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Someday I will be Saturday night
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What does Oliver have that makes him better than Odin?
Kirara 🚗
10 more attack
Image 1515806435126.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Youkoso Jitsury(…).jpg)
Well I guess that's a decent advantage.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515806464282.jpg (100 KB, 609x815, 61838152_p0.jpg)
An Oliver is going to die for my Sanaki tomorrow.
Kirara 🚗
what the fuck am i seeing
Oriental shorthairs apparently
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Hi /moe/! Home from another long day how are we all doin
gonna lose everything to these tiles
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515807257824.jpg (290 KB, 726x726, 47616180_p0.jpg)
I'm trying to figure out a way to build Oliver that will make him useful.s
Image 1515807292979.jpg (72 KB, 621x712, [HorribleSubs] Netsuzou TRap -(…).jpg)
Can you?
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515807309195.png (2.0 MB, 1001x1400, 64117590_p0.png)
The best I can get with the simulator is
>Wins: 169Losses: 9Inconclusive: 16

That's with
Weapon: Blarowl+
Refine: Spd Bonus - Standard Ranged
Special: Glimmer
A: Life and Death 3
B: Vantage 3
C: Threaten Res 3
S: Attack +3

and three adjacent units
Image 1515807400735.png (512 KB, 500x722, lynne0.png)
I don't think the simulator gives real meaningful conclusions there. team comp matters way too much
i can't see him being much use besides like fortress res, QR, some C slot, heavy blade seal (can ranged use heavy blade)
and the iceberg
atk ploy for the c slot i forgot
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515807460247.jpg (77 KB, 720x1019, DGEDP2bUwAALbry.jpg)
it's a useful way to look at the viability of a build
Image 1515807558353.jpg (137 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Youkoso Jitsury(…).jpg)
I think it's a good way to test the viability and general ruggedness of a unit.
And it's a great way to see how defensively effective you can make a unit.
Kirara 🚗
ranged can use heavy blade but his attack isn't going to be high enough to get meaningful increases to it
we should make gays use seperate bathrooms
Image 1515807648776.jpg (52 KB, 564x865, 1637353d200af0bd79a042e08145da2b.jpg)
one bathroom per gay
Image 1515808158745.jpg (66 KB, 547x700, [HorribleSubs] Tsurezure Child(…).jpg)
He'll never be good!
He can't even charge iceberg fast because he has no speed.
Image 1515808243280.jpg (122 KB, 685x966, original image owned by me.jpg)
oh that's right heavy blade is based off atk isn't it
i forgot that was a component of it
uh, give him HP+5 refined weapon, fury, guard, threaten res, and HP+5 seal
then give him reprisal
one phase charge and a potentially huge reprisal hit
Image 1515808623822.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshig(…).jpg)
Heavy blade really only helps units that are okay in the first place.
Image 1515808932363.png (389 KB, 600x699, lynne_by_1_kilometer-d37zrdp.png)
Hey what was your bridge charlotte build again?
Image 1515809001388.png (676 KB, 1170x1756, 1512960473940.png)
I don't really have one.
I played with it extensively but couldn't come up with a good build for her.

The best builds for her are either brave weapon/deathblow builds, or firesweet builds.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515809004388.jpg (89 KB, 500x666, DBGFNBQV0AAehms.jpg)
At least Oliver can rest easy knowing he'll die so Sanaki can be beautiful.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515809123952.png (117 KB, 403x455, 403px-GhostTrickWaitress.png)
I was thinking about maybe a nuker support build to go with a magetank team
i was thinking ditch brave for firesweep and death blow for sparrow strike (is that what's it's called i forget)
the mercy wings
or instead of firesweep, even the new modified first bite+ from the weapon refinery would be a huge boost to your team

i wish there were more interesting challenges that made me need to use team strategies
sure some challenge maps you swap vantage for axebreaker for a niche need or for whatever but i'm thinking of ways that i could counter other people's builds but there's just no satisfying way to have that challenge, since you're only fighting people's defensive-set arena teams, never the teams that they use to get through the arena week themselves
Image 1515809338810.jpg (266 KB, 1864x1705, moob.jpeg)
Image 1515810018965.jpg (165 KB, 870x1200, 1514618284841.jpg)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
Image 1515810038275.png (310 KB, 512x512, delthea.png)
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515810042862.png (346 KB, 700x1000, 65544807_p0.png)
Image 1515810169192.jpg (8 KB, 236x236, lynne.jpg)
sorry, huh?
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515810191047.jpg (91 KB, 700x990, DM_xCxhUEAAmyRi.jpg)
her computer must be bugging out again
maaaps maaaaps maaaaps maaaaps
Image 1515810220445.jpg (179 KB, 526x876, 73506a7cef54880535b623816be31fe7.jpg)
maybe she's bugging out?
did i say something that broke her brain in twain
Image 1515810228315.png (357 KB, 540x884, 1512967452376.png)
Japanese auto-fill turned on again.

I was saying that the first bite is interesting with weapon upgrades.
Kirara 🚗
what's interesting about it?
Image 1515810266271.jpg (122 KB, 685x966, original image owned by me.jpg)
+5 def/res to units within 2 spaces
in my example that means she can still be a heavy physical nuker while still supporting a tank team, who would probably be positioned with swap and stuff
so with wom, if she popped in, boosted the frontline's def/res by 5 while simultaneously doubling someone with sparrow strike, (quick sparrow was it?) then the tankies swap her to safety and can engage player-phase with the boosted res/def or prepare for the enemy phase with boosted def

i feel like it's a good strategy, but one that isn't worth anything at the moment since the challenges provided by IS doesn't meet up with the sort of teambuilding that makes the game fun
Image 1515810611007.png (736 KB, 802x1230, 1512968834855.png)
The problem is everyone has to be close too.

I think there's maybe a potential windsweep build there.
But the speed may be hard to pin down.
Image 1515810654969.gif (782 KB, 303x346, 1447822026567.gif)
i only woke up 9 hours ago and i have work in 8 hours
if you do the math that means i'm fucked
Image 1515810678125.png (143 KB, 457x620, GhostTrickLynne.png)
that's why i was thinking magetank -- hold on
okay back to what i was saying
I've got a similar setup going now of my frobin, katarina/sophia, boey/cecilia, and bridge cordellia
even though bridge cordelia is great, i feel like specifically with frobin/kat/boey you've got two owl tomers, all with swap and buff skills for adjacent
so hoarding up people close can be really strong
it's a tactic i just don't get to take advantage of in any current scenario though
i can set it up as a defense team but that's not a very satisfying challenge if the AI doesn't follow my strat

I'm hoping they set up PVP where i can pre-set teams and then give them basic AI prioritizing like, "this unit should prioritize staying next to this unit" or "this unit needs to buff this unit"
it's not particularly complicated to integrate that
but they way ive been watching them do their market research, i think they'll just value more heavily what their guided surveys suggest and weight reception over game contact points
Image 1515810822081.jpg (58 KB, 600x690, 1512971637890.jpg)
There are some mage tank builds for her that revolve around berkut's lance and distant counter.
I don't really have strong feelings for her as a mage tank though because of the low res and the number of good green tomes.

I think probably the best build for her is some sort of windsweep build.
Kirara 🚗
absolutely not worth a distant counter
Image 1515811162586.jpg (52 KB, 564x865, 1637353d200af0bd79a042e08145da2b.jpg)
sorry i think maybe i was vague
by magetank i meant tanks who are mages, like my robin, or katarina/boey, stuff like that
i meant that she could be a backline supporter with WoM who can pop in (since mages have two range), blow up someone that happens to be high res and give the mages a def/res boost while doing it, then be swapped to safety by boey or robin

she has a unique ability with first bite that she can support while attacking
not a lot have that
and she can't survive an enemy phase
so instead of supporting her, blend the roles and let her support while blowing people up
Image 1515811291321.png (1.3 MB, 722x1024, 1514493191454.png)
Yeah, definitely not worth.
Anyone could be a decent tank with an expensive setup like berkut's lance + distant counter.

Image 1515811385768.png (68 KB, 324x321, 1512867345599.png)
Yeah, being so bad in enemy phase is her problem.
I think it keeps her from being a good unit.
Image 1515811445960.jpg (37 KB, 262x269, 1503597342038.jpg)
Sorry to drill a point here, but i see it as a game with such high customizability
all the challenges presented are either the arena meta or the "challenges" from the special maps
there's so many fun ways to want to make a unit useful, but the sad part is you don't have to because there's nothing you can directly interact with in the game that allows you to utilize such intricate team-building
i feel like that's really what the game's big selling point is, too
yeah, you always want the big-name units, but you also want to make use of all the resources you've got. they're really not tapping into that resource part hard enough when you consider 3* and 4* units as resources

i mean, freakin mario universe lets you place hats for people to find?? sorry, balloons
why can't FE have like a mario maker kind of platform where we can just set teams up as challenges
defense arena just isn't quite satisfying in that way
let people upload maps and make custom challenges, you can see how many people beat it vs how many times it has been attempted and so forth

i wouldn't stretch that far, i transcribe market research callouts like this all the time, though not surveys necessarily
sometimes they'll ask about things like that in hopes that someone can provide insights on how to make it feasible market-wise
surveying usually involves a range of upper-bounds and lower-bounds questions
things that are in consideration of dropping, still leave questions about it in case you missed something people can glean insight on
or things that seem desirable but out of possibility in hopes that someone gives a meaningful perspective that can actually make it feasible
Kirara 🚗
the end game of every mobage is OSOBOS
it's a universe rule
Kirara 🚗
i believe they're working on something like that if the survey is to be believed
Kirara 🚗
the city defense mechanic was one of the most popular aspects of Fates
they're obsessed with Fates
so i think they'll probably implement it
plus city building games are incredibly popular with normies
Image 1515811949383.png (2.1 MB, 1684x1920, amelia.png)
I would always love new modes, but my philosophy when it comes to units is that I like rugged generalists.
It's hard to fit Bridal Charlotte into the way I play because the margin of error for making her useful is so low.
Kirara 🚗
i hate the word rugged
Kirara 🚗
because it's not pronounced similarly to every other word that's spelled similarly
there's literally no reason for it to be pronounced like it is
yes it is that is the phonetic differentiation between an adjective and past-tense verb

properly, anything ending in -ed in that sense has a separate "id" sounding syllable for if it's an adjective, and just a trailing d sound if it's a past-tense verb

when you hear people pronounce learned as learn-id, that's because they're referring to someone who has done a lot of learning, not someone having learned something
in this case it means that he's like a rug not that he once was a rug
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515812294494.jpg (31 KB, 278x396, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
english has ridiculous pronunciation rules
Image 1515812582488.gif (706 KB, 400x227, 13534156849515.gif)
English does what it wants to!
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515812593515.jpg (112 KB, 681x717, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
skullface was right
Image 1515812661348.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
hey can i ask /moe/ a thing
how many of you feel like there are things you shouldn't still enjoy because it's immature and you're an adult and maybe a professional and you still enjoy it anyway
do you know what i mean
Image 1515812781509.jpg (125 KB, 512x512, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn(…).jpg)
and I just still enjoy them
Kirara 🚗
i don't really feel like there's anything i shouldn't enjoy
I know what you mean but I don't think there's anything you "shouldn't" do so long as it's not harming anyone
If you're a professional then your free time is yours.
you don't have to subscribe to the idea, just recognize it as a prevalent one
i worded it that way to include both sides of that divide
Kirara 🚗
yeah, it is a prevalent one
i'd agree with that
a lot of people seem to think you shouldn't enjoy things because they're immature
Image 1515812945328.jpg (384 KB, 600x770, ebisu shark.jpg)
i would really like to be a children's book illustrator
and writer too but mainly illustrator
i think it would be so fun
Image 1515813001050.png (458 KB, 960x960, 1514336802161.png)
I do what I Want.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515813016634.jpg (60 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
I like how Rika randomly posts stuff like Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah and randomly capitalizes words now
it's Extremely Funny
Image 1515813045738.jpg (13 KB, 299x268, nina.jpg)
I got some enjoyment out of it
whatever i said either made her really excited or so frustrated that she short-circuited again
Image 1515813091109.jpg (68 KB, 415x612, 1509601225541.jpg)
If I hit a certain combination of keys, it goes into auto-correct mode.
And for some reason "yeah" comes out as "yeah" a billion times.
To some of you I may actually look like regular bang
In fact, I am actually a sad bang
Kirara 🚗
why are you a sad bang
how can it evolve into a happy bang
if work is cancelled
because I just got home from work an hour ago and I have to go to bed soon
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515813232165.jpg (133 KB, 733x719, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
sleeping is such a pain

getting a full night of sleep is one of the best protective factors against burnout though
sucks man
see you next time
sleep tight
don't let the ekus bite
i said soon
the pain is that i have to work at 5am
it totally puts a giant wrench in my sleep schedule
but if i don't go to bed early enough i won't be able to snap back to normal by the end of the tomorrow
snap back to spaghetti
Kirara 🚗

schedules that aren't the same every day are lame
Image 1515813463069.png (764 KB, 600x847, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn(…).png)
Somebody touch ma spaghet
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515813470145.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180112-221710.png)
confirmed trans?????
Image 1515813521592.jpg (64 KB, 600x823, corrin_by_vashperado-dbredfn.jpg)
stop your giving me a girl boner
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515813684811.jpg (59 KB, 313x495, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
i need mirror strike from oliver tomorrow and swordbreaker and my sanaki should be Pretty Good

i need an odin or something too for blade tome
Image 1515813775870.jpg (74 KB, 570x850, 1515301167360.jpg)
Tharja is red blade tome.
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515813786347.jpg (128 KB, 891x719, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
I'm not putting a blade tome on Sanaki.
Her tome is really good.

I'm putting the blade tome on someone else, that's why I need a blue one.
Image 1515814190114.jpg (96 KB, 692x697, dakedo12.jpg)
What blue unit are you building?
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515814221170.jpg (117 KB, 733x691, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
I just need to finish my Summer Corrin.

Sanaki will be a great buffer for her.
Sanaki will give Summer Corrin +5 atk, +5 res, and +3 spd by being within two spaces of her.
Image 1515814285734.jpg (22 KB, 225x350, 286915.jpg)
i might give that mirror strike to robin
that would solve her meh attack and res issues and make her a great generalist
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515814692871.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
at least oliver is good for fodder
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515815126228.jpg (81 KB, 633x675, [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 (…).jpg)
they're adding new trench terrains
horses can only move one space in them
Image 1515815289880.png (764 KB, 600x847, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn(…).png)
Horses can't move in trenches at all, though
Image 1515815351612.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
I wish ii had friends to talk to about professional and career things
i don't though because i'm a fucking loser
Kirara 🚗
i bet a cartoon horse can go in a trench
Image 1515815392703.jpg (734 KB, 1000x1000, Cover.jpg)
that was the first cartoon horse that came to mind sorry
that was a shitty post too
i'm just pretty shit at everything dw about it
Kirara 🚗
Image 1515815541894.jpg (526 KB, 1046x968, Screenshot_20180112-225127.jpg)
it was a fine post
the subtle lies hurt a lot more than the blatant truths
i'm gonna--oh
Kirara 🚗
>>393266 →
>>393266 →
>>393266 →

sorry i didn't mean to interrupt you
it's fine it's never important anyway
Kirara 🚗
are you sure