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Densha Koitoko
Some day i will get it all to work
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sk 🖤
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All hail the nasty boy
fug was there a direct that I missed
sk 🖤
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excessively bored
Kirara 🚗
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my first client experience was awful but it wasn't my fault so i consider it a success
sk 🖤
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was it in the school or like interning at a clinic thing under a clinician
i remember my uni had free mental health services, but it was from the student clinicians with a clinician's supervision
i tried it once and that was really awful
>The World Ends With You remaster for Switch
Aw heeeeeeeell yes.
I lost my copy years ago and I've never had a chance to play it since then.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kirara 🚗
i have a supervisor but it's just me in the room and me making 95% of decisions
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Yeah, the supervisor wasn't in the room. It was just recorded for him.

I went in because I had already done an evaluation by the school and had a pretty bad ADD anxiety diagnosis which allowed me extra resources. I wanted to interface with the healthcare in some way so that I could get on trac // on track with those things. Fairly normal.
So I went and filled out the little form and like as soon as he starts, he's like, "I see on your form that you've been a victim of sexual assault, would you like to start there?"
uhh no
it was absolutely awkward
that's not even what i was there for
Kirara 🚗
haha wow

this shit man
he wanted his sister in the room with him because he was nervous or something so i was like ok whatever
she spent the entire intake speaking for him and contradicting him and being a bitch to him

last time i allow that
Kirara 🚗
i tried to get her out of the room but gave my client this "keep me here" look
and she's the one that requested treatment even though this guy is in his late 20s

can't wait for our first session when i don't allow her in during treatment
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Would you like me to make you a ceramic potato so it doesn't mold in the fishbowl
Kirara 🚗
if i had an office, id absolutely say yes
but im in a different room for like every session
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Can you take a beverage with you? You could take one of those clear fountain cups of water with you and put it in there

oh man I should make potato ice cubes
like whiskey stones kind of
just freeze the potato and plop it in your drink for a refreshing chill
Image 1515698389850.jpg (8 KB, 236x236, lynne.jpg)
oh man i'm having a lot of fun with that idea now
i think i will make an etsy store just of themed ice cubes
some fried chicken leg ones would be good too
and crackers, cookies
that'd be really fun to craft
[email protected]
That's a great idea
Kirara 🚗
Kirara 🚗
yeah i can bring a drink
Densha Koitoko
Solve consent with... THE BLOCKCHAIN
Densha Koitoko
got my check
gotta survive
gonna start double paying my loans.
[email protected]
Blue, did you hear about my possible internship?
Densha Koitoko
[email protected]
The tl;dr is that i was going to meet a friend and he cancelled on me but had the wrong number, so they only contacted me after i texted them "on my way".
So I went to hang out downtown at a startup accelerator.
I over heard a business meeting and after it was done i approached them with a solution to their r&d problem.
They want to schedule a meeting with me next week to discuss possible employment.
Densha Koitoko
are you gonna be a magicard designer
Densha Koitoko
keep going
but this is definitely not the tldr
Image 1515698760472.jpg (39 KB, 550x880, DR-woKZUMAASqVE.jpeg)
I was gonna say
Densha Koitoko
pro strats guy
[email protected]
Also it's a cannabis start up.
And it really is a tl;dr, my explanation last night was way longer.
Densha Koitoko
fucking white kids in chicago with their weed startups
[email protected]
Actually these guys are all in their 50's and 60's.
They just understand that cannabis businesses are a really hot commodity right now.
Densha Koitoko
i was hoping you
I'm sorry
I'm crying
[email protected]
Anyways, I'm guessing if i get it. A lot of my friends are going to bug me for free weed.
Densha Koitoko
you know that
really miss my nigga song?
for the past two weeks
I've been having that one part at the end stuck in my head where he goes
"white people white peooooople"
once a day without fail
[email protected]
Oh shit
I just remembered that Drake is Jewish.
[email protected]
I think I've heard a soundclip of that in tf2.
[email protected]
Holy Shit
Stephen Root was in get out.
fuck haha i love this song
[email protected]
Depending on who you ask white people didn't develop the atom bomb.
[email protected]
Also Bradley Whitford (the dad from Get Out) was on the Late Late show a few days ago.
He told a story about needing to go to an atm and was directed to a barbershop that had one, he walked in (he described it as looking like the barbershop from Barbershop) and then when everyone in there saw him they screamed in terror.
[email protected]
I still need to see Get Out.
I did not know 4k was a thing until I went Christmas shopping
At least a media format, I knew about 4k monitors and stuff
Entertainment industries have been really pushing it the past half-year to a year or so.
[email protected]
I'm thinking of skipping it and waiting for 8k.
And sticking with 1080p for like "tv" and then just whatever for computer displays.
[email protected]
Although I may just wait for 8k in order to get 4k stuff for cheap.
Densha Koitoko
i am...
by infidelity
At least you'll get to keep your paycheck.
And not divvy it out into alimony.
[email protected]
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The thumbnail for that actually looks a bit like her usual hooded look.
Kind of neat.
Densha Koitoko
all these people telling me how to get girls
There's all sorts of valuable life lessons to be learned in the workforce!

Though honestly it just sounds like you're retreading your time on /a/ and /moe/ and other places here.
sk 🖤
Image 1515702275680.jpg (236 KB, 1505x2047, DS6EuzUUMAARi06.jpg)
Densha Koitoko
i am not telling them stories
they were talking about alcohol
then i said i hardly drank
and it turned into how to get my dick wet
Kirara 🚗
tell them you don't have a dick and look sad
Densha Koitoko
that time is long gone
Image 1515703287714.jpg (258 KB, 1500x1826, 1504382825233.jpg)
just change that N to a double-yeeeeeew
i really miss my wigga
white people white peeeeople
I was more talking about how at any opportunity a bunch of people have always seemed excited to give you romance advice and advice on seizing sexual opportunities.
And it seems like little has changed.
Densha Koitoko
I need a wife so that this can stop.
Then they'd just switch to giving you advice on how to cheat and get away with it, from the sounds of it.
Densha Koitoko
ive already been getting that
Image 1515703499561.jpg (62 KB, 520x780, 12621252_f520.jpg)
>man shuttup if i was lookin for a bitch i'd just ask YOU out on a date
Kirara 🚗
"my only love... is the tracks. my wife is the station, the trains. they're all i need."
Oh shit that's actually really good I'm going to have to remember it for some time in the future that'll never come since I never end up in situations like that.
Image 1515703590030.jpg (361 KB, 656x1000, 88___a_f_t_e_r___f_o_r_e_v_e_r(…).jpg)
Careful there
Blue could probably get away with it
you might get smacked dafuq up
It's fine, the world rearranges itself to make my life as absolutely boring a situation as it can get.
I'd probably just shrug disinterestedly the first time it comes around and then that's literally the only time it would ever come up.
Image 1515703692565.jpg (37 KB, 262x269, 1503597342038.jpg)
In your case it'd probably end up with them saying,
"Sure, how's Friday work for you?"
Definitely possible.
And either way the fear of messing up the delivery would probably be an inhibition too.
My snippy comebacks usually need to be under six or so words or else I'm probably going to fumble a word here.
Image 1515703916556.jpg (26 KB, 225x350, 286916.jpg)
Tilde's Delivery:
>Man, shut up. If, if I wanted
>(Quieter) If I wanted a... wanted a bitch... I'd just a-ask you
p moe not gonna lie
It's the worst.
Image 1515704107547.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, N08.jpg)
I was on the phone with my client and they asked how I'm doing.
I'm like, "Yeah, I'm doing all right, how about you."
>Really? That doesn't... That doesn't sound very convincing.

this phone stuff is super stressful to my day but it does feel good to by engaging with people again
it's a lot harder to be on-topic in a phone conversation than an email though
Yeah, I get that.
For me socializing has always been the difficult balance of enjoying it and then controlling the distance before it burns me out/I mess everything up so it's a frustrating harmony of both needing it and being terrified of it.

Phone calls are always kind of anxiety-inducing for me too. And it's not even one of those "once I start it the anxiety goes away" sort of things; I'm perpetually on edge through the entire call. When with strangers at least.
It's not as bad when I'm VoIP-ing with some app at my computer though.
Image 1515704328545.jpg (88 KB, 748x1069, ebisu0.jpg)
Everyone keeps asking me things like what my background is, or what else I do besides transcription, because they say i have a very interesting way of thinking about things
i'm just like, i dunno there's nothing there
i don't have a background it's basically empty
i don't do anything either i just shitpost and consume massive amounts of media
"Well, I'm a caretaker for some disabled family who are getting up there in age and can't take care of themselves, I guess"
>Oh, that's great, but what else do you do?
i don't know what they're digging at i dont do anything
i just think about things, and not even put effort into thinking critically about it. i just take my anxiety meds and think about whatever causes me the least anxiety
When I get topical questions along those lines I usually just fall back to "I like reading about stuff" and for some reason that gets a pass as to why I'm unique or weird about why I do things.
It's not like it's a particular lie, I love reading and while I'm preferential to genre fiction I'm not particularly discriminatory.
But it kind of feels like reading in this day and age is some fringe passion to have.
Image 1515704597247.jpg (78 KB, 552x704, 1506354234311.jpg)
oh yeah i guess i do write
even if i'm not actively writing something, that's probably what i would say my brain spends the most time occupying, that writing process
digesting and organizing the information and letting it settle
that's a big part of being a good writer is to not force advancement of a narrative but let the narrative expose itself to you and unfold organically
Image 1515704721593.png (321 KB, 580x239, Philly.PNG)
Oh shit I hit Philly.

I didn't even know Philadelphia took its name from an Egyptian town/city.
I totally get this; for me I've always called it "marinating in the back of my brain" or something similar.
But I really like talking in metaphors.
I think some people can benefit a lot more from consciously and applying focus to the writing process, but I've never been able to produce much that way.
Sleeping on ideas, both literally and figuratively, has usually been much more productive for me.
Image 1515704887939.jpg (87 KB, 600x777, queen_of_strong_style_by_vashp(…).jpg)
It's definitely a balancing act. Letting it marinate for too long can make it dissolve into fundamental parts that just rest in the brain and become part of our general value reasoning and stuff
You do have to juggle it to make sure you've still got discrete elements you can work with and direct forward

i think that's ultimately what the writing process is, is having a concept and parsing out what it means while still having it contain a form
I think that's the process of making art in general
it's a bit of a layered thing of why i said before that i think art should be self-contained, and that if its meaning is carried through a different medium, then it's not art but art interpretation
I guess that's not as problematic a thing for me since writing in my case deals more with fiction production than expressing reason in prose.
That dissolution isn't even necessarily a bad thing since character and narrative conceptions can dissolve and later be reapplied to a different story concept through another lens.
Ultimately not every fiction concept is a good thing even if it has good components.
Image 1515705490929.png (143 KB, 457x620, GhostTrickLynne.png)
sorry to post while you're posting but i'm also working so i'll squeak it in real quick

Yeah, formlessness is definitely valuable, but unfortunately it's incommunicable that way. The way it usually goes in my mind is that I feel like, if i let something dissolve to formlessness, I feel ultimately that i've digested it and that it now means something bigger and better that can be integrated into other ideas and constructs fluidly, making my future thought expression better and more cohesive

but sometimes we're still attached to the overall story and do want to see it completed instead of abandoned and its concepts recycled to a new, more refined idea

you can't be a writer who never writes
you do actually have to put things out there and engage your concepts with the external realm, lest your later, more refined ideas won't have an audience who can interpret them
i feel that's one of my biggest downfalls, not being expressive enough and then digesting to a point where i feel isolated because i can't share these ideas that have been incubating with the external world anymore

well yeah, maybe, but your expectations are feeble if you think other people should be able to follow a train of thought you've spent 10 isolated years developing
(see: shinichu mochizuki, alexander grothendiek)

Though I admit also there are some concepts which, like a souffle if you open the oven door too early, become sullied by pre-exposure
it's definitely a balancing act, and i think it applies to fiction even moreso than other types of reasoning too.
You have to incubate in order to understand how character motivations actually develop and arise and resolve outside of what you feel is cozy for you to come up with on the spot
you get so much forced dialogue and stuff from writers pushing a resolution when sometimes an awkard silence is more real and complete
on that note you need to play ghost trick, tilduh
it is really good
I'll look for it.
Might have to grab a ROM; DS games aren't exactly a commonplace commodity anymore.
Image 1515706083065.png (512 KB, 500x722, lynne0.png)
Don't ROM it
it's on steam or DS
i'll buy you either version but it's a game I fiercely am against pirating
it got underlooked because it's a small capcom team that put it together and sales figures weren't good for it, so it gets neglected in exchange for corporate attention to capcom's big titles

just like disney's treasure planet got janked because disney thought the 2d illustration was goin out of style and was focusing their marketing towards the lilo and stich style of production
I can't find it on Steam; and Wikipedia says it's only had a DS and iOS release.
Is there some modified name or something it goes by on Steam?
There are people selling it on Amazon still though.
I need to save a bit money-wise right now but I'll keep it in mind for the future.
oh you're right it's not on steam
there's just steam workshop entries for it
my bad
Steam has the Ace Attorney anime but none of the games.
Maybe some day Capcom will be smart and put a bunch of those puzzle titles up for PC gaming.

sk 🖤
Image 1515706627696.jpg (79 KB, 1000x1000, DStmZL6VMAEJiEm.jpg)
Vermont about to legalize recreational pot
sk 🖤
Forgot my link
not like it'd be hard to port AA
Nope, because they as a company don't see the value in it when they've got super hits like street fighter 7 that bring in way more money than little gems like ghost trick
and sales didn't reflect the quality of the game, only people's interest in puzzle games
sk 🖤
Is Devilman this year's Ping Pong?
Densha Koitoko
probably not
Depends on who you ask.
Some of my other friends really, really enjoyed it.
Densha Koitoko
i cant buy large things until chase sends my new card
its annoying
sk 🖤
Seems good so far, at least
I'm only a few minutes into the first ep though
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