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Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
the bob evans mashed taters are fuckin' dope
Kirara 🚗
i didn't really know how to eat until i stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things so i have been where you are ton but i was there years ago
you're a little old for this
Image 1526504490281.png (615 KB, 842x595, サクラメ - いつもの。 (68738573) .png)
I think I have a general repulsion from being in the kitchen because I don't want to be caught in the kitchen.
The kitchen always needs cleaning and being found in it means having to spend whatever time I currently have to doing so.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
those hips are like a mile wide god damn
Image 1526504510321.jpg (95 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_Madok(…).jpg)
a real simple easy cheap way to go around is to make some dough
just water+flours+bit salt
then bake that on a skillet with bit of butter/oil
now you have bread
then if you have some veggies, especially say olives and sundried tomatos, but anything you think go well together works
prepare them if need, ie boil
then toss them all in a container and blitz them into a paste
then spread paste on bread and eat
delish pesto style spread with self made bread
easy, simple and doesn't take much time
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1526504560606.png (897 KB, 1062x799, abf105f90dab3afa35d637bcbb7548b1.png)
four years ago I had a cute girl making me food tbh
good lord
Image 1526504563198.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
cleaning and cooking are separate tasks and should be treated as such
Kirara 🚗
im about to chop meat for stew
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526504587234.jpg (682 KB, 1000x1352, ゆらら@お仕事募集 - ラフィー (68688814) .jpg)
But one task keeps me from doing the other.
So they are unfortunately linked together.
If only people cleaned after they cooked
And not left the entire area in a raging mess as they left the house
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
I cooked occasionally but it wasn't as good usually.
Either way I either usually can't be bothered or am willing to eat things to stay alive rather than strictly // preference of taste
I enjoy the creative process of making food, or well, the creating process.
But I don't think I could willfully isolate myself while making the food to enter that relaxation mindset.
When I'm cooking fodo -food in the kitchen I'm constantly dancing between the kitchen and my room to do things.
Image 1526504626670.jpg (90 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_Madok(…).jpg)
I started helping in the kitchen when i was like 10 and by the time I was 14 I could easily make a hearthy meal for myself
and have been doing that since then
Image 1526504633115.png (127 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180516-105124.png)
My heart rate does go anywhere near 200
I briefly peaked at 170 for 5 minutes.
During fast walking up hills it's usually 145.
>not cleaning while you cook and then getting everyone to help finish the cleanup after dinner
Image 1526504671081.png (100 KB, 256x256, 4-0.png)
i dont understand at all and guess i never will
don't you ever want to release from that leash that draws you back to doing other things, separating your focus?
i just take the 20 or 30 minutes to cook, MAYBE go for a cigarette on the back porch while it's at an idle point, and relish in not being overstimulated for a small portion of my day
and also looking forward to the tasty meal
Image 1526504678971.jpg (937 KB, 1920x1080, 玄月ちひろ - こいしテレフォン (68740593) .jpg)
The only time cleaning happens midway through cooking is if I make the mistake of letting people know that I'm awake.
Kirara 🚗
you got comfortable and decided not to improve anymore and now you're comfortable wasting money and living with your mom so you still don't want to improve
cooking is basic skill
you have the diet of a manchild
you are better than this
59 resting
Image 1526504717179.jpg (84 KB, 800x800, Dc2EyEXVAAAgK0L.jpg)
I am realizing just how much this has an effect on my ability to bond with my family.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1526504727388.png (391 KB, 800x622, 9207e95bf13f9e541e98586b66db4035.png)
I guess I'll go and buy ingredients for something.
Image 1526504806582.jpg (101 KB, 785x832, Dc7DZ6DV0AIwDVG.jpg)
Buying ingredients might be cheaper than eating out.
But eating out is cheaper than buying ingredients and never using them because you're too tired to cook.
College Fact
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
oh definitely cheaper than eating out.

Oh you're saying the thing I was going to mention
Eating homemade stuff like stews is really satisfying.
I had lot of pride in making potato and veg stews.
potato and vag stew
Image 1526504934379.jpg (852 KB, 800x800, 甘党 - ドロワーズパチュリー (60578650) .jpg)
mash and bang stew
I don't think I ever really feel overstimulated in the way you might be.
If anything I don't really want to be isolated . Maybe it's a fascination, maybe it's an addiction, but I really like being constantly involved in something.
If the food doesn't need my incessant input, I'm compelled to go find something else that does.
I always love it when I make real tasty mashed veggie soup
Kirara 🚗
when you're too tired to cook every single day, that's Not Good and indicative of a very big problem
one of the ways to address that problem is to cook even if you don't feel like it
Image 1526505024710.png (2.0 MB, 1436x1436, bute - 鳩羽つぐちゃん (67590319) 1ページ.png)
wow you sound like one of those people telling me that I need to draw in order to get better at drawing
who the FUCK are you
Kirara 🚗
im an incredibly disfunction person that somehow is more effective than a lot of people that are far more capable than me
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1526505072104.jpg (502 KB, 1400x1785, 6cd88d41c6815039b6f218e7e748e729.jpg)
Image 1526505087759.jpg (76 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_Madok(…).jpg)
Or simply make food so you can cook every odd day
if you made friends with the food, you might not feel isolated
radishes are my best friend
I mean that is one of the crucial building blocks to getting better at drawing.
Image 1526505109767.png (989 KB, 719x1030, Hajin@例大祭そ38a - レミパチェ (67790323) .png)
as a function person, you get used to that
like seeing some guy with one left arm be one of the best artists you've ever seen.
Kirara 🚗
yeah being functional makes you weak because your only source of discomfort is your own self-disappointment
functional people are so privileged
im so jealous of functional people
people who aren't broken at a fundamental level and waste their potential really bother me
i have to struggle every day to be able to do the things that help me feel like i shouldn't kill myself
nearly everything around me is painful to me
i have to push myself to the point of self-harm so i can continue to have a will to live

and there are all these people without problems like that who do nothing and don't even try because their lives are so comfortable
tbh i feel like we're on the same page somewhat there, but i feel like being invested in the cooking is the most involved action i can do sometimes
as in, the alternatives are lacking in involvement
i can sit and press alt+D, type D, press enter, ctrl+w, ctrl+t, alt+D, T for twitter, nothing new, close
and it bores at my mind so i do something to pacify my impulses for a bit
cooking, for me, is super involved because you can toast something, boil water, add spices, cook, mix a drink, even take pictures for instagram if you feel like it
[email protected]
ToN's diet might be worse than mine
Image 1526505331940.jpg (97 KB, 892x1000, すばち - まとめ鳩羽つぐちゃん (67778225) 5ページ.jpg)
I had a faint admiration for the people around me that work overtime like every week in my transit section but then it's like
60% of them are paying child support
And have so many things to be angry about

ToN's diet is similar to mind out here.
If I could go out shopping it would better. I try to eat in moderation.

I have chicken kievs, pizza, noodles, bread, honeyed ham and sweet potato.
I try to have some honeyed ham with pitta bread.
and chicken kiev for dinner.
[email protected]
I mean my diet is pretty bad but I ate least cook.
And don't eat fried chicken all the time.
[email protected]
Although I also think I haven't eaten a vegetable in like a month, maybe more.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Well I sure can't reply to that.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
dude I eat veggies at work all the time.
[email protected]
Cafeteria food shouldn't count. Its been frozen and microwaved and processed and all that shit
>he says, in a reply
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
why the fuck not
I'll stab your fucking face
Why the fuck //

It's god damn hospital food and it's delicious
I ordered green beans at texas roadhouse thinking I'd get a nice healthy side dish
It came and was covered in oil and bits of bacon all over them.
[email protected]
Hospital food is awful
That's what its famous for
Maybe your hospital has good food, but I bet it just tastes delicious to you because the food you eat at home is so bad.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Maybe you go to a shit hospital
sometimes i drink about a shotglass worth of straight soy sauce because i feel so malnourished
just sayin
Image 1526505564193.png (846 KB, 1350x1100, らい - 鳩羽つぐ (68091997) .png)

Sampled some of the food my grandpa got when he was in the hospital.
Did not even know they even had such good options in hospitals.
The price was, of course, ridiculous, but welcome to healthcare.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526505573995.jpg (94 KB, 1333x1000, IMG_20180513_084953.jpg)
it looks easy because i don't share most of my stress and pain with /moe/

but here i am living hell every day
and im about to get my masters
it's so frustrating
[email protected]
I've never stayed at a hospital long enough to need their meals.
I almost went to a hospital cafeteria once but the line was too long because there was a party with a ton of free food.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
yo check this shit out
I get a good ass meal and a water with an employee discount and bam it's like 4 dollars
Image 1526505645745.jpg (334 KB, 1288x855, 吉岡よしこ - 鳩羽つぐ (67950744) .jpg)
I spend about $13 on food in a day
wait youve never had hospital food?
that is a lot of salt
it's okay it's the low-sodium soy sauce
it has 550mg of sodium instead of the usual 730
I should probably do a lot more about my health.
I need to walk and exercise a lot more and try and sleep better.
Image 1526505680997.jpg (45 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_Madok(…).jpg)
that is quite a lot
[email protected]
I think the longest I ever stayed at a hospital was overnight. Maybe
Certainly not longer than that
Image 1526505702390.jpg (1.3 MB, 1204x831, 東天紅 - 【告知】金華祭 (68514036) .jpg)
Not having to pay for anything but food and loans really helps my sustainability.
I spend about 20% of a check in a single month and I get paid twice a month
but you're sure it's awful?
you just said you walked 18 miles the other day??
that's too much walking
you risk muscle breakdown if you're doing that at once without proper buildup
[email protected]
That's what I've heard from a large amount of sources
Sure I get that its anecdotal evidence
But so are the statements about hospital food being good in this thread.
But I didn't walk for the next days after that because blisters and sunburn.
I should actually go out walking again today.
I also need to walk 4 miles to the mailbox to collect mail.

I walked way too far that day though, I actually felt pretty bad after it but it was nice being able to reach town and see human beings
so is the 13 dollaroo mostly work place food or how do you eat during work days?
that sounds like a dream
even the mailman doesn't get within four miles of your home
can i come stay there and maybe build an underground shelter too
Image 1526505845930.png (1.2 MB, 3634x2620, 榊葉ミソギ - メガネかみっか (68470935) .png)
I spend about 7-8 dollars on something before I show up
and then 4-5 dollars on something before we leave
Image 1526505883223.jpg (43 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Magical_Girl_Madok(…).jpg)
what if you made BENTOS for yourself?
Image 1526505896951.png (11 KB, 158x216, images(3).png)
i spend about $2.50 a day on food
about $3 a day on just milk
and like $4.50 a day on alcohol
[email protected]
Her breasts look attached to her collar bones
Image 1526505914704.jpg (129 KB, 810x1085, __komeiji_koishi_mcdonald_s_an(…).jpg)
It'd cost me money
and time
Kirara 🚗
i spend probably $5 a day on food at the absolute most
probably closer to $3
Image 1526505946199.png (95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180516-152457.png)
aren't yours?
I haven't walked since that sunday, I should actually move now since my blisters are gone and most of sunburn is calming.
still bright red.
[email protected]
I don't have breasts
Although I ddid briefly take a medicine that had gynomastica as a side effect.
There was a class action suit aboit it too
Image 1526505968610.jpg (88 KB, 748x1069, ebisu0.jpg)
if i'm doing a planned meal like something with fresh meats i might spend five bucks on the meat for that night
but between eggs at two bucks a dozen, pasta at .50 cents per two-person meal, sausages at 1.50 per half pound, mushrooms at about 20 cents a serving, bread being basically free, and some cheese which is somewhat expensive, it averages out really low
i am pretty sure you do have breasts
all people who have torsos do
Image 1526506011005.jpg (314 KB, 1800x1600, Dav_L07VwAA-hE9.jpg)
Also whenever I cook something, I end up eating it whenever. Saving it for work is difficult.
you gonna become a lobster
>These aren't people. These are animals!
I'd like to think that was his response to watching a youtube video of animals doing human-like things and struggling to discern for sure
Image 1526506242498.jpg (78 KB, 1920x1080, [Meguca]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Ma(…).jpg)
Summer has its perks
being able to keep a window open 24/7
especially when I have one with insect net and shutters that prevent antyhing from climbing in
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526506351568.jpg (86 KB, 700x1000, IMG_20171107_125248.jpg)
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1526506389188.jpg (769 KB, 1000x1160, 682bb845770d170bec7f731bb0fe0231.jpg)
are you scoffing at his finnish summer
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526506491731.jpg (109 KB, 787x787, IMG_20170918_074210.jpg)
[email protected]
I just spent about ten minutes straight petting a dog.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Image 1526506853060.jpg (464 KB, 1275x906, a87d14eac270e96f8daa144e3801718b.jpg)
Image 1526507001226.jpg (54 KB, 852x480, [Doremi].Non.Non.Biyori.Episod(…).jpg)
wan wan wan
Kirara 🚗
i got some 72% cacao dark chocolate
This is pretty good.
Talesof !NuKeSlvmWE
Dark chocolate isn't my preference personally.
Are you a big fan?
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526507656459.jpg (61 KB, 167x278, 183.jpg)
I don't dislike it.
60% cacao is very good.
72% is very bitter.
i like the bitter stuff
especially when it's mixed with ginger
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526508023213.jpg (50 KB, 146x197, 181.jpg)
chocolate is a lot like life
no matter how bitter it gets i keep eating more
no matter what it tastes like, companies are gonna still spend billions of dollars trying to get you to buy into it
Kirara 🚗
Kilauea is supposed to erupt soon.
I wish I could afford to go see it.
Kirara 🚗
Technically it's been erupting for like 30 years, but there's supposed to be a very big explosion soon.
Image 1526508522909.jpg (175 KB, 1220x1000, utena.jpg)
>>500329 →
>>500329 →
>>500329 →
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526508515352.jpg (51 KB, 319x341, 116.jpg)