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knowing me knowing you
>making a new thread at 680 posts
Fuck this thread I'm staying in the old one
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I don't understand, I gave my family a perfectly good keyboard and they swapped it back to one that feels like it has a meal trapped inside.
they don't appreciate quality it seems
save for the short bunking at my brother's place, every appartment I have lived in since moving out has gotten a fuckton of renovations
with constantly renovating neighbours
Quite a weird luck
A thing that irks me, is that some architects think using that cheap copper plating on rooftops is a good idea
it does look "okay" in some older buildings and you kinda give it a pass, cause its tendency to get real ugly and leak copper rust everywhere weren't so well known back then
but to still use it?
Also the fucking thing is RUSTED copper essentially
a copper alloy oxygenised in a weird way that colours it already green as copper turns greenish when it "rusts", makes it last quite long so is cheap building material
but offside is it degrades and stains any building it is placed on top of

and requires constant maintenance actually, atleast if you care about how the front of your buildings looks like
and then there is the even chaper version, where they just paint it green
come to think of t, I don't really mind "building cheaply and efficiently"
what I mind is some twats thinking it is also aesthetically pleasing
and not really "thinking" but "telling others"
preaching it from rooftops and saying that is the next best work of mankind
ever wonder about "random encounters"?
in vidyas they are, when well done, quite fascinating, woth sometimes brimg completely inane things, mirroring real life and sometimes lead to even completely new storylines. though sometimes life is stranger than fiction and that znd eben more happens to you actually.
but in games those REs aren't random and you can visit them again by reloading or ng-ing, giving you the possibility of seeimg how things vpuöd have hone, if you say chose differemt dialog option or took differemt actions. in life, that however is never an option
so sometimes you are left to wonder, wpuld waiting for the bus lead to atleast an intetesting conversation with some random chef or hyst *just two dudes waiting fir the bus, one bothered by the other's smoking
If I ever get bored enough, with time and energy to spare
I will make a thread like this, but it will be just filled with sources
sources to evey "tn claim" ever
fucking then say "don't trust tn" when I can fucking link to a thread that has links tot he claims
sammy though, would most likely delete it the moment he notices it