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Kirara 🚗
if it's a girl i'll say GIRL
Kirara 🚗
dad your axe is bigger than me
That's a big axe...
Kirara 🚗
kratos' storytelling to BOY was so good
Kirara 🚗
I feel like there has to be an illustration out there of a smug scorpion on the frogs back
Kirara 🚗
Kirara 🚗
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If I am going to hell, I will drag the frog with me
Kirara 🚗
bitch, you knew i was a snake
wooooooooooow bugged fauna mechanics
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
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Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
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>win with a deck themed after your favorite
I love it
no point really
waste of time and energy
they've got tons of people on the list for stuff like that anyway and they'll just handpick the ones that are gonna look the most dumb on screen
Kirara 🚗
most of human existence is filling their life with pointless wastes of time and energy
certainly most of what i do is a pointless waste of time and energy
i don't think that's a good argument against it
they're lookin specifically for DSA chapter leaders and there are only like 100-150 of us in the country
Kirara 🚗
well probably more like 150-200 now
anyone for a rousing game of scrabble
I'm down
Kirara 🚗
i gotta finish this assignment so i can sleep but it's fuckin hard since my meds wore off forever ago
can't focus
1v1 me nerd it goes quick
until someone else wants to join us
[email protected]
My sister might be moving to new Zealand
I'll play if the site supports mobile
im not sure if it does
it requires flash i think
uhhhhhhhhh what's the site called I forgot
nvm found it

which part

hang in there
[email protected]
None in particular
She said "I might move to LA, Australia or New Zealand.".
are you in tourney terrace
i am now
[email protected]
Oh wait, does this require an account?
i don't imagine it would be easy to play on mobile, trying to place the pieces on a scrabble board
[email protected]
They have an app
[email protected]
Also it works on ttheir website
But in general I'm against signing up for stuff i don't need
I've been effected by too many data leaks
[email protected]
Huh, I had a good idea.
/moe/ scrabble, but its hosted on doushio
[email protected]
Luckily I found some FLOSS JavaScript scrabble stuff just by googling JavaScript scrabble
Kirara 🚗
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someone i know submitted a paper for publication but they submitted the version from before i edited it for them so they submitted a paper that spells privilege wrong in the title
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sam's never here when I am these days.
For once I actually have a non joke good idea for a feature.
LaTeX is a good idea for a feature but sam doesn't want to do it.
Kirara 🚗
if you make a thread for it, maybe someone can direct him to it when he shows up
[email protected]
I don't think its that important though.
[email protected]
Christ my scalp is so itchy.
I don't use dandruff shampoo for a day and this happens.
[email protected]
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Big mood spelled backwards
sure is a difficult board
kinda blocked in
Kirara 🚗
[email protected]
Stallman vindicated
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Feels good to have never liked the idea of wearing a tie.
[email protected]
Hi Rika
Kirara 🚗
one time i was presenting a poster at a conference and this dude came up to me and started insulting me for not wearing a tie and he called my poster stupid
it was really weird
but there was a cocktail bar, so
[email protected]
Did you ask him if he had anything better to do?
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anime >>532573 →
Kirara 🚗
Image 1530936960897.jpg (435 KB, 800x995, 1529228957563.jpg)
hey rika >>532575 what is your opinion on something like

i was just kind of like, uhh, okay dude
and he just fucked off on his own

haha yeah
Not So Anonymous !xa1FThiSUY
Should've called him a stuffy dick for wearing a tie.
damn maria why not drop that S on the yurt for the triple
what in the fuck yurt is a noun
shit why didn't I look that up I'm fucking retarded

I have no idea what a yurt is
Kirara 🚗
you didn't know yurt was a noun?
hahaha he doesn't even live in a yurt
what a tool
Video 1530937139835.webm (5s, 514 KB, 984x720, autistcrying.webm)
>tfw I don't live in a yurt
He's right
Kirara 🚗
wtf lmao
only babies don't live in yurts
[email protected]
Did you think it was a verb?
I hS ///
I had no idea what it was
So why the FUCK didn't I google it
Kirara 🚗
im gonna yurt to the store
[email protected]
Well, there's nouns, verbs and adjectives
And for many nouns you can add s to the end
And for many verbs you can add s to the end, since its a computer scrabble game you should've at least tried it
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I may be a bad person to ask about this because i'm superstitious about wedding bands.
They shouldn't be black or have black on them. That seems like bad luck, doesn't it?
Kirara 🚗
Image 1530937215545.jpg (115 KB, 1200x1697, IMG_20180702_065756.jpg)
Oh, I didn't think about that.
I dunno, Fish would probably think so if you do.
This is for an engagement ring, though.

I see the new anime season started
Image 1530937239998.png (80 KB, 577x649, lex.png)
look at this disgusting board
i kept trying to branch it out so maria could have good places to play but he kept blocking it off and making it difficult to play

or wait nvm that was me
I was looking for a way to somehow play feet on the top right
i was trying to play uredinia but i blocked myself off from it with ion
coulda bridged it to AVOID but i think you were setting that up for something
New stuff's been trickling in.
I know you're pretty busy at the moment but if you have time maybe check out Banana Fish.
You might find it interesting.
No, YOU'RE a dinia
Kirara 🚗
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i wanna watch but i feel weird about it
Image 1530937392894.jpg (639 KB, 1000x1304, 1483218190668.jpg)
Well, I don't think any wedding-related rings should have black on them.
It's nice looking if you set that issue aside.
you fucking dinia
man why didn't I go with that
Kirara 🚗
Image 1530937454709.jpg (78 KB, 659x1023, IMG_20180603_084840.jpg)
I want to get something oceany since I can't afford a big ring and I don't think she'd like a plain ring, but all of the fish ones I find online are really tacky.

i was looking at ones with like rivers or something engraved
and idk it's stressful, i want something good
how about a shark vertebrate
Image 1530937567856.jpg (117 KB, 933x714, nyarukow203.jpg)
I think an engraving would be fine. I don't think she is really picky about stuff too. She'd like it in an autistic fish loving kinda way.
ah damn i thought marine would be a good search word but i'm just getting stuff for marine corps weddings
thanks google
certainly there have been people to do this before but how to find them
Kirara 🚗
Image 1530937662322.jpg (117 KB, 1200x1697, IMG_20180702_065751.jpg)
yeah she'd be fine with something tacky but i don't want to get her something tacky!
maybe it's a little selfish but i want the ring to be one we both like

haha fish rings gets you tons of like, engravings of boats and stuff
Image 1530937809035.png (574 KB, 620x706, ears.png)
wow two minutes of looking at these and i'm already taxed
i didn't realize how intimidating it is to look at this stuff
makes me feel so insecure
instead of rings people should get mutual blood transfusions
That way they're part of each other
That's way more romantic
Kirara 🚗
it's crazy intimidating
i tried looking at a shop irl and it was even worse
lady was asking about my price range and judging me and shit
even aside from the price range it's evocative of so much stuff that makes me think about what a non-person i am
by that i mean i thought i could help you come up with an idea but i realized quickly i have no idea what i'm doing
wedding bands are so personal and complicated
Kirara 🚗
it's okay, idk what im doing either
when i got a ring for teacup i was like haha this is easy!
now im like wtf this is more complicated than i ever imagined
i thought something with scales might be cool but then i could just imagine in my head someone thinking wtf is this serious how juvenile
[email protected]
Does your university have an engineering department?
Kirara 🚗
yeah, we're basically an engineering school
we were founded specifically for NASA

i thought like that at first until i saw all these reviews from like 60 year old people like "my husband bubba love his lawn mower engraved wedding ring!"
[email protected]
I could help you design something to make in a machine shop if you want.
Kirara 🚗
im not sure if i can access that stuff without taking their classes
there's a maker space nearby and i know they have woodworking gear and a 3d printer but idk what else they have

[email protected]
Well there's services you can get stuff 3d printed in metal from.
Not sure if silver is an option though
But I was thinking like a fish ouroboros.
[email protected]
Going bed
Kirara 🚗
that could be interesting
ill see what capabilities the maker space has
Image 1530938902199.jpg (52 KB, 800x800, 5ae3d3d939fa5JECA00071jpg.jpg)
this looks really uncomfortable
Kirara 🚗
that looks fucking Eldritch
oh god now i'm gonna have wedding-related adverts for everything
kill me now
these guys are aggressive advertisers too
Kirara 🚗
i got an advert the other day that was like "find your wife the perfect engagement ring!"
and i was thinkin uhh isn't that out of order
yeah but the marketing
hearing wife really solidifies the idea in the mind and pulls at the motivations
especially someone who's not engaged yet but wants to be and gets the idea supplanted in their mind of their lover as their wife
it's kinda cruel
it hits me right in the bad spots
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1530939402991.jpg (280 KB, 598x760, 024435b1af8dfc2778c7d8464a20d3db.jpg)
It sure does don't it
Kirara 🚗
Image 1530939467655.jpg (5.7 MB, 4032x3024, 20180706_181622.jpg)
in like 7-8 months im gonna be standing next to a hospital bed while my kid is being born and im just gonna be thinking about this like it's some kind of surreal meme because my broken brain has become a dadaist nightmare

yeah it's so messed up
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
dada-ist nightmare
i was thinkin about writing a program that probes for keywords in live news feeds, takes some excerpts or rewrites of the news article and puts it to text-to-speech with randomly grabbed license-free images applying to those keywords and generates youtube videos for the news feed
and producing like hundreds of them a day
really generic, pointless news in the most bland format possible
Kirara 🚗
>>532649 →
>>532649 →
>>532649 →
Kirara 🚗
id love to see a neural network that learns to write based on those stupid fake inspirational stories that poor indians get paid to write for facebook
you'll love this