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Bottom Identity
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And sleep
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Fair point
Kirara 🚗
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since the 3rd
but i haven't communicated with her since she left so im all stressed out
It's because you haven't been checking your spam email
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Kirara 🚗
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yeah i have
I've been checking it in all four emails she knows and i have like five burner phones on in case she calls
well four and my normal phone
but i have two numbers on my normal phone

i think that's a cultural thing
can't spell culture without cult
idk i just happened to be reading about cargo cults at the same time so it was top of mind
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That's deep
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
five burner phones
are you a drug dealer?
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Cargo cults are great
feelin CRAZY
koishi day tomorrow
are you excited
Man, have you heard about timezones
Kirara 🚗
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just someone ready to escape at any time

shut up
i know
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>goosh goooooosh
No thank you
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I have been with Koi, who is me, myself, all day
Celebrating her, my, our birthday.
And also preparing for our darling wife, Kokoro's birthday two weeks from now which also aligns with my, who is not Koi, birthday.
but how are yoi koi while simultaneously in love with koi
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Very carefully
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(cognitive dissonance)
dear anime friendsI will be a little late get started without me
There is the I who is Koi and the me who loves Koi.
I love me.
Rodger dodger
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Its this simple
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
what the hell does that mean
That's all it can possibly mean.
such power
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
ya'll mothafuckas need jesus

>disclaimer i am not religious
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We will see things through
Kirara 🚗
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It means that I'm ready to handle it no matter who comes after me.
I've been involved in various things in the past and like to have the ability to bug out if I have to.
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yes definitely
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
>I've been involved in various things in the past
so, illegal shit?
i think it is very unfair view the fact that ive had a good childhood to be a bad thing, or some sort of flaw
Kirara 🚗
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ive done illegal shit and ive also worked for the feds and cops before
Everyone should be prepped to bug out regardless of what they've done
Nothing wrong with taking precautions

Why would having a good childhood be viewed as a bad thing
Has someone told you that it is a bad thing
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
>ive done illegal shit
all i needed to hear
you're a dummy
excuuuuuuse me
sorry i didnt choose the abusive parents when i was being born
Windiws ad.



Kirara 🚗
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i haven't done anything illegal that i could get into legal trouble for
Image 1526270723257.jpg (213 KB, 1578x956, IMG_20180306_223536.jpg)
>Not doing illegal shit
don't be like that
a bad childhood is not a good thing
it really messes you up
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
is this the part where you try to rationalize doing illegal shit like it's a good thing or you had some valid reason for being an idiot

Windows asked to update and i foolishly said yes
It will take aother minute
After that im ready for anime
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I jwalk all the time.
but apparently it allows you to connect and understand others who also had bad childhoods

something ill never be able to do
connect and understand them
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
>i haven't done anything illegal that i could get into legal trouble for
so it wasn't illegal?
if it's illegal then you can get into legal trouble over it
make up your mind
no it doesn't
it makes it hard to connect to anyone
it just lets you be at a comfortable distance from other people who also can't connect to anyone
Kirara 🚗
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if you can't get in trouble for breaking the law, there are several possibilities for why that might be
can you think of any other than >>497944?
That's the extent.
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
So what you're saying is you don't expect anyone to ever find out about the illegal things that you did. The possibility IS there, it's just very very low. Because you're bad at describing things.
you're just bad at understanding things
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
you're just bad at insulting people.
Kirara 🚗
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no, moon is right
you're not great at reading between the lines
some people aren't, that's not your fault
my way of communicating and your way of understanding are very different so we have trouble communicating
i'm not insulting anyone
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
there's no reading between the lines, either something is illegal or it is not.
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
not my fault you have brain problems and can't understand basic concepts.
whether or not something was illegal wasn't even the original point
why are you concerned with it
Kirara 🚗
yeah what moon said
[email protected]
Going to bed
Kirara 🚗
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to be more explicit in my meaning i have done illegal things which i can't get into trouble for due to immunities or the fact that there's no evidence
whether i can get in legal trouble or not, there are people i have been involved with in the past during the times i was engaging in those criminal activities
while im generally on good terms with everyone ive been involved with, both in the illegal realm and legal realm, sometimes things change, and im ready to adapt to changes if necessary
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
>due to immunities
your failure to include important details is not a problem with my understanding
those details weren't important or relevant, nor was the legality of anything
you just asked about it and he answered
you assumed he meant that he'd like to bug out due to legal concerns
and that was your misunderstanding and assumption
More like you're unable to even bother trying to infer things
There are many reasons why someone might not get into trouble for doing something illegal and you jumped at "it must not have actually been illegal"
Kirara 🚗
yeah this
that detail was totally irrelevant to what i was saying
i only included it now because you were getting stuck on it
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
>that detail was totally irrelevant to what i was saying

that's it i'm full triggered goodnight
gotta stop replying to his shit
it's just a way to try to flow all the momentum into his attention
he's doing it on purpose, you know
Nezi !Neziwi/5.M
fuck you idiot
Kirara 🚗
yeah idk why i keep thinking it might be different this time
stops the thread's natural progression too
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Seems like there was an issue in here while my computer was updating.
Kirara 🚗
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my bed feels so weird empty
So why DO you have all those phones
Was I really that good of a salesman
Kirara 🚗
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if i were to disappear, but still needed to communicate with people, i would be using the burner phones
that way i can get rid of them after extended communication with someone or multiple people
having multiples means i can go farther and longer without having to replace them since replacing your burners is difficult sometimes especially if someone is looking for you
if they can track where you are buying burners they can predict potential destination s for you to be headed as well

i could also use them to harass or threaten people if necessary
and they're useful if your regular phone breaks
i have a bad habit of collecting burner phones so i have more than i need too
i had seven until recently but i got rid of three of them
burner phones are survival 101 whether you're in the wilderness or within society but off the grid
or even just on the grid and vulnerable
in the wilderness it can be for emergencies still if it's prepaid minutes and not month
if there's network coverage, could even track the location and have someone find you if you're in need of medical help or somethin

I somehow didn't expect serious responses
My escape bag lacks phones
My escape bag lacks existence.
I don't care enough to feel like I need to escape anything.
If my doom comes for me I'll probably just lay down and go to sleep.
Kirara 🚗
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I have a good bug out bag

did you stock it with the appropriate pills before the opioid crackdown
should always have a healthy stock of those in there
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wtf did i just read was that a second inaban
Hi pan
Where is dash
Come back
Kirara 🚗
Image 1526272461063.jpg (121 KB, 733x994, IMG_20180509_055030.jpg)
yeah i have some percs in there
or at least i have percs that go in there
fish doesn't let me know where my percs are

Image 1526272469723.jpg (146 KB, 1920x1080, No.Game.No.Life.S01E04.1080p.B(…).jpg)
i finally come back and there's just no squid
Ika's around pretty much nightly.
But he only shows up for the anime threads and then goes back to playing GranBlue.
i wonder if kratom is hard to grow
Image 1526272532114.png (1.1 MB, 638x774, bae.png)
squid come back
Kirara 🚗
i wonder how much you'd have to grow to get a good amount
Image 1526272572543.jpg (163 KB, 1920x1080, No.Game.No.Life.S01E04.1080p.B(…).jpg)
idk, but the true way to use the plant is just to chew the leaves supposedly
and not swallow
yeah this was nothin tonight
you'd laff if you saw the other shit
Inaban at least took his shit elsewhere.
This one keeps coming back.
Image 1526272788424.jpg (189 KB, 1920x1080, No.Game.No.Life.S01E04.1080p.B(…).jpg)
jesus christ how awful
im glad i tend to ignore names i dont recognize
i mean it only took him forever to finally take it elsewhere so maybe this one will follow suit
Kirara 🚗
Man hearing Matthewmatosis talking about sonic fetish porn is really something
Image 1526273852022.png (638 KB, 820x585, 1418860167654.png)
despite the subject of the content, his commentary here is really incredible
it's legitimately insightful
The connection with Bill Clinton is great
As is the way he talks about how the minigames are ordered and how it reflects someones lifetime in the sonic fanbase
Or when he talks about the spread of fetishes over the internet
You probably understand it on a deeper level than me with how much you've researched linguistics and the spread of culture. It's amazing stuff though
the goose is loose
oh no
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