say 5 from dex, 5 from int + lvl to hitting people
+3 to ac
>use heal +2 to all party pd
>don't move during turn, get +1/2/3 to attack (ac/pd/md with further perks)
or just one quite broken heal
>get lvlx2 regen for entire encounter
>means on own turn can just regen out of unconsciousness
>on miss heal ally with lvl+int modifier(x2/3)
>miss 8 enemies
myself am on post-happening high
or it is the pot of coffee I downed 6 hours ago
Image 1552631606400.jpg (170 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
>rain for next week
hope it atleast rains and just melts the ice and doesn't cover the streets in another layer of hip breakers
hooh boy
Image 1552635329110.jpg (199 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 1(…).jpg)
I do it every thursday at 2 am well almost
Image 1552635449883.jpg (108 KB, 888x1243, IMG_20190315_001825.jpg)
I do similar but not to that extent
Image 1552635475534.jpg (208 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
it is just a litre of coffee or so
Image 1552635747610.jpg (343 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Go-toubun no Ha(…).jpg)
caffeine sucks but i like coffee
Image 1552635765731.jpg (144 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki - 0(…).jpg)
need brain awake to do dnd
also I fucking love coffee
Image 1552635804891.jpg (336 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Go-toubun no Ha(…).jpg)
a whole liter of coffee would probably just make my stomach unhappy with my life decisions
LoK series especially defiance has also quite good ost
Image 1552637345764.jpg (46 KB, 500x1107, IMG_20190315_002111.jpg)
Man people that put ridiculously luminous lightbulbs into their porch lights and then leave them on a four in the morning can fuck right off.
I don't really appreciate having a searchlight shining through my window when I'm trying to fall asleep.
I guess they like wasting muney
Image 1552638132607.jpg (71 KB, 600x847, IMG_20190315_002106.jpg)
yeah our neighbour has one of those
does seem like a waste of money
Image 1552641290452.jpg (198 KB, 1600x1500, IMG_20190220_061834.jpg)
Koishi time
Image 1552641332121.jpg (828 KB, 2149x2768, IMG_20190217_075827.jpg)
Thus ends the time of koi
Image 1552641358261.png (320 KB, 512x363, firefox_jDWsM2kpSM.png)
this koi is unacceptable
huh that guy that got arrested for cocaine in Japan was also the voice of Olaf from Frozen in Japanese
they're removing his voice from KH3 too I guess
i probably don't have to make the let it snow joke
Image 1552651249768.jpg (379 KB, 1637x1157, IMG_20190315_002016.jpg)
poor guy
god that would be a perfect pajama
yeah it seems pretty extreme but i guess the law is really harsh in Japan
well at least it wasn't marijuana
if you get arrested for marijuana in japan your fucked
[email protected]
Mahou Shoujo Marsh-chan
Image 1552657027438.jpg (492 KB, 1007x1200, 67059611_p0_master1200.jpg)
you don't have to but you should anyway.
laugh at this instead
uhh what
weird that link won't embed right
Video 1552657422104.mp4 (♫, 1m35s, 5.7 MB, 800x334, a2769490188dc3be.mp4)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
but... the future refused to change
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552663462708.png (319 KB, 509x658, 8d5663a883c103de8c6cf229b25aceef.png)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
can't wait to die
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
don't died onegai
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
is rei around
apparently beto orouke was cDc as a teen
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
cult of the dead cow
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552669962617.jpg (288 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Gaikotsu Shoten(…).jpg)
i don't like the news
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
Yeah I posted the full version last night
Guess now that they're all traitors we need a new mood setter.
Full version up here.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552671168728.jpg (484 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre (…).jpg)
it's not as good as the last OP from part 4 but it's still pretty good
filled with nz?
Image 1552675074218.png (308 KB, 839x1200, Z1.png)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
my brain is broken enough that i can handle the new zealand stuff far more easily than i can handle the news that a dude who lost to ted "the zodiac killer" cruz for governor and is now running for president was part of what was basically the original big time hacking group in the world that basically invented hacktivism
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i think because new zealand feels like the natural progression of things, so it's completely ordinary to me while the cult of the dead cow stuff has come out of nowhere, had no foreshadowing or anything, and now i just have to deal with these ridiculous revelations about this loser character who apparently used to be a bad ass
Image 1552675643127.jpg (105 KB, 1090x1200, cer.jpg)
anyone else have a cursed day??
i had TWO curses today
who wants to guess water they
memes have become reality
fuck and shit
yeah right i havent done either of those in years
then jumalauta and perkele
Image 1552676391777.gif (183 KB, 1090x1035, 9f4a3574a87d3a4f.gif)
Aawwww shit the food truck selling beavertails is still on campus.
Hopefully they're not charging an arm and a leg for one I haven't had one in a while.
Image 1552677478871.jpg (3.0 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_150944.jpg)
I definitely went for one of the more extravagant and decadent options but man that was good.
what the heck
was it a baby beaver or something
beaver tails are way bigger than that
Yeah hunting baby beavers for their tails is the dark side of Canada no one gets to hear about.

It's a thin, chewy plate of fried dough that you can make up with any toppings you please. I took the Skor cheesecake option because I wanted something decadent and rich, but they had other options like maple syrup icing, cinnamon sugar, cinnamon apples, Reese's Pieces.
was there any nonsweet stuff
that list is making my blood hurt just looking at it
I think your best bet would be the apple, hah hah.
The Beavertails franchise, which this food truck was from, generally specializes in sweets options though.
Like a crêpe though, it's really a versatile base for almost any kind of topping you could consider.
man i would put like rosemary and squash on there
or like rhubarb

or even something like ginger mayo or horseradish with some bonito flakes or like those little strips of radish you get with your wasabi at japanese restaurants
not those slivers of ginger but those long white strands of radish they cut out for cleansing the palette and good garnish
ooh maybe like blueberries or strawberries though with whipped cream -- fresh berries
or the berries in syrup without whipped cream
that's about as sweet as i can handle but it's good
Image 1552678404302.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190315-153234.png)
This is probably the least sweet normal option they seem to offer, hah hah
And even it's still sugary.
There's also a hot dog wrapped in the pastry with no fixings, like some kind of giant pig in a blanket.

Berries or fruit in maple syrup sounds like a really traditional topping for it yeah.
I bet whoever made these traditionally probably did up something like that.
that seems like a cool place
pig in a blanket? what is that
is that just the canadian version of swine in a sweater?
It's a little translation of a traditional colonial French meal, cochon dans une couverture actually.
Literal translation even.
Image 1552678913136.jpg (185 KB, 960x749, fg.jpeg)
i kind of wish i had a pet piglet
i can't take care of animals though
maybe when im stable
I'm pretty content with cats for pets.
Dogs are a bit much for me and more modernly exotic pets seem like more work than I'm particularly seeking in a pet.
Image 1552679395180.jpg (82 KB, 558x800, kq.jpg)
i dont personally believe too much in having pets for novelty
i think it's pretty wasteful and unfulfilling for both parties
so when i think of a pet i'd like, im definitely associating it with a lifestyle i'd be positioned to as well
not just tacking on a pet to my life that doesn't require one since things in excess make me angry and i can't bring myself to be angry at other animals
i neglect my possessions as it is because they dont mean much to me, so maybe that's why i don't want a pet as a possession
i love animals too much to be neglectful so it's more comforting to me to not have one so i dont have to sacrifice that space i need to operate within

raising animals on a farm, being a falconer, having dogs in a rural environment far from roads that do useful dog things that mate them our coevolutionary partners, barn kitties who keep all the mouses out of the houses but are properly self-sustaining so that i dont ruin their natural population limitations by feeding them and allowing them all that time for kitty making
or indoor cats are functional as is regardless if they're not sullied by toxoplasms from the outside
regardless comma if
that looked vague
hamsters and guinea pigs dont make sense to me i see no reason for their cohabitation
i would just eat them probably
good image here
I believe guinea pigs and rabbits can be pretty affectionate and social pets, kind of like the domesticated bird species.
And I believe a lot of the reptilians that make common exotic pets don't actually need a lot of open space and are generally content to have some magic hand feed and occasionally move them. So if it brings people pleasure to observe their activities I feel both parties are being satisfied.
The kind of pet I'm most often in doubt of reasonability actually is fish
The mass majority of fish owners don't give their fish the volumetric space they need, so it really feels like taking advantage of a "lesser" species to me.

Personally I just either don't have the sufficient fascination or will to commit to the responsibility to take on a pet that's not a cat, plus on a mental level I enjoy the social activities of being a cat owner for the most part.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
hell yeah
Image 1552680592171.png (770 KB, 1024x894, 1531681913752.png)
yeah i guess, but affection and social are probably the things im least comfortable with in life
idk if it really makes sense but i need something i can connect to as a peer
just by innate concept, possessing a pet or implanting an animal into the structure of your life makes them automatically not a peer
but if can imagine raising huskies in alaska or living in the woods and having a hunting dog
or a falcon or A // or a goat or anything really
even though they're probably serving you in some respect, hunting or providing you milk or being your sleddogs
they're your peers because you're mutually dependent on each other for survival
you're cut from the same cloth
indoor kitties (natural ones not pet store ones) usually are there because they were the runt of the litter or couldn't compete so easily out in the wild and wouldnt have survived on their own
or wouldn't have had a generation of offspring basically anyway
at that point their dependence and purpose really changes to a life of feeling comfort or security
there are times we feel that way too so that is why i think an indoor kitty is useful as a peer in that space
ive had many cats but they have always been strays or abandoned kitties and often times once they're already adults, not as kittens
they just feel relatable
Image 1552680959168.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 2E998B41-6D76-40DA-AF15-93335663DE67.png)
four bikini clad beauties on the banner

and i get the married man
These two guys in this café are at a table by themselves playing Connect Four on a Friday afternoon.
That's adorable.
at least i got filet mignon
are they wagering money on the game?
maybe they're playing connect four: skins
how did you order your flamin nyan?
medium or less is da bess
>>65413 →

Dunno, they were far enough away the café busy enough that making them out wasn't really feasible.
Looked like they were having fun though.
i //oops
[email protected]
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
[email protected]
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552684207902.jpg (3.4 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_165843.jpg)
Major shutdown on one of the most vital bridges for one of the thoroughfares in the city.
Also shuts down the subway that runs hanging underneath it, as well as the two most major subway transfer stations for our city's subway system.
Apparently someone did or was hanging, ready to jump.
[email protected]
What happened?
Image 1552684401534.jpg (3.8 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_170539.jpg)
They've closed off the stretch of highway going northbound under the bridge too.
[email protected]
My bus is taking forever
Image 1552684748457.jpg (2.2 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_165320.jpg)
In less depressing news, look at this church with a name so generically Christian they need to indicate the actual denomination in parentheses.
[email protected]
for every ung
i 1 2 beef or every ung
Image 1552688922589.jpg (42 KB, 450x450, 1101438003870756864 - 3.jpg)
wait so let me understand this
Dragalia gives us Nyarlathotep.
And then we get this girl.
Who is actually Nyannyanlatherhotep in disguise
...whoops CF is calling me train of thought gone excuse me
Catch your train Blue isn't that your job
Image 1552689240263.jpg (177 KB, 848x1200, 1097821174824759297 - 2.jpg)
>sorry wasn't trying to unload all my anxiety at you
This is my job. Unpacking CF's anxiety.
Forgot that thing does that.
but yeah, where was I? Yeah. So they make this girl the disguise of a segment of an "Ancient One" and then when you get it as a Dragon, it doesn't use the disguise.
It's just ... the slimy looking dragon.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
slimy dragon get
Image 1552690116392.jpg (136 KB, 1115x1322, shigure61.jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
ah yes the shiggy dig girl
welcome home
someone is in on the hot current memes
I'd rather be in on the hot currant memes.
get some currant roll then
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
what about a cormorant roll?
Image 1552690573479.jpg (337 KB, 488x709, 05.jpg)
What are the current hot memes?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552690632006.jpg (136 KB, 700x700, 017e8f4361c39ce84e0d7bcf4274e55e.jpg)
"200 astras" was trending on twitter for a bit.
Image 1552690742006.png (308 KB, 553x731, D1sw66tUgAADEDK.png)
eyes out of frame
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552691682637.jpg (158 KB, 800x1066, IMG_20190315_094120.jpg)
Image 1552691825751.png (256 KB, 600x600, 1510128513472.png)
i accidentally melted my keyboard this morning
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
how'd you manage to do that?
like the keys came loose or something?
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
did wait no
I still can't think of
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552693894757.jpg (459 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
nothing in the entire world brings me greater joy than when i'm trying to concentrate on important work and my stupid neighbor is blasting annoying rap music and i have to find music i can actually work to and wear headphones which makes my fiance unhappy because she can't talk to me at all
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
get on voice chat with her
sometimes i have to wear earplugs under my headphones just to keep everything quiet
Image 1552695094817.jpg (308 KB, 535x701, 11.jpg)
Sounds like a tough situation!
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552695700762.jpg (564 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
It's a tough situation
My dissertation chair gave me like 36 hours to essentially make thousands of edits and add about five pages of content altogether

And she basically said she's going to ignore my colleague who has the same dissertation chair until mine's done because my proposal is closer to completion, so if I don't get it done by next Friday, my colleague is going to suffer from not getting any attention again

But on the bright side at least I'll be done soon
And then I can finally have recreation again
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552695993246.jpg (401 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
also my dissertation chair made a ton of really bad edits that i have to fix
her brain is broken
"transgendered" and "cis'ed" are not terms used
Image 1552696100514.jpg (522 KB, 1080x1080, 1524027104184.jpg)
that sounds like a big chore
i just got through a super long work stretch too hang in there you'll do great
remember to take a nap now and again and to eat
if it makes you feel better about bad neighbours it turns out the christchurch terrorist lived 2 blocks away from me and i have walked past his house almost every day while taking my dog for a walk
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I bet you could get a lot of money for dirt from his yard.
also who are you?
Image 1552696515042.jpg (1005 KB, 2894x4093, IMG_20190315_000709.jpg)
sugoi I think?
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I didn't know sugoi was in australia
not wow
but huh
yes. nz not australia
when i say lived i mean as in now
his current residence
probably met him in passing...

going to take my dog to shit on his lawn later tbh
nope. he's in auckland afaik and i kind of stopped posting not long after he arrived so i don't really know him tbh
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
well I didn't know you lived in NZ either
you ever hang out with Maria?
Image 1552696643350.jpg (154 KB, 900x1400, IMG_20190314_233215.jpg)
good to see you notsugoi
Image 1552696650369.jpg (72 KB, 907x778, 1541628936345.jpg)
wow that's insane
how eerie
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
/moe/s have traveled further to hang out desu senpai
Image 1552696733137.png (1011 KB, 1343x969, ang.png)
he's more likely to travel a thousand kilometers just to not hang out probs
y-you too
probably. a wow guild member lived in the same city as me and i made lots of excuses not to meet up
it happened on the same day i gave my 21 days notice on ending the lease too coincidentally
bit of a bogan shithole neighborhood. fititng i guess...
the guy next door is apparently a convincted sex offender...
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
also hisashi buri
Image 1552696855926.png (51 KB, 229x301, 1540304292173.png)
im not sure what it's like there, but i try not to pay attention to the sex offender registry
there's lots of bullshit that can happen and label people inappropriately and their lives are ruined
like two consentual adults partaking in sins of the flesh on a private beach that's still in view of public property
or scornful folks can try to snag pictures of you dressing through your window and then say you're always exposing yourself through the window and get you arrested for indeceny
though a lot of people would lie anyway, it still is pretty hecked up to wrongly ruin someone's life and make nobody ever trust them ever
Image 1552696871642.jpg (205 KB, 1158x1437, IMG_20190315_002052.jpg)
nani yo fuck does that mean
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552696894348.jpg (621 KB, 1280x720, [Glue] Mob Psycho 100 - 03 [BD(…).jpg)
Damn, that's nuts
Also hi Sugoi, I miss havin you around on /moe/

I'm just going to work until it's time for bed and then I'm gonna stop for the night.
Some of the stuff I don't have done, I'm gonna see if we can't omit it and then add it for the final dissertation since this is just the proposal.
It's mostly stuff I don't think needs to be in it anyway
Except for one part that's important and I haven't written
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
it means "its been a while"
oh domo
thanks for also not saying "the pleasure of being cummed inside"
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
or urinating in an alley
or passing out on the side of the road drunk with a woman with no pants on
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I kind of wanted to but it would feel weird implying that I said that in Japanese
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
although actually the way to say the pleasure of being cummed inside is pretty short
its like 2.5 words
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
it would be nakadashi no kimochi
Image 1552697100766.jpg (121 KB, 886x1624, aws.jpg)
i ended up being an hour and 20 minutes past my deadline today because my keyboard accidentally got melted last night
i did like 16 hours of work in eight hours with just my laptop keyboard and my wrists and hand tendons feel so awful
there's this one client that sends in work every quarter and i swear i always get cursed with dumb shit with this one set of projects every quarter
stupid things i cant control
Thanks. I miss /moe/ too sometimes, good luck with your dissertation.
It's possibly, but I suspect he's guilty. Makes me uncomfortable at least but yeah
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
how did you melt it?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552697265235.jpg (388 KB, 1280x720, [Glue] Mob Psycho 100 - 08v2 [(…).jpg)
what's new with you?
i got my master's degree
and i'm gonna get married

How did your keyboard melt? That's really awful
Are you gonna have to keep working without time to rest your tendons?
Hey ho Sugo did you hear there'll be a third season of Psycho-Pass
oh. i lived in miramar until a few months ago actually
you're not hamish are you
sybyl fucks gonna die
Nothing interesting really. I'm glad things have worked out for you though!
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
close enough
I mix them up all the time
Image 1552697423536.jpg (22 KB, 225x350, 286915.jpg)
naw i didnt take any more work for the weekend
i did 20 hours in total, that eight hours bit was just after the keyboard melted
it was my aluminum keyboard, which the aluminum didnt melt but the keys did making the lower row all unusable and warped
it was so cold that it was hurting to use my keyboard so i tried to warm it up with my space heater which i do sometimes
but i left it in a way that it slid and pressed against the metal grate which was hot hot and not just air hot while i went to get water
pretty dumb really
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Seriously though, how did they melt?
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
So I know there are space heaters, but what about time heaters?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552697660764.jpg (380 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
Thanks! I'm glad to hear you're doing okay.

ToN has been running tabletop games and stuff. He's a pretty fun dm. Maybe we could play another game together someday.
Oof getting up from that nap brought to my attention that my leg feels like it's one wrong move away from cramping up.
This is a very unpleasant experience.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552697798174.jpg (399 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 (…).jpg)
Oh, yikes
Is it gonna be a while before you can replace it? Are you stuck on your laptop keyboard now?
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1552697816224.png (782 KB, 684x965, 17f84f01d207f2c2647db32466e6cb18.png)
Ah my favorite soggy person
yeah im stuck on my laptop
it shouldnt be too bad as long as im not trying to do six committee meetings in under 24 hours again
if i just do three hours at a time, maybe twice a day, then i shouldn't get too sore
problem is i think i'll be going back to freelancing soon which pays less so idk
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
why back to freelancing?
Image 1552698030152.jpg (7 KB, 193x200, __noel_vermillion_byronyu2___b(…).jpg)
here sugi this is for you

this was the only work ive gotten this pay period and i passed the deadline
idk if it's a big deal or not but i probably wouldn't keep giving work to someone who screwed up the same client's stuff every quarter for the last couple years
every time i get it it's dumb shit like having to drive someone to the ER or having a tornado or having bones
what's it going to take to get a new keyboard?
a new keyboard isn't really a big issue i just wanted to share my dumb story of the cursed client and how i melted my keyboard
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
at least you haven't had a bone tornado, i guess
Video 1552698319669.webm (33s, 2.7 MB, 640x360, soyboy pizza.webm)
that jump though
i want one. looks cute as fuck, i love the wiggle cats do before pouncing
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
That's not funny, my brother died that way.
prolly jinxed me you ass whole
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
What in the actual fuck?
nah I'm not Hamish
Miramar looks nice. I live up in Karori

Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i wanna be one of the people that comes up with all the fucked up details about pokemons
Oh I think that was a PokeDex entry in one of the really early games.
n-not mason or james either
Image 1552698525461.jpg (66 KB, 640x428, ScreenShot4238.jpg)
here's a manul
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
oh no
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I want that Manul coin.
i want that meatball
it is
Okay good my memory is functioning properly.
Image 1552698669977.jpg (67 KB, 900x1089, IMG_20190314_185453.jpg)
wow that's a cool cat
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552698655713.jpg (996 KB, 1920x1080, [Nauti] Kakegurui XX - 10 [108(…).jpg)
i watched the new kakegurui this morning
it was the first time i've been disappointed
I've never been disappointed before in my entire LIFE
Oh the first responders successfully got the person who was maybe going to jump to their death down safely.
That's nice to hear.
Image 1552698800246.jpg (84 KB, 688x842, aWB4lzFt.jpg)
oh sugi wasn't here when we read 17776
i bet he hasn't read it
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
that's good to hear
I don't know what that is
one for the good guys
I still haven't read 17776 either actually.

Kirara, the Baseball Mom
holy shit you guys
you gotta read it
Video 1552699036983.mp4 (3s, 1.0 MB, 1000x1000, bay.mp4)
it's about sports you'll like it
I haven't read it either
well I started to read it at least
I don't want that as the national anthem of ANY country.
thought you were saying no to "that's good to hear"
is it a novel? might be cool
Yeah, I realized shortly after posting it that there was a good chance it might get interpreted that way, hah hah
neither, I just liked the absurdity
nah it's just an article
Image 1552699618911.png (1.1 MB, 1024x768, creha.png)
>please answer please answer please answer please answer
The use of the calendar does a really good job of showing the feeling of the immense passing of time.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Is that in a zoo?
foly huck
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
it's fake though
i mean it's a real monkey but the zoo is fake
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Big if true.
finland is the zoo
come see the tn in his natural habitat
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Now this I can't miss out on.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552700456559.jpg (3.7 MB, 3024x4032, 20190315_214002.jpg)
look at this
[x] pat fluffy tail
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552700565667.jpg (2.7 MB, 3024x4032, 20190221_162400.jpg)
look at THIS
Image 1552700698620.jpg (82 KB, 749x1000, 1524993874494.jpg)
so hows life treatin ya?
hows the fam
did you ever graduate even
just fine i guess. no happier/unhappier than usual really
I did and the family is okay but i rarely talk to any of them as we're all in different cities (and islands) these days..also I'm just not the kind of person that keeps in regular contact like that
>I'm just not the kind of person that keeps in regular contact like that
I know how this goes.
If not for the structure of /moe/ there's a solid chance I'd drop out of contact with lots of the people here.
Even people I feel a lot of affection for. It's just something I'm really bad at doing.

I've been trying to get better though.
same here
my family gives me a lot of grief if im ever around so i just dont go around anymore
i'll call em i guess but not if they don't try to call me
it's just how it goes really everyone's better at a distance
for sure, family can be a pain
pretty much. sometimes it causes people to think I dislike them but that's not the casse
Image 1552701401063.jpg (264 KB, 971x2014, IMG_20190315_001904.jpg)
yeah my sister got really angry at me last time i went to visit because i moved out of state and am not too involved and thinks im trying to like remove myself from the family
really that much sentiment doesnt go into it
travel is expensive and hard to do and i really just dont need to be in constant contact with people i guess
i dont think about it
gosh damned extroverts whats wrong with em
oh is st. patricks this weekend
a friend of mine mentioned something like that
oh no is it
gosh im supposed to be driving to chicago tomorrow
or back from chicago rather in the evening
saturday evening on pattys day
im gonna loose it
It's falling on Sunday up here at least.
I guess the weekend in general would be pretty partyful though.
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
water are you doing over here?
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552701812898.jpg (252 KB, 1496x2048, IMG_20190314_081805.jpg)
st patty is such a stupid holiday
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
its Irish Pride day
you know what else is a stupid holiday
mardi gras
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552701862251.jpg (54 KB, 254x618, mcc.jpg)
going off my buprops has made me start feelin urgy again
but even if i wanted to i can't drink over kratom so i wouldn't
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552701916403.png (639 KB, 800x867, IMG_20190315_001802.png)
where's my IRA pride day
it's not like Irish people are much different from White people unless you kept te accent and stuff
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
how long no alcohol are you now?
Image 1552702038749.jpg (524 KB, 1600x2560, asw1.jpg)
since regular consumption or last consumption? i specifically don't count days because i dont want to give it that much invasiveness over my thoughts
ive had an occasional pint every month or so but not anything in excess or repeatedly
october 27th was when i started up meds again so that was prolly when i'd count stopping
i know i had some bourbon over new years, not because party but because fireworks trigger me
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
probably st patgties
the day that ireland becomes united and independent
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
irish free state part 2 never
irish wristwatch
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah i dig
im happy for you that you're doing good with it
nobody's really said that yet
it kind of helps out
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
wait what the fuck
did you ever see the movie with liam neeson about the ira
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
taken 4 ira edition
nope it's just a biopic about michael collins
>like your forebears crawled out of the ocean and built cabins and made fires and designed intuitive inventory systems in first person shooters that let you pick up the railgun AND hold on to the candy bar

>and look at u. u lost to a stick
it's good yeah
are people reading 17776
i miss that
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i have been thinkin about rereading it
maybe with fish
cod bless benzodiazepines for letting me eternally be able to re-read and re-watch things
haha all you suckers can only enjoy things once and then it's left as a stupid worthless memory
I read it again like last year
Still just as good as I remember
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
oh shit modest mouse is gonna play in Florida in November
they're opening for some band i don't care about though
oh i remember now
i couldn't finish reading it before when i started because my shit-ass SATELLITE INTERNET couldn't even load the video pages
and even the text pages with images would take so long to read that i'd have to wait
i was capped at like 5 gigs lmao
I can't even enjoy something on drugs then again sober honestly
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I saw them live once it was pretty meh.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703205530.jpg (67 KB, 564x797, 20190307_102925.jpg)
i wanna see modest mouse real bad
they're like my favorite band
i really hope they end their set with Florida honestly
well they're not quite my favorite band but seeing the Strokes just isn't the same unless Julian is blitzed and he's like recovering and abstaining from drugs and alcohol and shit now
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703247544.jpg (144 KB, 800x1130, IMG_20190227_072534.jpg)
let's have a buddy modest mouse concert deito
the black keys or that other band I see on the website
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
black keys i literally don't care about them
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
I think ive heard a few of their songs
there's one about a submarine and one about gold on the ceiling
i feel like there's another one i know
something about size? like a song about something that's big or something that's small? i can't remember
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
oh they're playin in denver in september
let's go crash with rook and get fucked up and listen to modest mouse
Image 1552703636628.jpg (184 KB, 1411x2698, IMG_20190315_001913.jpg)
I wonder if there's any bands I like touring in aus
they okayish but pretty meh
lonely boy and the gold ceiling one were their hits
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552703795203.jpg (93 KB, 800x1131, 1552301068320.jpg)
i can probably deal with them if modest mouse is first
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
they probably aren't
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
modest mouse is opening for them
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Assuming Modest Mouse is the headliner
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah it seems like a weird set up
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
Are you gonna leave after they're done?
At this point in time I think the black keys are more popular.
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
lol maybe i dunno
im probably gonna see if jan and rook wanna go to one of the concerts
there's some other band too
shannon and the clams or something
Mod this mouse
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
also one called repeat repeat
never heard of either
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
One of my absolute favorite bands is playing at pitchfork this year and I'm kind of pissed that they aren't a headliner
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i have actually never been to a concert
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
but its their first US concert in like 15 years so I'm still stoked
hell it might even be their first concert in 15 years
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
They can be pretty fun.
Image 1552704041622.jpg (372 KB, 1200x1679, IMG_20190315_002006.jpg)
when has p4k ever had good taste
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
like 8 or more years ago
the line up is getting worse and worse every year
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
yeah I wanna try it out
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I think this might be the weakest pitchfork line up ever this year
although I thought that last year
and the year before
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
also I didn't know this about them until today but apparently they're kind of marxist and a lot of the french lyrics in their songs are very political
Image 1552704195161.jpg (220 KB, 990x1400, rean-jp-shiki.jpg)
reminder that korn still plays live venues
FormerRei !GURPSRWiTs
I bet they play county fairs
I remember they made an album wiht skrillexs
Samu 🦉 !KW2DbpWwls
first blood of 2019
*grabs knife*
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
i wonder if my dissertation chair would understand if i discussed my epistemological concerns and how they make writing difficult

no stop
How can we write about knowing things if we don't even know what knowing MEANS
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552705632298.jpg (471 KB, 2894x2894, IMG_20190315_103808.jpg)
in normal conversation and stuff i can act like i know things because general knowledge is basically just something we use functionally and whether it's actually knowable or not doesn't really matter

but like if im writing academically, i don't want to be making sweeping statements about things based on studies with methodological flaws about things we can't actually know to be true

it's like trying /// i dunno
i cant actually know that so many of the finding are true or not because they aren't generalizable even though modern academia says they are

especially with psychology where virtually nothing should be generalizable except for basic foundational models

if im going to write something academically, i want to write about things i can actually know with certainty
I want to write about the things i can experience or observe

i want to write phenomenologically

what im writing now is stuff i can't actually know and even if my results are significant, they won't actually mean anything
they can be used functionally but that's not good enough for me
Image 1552705711035.jpg (263 KB, 750x900, 69186035_p7.jpg)
are you trying to start a fight
with WORDS
Image 1552705788373.jpg (53 KB, 564x745, 3d379854d95bc0546c6f9e68320cb3d5.jpg)
studies are useful in their ability to assemble a model
when writing academically you have to speak about the application of that model or the interpretation of that model and leave it simply within the framework of that model
you don't have to, and can't, speak about actualities
that's what ive learned anyway. having that in the academic body is still useful -- id argue it's the only thing that's useful
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
when i tried to write in a way that avoided making assumptions of certainty where i couldn't logically make them, my dissertation chair told me i need to make sure my study never leaves room for my readers to think because if they think, they will have ideas which is apparently bad

so instead of being able to write and say this stuff suggests whatever, i basically have to say here is information, this is exactly what it means
but there's no real foundation on which to say it with certainty
That's a really cynical view of writing something wow.
I will defend words to the end with my DYING BREATH
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
it's difficult to deal with
i think it's better than // that readers think
i want to lead them to my conclusions without forcing them into my conclusions
Image 1552706344163.jpg (246 KB, 862x1200, 1511381927172.jpg)
i feel like the only thing we can know with certainty is the mechanical application of a model, without drawing any conclusions
that might be the archivist and information thing in me but i feel it's just raw work investment
ability to draw conclusion is just unrefined information
and probably obsolete
but i really dont know the field and the scope is probably different
i cant really see any function besides archiving and processing, or model construction i guess

i wanted to say some more stuff but i think at this point i'd probably distract you more than help you at all and you're on a time crunch
also i noticed you had some concerns lately about being cynical or at least perceived as cynical
idk i think im always being a cynical bitch about everything with you guys as my soundboard and that probably doesn't help you out
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
Image 1552706832384.jpg (85 KB, 896x1400, IMG_20190202_143545.jpg)
i actually stopped workin a little bit ago
you can only write doctoral level shit for so long before you start getting cognitively exhausted and then you're just not effective anymore
im gettin ready for beddo now

i don't think you're cynical as much as you're pessimistic
but i don't think that's a bad thing and it's good for people to be around others with all kinds of different attitudes
Yeah I don't think you're cynical.
I think you're battered, for lack of a more accurate term, and that produces a mental state that creates maybe a similar mentalscape to cynicism or pessimism.
Maybe even that comes off as too pretentious.
Like when you're out on a hot day and the sun's beating down on you for all those hours and you get inside and your skin feels stretched and tired.
That's the kind of feeling I get from hearing your experience.
Wanna watch another Canadian cartoon first
i think im really attuned to recognizing flaws in things
and the thing is, stuff like that intrigues me a lot
im filled with a curiosity that makes me want to share the experience of intrigue, but since im often talking about those flaws in things, i think it really sounds like im whining or complaining or being really negative all the time
but im really just so curious to problems and puzzles that i can't let go of those little things that go against the grain

like today i was doing some geological survey stuff and there was talk around mining diamonds and some process that sounded like "deglowing"
so i head over to google and type in deglowing to check if it's a word or if i can gather any context clues around what it could have been
well it's not a word, so google assumed i meant the next closest thing and searched degloving for me
which i dont suggest googling yourself as it's a // an injury where skin is forcefully pulled off of the body, like by a machine
and google did the kind service of displaying me a few of the top images along with the web search that it automatically changed from deglowing to degloving
it really struck me as confounding because i was doing a fairly innocent search about minerals and got a page full of medical gore
i think that's a pretty blaring issue with google, and i actually thought about coming to /moe/ to post about it when it happened but i realized it's probably burdensome for the only show up to post about something bad happening all the time or to complain about how something's not right
not that i was really bothered by it given my medical learnings but it was just a thing i couldn't stop thinking about all day during work
that could really affect some people
and all these forceful wallotexts nobody asked for
just an archivist digging through heaps of information all day like rummaging through an antique store and wanting to share all these odd finds
i gotta realize not everyone is as obsessive about the mundane as me and that people have real lives and stuff
Image 1552707915511.jpg (2.8 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190315_234413.jpg)
What's a real life when you get down to it anyway.

I had to step away to fix myself some dinner.
Image 1552707941063.jpg (82 KB, 598x438, dots.JPG)
you never know what you'll find in a wall of text
some days it's the rosetta stone
some days it's tragic google searches
i can't even tell if something is offputting anymore
i think the brainworms are getting deeper
i guess i watch this weird cartoon alone
Oh the National Film Board.
I'm familiar with their work.

Is Robert Munsch at all known down there? I read a metric fucktonne of his books when I was a kid.
what is that
all I can make out is shallots
A rice bowl of ginger pork topped with yeah, shallots.
There's rice somewhere down there.
The ginger pork is hella tasty despite being like five days old.
Oh now I guess I see it
sounds tasty
Image 1552708416690.jpg (88 KB, 748x1069, ebisu0.jpg)
oooh i just got it
cuz the rosetta stone is a literal wall of text
nice one
is that the hog in the bog or whatever it was?
Image 1552708471777.jpg (112 KB, 1020x877, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_(…).jpg)
i did my best
DAMNIT BLUE this is my CHILDHOOD you're digging through
the rosetta stone was pretty cool
I remember learning about that in school
Image 1552708556778.jpg (871 KB, 1846x2996, Dy23MQYUYAAfbQa.jpg)
your childhood FUCKED ME UP
Image 1552708611852.jpg (212 KB, 1200x1400, DyuisJyVAAApIhU.jpg)
it really was a pretty effective tool
at turning people less of a fool
Hm, not off the top of my head.
Maybe it's sitting somewhere deep in there though.

This animation is nice but a Robert Munsch book isn't quite a proper story when it's not told by Robert Munsch himself.
He's such a great storyteller.
This was my introduction to Canadian ideas.
We had this show called O' Canada and it would air super early in the morning.
and it would fill my head with this craziness
980 Yonge Street isn't a house any more though.
As like most things in this city, it's become condos.
There is a subway station pretty close by though.
Mortimer's got to be the quintessential Munsch book though.
Hearing him tell it is a thing of brilliance.

Ah I see now.
Rather than an adaptation of a Munsch book this seems like an original work.
Avant-garde stuff like this I probably never really had a chance to see as a kid.
This has got to be one of the most fucked cartoons I've ever seen haha
I need to get me one of these guilt erasing teleportation machines
Munsch could at time write some extremely sentimental and heartfelt stuff too.
This guy is a national treasure.
Last one but this is another one of his absolute classics.
I fucking love this guy.
Image 1552710866105.jpg (448 KB, 1190x1684, IMG_20190316_152547.jpg)
Image 1552711296635.jpg (207 KB, 1600x1600, Dw37UigUUAEjMyX.jpg)
I mean it probably aired late-night on somewhere like Teletoon and we only got that channel for maybe five or six years before the cable company realized they'd been accidentally given us a better package than what we were paying for and told my parents to either downgrade or start paying the proper fees and my parents, being the ... hm, not quite spendthrift or stingy and not really a matter of pragmatism or sensibility either, but regardless, chose to downgrade.
And this was all long before I would have been allowed to watch late-night stuff.
Also 17776 was a very enjoyable read and brilliant execution of the multimedia capabilities of digital publishing.
>when you're about to win the game but Liberty DIES
Image 1552713134958.jpg (406 KB, 1451x2048, IMG_20190316_152710.jpg)
why do I keep running into obnoxiously loud people today
Image 1552719307597.jpg (470 KB, 1510x2048, IMG_20190316_175448.jpg)
Image 1552722587742.jpg (384 KB, 1447x2047, 33202.jpg)
Image 1552726956877.jpg (159 KB, 865x1000, D1t-UMhUYAA1Cn0.jpeg)
Kirara, the Baseball Mom
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